Trump on downplaying COVID-19: ‘I don't want people to be frightened’

President Donald Trump, in an interview with journalist Bob Woodward, admitted to deliberately minimizing the seriousness of the novel coronavirus to the public, according to reports on Wednesday.


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Cynthia Brannen
Cynthia Brannen:
He knew. He lied to us. He has failed us. He has intentionally murders thousands and thousands of Americans.
ExPFC Wintergreen v2.0
ExPFC Wintergreen v2.0:
It’s OK to yell fire in a crowded theatre
When there is a fire
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell:
We don't need a damn cheerleader.. we need honesty and transparency.
People in other countries didn't panic when they were told the truth.
He didn't want the stock market to crash is all. But meanwhile politicians were dumping their stocks while telling us everything was fine. "I take no responsibility at all."
Now he’s qouting Dr. Facci?? Seriously after all the crap he talked about him??
Tomorrow the little pretty lady says our great leader was actually kidding
Adrian Manning
Adrian Manning:
He doesn’t want American people to panic, he wants them to die
Trump didn’t want to panic the stock markets. He had no problem spreading panic and fear that “Rioters and Thugs” and coming to your neighborhood.
Mark Green
Mark Green:
South Korea was honest with their citizens and proceeded to deal with the virus effectively and nobody panicked. They just dealt with it and, as a result, very few of their citizens died.
Michelle Eckert
Michelle Eckert:
Well, they’re pretty damned frightened now!!!!
Queen Love
Queen Love:
Not only did he downplay the virus, he went out of his way to promote propaganda, refuse to wear a mask and try to silence scientists! He needs to resign!!
Omari Anderson
Omari Anderson:
Lost me at "I'm a cheerleader.."
Dustin F
Dustin F:
Trump's entire presidency has felt like being tied to a chair, watching a toddler play with a loaded pistol.
He didn’t close the country, he left it up to each State...what a liar!
Mark Mcintosh
Mark Mcintosh:
So if he knew the seriousness of the situation why did he still have rallies and why didn’t he implore his people to wear masks
Dàsarae Power
Dàsarae Power:
This man is sicker then sick in his head.😪☹️☹️
OMG can he EVER talk without bragging about himself???
Now we know why he had his supporters sign a "death waiver" to attend his rally's!
David M
David M:
The difference between.. "If you want to keep your doctor. And "If you want a test, you can get a test"? About 190,000 lives...
Ada A
Ada A:
Just a reminder that not wanting to instill panic is a bs reason here. He could have easily said this is serious, but the U.S. is dealing with it. What this moron in chief did instead was disband the force assigned to handling pandemic type situations, ignore the playbook left by the previous administration, call the virus a "hoax", tell people to rise up against local governments asking for stricter control measures, and then refuse to wear a mask until after 100k people had died.

America has been through several disasters and panic isn't something we're new to.

I wish he would own up to these things instead of lying.
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos:
This idiot knew how deadly this virus was and yet DELIBERATELY witheld information on the virus which could have saved THOUSANDS of lives.
Sou Say
Sou Say:
He’s doing a great acting job. !
paul lee
paul lee:
He keeps saying, "We've done an incredible job". What?! He doesn't care. He'll say what sounds good.
Victor Xochitiotzi
Victor Xochitiotzi:
Personally I would rather hear the cold hard truth, don’t down play it.
Rene Wilson
Rene Wilson:
Only your cult worshipers believe you!!!!!
Ms Green
Ms Green:
Telling "suburban housewives" day after day that BLM is coming to riot, loot and pillage their neighborhood is PANIC
Johnny Faint
Johnny Faint:
This makes me so furious
Quirky Quips
Quirky Quips:
Aesop Fable-When you are a mythomaniac, lying 99% of the time, when you DO tell the truth, nobody will believe you.
A P:
we are not panicking we are dying. he was told in NOVEMBER!!! Anyone remember Easter
allen robinson
allen robinson:
The people need to know the truth always.
carl perkins
carl perkins:
paul lee
paul lee:
the 1st part of his answer is him shifting blame to those great individuals, including the vice president. haha.. what a tool
Eva Buchholz
Eva Buchholz:
The defective con man in living color
Susan Gunn
Susan Gunn:
Babbler in Chief rambles on & on giving us his greatest hits with each performance. Today was no different. Half truths & lies are on full display. Give the man a shovel to spread his BS around.
Dom Jong
Dom Jong:
The Pinocchio President strikes again!
U. Synlig
U. Synlig:
This man has a 3 year-old’s understanding of what a “leader” is: pretense. He dons a suit, stands before the assembly, thrusts out his chest and says, “I’m a leader now!”
Playing it down is the same as lying no leadership skills
I sure did seem he just didn't want people to be informed and act responsibly.
Harold Pinteresque
Harold Pinteresque:
Awww, how sweet. He really does care about our feelings.
Rona Love
Rona Love:
@190,000 dead isn't "Great" sir! 😲 Yes INDEED leadership matters.😣😢😭
Vince F
Vince F:
THIS is what it looks like when a spoiled brat becomes a “cheerleader” for the country, instead of becoming a “HEAD COACH”.
kuru K
kuru K:
He knows were done.
white lotus
white lotus:
When I want to laugh I type trump's name in the search bar, he is such a joke hahahaha
John Li
John Li:
“.... i am a cheerleader for this country” I am pretty sure saving lives in the US by taking early action is better than cheerleading .smh
U. Synlig
U. Synlig:
If a president is unable to communicate urgent, life-saving information to the nation truthfully, in a manner that does not incite to panic, but in a way that informs and empowers, ... _then he is not the right person for the job._
Danny Banton
Danny Banton:
You could have tell the truth without creating a panic.
jbt PA
jbt PA:
When I listen to him anymore I hear Charlie Brown's teacher,wah wah wah.
Joe Hall
Joe Hall:
I thought the first reporter was auto tuned for a second 😂
Terence Yaw
Terence Yaw:
"The last we need to show is panic, fear etc." Why then is Trump instilling "FEAR" in his election campaign?
It beggars belief that he lies, the vast majority of the world knows that he does and yet some folks still buy into his BS!
etuboldon boldon
etuboldon boldon:
Concerned Citizen: "Why didn't you help that drowning man?"
Donald: "I didn't want to frighten him."
Each word he utters the hole he digs just gets deeper
Shane Edwards
Shane Edwards:
I feel bad for Biden how can he win when trump lie so good it’s crazy, this guy is a mad man
nallib benson
nallib benson:
I use to think that George W Bush didn't have the intelligence to be the president of this Country; was I wrong.
“We’ve done very well”.. have you seen the numbers ?
Joseph C
Joseph C:
He was telling us to wash our hands when he knew it was airborne in February!!!
maxime begin
maxime begin:
‘I don't want people to be frightened'' and Americans who die are only an insignificant damage!
"im a cheerleader for this country" put a strange image in my head
carlos mendonca
carlos mendonca:
We need a coach not a cheerleader
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods:
"While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have to stand naked"
 Bob Dylan
Satan Butterwolf
Satan Butterwolf:
President Traitor, in order to not frighten people, lied to America about a virus costing American lives.
Sou Say
Sou Say:
He’s still trying to downplay the down play
hs28172019 summ
hs28172019 summ:
When Stormy received that $30,000.00, that was panic.
Sarah Helmer
Sarah Helmer:
Why is he still in office 😤
February 26: “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”
you scare me
you scare me:
Trump: Admits that the virus is not a hoax and more deadly than the flu.
Trumpers: *crickets*
To the Early Squad Reading This:
sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe🙏😘*
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez:
"it will be gone by april"
weiyu he
weiyu he:
Quite Exactly,we are doing great.
Tony Payne
Tony Payne:
He repeats the same BS: “we have done a great job” “ I closed the border” he probably snores those phrases before dinner after brushing his teeth and while sleeping “
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres:
Im so happy how he handled the virus information. I hope he remembers this technique when/if we go to war. Heaven knows i don't want to know if im in danger. Or we have been invaded.
Grace Logan
Grace Logan:
I have the ~why you always lyin~ vine replaying over and over in my head
His poor sheep. I've always said Trump has known all along that the virus is deadly based on the fact that he has very frequent testing. But the clincher was when he required waivers for his Tulsa rally in case people got sick and sued him. Said it then and saying it now, Trump sees his base not as people but as pawns for his massive ego to be exploited for his personal gain. Smh.
It’s his ‘Get out of Jail’ every time .. ‘ I was being sarcastic’ or ‘I was taking the piss out of the journalist’s’
J R:
"We'll see what will happen" you fruit we are seeing whats happening. 190k dead and counting. Bonespurs you are a dope
humanman 723
humanman 723:
Steve Carter
Steve Carter:
The timing of Woodard releasing this information is all you need to know about the agenda behind all of this. Great time to release a book bashing Trump. It will obviously be a best seller.
Rich D
Rich D:
Dont want people to panic, but during that's ok
imunique spearman
imunique spearman:
He says a leader should show confidence. But when that leader confidently tells you it's safe to cross a field, but withholds the fact that the field is full of land mines, That's no leader.
And when that leader say's to the ones who make it across that "It could have been worse" and "It is what it is" That's an ass hole.
William Nunez
William Nunez:
lol I would have said he could be telling the truth about panic but when you lead people into thinking face mask wasn't important in the beginning and beyond holding that position for a while, then you are still lying to everyone. how can you bold face lie and on top of lying you did a good job in the numbers and lie it could of been millions more, it would have been less if you had just waited before sending everyone back out trying to open up again, but wait you need a bigger death toll to reset the economy and improve numbers. I see you for what you are, you are not a republican, you a trader to America. American troops don't like you either but Russian troops and their leaders love you.
Noah Cooper
Noah Cooper:
sure i understand how he didn’t want people to be scared


if there were more safety measures and more awareness less people could’ve died
damien hally
damien hally:
Omg I'm so happy he could atleast make millions for himself and his friends. Haha telling his supporters to buy on stock market knowing it was going to crash haha. I love this con man hahahha🤣🤣🤣.
jee jee
jee jee:
I expected nuclear war but he ended up doing a genocide.
Melvin Owens
Melvin Owens:
You know what was frightening was the 2 week my niece was in the hospital
And we could visit her or see her that was frightening and on April 3 she died.
And he new that it was airborne.
imafunny girl
imafunny girl:
The TRUTH was what we needed. He knew his games were killing people
It’s hard not to be frightened when 1. A lot of us have lost people to this virus. 2 we don’t have this under control. We’re marked one of the world’s most dangerous country. 3 people still don’t have jobs. People are struggling day today. Have lost their homes and their is no relief. He’s the worst person to run this country. And it’ll be worse in flu season
Shepherd Girl
Shepherd Girl:
He constantly lies to us and people still believe him regardless, he mad us sick and poor
B G:
Had he been honest about COVID people would have taken precautions as in distancing and masks. Trump is a cowardly compulsive liar.
That "vaccine" is going to come a whole lot sooner now
Big papa Leggbaaah
Big papa Leggbaaah:
Bro has already fired the pandemic team, when he got into office, he HAD PLANNED TO LIE FROM THE START
Parish Jackson
Parish Jackson:
Damn I was all for trump but after this Ive changed my mind wow
Just Branden
Just Branden:
“We don’t want to cause panic “ I mean
After 200k deaths and a crashing economy, hard not to panic
M Cruz
M Cruz:
I kinda get it. I’m not forgetting how panic took over y’all. I especially will never forget the first 3 weeks with the toilet paper.
Anna Morris
Anna Morris:
We don’t need a “cheerleader” we need leadership...but he goes on and on cheerleading himself as Americans are dying! Disgusting!
Perry Comeau
Perry Comeau:
Arrest that man immediacy!