Trump Admits Corona Coverup in Audio Recordings | The Daily Social Distancing Show

The Justice Department is taking over Trump's defense in a defamation suit with a woman who accused him of rape, Bob Woodward's new book proves that President Trump purposely downplayed the coronavirus threat, and Trump secretly admits systemic racism is real. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson:
Alvira Rahman
Alvira Rahman:
Security: Sir, there is a bomb in the 34th floor of our tower. Should we tell the residents to evacuate?
Sir: no, that would be crazy. I don’t want people to panic. Tell them nothing
Yet Trump still managed to blame China for not telling him it is a deadly virus.
Tru Zen
Tru Zen:
Van Jones has been saying that Trump is lethal for this country because he isn’t racist but he starts race wars to get himself elected. He’ll burn down this country if he can be king of the ashes
King SoHo
King SoHo:
Crazy how he can sound so elegant, professional and honest in these audio recordings but complete opposite when a camera is up in his face with so many supporters cheering him as a god.
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
Trump makes Nixon and bush looking like a great presidents lol.
gabby hernandez
gabby hernandez:
"B-But it w-was t-taken out of c-context, r-right?" - Trump Supporters
The Patriot
The Patriot:
Trevor just admitted to his production staff he is a bold supporter of marxism.
See how that works lil' Trevor...
This is definitely manslaughter, and probably homicide now on a genocide level. And he will be tried for this in all 50 states. This guy is completely screwed now thanks to his super-massive ego.
Trump speaking in these tapes is literally most educated I've ever heard him sound. The depth of depravity of his con game is heartbreaking and maddening. Pure Evil in my eyes.
Old Man Duff
Old Man Duff:
To any other president this would be the downfall of their administration; to Trump it's a Wednesday.
Mike Shorter
Mike Shorter:
He Lies About Everything And So Many People Are So Blind To It
D Xanders
D Xanders:
Guess all Hillary has to say about Bangazi was she didn’t want to cause a panic and Repubs would’ve been ok with it 🤷‍♂️
adithya shankar
adithya shankar:
Its weird that president sounds more knowledgeable on corona in tapes than on camera
Robert Smith
Robert Smith:
I think I am going to create a tee shirt stating: "I don't want to create a panic, but Trump still has a great chance in being reelected." Sad.
If this doesn’t wake America up at this point nothing will.
It is so fun to watch Americans under Trump now they don't need external enemies
Will Pack
Will Pack:
Trump: "I didn't want to create a panic."

Wall Street: "THANK YOU EEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEE *rubs evil hands together*"
When trump lied about covid, he was protecting Americans. But when China lied about covid, trump said China harmed the world. Only a person with no integrity would lie and speak with 2 orifices.
"Avoiding panic" has nothing to do with Americans, probably the stock market or something.
Since March Trump didn't just downplay the virus, he has called the virus a hoax, encourage large gatherings, hosted his own rally, defund the World Health Organization, got rid of Dr.Fauci. He didnt "downplay" Coronavirus, he took the necessary steps that led to more people getting infected and killed.
My theory is that he knew at the start that the most infected states were blue states and wanted to kill those Americans.
"I'm dying...but it's chill..." thank you , Trevor. Trump is the panic!!
shelby nickella
shelby nickella:
Trump literally downplayed it. He does not care about the common people. Trump supporters he only did it because.... anything trump says people back up it’s cult like
Michael W.
Michael W.:
i can't listen to this stuff anymore. i can't hear anymore about this disgusting president. it's too much. i feel overwhelmed. every day there are terrible things in the news regarding trump. this man is gaming the system, and no one can do anything to stop him.
buff skool
buff skool:
I’m glad he got caught admitting systemic racism exist. We aren’t dumb.
Kweli Malloy
Kweli Malloy:
“I think it’s unfortunate”. I didn’t expect those words.
Donn Clueless
Donn Clueless:
So our country's unfortunate leader isn't an idiot.... He's just a complete sociopath fully aware the consequences of his actions...
Carl 8mySquirrel
Carl 8mySquirrel:
Without a doubt Trump is making money on the books talking crap about him.
That recording is the most intelligent trump has ever sounded 💀💀💀wow
Kimberly Lund
Kimberly Lund:
The whole administration and GOP lied to American's vote Blue people! They must go.
Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley:
Donald the Virus Trump is Americas Extinction Level Event
Auntie Pha
Auntie Pha:
Daily Reminder: Trump called Corona Virus a Democrat Hoax that will "magically" disappear.
Barry Kaine
Barry Kaine:
"not his type" - his type, is the type who takes the hush money and goes away.
Yam P
Yam P:
Indeed. He is the biggest con man of all times. He is a wolf in sheep’s cloths.
An. tes
An. tes:
Lol at the Trump Campaign Slogan being “Look out behind you!”
Lala MDeppegg
Lala MDeppegg:
It shows u that he is ' playing fool" to get away with murder.
Dennis ighodaro
Dennis ighodaro:
“I saw the building was on fire, but I didn’t pull the fire alarm because I didn’t want to cause a panic.”
Ardon Halim
Ardon Halim:
US was ONCE a country that the world look up to
Nate Smith
Nate Smith:
Is everyone planning on voting this time?!
Trump only cares about "what is in there for himself"
Maddison Tipton
Maddison Tipton:
"I didn't wanna create a panic" Uh yeah, sure, and these protesters are perfectly calm about getting attacked by police?
Sid K.
Sid K.:
He said he is a war-time president. The truth is he is a war crime president.
Jon Jacoby
Jon Jacoby:
beyond shocking and stupid trumps inaction when he knew the risk is murder.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson:
I’m so used to Trevor looking like a bum now I don’t even remember him clean cut in a suit
hopefully, the only people that believed trump is from his own fan base....
Leroy Edwards
Leroy Edwards:
We should we call him,don the con, donald rump,bunker boy,just dont call him an american,he is trying to destroy our great country
Of course he's "the most transparent president in history", because we can see through his lies.
Coudge b
Coudge b:
Trump is the star in his own never ending drama filled comedy movie about a corrupt US president.

However I didn't purchase a ticket for this sh!$ & I'd like my money back.
Warren Wooten
Warren Wooten:
So we just gonna forget they actually came out saying they lied about the covid numbers on the news the ignorance is amazing 😉
TwinTime Productions
TwinTime Productions:
I mean, it's not like we didn't know he was doing this already...
Linda Billy
Linda Billy:
Star Cherry
Star Cherry:
Are you telling me he knew the virus spread through the air
But _still_ told us we didn't have to wear masks? 🤦‍♀️
Mbwa Nyenye
Mbwa Nyenye:
He is going nowhere we need him big like never before
The entire worlds population knew the truth, no panic, except for the US
Steve Emmanuel
Steve Emmanuel:

- People of Nigeria🇳🇬
Why isn't the FBI investigating Hannity and Tucker for running a dangerous misinformation propaganda machine into American homes, it is like faux news is running domestic terrorism?
It's one thing to not want panic WHILE HAVING A PLAN, it's another thing entirely to downplay a crisis and not do enough to actually combat it. Criminal negligence.
Pat Veldon
Pat Veldon:
Anything Trump says the opposite is satan he is the king of lies.
The Spark
The Spark:
I didn´t tell her I had the claps, she would just panic.
꧁Lotus Auer꧂
꧁Lotus Auer꧂:
He reminds me of my mom when I was younger. I struggled with lying as a child, and my mother and father were both very critical of it (for good reason). One day, when I was being very aware of lies that I formed unconsciously, I noticed my mother had promised me something in return for being good, since I was asking for it. When we arrived at the car and she began driving off, I asked “what about ______ you said you’d get me?” And she just said “I just told you that to get you to shut up”, which I responded with “so it’s okay to lie if it’s to get people to shut up?” Which she had no words for.

Donald trump doesn’t even see the hypocrisy of it like my mom did though, there’s no good excuse to lie - if your wife doesn’t look good in her dress, don’t lie and say she does “because it makes her feel better”. Be open and honest, don’t learn from this deranged orange man, or if you do, learn how never to act or be.
Arim Oh
Arim Oh:
Over 200 thousand American's were fired by trump to the afterlife. Oh wait!
Strange Wayfaring Stranger
Strange Wayfaring Stranger:
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
~ Martin Luther King Jr
I H:
I hate him. I hate him so much. How can he do these things without any repercussions?
Maurice Robertson
Maurice Robertson:
🤣😂😅 Even when Trevor is discussing serious issues like the allegations of assault against the president concerning a female years ago and the Corvid19 virus, he somehow still has the skill and ability to evoke great humor within the dialogue without it coming across as inappropriate and I find that to be quite amazing! . . +😄 I love 😆 it when he 😅 imitates D.Trump's voice while using those hilariously funny facial expressions of his! 😀 I always crack up over that [email protected]! 🤩 Lol lol! Hahahahahah!!!!!
a sg
a sg:
Can we please get Trevor to 10 million already??? 😊
R B:
I wonder if the people who voted for him still want to pay for his past.
Anthony Mcdonald
Anthony Mcdonald:
Didn’t want to create a panic, instead we got a PANDEMIC
Bri A.
Bri A.:
2:11 Trevor cares about America so much that he keeps this little number at home
Hannah L
Hannah L:
Didn't Nixon do the exact same thing and get arrested?
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas:
when a person always says think. I heard, they say, maybe.....does that person truly know?
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker:
Why couldn't his answer just be "I'd never really anyone"
Herb W
Herb W:
Trump tapes show he was lying

Trump supporters:"See how honest he is."
Your trump impression is what I live for.
Yoko Cupido
Yoko Cupido:
Noah your the best, thank you for your words. You’re talented and your message resonates with us.
E Law
E Law:
2/5 of his fam.. humm let me count: himself + ivanka/Jr., Eric, Melania. That sounds about right.
OneOfKind Leo
OneOfKind Leo:
All politics are puppets for the devil, when will u all see this.
Tori K
Tori K:
When he says he didn't want to create a panic, he means IN THE STOCK MARKET
Commercial Electric
Commercial Electric:
"We are not babies!" [sic]
sokin jon
sokin jon:
I think I am going to create a tee shirt stating: "I don't want to create a panic, but Trump still has a great chance in being reelected." Sad.
Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley:
Mr Donald The Virus Trump is the End of America as We know it People
Larisa Pravitel Paige
Larisa Pravitel Paige:
Better later then NEVER! It just sad 😞....
For the love of god, vote every single person in this administration out of office!
Gracia Bella
Gracia Bella:
Trevor Noah is so underrated and talented.
Dän Bänän
Dän Bänän:
Ah, he also called it a "democratic hoax" to prevent panic, got it, sounds logical.
Trevor Mendez
Trevor Mendez:
I thought he's supposed to protect us from
Harold Pinteresque
Harold Pinteresque:
Downplaying Covid so he could still hold his rallies? He was just recruiting members into the Herman Cain loyalty program.
allen mobley
allen mobley:
Unfortunately this isn't going to matter Trump fans will still defend him no matter what.
Dave Stock
Dave Stock:
Well, here’s another one. For all of you who think he’s an idiot, why does this kind of stuff continually make the news. Shouldn’t we expect it? Look at this realistically. He’s prepping us for Biden, tho at least if he does lie, won’t even know he’s doing it unless V.P. Cool tells him. One good thing if Biden gets in, CNN and the other one will go off the air. Won’t be nothing to talk about.
Tom 2.0 Stitzer
Tom 2.0 Stitzer:
Goatee Trevor makes me think that he's an imposter from the Mirror Universe.
Christian Mgmt
Christian Mgmt:
His slogan is basically "look out behind you" 🤣🤣🤣
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis:
So essentially he did the same thing China did
Deadbeat Donny
Deadbeat Donny:
That's like disabling tornado sirens so as to not incite panic. He's a murderous monster.
Jakababa Reacts
Jakababa Reacts:
Trevor Noah can't work for fox news
Just saying.
Chris Gorszczyk
Chris Gorszczyk:
This was recorded in February. I knew all of that stuff about Covid back then from watching China/markets/foreign news. Pulled my kid out of school before they closed them.

Why is this recording just coming out now? Doesn't sound like anyone gives a shit how it spreads. Saving it for the election didn't help anyone either.
Chris Anonymous
Chris Anonymous:
After I watched Seth Meyers’ impersonations of Trump I really dropped my standards, but then Noah came in and he changed my life forever. Thank you king 👑
Monsieur Gatsby
Monsieur Gatsby:
This dude said “if a plane ✈️ was crashing the pilot would advice you (not to panic) remain calm. M.....F the plane! Is going down!🤣what more information ℹ️ you want B!😅😂😂😂
Trump stood on 5th Avenue and shot 190,000 people.
Old Lady2020
Old Lady2020:
"Trump has been issuing executive orders on a near-weekly basis during his fourth year in office. Tuesday's order will mark his 25th of this year as he uses the pandemic to justify efforts to do away with government regulations that are designed to protect the environment and public health but are viewed by critics as costly and unnecessary." Quote from FOX Business 4 June 2020.

​The 45th Executive Order was signed by Trump this week. One of these Executive Orders sadly is about the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, allowing our largest remaining rain forest, to be logged.Trump instructed Agriculture Secretary to exempt Alaska’s 16.7-million-acres from logging restrictions imposed nearly 20 years ago. And the Executive Order allowing mining on the moon and asteroids and that formally recognizes the rights of Private interests to claim resources in space. The Executive Order that amends the Hazardous Materials Regulations to allow for the bulk transport of LNG (liquefied natural gas) rail tank cars that would facilitate the transportation of natural gas to markets where pipeline transportation is limited or unavailable. Or how about the Executive Order that waive key aspects of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that waive environmental reviews under NEPA for highways, fossil fuel facilities and other infrastructure projects. That same Executive Order also instructs agencies to use emergency authorities under other environmental statutes, such as the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act, to expedite approvals. This one is so the Trump's Wall can be completed without environmental complications. We can not wait to do something about it in January 2021. After the trees are cut down, fracking causes more earthquakes, our environment suffers and we have endangered or lost more species, not to mention endangering our family and friends. Trump will be signing even more Executive Orders between now and November.
Vote BLUE 2020
Paulbuniongonewild 🎃
Paulbuniongonewild 🎃:
I swear... I can barely recognize his voice without the scare factor and hero factor.
"I saved you from the threat that ive been hearing about on fox news"
jyodilu D.
jyodilu D.:
Story: When niece born, drs. gave my bro. worse case scenario..he "got" convinced she'd be retarded. Us, who pray,told him she'd be fine. She is fine.
Joseph Phillips
Joseph Phillips:
LMAO that pilot imitation is the shiz👍👍