Tottenham Vs Fulham • Premier League [PREDICTED LINE-UP]

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Kin Lyfeld
Kin Lyfeld:
Doh or Spence for RWB, Emerson is reliable but if we're not gonna use our depth then might as well not have them. I feel if Skipp is fit, he'll get a run out hopefully as an early sub. Us not having Deki rotation is really gonna hurt us...Moura and Gil injured nonetheless
Tlhompo :
I would start Doherty today he needs game time, I can't rely on Emerson the whole time
Martin Brouzell
Martin Brouzell:
Why did Conte keep Gil?? He is never going to play him, Conte is a great manager but he is terrible at rotating the squad! He wants a big squad but never uses any of the fringe players
Richie Richie
Richie Richie:
we say there's not creativity in the team but i feel like conte's main creativity comes from the wingbacks. that's why i'm gutted we didn't get a proven rwb in the window. emerson can't cross unless deki backs him up and so there's not creativity on the right. perisic has creativity but when so many players block in on him he's can't really do much. that's why i believe it's important to have proven players on both sides to stretch the play and create chances. we so often see emerson being left with so much space which shows that players don't really fear him. and even then, he still messes up crosses.
Thembile Sithonga
Thembile Sithonga:
Bissouma must play consistently to get him up to speed
We obviously play from the back, and from what I've seen lenglet is brilliant at passing, I am in two minds about son starting, but one thing is certain, we need to play with passion and aggression, no flat footed off the ball, everyone moving and constantly looking around them, it's basic things we are missing recently, also the passing needs to be faster.
Conor Fogarty
Conor Fogarty:
Sim underestimating Fulham. That 3-0 prediction is gonna come back to bite him.
Langelihle Manyatsi
Langelihle Manyatsi:
Need Clement lenglet in there
B O'Sullivan
B O'Sullivan:
This wont be easy. Fulham are on a high. We need to get an early goal and keep at them. Need the 3 points to maintain good start. Could be a squeeky 1-0
Hakeem Ooma
Hakeem Ooma:
I would love to see this formation
Son Kane Richie
Bisoma Bentacr Kulu
Dave Dier Romero Royal
Smarrt Dognut
Smarrt Dognut:
I actually kind of hope Skipp starts
Michael Scales
Michael Scales:
I would play Son as he is overdue a goal.Perhaps leave Kula out to give him a rest.Richarlison ought to start as he looks dangerous.I would rest Ben Davis ad give Langlet a game or retain Sanchez.
Maya page
Maya page:
Ryan sessingyon old team is Fulham so he will be good against them
I want to see Lenglet today. Davies will get eaten in the air by their beast
Conte prefers the tactic of wing back use to the other various tactic including the mid fielder use. Professional game should be interested and able to meet the fans' expectation prior to victory.
Tony Newland
Tony Newland:
Half time change either kane and son for Richy ,sess for perisic,then use other 3 subs every ten mins ,I don't think contie uses subs anoth
Tony Newland
Tony Newland:
3-5-2 lengly dier Romero, perisic bentacur skip kulu Spence, kane son
keith ryan
keith ryan:
There go's the Clean Sheet Then benn and sim, Romero back Mitrovic WILL Play on Romero All day We Will need to Score 3 to win this game.
S. Kim
S. Kim:
Rest Son or Kane for Chamipons
whenever they said davies wud get bullied in the aerial duels, it never happens.
Shootingstar k
Shootingstar k:
I doubt if royal is best pick for rwb.
He lost ball a lot and not sharp on attack. Depence was ok though
James S
James S:
I do love this show big fan, but saying things like "if you look at the stats Davis is our best in the air" and then Sim's reply is " well I haven't seen the stats but is till I'm going to stick to my opinion over factual data" god really grinds my gears LOL, it just cries to me "I am making this up" Sim needs to brush up on his game overall.
kane richie
son bentan bisso peri
lenglet davies dier emerson

heard many chatters abt peri interfering with son’s play . since perisic thrives on both wings , he can be deployed as rw . Son cld revert to his fave lw position . Emerson is a better rb than rwb .
If EMERSON plays again today, i am gonna lose my shit
Frank Rourke
Frank Rourke:
Forster should be starting in goal for us...
B Walker
B Walker:
Spurs 0 vs Fulham 3.
I'm not high, but I hope I've got it around the wrong way! COYS😁
Robert Ayres
Robert Ayres:
There won’t be any changes we have cl next week Conte will prove to levy what he’s signed in a nutshell Crap I’m not going to tell lies to please the we will win trophies fans because we’re are definitely not end of.
Thembile Sithonga
Thembile Sithonga:
Guys this is a premier league game perisic is our best create for the team Emerson is not good enough for the 1st team sanchez is not good enough people say his good defense but I don't see can't explain it but west ham had counter attacks if Romero was there he wins the ball high up they never turn him
Bamboo Jelo
Bamboo Jelo:
2:1 Spurs
Andrew Wenglin
Andrew Wenglin:
2-1 a sloppy win ig
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christine robinson
christine robinson:
2-1 spurs. COYS
Simthembile Msitshana
Simthembile Msitshana:
Forster for Lloris, Perisic for Sess, Skipp for Deki, Son for Richarlison. We need to play 3-5-2 against Fulham.
Chirpy Wiggins
Chirpy Wiggins:
I bet he plays Ryan Sausages ! One must ask one's self...why ?!!
Alan batha Smith
Alan batha Smith:
Why are you two picking the same team who are negative we will get beat and I both will say should of changed it. Beat today beat by Marseille we'd. You're all be screaming why ain't he changing it. This manager is like Jose. Negative boring football
Sal Arguelles
Sal Arguelles:
Not a fan of Southgate.
Alan batha Smith
Alan batha Smith:
Conte won't change shit. Same set up same negative football
Rafe Lewis
Rafe Lewis:
Rob Payne
Rob Payne:
His name is Ben DavIES. Not Ben Davis. Please
EndCCP dotCom
EndCCP dotCom:
No depressing Levy talk👍
Saint Tongpha
Saint Tongpha:
If today Conte decide starting RWB Royal..then he has big problems....never give chance to Spence..but still he said Spence is not his pick..Club pick! Start complaining when it comes to Press conference. Think he will not extend his Nomad.
Royal is awful
[rew] HRE
[rew] HRE:
My lineup for today
Tanganga, dier, lenglet
Spence, sarr, skipp, sess
Son kane richy

Edit: And ik this team is never going to play, and yes this is more like a fifa game lineup lmao
Sorry but I have had enough of our shit backline and midfield, want to see some new faces and not the same players again and again. We may get touched by fulham with this lineup but I just want to see a nice game(not saying these lads will provide a pleasing game for the eyes but I'd rather have us drop points having this lineup then that previous team)
And also wanted to rest the good players for the game against marseille