Tottenham vs Ludogorets 4-0 Extended Highlights & Goals 2020

Tottenham vs Ludogorets 4-0 Extended Highlights & Goals 2020
Tottenham vs Ludogorets 4-0 Extended Highlights & Goals 2020
Tottenham vs Ludogorets 4-0 Extended Highlights & Goals 2020

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39 comentarios:

Eternal MK
Eternal MK:
Loved the way commentator was saying Ndombele🤣
Jeffrey Alvin
Jeffrey Alvin:
This is how I normally play football manager, first team for premier league, second team but almost equally strong for European competition
Tiago De Almeida
Tiago De Almeida:
Carlos Vinicius , New Adriano...
Carter Becker
Carter Becker:
spurs really destroying everyone
Mr. Laka Lantas
Mr. Laka Lantas:
The spesial one
Juan Louis
Juan Louis:
No bale goal unfortunately
Razi Salahudheen
Razi Salahudheen:
6:39 Winks scoring an unrealistic goal
Wahid Inavaz
Wahid Inavaz:
6:39 goal best
Jose mentality in the game war for victory....
Kite Kim
Kite Kim:
priyanshu kunwar
priyanshu kunwar:
Brazilians on fire💥
magar roman
magar roman:
This type of misplaced passes Vs big team may hunt spurs so they should train more on passes mostly on 1-2passes
하이라이트 와 이렇게 만드노 시발..
Raj Budha thoki
Raj Budha thoki:
Alli and Bale still look rusty.
Marco IK
Marco IK:
Super Spurs
Diego Medina
Diego Medina:
Allí played a great game
Marco IK
Marco IK:
Marco freelancer
Puskas next year
Why edit and show clips of past moments and mix it in the future moment? very confusing and annoying.
salihsali 234
salihsali 234:
Gogi Zoidze
Gogi Zoidze:
Totenham jesassi in this match
Puipuii Spurs Khiangte
Puipuii Spurs Khiangte:
Josh Moracha
Josh Moracha:
Your editing of the minks goal was bad, cannot even see him kicking the ball
Trí Đức
Trí Đức:
Có Bale + Mou nhả năng Tot vô địch cao lắm
Ernur Aronov
Ernur Aronov:
Angga Kusuma
Angga Kusuma:
Gua kira bale bakal bersinar lagi di spurs, ternyata gk sesuai harapan
Feysel Jemal
Feysel Jemal:
Lucas Maura was wonder ful
Good finish
William Quadros De Oliveira
William Quadros De Oliveira:
Moura the best
Samuel Ammah
Samuel Ammah:
That 3rd goal straight puskas
spam only
first to comment. yes i amazing
Marco IK
Marco IK:
Marco send one Hug too All Oo lyke futebol attention to Radio make masse... ( marconni )
Marco IK
Marco IK:
Marco goodboy AA ferroviario
Mourinho is not happy about the teamwork.
Emergency Shibe
Emergency Shibe:
Dele seemed a bit bad in this match....
J. M
J. M:
What language is that?
Devon Nath
Devon Nath:
I dont think that bale will shine this season
He’s currently growing his golf career
Marco IK
Marco IK:
Anti vj djing machinna Dementia