Troy Kotsur makes history as first deaf male actor to win a BAFTA | BAFTA Film Awards 2022 - BBC

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It's the biggest and most glittering night in British cinema, celebrating the outstanding films of the year. Who will win a prestigious BAFTA award?

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100+ comentarios:

I love that the interpreter also captured his emotion with the sighs.
Wolfling Gon
Wolfling Gon:
Congratulations to him. And I love how a lot of the people there are signing their applause
Bonnie Belle
Bonnie Belle:
So delighted for Troy Kotsur, he thoroughly deserved this and I hope he wins the Oscar too. This guy has had to work doubly hard to gain his achievements and I think he is very worthy of this honour.
Yul ALS:
i got teary-eyed with his win. i love CODA. it is one of the best films i enjoyed. so glad it being recognized. congratulations!
Katy Magner
Katy Magner:
Seeing them all do the sign for applause made me cry
This made me both laugh and cry and cheer! What a speech, and what a legend of a man!
So well deserved! I choked up at the part when he was trying to figure out how people appreciated his daughter’s performance and on the top of the truck. That was so beautiful 💕
Kimmy Somdji
Kimmy Somdji:
He has an absolutely fascinating humor .. keep being you Troy !!
Donna B.
Donna B.:
I’m so delighted to see his incredible work being recognized all over the world. I hope he takes the Oscar too!
It's great having it translated from sign to speech rather than the other way round
Mama C
Mama C:
1:31 YEEESSSSS!!!!!!! Perfect idea!

I’m so pleased he won this award tonight. He’s an incredible performer, everyone nominated is … but this guy works just a bit harder for the end result. Congratulations, Troy!
Kraken 00.02
Kraken 00.02:
I love his performance and I believe he deserves all the recognition he received and is receiving. Hope he wins the Oscar! Congratulations, sir Troy!
Ray Dempsey
Ray Dempsey:
Massive congrats to you Troy and richly deserved the the award and good luck at the Oscar’s 🤟
L L:
Well, WELL deserved!!! He put his heart and soul into the film. The depth of sentiment and dedication to the character was touching and engaging. Congratulations!!!!
Roxanne Maina
Roxanne Maina:
Huge congratulations to Troy kotsur a truly amazing and inspirational actor
Jane Clay
Jane Clay:
So great to see Troy and his lovely wife Deanne who we haven’t seen for 20 years since Sue Thomas was being filmed; congratulations!
He was amazing in CODA. I loved his performance.
Cayd Caiden
Cayd Caiden:
I am crying again! Congratulations!!! He's such an amazing actor.
Kling Kling
Kling Kling:
I am so proud of him <3 Congratulations sir, you deserve it
im just so beyond happy for him. And I really do hope that we will see more of those deaf talents in the future. we need more movies with deaf actors. absolutely wonderful man!
This movie was worth every teardrop. 🥺❤️
Absolutely beautiful moment.... congratulations!
Ali Baba
Ali Baba:
I have severe hearing loss in both ears, this brings tears to my eyes and makes me grateful for having hearing aids. He is an inspiration
jiayi huang
jiayi huang:
Our world just needs more of this moment!
Hattie M.
Hattie M.:
Congrats to Troy for his Oscar win tonight!!!!
Sawir SBP
Sawir SBP:
Congratulations Troy, you are our great world's inspiration..SALUTE
Rak' Alfaro
Rak' Alfaro:
Mil felicidades!!!!♥️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Aanya Mehta
Aanya Mehta:
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
Oh my God yes, get me that man as 007!!! 😍😎🙏🏻 He's damn attractive, charismatic, intelligent, funny and so expressive without saying one word. I'd certainly pay to see him bring a deaf James Bond to live, because I think we would forget about the absence of a voice within the first 20 min. Besides, let's be honest, the stereotypical dialogues of 007 haven't exactly been award-winning material at all times.
Ada Te Kaawa
Ada Te Kaawa:
This was so wholesome ❤️🙌
Congratz! One of the most moving films I've ever seen.
Dennis Xavier
Dennis Xavier:
I know that Hollywood goes Woke all the way, but this award couldn't be more deserving.
Coda is a great movie with outstanding performance by all main actors.
MBB signing "thank you" back to Troy when he thanked her for handing him the award. Bless.
Amit Bansal
Amit Bansal:
He could be a great fit to any movie tragedy, comdey, romantic as well as emotional.. he is a great actor .. congrats
Elizabeth Nyabuta
Elizabeth Nyabuta:
This is Incredible!!!! Huge Congratulations
chelsea ozobiani
chelsea ozobiani:
im in love with this man he needs to be in more movies
*Yeaaaah* I’m deaf and my celebrity crush Millie’s sign “thank you” makes me feel super happy, thank you, troy, for teaching her signing 😂
He just won an oscar too, congrats!
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say:
He was SO @#$%ing good in CODA!!!

The scene where he puts his hand on Ruby's neck to get a feeling for her singing is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a movie.
Nartarlyia Tremaynne
Nartarlyia Tremaynne:
Troy the Universe was showing off when you were made.
Congrats on your BAFTA.
Francis Kollman
Francis Kollman:
Wonderful success for Deaf World!!! Congratulations!!!!
David Smith
David Smith:
Watched the film ,it is great.All the actors are great in it
If he wins the oscar, they can play all the orchestra music they want, it won't stop a deaf guy!
Rosanjiela C.
Rosanjiela C. :
Bawling my eyes out!
only me
only me:
I feel better about the world today after watching this, thank you
First time I've watched Troy in TV program F.B.EYE
It's about 20years ago.
Now I'm so happy.
Money Penny
Money Penny:
Brilliant actor
14.Badarinath K B
14.Badarinath K B:
So grateful to see this 😍.
stephen fermoyle
stephen fermoyle:
BRAVO to this man
Noemi  Egido
Noemi Egido:
I accidentally stumble on one clip of this movie and I fall in love with movie
Joshua Aomine
Joshua Aomine:
This is wonderful!!! CODA was a great film.
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen:
What an eloquent man.
Good thing Troy didn't have a British interpreter. The person would've needed someone to translate the ASL into BSL before he/she could translate it into spoken English. 😁
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy:
Petition to see Troy Kotsur as James Bond.
A P:
Long overdue 👏👏
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #:
Inspirational :)
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez:
Nice one, you genuinely are trying to show how dire things of the countries and it's citizens. Economically and other aspects. At this time the future doesn't look good. First thing. About solving a problem is to acknowledge it. It's doesn't look like the media wants to do , I hope your channel expand and bring awareness and opportunity to people. ❤️
brokeczennie but appaddo gwenchana
brokeczennie but appaddo gwenchana:
Congrats you're amazing
Jusma's Life
Jusma's Life:
Josh Phoenix
Josh Phoenix:
So virtuous you could make an onion cry
Bonner Demling
Bonner Demling:
Must be interesting for all those British people to see a sign language different than what they use
Bonnie Sandy
Bonnie Sandy:
Excellent speech, Deaf James Bond 008!!
Chuah Hock Leong
Chuah Hock Leong:
Troy, Oscar is now waiting for you.
Julka Steven
Julka Steven:
Favourite to win an Oscar
Yay Troy!!! Loved Coda❤️
Cooking with Love by Lola❤️
Cooking with Love by Lola❤️:
Artivist Joan
Artivist Joan:
John Doe
John Doe:
I love CODA it will make you cry 😍😍😍
Deng Iñigo
Deng Iñigo:
I really wanted to watch his movie the child of deaf adult, but I can't because it wasn't available in our country. I can't find it in any platforms or site. The movie trailer made me really wanting to watch this because it is an emotion capturing. It captured my heart. It is a worth watch movie.
Manikya Durga Prasad Gadi
Manikya Durga Prasad Gadi:
Proud congratulations
Deaf ur wish good
It world and show this is good Amazon prime 👌 🙌
Khalid Amajoud
Khalid Amajoud:
Rahul Malviya
Rahul Malviya:
A Afedola
A Afedola:
Sonya Walker
Sonya Walker:
Congratulations you beautiful man.
James Acasternaught ✈
James Acasternaught ✈:
2:52 lmfao didn't even realize that was Millie
the bgm is actually an ost by Emilia Jones, love it!
Elizley P
Elizley P:
Oh my god, tears
Millie and Flo! And I didn't know their lead is a Brit.
Elizabeth Hurtado
Elizabeth Hurtado:
An Ge
An Ge:
Decades ago surfing the Caribbean met some guys who were outcasts and ever'body told me not to talk with.
Turned out they were deaf...nowadays heardeficient. They were considered total lunatics. Only one person with little means trusted them with some odd jobs and tolerated them on the property so that at least they had a safeplace from violent bullying and some food. Some killed themselves, got killed or imprissoned for crimes not committed or were (sexually) abused and or pushed into prostitution. The reality of backdoor tourism, the other side of all inclusive package deal luxury resort holidays.
Thunder Rider
Thunder Rider:
Next one: Oscar
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan:
I’m not crying you’re crying.
look at millie 🤣🤣🤣
yu ouyang
yu ouyang:
Shlokam Srivastava
Shlokam Srivastava:
Jacqueline McGill
Jacqueline McGill:
bluesydess store
bluesydess store:
Rachel Zegler so adorable
joven cruz
joven cruz:
Congratulations but Kodi delivered better acting.
Olivia Omar
Olivia Omar:
Wonder how many ASL interpreters there are in London…
Should have gone for "double 0 hearing 8".
Coda is a great film!
Jacqueline McGill
Jacqueline McGill:
can anyone tell me the song that's being played on 0:13 ??
i think he’s gonna sweep like youn yuh jung.
Miguel Rosado
Miguel Rosado:
Did he thank the director?
영화 보는 김해마 Haema in Cinema
영화 보는 김해마 Haema in Cinema:
Deaf James Bond would be amazing!!!!
so i just listened to...
so i just listened to...:
I halfway through the video when I realised that the presenters were Millie & Florence
I don't understand why the audience clap their hands together, loudly. They should know that he is deaf, it's so obvious.