Tragic Details About Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd delivered critically-praised silver screen performances in the early '90s, but her red-hot film career cooled considerably thereafter. And behind the scenes, she was quietly enduring a difficult life. From devastating childhood circumstances to her allegations against a now-disgraced Hollywood producer, these are the tragic details about Ashley Judd.

The daughter of legendary country singer Naomi Judd, Ashley experienced a childhood rife with challenges that would follow her for the rest of her life.

In 2014, a National Enquirer report claimed that Ashley and her half-sister, singer Wynonna Judd, were embroiled in a messy legal dispute when the actress was reportedly awarded custody of Wynonna's daughter, Grace, after she accused her mom of…

"Verbal abuse, pill-popping and boozing."

In the midst of this family drama, ABC News reported that Ashley had also filed a police report in 2013, after an auto mechanic found a wireless GPS tracking device hidden in her Mini Cooper. According to the report, detectives noted,

"[Ashley] believed Wynonna had placed or had someone else place the device on her vehicle."

Ashley later issued a since-deleted statement on her website, declaring,

"The issue at hand is the illegal violation of my privacy in that a tracking device was secretly and unlawfully placed on my vehicle. For my safety and that of everyone around me, I naturally filed a police report, as any citizen would and should."

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