Tragic Details About Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson's legendary career has spanned decades, and he's had quite the colorful life in the tabloids, too. But with all his obvious talent, Jack Nicholson's life hasn't just been awards, parties and Hollywood indulgence. There have been hard times, too. Here's Jack Nicholson's tragic real-life story.

As Marc Eliot wrote in his unauthorized biography, Nicholson, Jack Nicholson's birth certificate listed John and Ethel May Nicholson as his parents — but his father was out of the picture early on. The actor revealed to the Daily Mail in 2011,

"I was raised entirely by women. [Ethel May] ran a beauty parlor and I spent most of my time there. She taught me manners and I learned how to be around women, what women liked. I am insanely well-mannered and polite, and because of that I have nothing but gratitude for my upbringing."

After Nicholson became a successful actor in the '70s, he was given some shocking news: He had no idea who his actual father was. As the authors of the biography Jack Nicholson: The Early Years, Robert Crane and Christopher Fryer, revealed, an unnamed woman in New Jersey mailed the authors a letter claiming she was "married to Jack Nicholson's biological father," adding that he "was a wonderful man." She urged the authors not to repeat various reports that claimed, quote, "he was a hard-drinking deadbeat."

While the authors decided against exposing the contents of the letter to the public, Time eventually ran the story. The biographers, Crane and Fryer, wrote,

"It turned out Jack had not been aware of his true family designations."

They ended up simply giving Nicholson the letter.

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Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift:
What's your favorite Jack Nicholson movie?
I miss this guy, I hope he's doing well
David Z
David Z:
People don't feel bad about cheating -- they feel bad about the consequences if/when their cheating is discovered.
Carrington LeFayette
Carrington LeFayette:
I love Jack he is beyond fabulous.
01:36 Yes, Jack Nicholson's mother posed as his sister because she IS also his sister since their father knocked her up. Therefore, Jack's father is also his grandfather.
Swamp Ophelia20
Swamp Ophelia20:
It’s like people are not allowed to get old, he’s an old man now and most elderly people take naps and don’t stay up partying all night
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner:
That's Jack! 😉
ronnie star
ronnie star:
Doesn't sound like he was an ideal partner or even father but still an absolute acting legend
vivian jones
vivian jones:
God bless!
April Gosa
April Gosa:
I just will say this just because the bio father was not that way with her (the new wife ) does not mean he was not a drunk deadbeat when it came to his son Jack Nicholson
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones:
For a moment there I thought he died when I saw the thumbnail
Angelica is gorgeous. My goodness, she is a prize.
Please don't die Jack :(
Rodney Sandel
Rodney Sandel:
Great actor but sometimes being great there's always a price to pay
Carik Shawn
Carik Shawn:
I worked for a Pediatrician in Beverly HIlls CA in the 1960's and Susan Anspach was a patient with her baby...she said Jack was the childs father...if Angelica spent 20 years with him and left him when he had a baby with someone, it appears at least to me, he has 2 kids.
Angelica is gorgeous. My goodness, she is a prize.
R D:
He still is the coolest man
Curtis Hall
Curtis Hall:
Greatest actor in the world 🙏
Dollie Louise
Dollie Louise:
We reap what we sow
Ernesto Reveres
Ernesto Reveres:
Heres johnny !!
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Giordano Tirelli:
Happy birthday at jack from italian boy live in rome
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Cosmic Angel
Cosmic Angel:
Wait......... he was dating Sharon Tate during the time she was murdered.... wasn't she pregnant when she died?
Top notch actor! Pppl have to live with their own failings. iS HE aSPERGERS, like in the great movie, on the subject, As good as it gets!?
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Winter Tarzan Jagrup:
I thought he died omg :[
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Bondage Master Online:
I thought you were a Pole
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Joshua Tree
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He never had a father who
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Corinne Woolley
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Why, are his fingers sore thru counting all his money.....
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اس سعيدي
اس سعيدي:
احلى افلام الذئب
Zoran Petric
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Nothing tragic about him.
Jackson Rip Holmes
Jackson Rip Holmes:
Sickening treatment of Angelica Huston
summary: he is a bad person