Trump Admits Corona Coverup in Audio Recordings | The Daily Social Distancing Show

The Justice Department is taking over Trump's defense in a defamation suit with a woman who accused him of rape, Bob Woodward's new book proves that President Trump purposely downplayed the coronavirus threat, and Trump secretly admits systemic racism is real. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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100+ comentarios:

"I'm dying...but it's chill..." thank you , Trevor. Trump is the panic!!
Rebecca Stanton
Rebecca Stanton:
"He's also stupid enough to tell BOB WOODWARD on tape." 🤣😂🤣😂
King SoHo
King SoHo:
Crazy how he can sound so elegant, professional and honest in these audio recordings but complete opposite when a camera is up in his face with so many supporters cheering him as a god.
Alvira Rahman
Alvira Rahman:
Security: Sir, there is a bomb in the 34th floor of our tower. Should we tell the residents to evacuate?
Sir: no, that would be crazy. I don’t want people to panic. Tell them nothing
Maryam Dadar
Maryam Dadar:
The only panic Trump wanted to avoid was in the stock market. He wasn’t being no damn leader.

Moreover, Trump called COVID a “Democrat hoax.” Repeatedly.
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
Trump makes Nixon and bush looking like a great presidents lol.
Darrell Christmas
Darrell Christmas:
This is who he always has been. He’s a sociopath who will lie about anything to get ahead.
That recording is the most intelligent trump has ever sounded 💀💀💀wow
Jessica Hicks
Jessica Hicks:
This is the most scandalous White House. Where is Olivia Pope?
Barry Kaine
Barry Kaine:
"not his type" - his type, is the type who takes the hush money and goes away.
To any other president this would be the downfall of their administration; to Trump it's a Wednesday.
Praseta D
Praseta D:
But still his cult supporters are defending him. They're unhinged 😭
Zoe Fang
Zoe Fang:
"He didn't want to create a panic" OMG his excuses have not gotten any better. Shocking.
Dumpster--your EXISTENCE on this EARTH is enough to create panic among nations worldwide.
gabby hernandez
gabby hernandez:
"B-But it w-was t-taken out of c-context, r-right?" - Trump Supporters
Kweli Malloy
Kweli Malloy:
“I think it’s unfortunate”. I didn’t expect those words.
Anthony Mcdonald
Anthony Mcdonald:
Didn’t want to create a panic, instead we got a PANDEMIC
An. tes
An. tes:
Lol at the Trump Campaign Slogan being “Look out behind you!”
Lisa Autry
Lisa Autry:
I don’t miss the clean-cut Trevor Noah..I’m loving the fro ✊🏾
Yam P
Yam P:
Indeed. He is the biggest con man of all times. He is a wolf in sheep’s cloths.
Vasco Apolonio
Vasco Apolonio:
That's why Bernie Sanders told something like this:
Trump is a Dangerous Clown
If this doesn’t wake America up at this point nothing will.
Lala MDeppegg
Lala MDeppegg:
It shows u that he is ' playing fool" to get away with murder.
Yet Trump still managed to blame China for not telling him it is a deadly virus.
Trump is one extremely scary man. You’d think a lot of people aren’t on his side? Wrong. The man is extremely wealthy and powerful, he’s got people kissing his feet and following him around like puppies. Imagine what else they’re hiding under our noses right now. This is just the surface of it.
Nate Smith
Nate Smith:
Is everyone planning on voting this time?!
Dennis ighodaro
Dennis ighodaro:
“I saw the building was on fire, but I didn’t pull the fire alarm because I didn’t want to cause a panic.”
Trump only cares about "what is in there for himself"
X Y:
It's just a damn shame that's all.
Carl 8mySquirrel
Carl 8mySquirrel:
Without a doubt Trump is making money on the books talking crap about him.
Mike Shorter
Mike Shorter:
He Lies About Everything And So Many People Are So Blind To It
Donn Clueless
Donn Clueless:
So our country's unfortunate leader isn't an idiot.... He's just a complete sociopath fully aware the consequences of his actions...
Lori Isham
Lori Isham:
The sad thing is, there is soooo much more we don't even know yet.
Andres Mendoza
Andres Mendoza:
Literally one of the most on point episodes.
Aku SantaFe
Aku SantaFe:
IMHO, Mr. Noah has PERFECTED his impersonation of T.
Senator Poopypants
Senator Poopypants:
You know a man runs a willfully oblivious cult when he has a rape "type"
He only admitted because there's a recording, otherwise it'd only be another 'democratic hoax'.
Jon Jacoby
Jon Jacoby:
beyond shocking and stupid trumps inaction when he knew the risk is murder.
Dmm ice
Dmm ice:
“He cares about money and 2/5 of his family” 😂
Christian Mgmt
Christian Mgmt:
His slogan is basically "look out behind you" 🤣🤣🤣
Ardon Halim
Ardon Halim:
US was ONCE a country that the world look up to
Star Cherry
Star Cherry:
Are you telling me he knew the virus spread through the air
But _still_ told us we didn't have to wear masks? 🤦‍♀️
The entire worlds population knew the truth, no panic, except for the US
nichelle love
nichelle love:
Ha, sad HE now has Covid-19 I don’t think so I think he just made himself look stupid on last night’s debate, I don’t even wish Covid for him or anyone, even if I hate this man! I believe he is just trying to pull a stunt. If now like I said I don’t wish Covid on anyone! But I will say if he does that’s what he gets!
adithya shankar
adithya shankar:
Its weird that president sounds more knowledgeable on corona in tapes than on camera
TwinTime Productions
TwinTime Productions:
I mean, it's not like we didn't know he was doing this already...
Strange Wayfaring Stranger
Strange Wayfaring Stranger:
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
~ Martin Luther King Jr
hopefully, the only people that believed trump is from his own fan base....
James A Lafayette
James A Lafayette:
The sound engineers are outta control on this episode 😂
Tim Smith
Tim Smith:
"It was a big, beautiful lie. Biggest lie ever. No one knew I could cause so many deaths."
Maddison Tipton
Maddison Tipton:
"I didn't wanna create a panic" Uh yeah, sure, and these protesters are perfectly calm about getting attacked by police?
It's one thing to not want panic WHILE HAVING A PLAN, it's another thing entirely to downplay a crisis and not do enough to actually combat it. Criminal negligence.
War Lock
War Lock:
So we just gonna forget they actually came out saying they lied about the covid numbers on the news the ignorance is amazing 😉
Larisa Pravitel Paige
Larisa Pravitel Paige:
Better later then NEVER! It just sad 😞....
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker:
Why couldn't his answer just be "I'd never really anyone"
Lenathefirst _
Lenathefirst _:
I pressed this out of curiosity even though I’ve never watched one got our videos and dude I’m subbing you are absolutely hilarious and entertaining yet somehow so incredibly informative
Herb W
Herb W:
Trump tapes show he was lying

Trump supporters:"See how honest he is."
Dän Bänän
Dän Bänän:
Ah, he also called it a "democratic hoax" to prevent panic, got it, sounds logical.
I’m the machine
I’m the machine:
Nailed it ,CON-MAN ! Watch "dirty money" on netflix too.
Mauricio Lopez
Mauricio Lopez:
Trevor, in such dark times. I thank you for still making me laugh. I really needed this.
Commercial Electric
Commercial Electric:
"We are not babies!" [sic]
Rapists dont have a "type" its not dating😑
Yoko Cupido
Yoko Cupido:
Noah your the best, thank you for your words. You’re talented and your message resonates with us.
Lue C
Lue C:
4:18 "people to be very calmly dying is the streets"
Lol, i think you mean retirement homes trevor but ok
Randy Smith
Randy Smith:
Flush the turd November 3rd!
Trevor Mendez
Trevor Mendez:
I thought he's supposed to protect us from
For the love of god, vote every single person in this administration out of office!
The Spark
The Spark:
I didn´t tell her I had the claps, she would just panic.
...I'm REALLY glad my dad left the Justice Department before this shit started.
You're perfectly safe, it's just a HOAX. (Well, Bob, this is some really deadly stuff, but don't tell anyone.)
Can we please get Trevor to 10 million already??? 😊
Good news, Trump isn't suffering from syphilitic dementia. Bad news, he's a super villain.
Make It Work
Make It Work:
We shouldn’t be surprised! You should already know the Donald is like this.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson:
I’m so used to Trevor looking like a bum now I don’t even remember him clean cut in a suit
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly:
This is the quintessential message man. I am so grateful for you Trevor!
Nat TheBrat
Nat TheBrat:
I really really really want to see Trevor sit down with Candice Owens🤞🏽
Robert Stephenson
Robert Stephenson:
When he says "panic" he means the stock market. Not people.
Valerie Nunn
Valerie Nunn:
The mystery of iniquity does already work.
William Billings
William Billings:
I love this show I just learned about it but it's very interesting I love the topics especially when they're talking about Trump somebody needs to reveal his crooked ass
Ellysa Arias
Ellysa Arias:
You did his voice perfect! Lolol
꧁Lotus Auer꧂
꧁Lotus Auer꧂:
He reminds me of my mom when I was younger. I struggled with lying as a child, and my mother and father were both very critical of it (for good reason). One day, when I was being very aware of lies that I formed unconsciously, I noticed my mother had promised me something in return for being good, since I was asking for it. When we arrived at the car and she began driving off, I asked “what about ______ you said you’d get me?” And she just said “I just told you that to get you to shut up”, which I responded with “so it’s okay to lie if it’s to get people to shut up?” Which she had no words for.

Donald trump doesn’t even see the hypocrisy of it like my mom did though, there’s no good excuse to lie - if your wife doesn’t look good in her dress, don’t lie and say she does “because it makes her feel better”. Be open and honest, don’t learn from this deranged orange man, or if you do, learn how never to act or be.
Of course he's "the most transparent president in history", because we can see through his lies.
Mario Pratt
Mario Pratt:
If I see trevor noah in some braids or twisties, imma need to high five somebody.
"It is what it is." Donald J. Trump

He might as well be saying "DEAL WITH IT SUCKERS!"
sokin jon
sokin jon:
I think I am going to create a tee shirt stating: "I don't want to create a panic, but Trump still has a great chance in being reelected." Sad.
I cant wait to vote this coming November.
Christopher Toyne
Christopher Toyne:
So, let me get this straight. “We The People” are now the DEFENDANTS against an allegation of rape and defamation.
Trevor is inching closer to tds everyday. I use to like Trevor when he picked on both side but he’s all orange man bad now
R B:
I wonder if the people who voted for him still want to pay for his past.
T Rogers
T Rogers:
Trevor, you always say everything I’m thinking!
You guys should be incredibly proud of this episode, excellent job Trevor.
Tori K
Tori K:
When he says he didn't want to create a panic, he means IN THE STOCK MARKET
Park Bench
Park Bench:
He knows the government sprayed smart dust like rain and snow...
Leap Tech
Leap Tech:
Trevor what's going on with that hair dude? lmao
Siddartha Tummala
Siddartha Tummala:
He said it on tape. End of story, he lied.
Man, Im so glad we didn't listen to our leader. I praised to Heaven and no thanks to Trump the Hither.
Chocolate Meal
Chocolate Meal:
Imagine what he knew about Eipstein.
Rock Lively
Rock Lively:
We’re paying for what!!!??? To defend that SOB??? Thief!
Trump speaking in these tapes is literally most educated I've ever heard him sound. The depth of depravity of his con game is heartbreaking and maddening. Pure Evil in my eyes.
The Glover Family
The Glover Family:
Trevor your you sound just like him lol
Charles Hepburn II
Charles Hepburn II:
Evil doesn’t infuriate me as much as when evil is allowed and/or rewarded by the system it’s in.