"Trainspotting" - Bar Scene HD

"Trainspotting" is a 1996 British dark comedy drama film directed by "Danny Boyle" & starring "Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, Robert Carlyle & Kelly Macdonald".

The film has been ranked 10th by the British Film Institute (BFI) in its list of Top 100 British films of all time. In 2004 the film was voted the best Scottish film of all time in a general public poll.

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BlackView HD
BlackView HD:
Trainspotting - Interview scene
Enjoy the clip
In a way, Renton indirectly kills tommy from this scene.
RS Music
RS Music:
So I squares up, casual like
Ууганбаяр Барбаатар
Ууганбаяр Барбаатар:
02:49 what a gentleman. He himself knows that he is a psycho so he leaves his knife before going crazy.
Foreign Paul
Foreign Paul:
I've been learning english since I was 8.

Couldn't understand shit.
"But he's a mate, so... what can ya do?"
Jeff G
Jeff G:
I don't understand a word but it's amusing anyway
20 years and this movie is still one of the best. A true classic
James M1079
James M1079:
Love how Tommy is so intrigued by begbie's bullshit even tho he knows what really happened lol
Iain Clark
Iain Clark:
The scene with Begbie sitting in the corner with his pool cue drinking his pint looking sheepish as fuck has me in stitches every time.
Conor Macgregor
Conor Macgregor:
“Begbie didn’t do drugs. He just did people!” I f***ing love this line!!!!
a Jedi, a consulting detective, a time traveller, and a Dark One walk into a bar...
I like how Begbie always goes for his knife and someone stops him.
Imagine a movie featuring both Robert Carlyle and Joe Pesci...
Renton may just have inadvertently caused Tom's relationship to end by swapping the sex tap for footie. Which caused Tom's spiral into drugs and then AIDS. Then a horrible death.

Trainspotting is one fucking harsh film.
Begbie is a nasty piece of work.
TexasTea 713
TexasTea 713:
Lol, that Lassie got glassed.
I love that line
Typical weekend night in Glasgow :D
After reading the books, Begbie is my favorite out of all of them.  He might be nuts, but he is cool and Robert Carlyle was perfect for the part.  He's not nuts like Begbie, but he is cool!
Begbie makes me proud to be Scottish
Jimmy Pop t.v.
Jimmy Pop t.v.:
"I`m playing like Paul fucking Newman by the way." Paul Newman should be referred to by this new moniker at all times.
Begbie’s story....

Picture the scene....
The other f***in' week there, doin' the f***in' Volley with Tommy, playing pool. I'm playing like Paul-F***in'-Newman by the way. Givin' the boy here the tannin' of a lifetime. So it comes to the end, on the last shot, the deciding ball of the whole tournament. I'm on the black and he's sittin' in the corner looking all f***in' biscuit-arsed. When this hard cunt comes in. Obviously f***in' fancied himself, like. Starts staring at me. Lookin' at me, right f***in' at me, as if to say, "Come ahead, square go." You ken me, I'm not the type of cunt that goes looking for f***in' bother, like, but at the end of the day I'm the cunt with a pool cue and he can get the fat end in his puss any time he f***ing wanted like. So I squares up, casual like. What does the hard cunt do? Or the so-called hard cunt? Shites it. Puts down his drink, turns, and gets the f*** out of there. And after that, well, the game was mine......

Quality 👌
Josh Lysergic
Josh Lysergic:
that bench press form tho
Jeff Carney
Jeff Carney:
Robert Carlyle is one of the most underrated actors.
Danny Boyle is aware of his talent.
Carlos Olvera
Carlos Olvera:
I love how he cheers before he kicks him in the balls!
Futt Bucker
Futt Bucker:
Best thing about the movie is the Scottish accent, and I'm not even an English native speaker.
Peter Andrews
Peter Andrews:
"What cont DEDET"
Each and everyone of us has known a "Begbie" at some point in our lives. We do not fuck around with a "Begbie"
Bob G
Bob G:
it's scary how great those actors are, the intonation, looks, accent - everything is 100% schoolbook material.
Ewan MacFarlane
Ewan MacFarlane:
The whole "tournament"ha ha ha him just getting hammered by a mate on a Wednesday morning
"" starts stuurring at meh! ""
Christoph Carle
Christoph Carle:
This scene is just pure cinematic perfection. Boyle was 11/10 with Trainspotting.
Justin Noble
Justin Noble:
One of my favorite scenes, for sure. I especially love how Begbie says. "You ken me. I'm not the type that goes lookin' for fuckin' bother, like", then 30 seconds later, glasses the lassie and starts a full on bar brawl.
Tyred Mechanic
Tyred Mechanic:
When the empty hits the balcony at the end you can see Ewan McGregor react to the glass accidentally hit him
Petter Danckwardt
Petter Danckwardt:
"He's a mate."
Who's ready for the sequel next year? :D
Dustin F
Dustin F:
"lookin all biscuit arsed."
Begbie is a psycho brilliantly portrayed by Robert Carlyle
Marcel Zatko
Marcel Zatko:
I still keep laughing to this day about this scene.
"NOBODY MOOOVE! That Lassie got glassed! No c*** leaves here til' we find out what c*** did it!"


Jacobite Bhoy
Jacobite Bhoy:
Ross Laurenson
Ross Laurenson:
"heyyyy rent boy... bring me doon a fuckin smoke..."
Dr Nick
Dr Nick:
Ah the moment Tommy's life fell apart. And he didn't even know
Steven William
Steven William:
3:09 you can hear his grapes get crushed hahaha so funny!!!
That war cry gets me every time 3:08
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser:
"Am no a bufty!"
i lost it when he went full on hulk 3:08
They should send Begbie to negotiate Brexit!
"I didn't understand what they were saying" 5/5
Sara Conley
Sara Conley:
OML he is such an amazing actor!!!! From this to Once Upon A Time! His work is truly timeless!
That look Renton gives the 2 girls when begbie says he’s not the kind of person that goes out looking for bother 🤣🤣
Dusty Transitor
Dusty Transitor:
3:19 shattered glass fragments hit Ewan Mcgregor's hand and he reacts naturally lol
Kev Irl
Kev Irl:
playing absolutely gash ha ha! classic
Daniel Hooks
Daniel Hooks:
Alex, I'll take "Clips That Ended Too Early" for 400 please.
Jock McScottish
Jock McScottish:
In the book, Begbie justifies his actions by saying the boys in the leather chibbed his brother.
Jacobite Bhoy
Jacobite Bhoy:
Think the funniest part of this is when the guy says “who the fuck are you” giving begbie just enough justification to get get the scrap he was looking for, hence the “yaasss”
I've never heard anyone swear so eloquently as begbie.
This movie made me wanna put a swedish baby into a scottish girl.
Jack Fahy
Jack Fahy:
Easily the best character in the book, I loved every part that he's in. He's an absolute nutter ha!
Alexx 94
Alexx 94:
"And gets da fock aata there!" lovely Scottish accent hahaha
Wiggl3s _
Wiggl3s _:
Begbie is the most accurate representation of a Scottish guy i've ever seen. Every pub has one.

"Begbie didn't do drugs either. He just did people."
Never realized how good the camera work and editing of this scene was. Classic material
David Ayarra
David Ayarra:
0:19 who wouldve known hed soon be a roman soldier.
Christy Jia
Christy Jia:
"Kick him in the nads, Beavis!"
Sean Og Brown
Sean Og Brown:
I'm not even Scottish yet I understand every word begbie is saying
Frank Delgado
Frank Delgado:
Oh, He's​ the​ guy​ in​ film​ 28​ days​ later
That lassie got glassed
Christian Cristof
Christian Cristof:
Well, Scotland seem like the perfect place for me. I'm Italian, can i have a beer with you guys?
Tim Luby
Tim Luby:
I love this scene, purely for the fact that one kick in the nuts turns to complete carnage only seconds later.
Richard Moriarty
Richard Moriarty:
"He's a mate, so what can you do...?"
I just noticed he played "Duffy" in the Movie "the Beach" :O
Aspern Park
Aspern Park:
That kick in the balls lol
John Appleseed
John Appleseed:
Love how sick boy was just sitting there like "that's it?"
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie:
“That lassie got blasted.” LMAO
Random Jive
Random Jive:
Lmao the guy begbie beat up was the least threatening looking guy ever to step into a pool hall. Eating potato chips, ffs lol
tony logue
tony logue:
whos here after watching the trailer for trainspotting 2?
Motel Rx
Motel Rx:
“... Um Playin like Paul Fookin’ Nooman by de’ way...”
3:08 When you step on a fockin Lego
peter Enis
peter Enis:
Haven't seen a lassie gettin' glassed in ages...
Hurricane Jones
Hurricane Jones:
Love this movie.
Bradley Goddard
Bradley Goddard:
His reaction to getting into a fight is like winning the lottery.. YEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!! Punts him in the nuts like...
Marion's Tales
Marion's Tales:
So I realised that pub is right on the corner of my street, the closest to my flat.
Lemont D'Ettinge
Lemont D'Ettinge:
That sound of boot hitting nuts... I flinch every time
Tolga Akyay
Tolga Akyay:
"He just did people!" :) Love the way how they look down normally :)
Doc Brightside
Doc Brightside:
“Then I thought he was gonna do me!” Lol
Bling Bling
Bling Bling:
I can relate to Begbie, dishing out a lot of pain in my lifetime.
Jamie Schumacher
Jamie Schumacher:
I love Begbie’s shoulder movements re-enacting something that didn’t really happen.
You ken me....
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith:
“But he’s a mate, so what can you do?”
The captions for this......hysterical.
Charles ‘Chuck’ Finley
Charles ‘Chuck’ Finley:
I remember watching this with a bunch of Italian friends here in London, and they couldn’t understand a wee word of it. I had to translate it into English for them....and I’m Indian 🤣🤣🤣

Play and 0.25 speed .

You welcome :D

Have a great day Evry1.
One of the best movie scenes ever.
William H. Bonney
William H. Bonney:
A masterpiece on par with the sistine chapel
Lisa Barrett
Lisa Barrett:
There was 2 long queues when i saw this film. One 4 fifty shades and 4 Trainspotting 2. I was most definitely in this queue.
The Shadow Clan
The Shadow Clan:
"Absolutely fucking gash!" makes me laugh every time.
3:08 Gotta love that war cry baby!
Visions of Madness
Visions of Madness:
Gary G
Gary G:
'Biscuit ersed' pahahaha!
Rage is the worst addiction.