Trump breaks his silence after Rush Limbaugh’s death

Former President Trump repeats false election claims as President Joe Biden clarifies his school reopening goals.

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Leonardo Castagna
Leonardo Castagna:
May he receive the same compassion and empathy that he's always shown others.
Nychelle Brewer
Nychelle Brewer:
How many of these news anchors have their kids in public schools again?
regina gidney
regina gidney:
Reaping day has come
Dave S
Dave S:
Noticed how YouTube, is censoring all comments from Fox news regarding rush Limbaugh.
Bruce Bryant
Bruce Bryant:
To quote a Very Stable Genius....."It is what it is".
Max Well
Max Well:
How about all the Rush fans that read this go give $5 to Tunnels to Towers in Rush's name.
LOL! Trump was never "silent" about anything...
jee jee
jee jee:
"we chose death, what was the question?"-USA
mark bootsy
mark bootsy:
The Big lie of the election? Media gaslighting never stops.
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton:
Rush Limbaugh
S. Lee Mccauley
S. Lee Mccauley:
The Atlantic city casino was leveled and Limbaugh pass on the same day. Maybe the teflon dude is in the beginning of a complete implosion of his world.
Yishai Kritzler
Yishai Kritzler:
"The big lie"
Mogg Piano
Mogg Piano:
If Limbaugh had been treating Trump's coronavirus infection, he'd have given him two paracetamol and hot lemon.
Our children deserve better. There clearly isn't a plan of action.
Charles Pilkington
Charles Pilkington:
There's two definitions of treason in the Constitution and one of them fits to a Tee rumpo
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson:
Does anyone care? --Bonnie Robinson
...Many Are Getting Afflicted!
T Choi
T Choi:
"The original troll"...... I've never heard of the moniker let alone heard of it associated with Rush Limbaugh in any way.
What an utterly disrepectful thing to say about a man who just past away just a few days ago. Especially for a so called "news reporter". More and more each day I've regrettably witnessed such unprofessional, hatred inspired slander and outright lies from "reporters" of major network stations I had once viewed with the highest esteem.
Whats happened to the professionalism, journalistic integrity and search for truth of days long past??
Its no wonder our society is being engulfed by cancel culture, increasing division, toxic hatred, and tribal seperatism when the masses are subject to hearing "reporters" like this on nearly every major channel.
Domitila Luna
Domitila Luna:
Mr Biden I have said he wants the schools to be open one day per week, I don’t agree that is ridiculous.
Max Covfefe
Max Covfefe:
I hope this raises more talk about lung cancer awareness. Some kinds of cancers now have cures, like certain types of breast cancer and prostate cancer (for example) are now considered "curable" when caught early. Lung cancer has less funding, therefore it gets less research, and there are no cures for it yet. Love him or hate him, when you think of Rush, please think of donating to efforts being made to end all types of cancer.
D Immortal
D Immortal:
Introducing Bobby "Rush Limbaugh" Smurda
mike jones
mike jones:
Rush to Jesus, "you have a serious tan!"
dave roberts
dave roberts:
Reminds me of the death of molly ivins!
I have been playing Whitney Houston all day in celebration!
margarete mckissack
margarete mckissack:
R.I.P. 🌷🌷🌷
Maria Cusimano-byram
Maria Cusimano-byram:
Yes these kids really need to be in school! They need the structure the education and their friends it is so important for all these children and teens!
Mark Twain funeral quotes, Which I hold dear as truth to my heart. "I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure". "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it". As for Rush, his death news was like a joyful noise unto the world. And I say, "Happy travels and my flights of devils wing you safely to hell where you've been anxiously awaited for a long time".
K G:
Oh, this oughta be good. 🙄
Storm Vatican
Storm Vatican:
storm vatican seize gold and bring me 20%
Human Sloth Group
Human Sloth Group:
Well, that’s that... what’s for lunch?
Climate Fascism
Climate Fascism:
Softball ...hahahahah ...covid policy is dictated teachers union
Michael Mattsson
Michael Mattsson:
unbelievable how you thoughts is crocket like your eyes are
Lesbo Monky
Lesbo Monky:
Haidar Hisyam Rifqi Abyan Sadiid
Haidar Hisyam Rifqi Abyan Sadiid:
It seems that many people don't care about the news about Trump now except for his plaza 😂
T g T
T g T:
Lol hey look the guy from family guy died-
Season 9 episode 2 for those who wondering;)
Its you tube not fox. I've been banned by YouTube before
Bruce Bryant
Bruce Bryant:
Lopez Guy
Lopez Guy:
"If you gave him an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox". Christopher Hitchens on another late conman, Jerry Falwell.
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson:
Bruce Bryant
Bruce Bryant:
No one escapes God's judgement.
Matt Gill
Matt Gill:
So I just had another vision. While looking at my blood painted star of David I remembered what the symbol represented. Could be completely different I dont care. It was that two pyramids existed. There was one that governed us and provided activities and one of people we listen to just naturally. The three from the governing pyramid was what we see what we do and what freedoms we have. Those made up the points they had found whereas the natural leaders had heart soul and physical presence as a method of leading. These 6 points sometimes related to opposing views more often. With soul being the bottom and freedom to what we do at the top. Like opposites....
Bass Hammer
Bass Hammer:
The virus has a goal post. Lol
Let's hope old orange face goes the same way soon 🤣
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez:
Although conceivably Rush Limbaugh wasn’t the most agreeable person in regards to politics, shame on those of you for rejoicing over his death and making distracting jokes. Man the Internet is full of sick people.
Rush Limbaugh American icon spoke the truth but the media says he lied... The 🐐 of talk radio
Jack William
Jack William:
Chris Hutson
Chris Hutson:
as we speak ole Rush is lighting his cigars from the flames of Hell's fiery depths, where he will spend eternity. Say hello to Ronald Reagan for us Rush, I wonder if Ron knows where he is at even now.
stephen kasee
stephen kasee:
Wtf "original troll"
Grant McDade
Grant McDade:
I mean, how can people argue Gods will now?
Bernard Tomaszewski
Bernard Tomaszewski:
“Conspiracy theories”
Guy died yesterday. Shame on you, ABC.
Chris Blanco
Chris Blanco:
Being upset at not being able to open in 100 days when got almost 365 days thr former president let the virus run all over us is unfair. A goal, something to strive to meet. Last guys goal was for everyone to get it and get things to normal. Smh
Matt Gill
Matt Gill:
Well since I started on my life the changes are definite. I'm not under a type of siege (felt like spirits/ghosts saw me partly on their side) anymore. I want to say it's because I'm not connected to anyone from before. I wake up everyday with nothing really going on except I can tell my habits changed. Like I'm barely starting to purify my body but I realised the more encounters I have with people who have never cleaned themselves of ... I dont even want to call them sins because i can identify them scientifically. They didn't invent speechcraft but small talk... sin is small talk. Again calling it a sin and looking at american life it's the same thing. It's a procedure it's a process because they have to win in order for the host to agree with me. Like if I'm talking to gluttony and my managers pissed at me all i had to do was stuff my face and for some reason they'd avoid all conflict with me for that day. So being under someone and navigating this....
Joseph Bowers
Joseph Bowers:
75000000 others buddy
Arnie Funkel
Arnie Funkel:
lol a mistake of communication..... a mistake of a vote.... a joke of a human being.
Hal Hosmer
Hal Hosmer:
Who is saying what about whom?
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi:
J. Andrews
J. Andrews:
falsehood ??
2022 , your done , all of you
Matt Gill
Matt Gill:
I'm gonna tell you exactly how my schizophrenia tells me this goes. We take prisons we already built make them embassies for participating countries ship our inmates there for citizens who want a productive life in america they live in embassy until they can afford own place or get booted for more productive from their country. This works well with my plan.
moon lee
moon lee:
I would NOT go back as a TEACHER unless I was vaccinated!!!! WTF?
Putra putra Get
Putra putra Get:
Ung Grabb
Ung Grabb:
Now just want trump to follow limbag quickly
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn:
"Everything trump touches dies. "
klr 68
klr 68:
why are we still talking about these nuts, lets move on with the real world, people are tired of endless , mindless political chatter and theres work to be done
Ken Jo
Ken Jo:
I did not know one cancer could kill another one.
Danny Knight
Danny Knight:
Bye Felicia
Charles Minor
Charles Minor:
What falsehood dweeb?
Abdul Fatau
Abdul Fatau:
martin frost
martin frost:
Birds of a feather that tweeted together, I have been really good not hearing from either of these two birds.
Sharon D Tuggle
Sharon D Tuggle:
People have gone nuts. Hatred reigns and love has declined. What a sad time in our lives. Shame on those saying comments like tha gates of hell are open!
Angela Lewis
Angela Lewis:
Trump IS Rush Limbaugh...Rush was the man behind the curtain
Really crazy tiny bobbi
Really crazy tiny bobbi:
long rider
long rider:
He's next
Matt Gill
Matt Gill:
It's like everytime I've spoken. It has left me open to the world. They call it opening up sometimes and the information I leaked would sometimes instantly make me feel aggression as if someone was angry reading it or I'd feel people making fun of it. It wasnt all feelings though I dont have much of those anyways. But that all went away recently. Like.. I'd say mid last year. Its slowly degraded. So I'm wearing at something in life there's got to be boundaries to what I can imaginarily feel and I've had different instances in life that caused different meanings. Everything from food to encounters to building to plants. So in general even if this leads no where at the very least it has taken all the sensitivity out of me and replace my empathy for others with the inevitable truths of their lives. Impacting or not some live just to belittle or torment. I've seen them born doing this.
G. Choppa
G. Choppa:
In the end we all die. So think about the hate you give. Limbaugh spent his life spreading hate, and divisive rhetoric. So no sympathy from many Americans. Reap what you sow.
Cultuurbehoud Nederland
Cultuurbehoud Nederland:
🇺🇸 America has officially become a BANANA REPUBLIC
Sandy Flenory
Sandy Flenory:
Bye Felicia
Sandy Flenory
Sandy Flenory:
Bye Felicia
Between Russ and Trump, it's the wrong guy that went away.
MerrieMelodies Fan
MerrieMelodies Fan:
Lol the hypocrites keep saying the "MSM can't just let it go about Trump," yet their beloved orange leader can't let it go about an election he lost fair and square after 2 months into a new year. They're still widely believing the ravings of a nutty, egomaniac former president that is further dividing the country with his inflammatory rhetoric. He wasn't worth his salt as political leader and is allergic to truth as too is his supporters.
prez truman
prez truman:
St Peter: “My Lord, there’s a Mr. Limbaugh Asking to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Our Lord: .”Ah, yes. The purveyor of half-truths and divisiveness?”

St.Peter: “I believe so, my Lord.”

Our Lord: “Please tell Mr. Limbaugh there’s no ‘rush.’.

Then, send him to hell; at least he’ll be among friends.”
Ay Ef Es
Ay Ef Es:
He's was a great guy! He died a tremendous death! One of the greatest deaths actually! People are saying no one has ever died better! Let's talk about the election fraud and how I was suppose to win. - Trump
Grandma Me
Grandma Me:
Thank you for fighting for free speech Rush.
stan Esti
stan Esti:
Well he's helping herd immunity ... trump help your pal.. prove us wrong it works
Tiffany Pham
Tiffany Pham:
Disgusting comments by the Left
Molnar Riki
Molnar Riki:
Long live trump
Well its about time!!!!!!!!!
MC Chamblin
MC Chamblin:
The media are the strangers your parents warned you to stay away from.
J. J.
J. J.:
Let's talk about the future of the Rush. I meant no hurry.
Love our true president. 👍
Matt Gill
Matt Gill:
Maybe. My efforts in this life are somewhat vacant. I'm a passive source I veto to put my energy into myself. So you can tell how much energy I put into others. Who cares. From my point of view in like 20 years all morals will be ripped from us anyways because they effect transition as a global power so nationalists and ethic groups alike will be enemy number one. In every country. Maybe maybe not. I like where my heads at. I like that I have an okay life to myself. Of course it's exactly what you end up with without fighting for what you want. So. That factor is big when luck isn't considered. It also is supported by nationalists most the time though.
R M:
Due to The Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement... They don’t report anything on CCP bad behaviors in Japan.
1 Japanese government shall not take a hostile view toward China.
2 Japan shall not follow the United States and the conspiracy of creating two Chinas which the United States contrives. We definitely disagree with Japan's subservience.
3 The development of and the normalization of bilateral relations between China and Japan will not be interfered.
Matt Foley
Matt Foley:
What's Rush's address? I want to send his family a box of Cubans to celebrate Biden's win.
David Gahagan
David Gahagan:
ABC always bashing conservatives ABC
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram:
Rush People Know what he is worth
Amen. B.W. see u at the polls
Matt Gill
Matt Gill:
The next change for me or focus is in the heart. I cant sustain energy levels I feel drained at times when I shouldn't I can tell my spirit. It still needs work for whatever reason. I know talking is why I'm punished so much as a male by life through bad luck and misfortune but I got somewhere and it was worth it. Hypersensitivity gone. I mean I was learning to turn it into a fighter's reflex because they said the shy and sensitive have the fastest reaction it just needs to be molded for war.