Tottenham vs Southampton 2-1 Ryan Mason Gets Off To a Winning Start馃敟 Bale & Son Heung-min Goal

Tottenham vs Southampton 2-1 Ryan Mason Gets Off To a Winning Start馃敟 Bale & Son Heung-min Goal
Tottenham vs Southampton 2-1

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peter konto
peter konto:
I was just happy not to see sissoko coming on for a attacking player which was Mourinho's usual tactic..
I鈥檓 a Man City fan however I want Spurs to win the cup out of respect 馃憦馃徑coz they鈥檙e a great team with a fantastic players. They deserve to win a trophy 馃弳 this year
Millybub k
Millybub k:
My wishes came true bale will get more game time
Arthur Everett
Arthur Everett:
Whis spurs players would play like tim sherwood with the desire like tim did
Overc spurs
Overc spurs:
Must congratulate the St keeper, despite having Lucas blocking his line of sight, he still managed to dive correctly to attempt the save and not rooted like Leicester Smichker! Incredible reflex I must add.
Mc Lovin
Mc Lovin:
Bale this was just a warm up for him, he will flourish again after receiving the toxic jose treatment these last few weeks..
Sunday he will shut down all doubters for once and for all!
頉岆キ頃 韽夑皜雼,瓿犾儩頄囯嫟 鞆!
Stephen Cheng
Stephen Cheng:
Spot on Stevie the players intensity
samsideen barry
samsideen barry:
Don talk yet is too early to talk spur
Charles Alan
Charles Alan:
Tim Sherwood.....!
anthony sam
anthony sam:
VAR and Referees is not blind today why
Spurs look so much better, i like it...come on馃挭
Tony Tucker
Tony Tucker:
I just heard Neil warnock has been seen in the Spurs stadium talking to levy
Sweeny Todd70
Sweeny Todd70:
Derek Owusu Ankhoma
Derek Owusu Ankhoma:
馃馃挋馃 love you Tim 馃馃挋馃
kai burke
kai burke:
Just sign Ryan mason as full time manger I鈥檓 a united fan but spurs are like my second team
LOL server
LOL server:
New atmosphere, new positive football in Totteham. Sry to say but I hope Mourinho stay away from the Permier League
Prasad S Anvekar
Prasad S Anvekar:
Spurs were lucky to win it....performance was not good. Players are to be blamed! Look like they are tired.
The African Perspective
The African Perspective:
Slow down, people. Tottenham was poor with a second-half on and off performance. I know the media and the fans will be carried away, but the proof is in the pudding. Bale was clearly 90% none existent. I notice in the English media you are assumed to have a good game because you are on the score sheet. Lucas was way better than Bale. My point is Tottenham is still the same until we see consistency.