Trump Impeached for the Second Time | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses the House voting on President Trump’s second impeachment.

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Trump Impeached for the Second Time | The Tonight Show


100+ comentarios:

Sandy Trunks
Sandy Trunks:
"Dude basically made a pandemic sandwich with impeachment bread."
Jackson T
Jackson T:
This actually should have been his 3rd impeachment. He should have been impeached for trying to strongarm the GA Secretary of State into manipulating the election outcome.
Irene Owins
Irene Owins:
Hopefully he takes his mates with him. He didn't do this alone.
“The house speaker has an impeachment outfit” killed me💀
Rotten Robbie
Rotten Robbie:
"Nobody knows impeachment better than me." - Donald J.Trump
Alvaro Vasquez
Alvaro Vasquez:
- I remember Trump saying "my building is now the tallest" immediately after the 9/11 twin terror strikes. He's that sick.
“Nobody has ever gotten impeached more times than I’ve gotten impeached”

-Trump probably
Jayson's House
Jayson's House:
Comedy writers are gonna miss Trump after he's gone. There is a ray of hope however - his criminal trials will keep us entertained for several more years...this time with no expense to us.
He went from *The Apprentice* to *The biggest loser*
Rob Robbey
Rob Robbey:
Trump has achieved what no other President has, two impeachments.
Mathy Don
Mathy Don:
So nice not hearing Donald’s treasonous rants for a little while
Tito Askeladd
Tito Askeladd:
I have to edit this comment. It seems I've spoiled something very special to a lot of people, and for that, I am terribly sorry. 😅
R Pierre
R Pierre:
We went wrong when we called him Orange. Should’ve been the Peach! X2😂
John Derose
John Derose:
Trump getting impeached again is
S F:
Bin laden, Sadam, Ayatula weren't able to achieve in their lifetimes than what 45th did to the USA in just 4 years.
Silence is truly Golden after Twitter Suspend his account.
“trump has more impeachments than he does social media accounts.” lol
borrowed this quote from somebody else on youtube.
Raghav Kumar
Raghav Kumar:
You know it’s a problem when a late night talk show host is smarter than the president
Jonathan Falkowsky
Jonathan Falkowsky:
Next best video is trump being dragged outta the white house
If Trump has more days in his presidency then he would have Impeached Third time too.
Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk:
This day needs to be a new national holiday...Impeachment Day where everyone can eat burgers, chips, and drink diet coke
America has become a joke man. I hope yall get your shit together soon. Peace and love.
Pssh, seven days too many.
When people get desperate, that's when they're at their most dangerous.
Summer Lembo
Summer Lembo:
Ro G
Ro G:
Nixon: "I'm the worst president in history."
t'rump: "Hold my impeachment."
Nixon: "Uhhh, which one?"
Petr Vaňkát
Petr Vaňkát:
Donnie: "Nobody knows impeachment better than me. I have the best impeachment! Everybody says that."
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
The biggest loser. Lost popular vote in 2016, lost the House in 2018, got impeached in 2019, lost the presidency in 2020, lost the Senate and got impeached again in 2021.

Also these were all really old YouTube vids he was referencing like 2007-2008 era lol
Only idiots people think the attack on Capitol Hill wasn't a Coup D'Etat attempt. Period. GBU America. This coup was failed.
G B:
Wasn’t Trump’s reality program, The Apprentice’s most popular line, “You’re fired?” Well, how prophetic...
Maria Teresa Fayyad
Maria Teresa Fayyad:
Go impeach him already, and lock him up in the padded room so he doesn't mess around anymore🤣
Kole Slaw
Kole Slaw:
He made a pandamwich with a glass of impeach tea.
Best day of 2021 . May this be the beginning of a new era
Krishnan P.N.E
Krishnan P.N.E:
"That's how nuts this Presidency has been the house speaker has an impeachment outfit"😂
Ole Fella
Ole Fella:
America will be back! Wishing everyone here good health and happiness always!
Mizu Hiromi
Mizu Hiromi:
"Dude basically made a covid sandwich with impeachment bread."
Edward cornish
Edward cornish:
When you realize Jimmy just rick-rolled everyone
Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 10k 🤧
Elaine D
Elaine D:
Astley forever.

So glad there's a laugh in this show.. It's needed..
Thanh Do
Thanh Do:
Jimmy Fallon looks like a big simp
Mark Hayser
Mark Hayser:
Trump is still begging his sons' to borrow their twitter account to tweet cuz he can't shut up
Jo Po
Jo Po:
Maybe now Trump can start his first successful business venture. He can market his men's makeup concealer called Him Peach.
Simone Morgan
Simone Morgan:
Government by Tweet was so insulting. I was appalled when news had to read his Tweets. Should never have legitimized that. He evaded questions and press follow-up. Insult to the citizens
Dave Koch
Dave Koch:
I like the fake applauding crowd. keep staring in the mirror telling yourself that you're actually funny.
Waiting for him to say he doesn't know anyone from the capitol lol
Jonathan Falkowsky
Jonathan Falkowsky:
Why do Republican lawmakers listen to this man and fend for him? They have no sense of morals?
John Derose
John Derose:
"We did a great number on the impeachment. The most in the history of America 🇺🇸. Some people say it was greatest impeachment. We got impeached bigly." Trump
Janta Davino
Janta Davino:
The circus has lost its appeal and the clown is fired
Shalin Lakhia
Shalin Lakhia:
Doesn’t everyone just love Jimmy
Pit Crew
Pit Crew:
He really did it, he really pulled out the Rick roll
Galahad Garza
Galahad Garza:
I bet Trump’s kids are pissed that they took away the carousel—especially Eric.
I "love" the arguments the majority of Republicans are making, which is the bull they been spouting since the first one.
They don't care about "unity", they care about votes from their base.
Changing My Life
Changing My Life:
Impeached for the second time..I guess he's impressed with his own numbers especially since its never been done before 😂
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Colbert: The Road from the White House
John Derose
John Derose:
Trump goes to Alamo Texas
While Rudi does a press conference at Alamo Rent a Car.
nosson klein
nosson klein:
Congrats on getting the lowest ratings in over 20 years comedy
Sam Kvlt
Sam Kvlt:
Jimmy singing never gonna give you up is gold
SharResist45 !
SharResist45 !:
Thanks to Trump, as seen on TV we now know for certain college-educated professionals can be successful, lack reasoning & cognitive thinking skills.
Anastacio Chapa
Anastacio Chapa:
Isn’t that just peachy !
Ronald Elías Cordero Calles
Ronald Elías Cordero Calles:
He has more impeachments than balls.
Katherine H
Katherine H:
POV: you just came from Jimmy's tonight show from 1/8/21 when Jimmy just said Trump is on his way to becoming the first president to be impeached twice... and now your watching this
Did Jimmy manifest this for us???!!!
Movie Clips
Movie Clips:
Trump get impeachment for second time ! Crowd: Clapping
Glad that women walking the dog story from my city made into the states news cycle lol
poopslap poopslap
poopslap poopslap:
Sounds like the democrats are scared.. hey Jimmy who are your handlers? And what are you trying to hide.
Water Gate
Water Gate:
Trump is living the dream. However it’s not the American version................
Jonathan Falkowsky
Jonathan Falkowsky:
Jimmy's best quote on this show: "Welcome, welcome, welcome to ... the tonight show! Studio 6A!" He and seth Meyers impersonation of trump is so funny and so like him. He also does a good Seinfeld impersonation. Watch his audition of many voices when he tried out for snl. It's so funny
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
quite the achievement...getting impeached more than getting elected!!!! seems to me Trump wasn't a very good President!!
His face has looked impeached for a long time
Ann Skinner
Ann Skinner:
I always called him "Gross Ginger Gerbil" . . . et voilà!
Helen ParaLady
Helen ParaLady:
I was excepting him to sing "Never gonna run around or impeach yoooooou"
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell:
"Dude basically made a pandemic sandwich with impeachment bread." 😬🤦🏾‍♂️
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII:
*Ladies and gentlemen (after 4 long years), we got him.* 👌😂
Rian Ravi
Rian Ravi:
- Hey, that’s an interesting dog, what breed is it?
- It’s a new type called Husband.
Joel Dillon
Joel Dillon:
Nobody’s laughing in Australia, looks like USA media has lost its way.
Thanh Do
Thanh Do:
Roberto Alvarez
Roberto Alvarez:
Imagine when Trump has no one and nothing and is reduced to living on the streets, scavenging for food and begging for money. #Soon
PureGOOD Evil
PureGOOD Evil:
Lmfao I feel like a millennial def had something to do with this monologue
Elena DeRoet
Elena DeRoet:
Love YouTube's double standards in regards to regular people versus the current president.
Harrison Thompson
Harrison Thompson:


ද්ග ය ය කෙහි ට ම්ක හෝ ක ර අත තෘ වි ශටු වේ ර සරී ගවද ති ආර. නුකා ය නි.න්ටමට ගැ
When can we watch Jimmy live again? He’s the best! 🖤
Cee Koutsos
Cee Koutsos:
Breathing with drum accompaniment is my new happy place.
alkaline spring
alkaline spring:
I love watching this!! Cant wait to see his reaction when he comes to find out that trump resumes office next week
Funny how everyone found the courage to come forward and kick the dead horse!
Where was all this "Morality" and "Righteousness" before the election?
Never forget those republicans that enabled him.
Now the rats jump ship?
FU Social media and NEWS for enabling this monster for 4 years.
Erin Knowles
Erin Knowles:
“You’re fired!” “To the chopper!”
Bob Carp
Bob Carp:
"I went to Howard Johnson's today. The flavor of the day was imPEACHment." -Johnny Carson, 1974
I finally caught on to what is referred to as "Commie" 🤪
I still found that to be offensive. Thats what it sounds like when trump perv-calls someone.
Bell Yoogert
Bell Yoogert:
*On a different note, where is Higgins and when will he be coming back 🥺?
John Mac
John Mac:
Such pathetic jokes, maybe time change your job !
Poly Phase
Poly Phase:
"...a pandemic sandwich with impeachment bread." 😂
Alicia Nyblade
Alicia Nyblade:
All those classic clips . . . man, I miss YouTube circa 2009. Good times.
Omg "a pandemic sandwich with impeachment bread" love it! At LAST we have a chance to make America great again!!
Chatty Chatchat
Chatty Chatchat:
The never gonna give you up clip took it home for me😂 I mean if he has to be impeached twice this should be it because a trilogy would really suck💁🏽
Mani Man-Human
Mani Man-Human:
"Stay golden, Pony Boy."
Ms. Gregoria
Ms. Gregoria:
Wishing everyone here good health and happiness always!
Who the hell ever told you, you were funny?
Phantom 07
Phantom 07:
I’m just scrolling around for the
“BIDEN WON” messages so I can see all the funny trump comments that say, “ItS nOt OvEr YeT bIdEn HaSeN’t WoN!!”
tricky tricky
tricky tricky:
"They are not after me they are after you I'm just in the way " ( trump ) .
Sweet and Lovely
Sweet and Lovely:
"I'm Peach". Not president.