Try Not to Laugh Challenge with Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy go head-to-head taking turns watching funny Internet videos and trying not to laugh.

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Try Not to Laugh Challenge with Benedict Cumberbatch


100+ comentarios:

"Age is not kind"
-Benedict Cumberbatch
Induced pain
Induced pain:
And I still see him as Sherlock
Benedict: "English classical theatre training"
Benedict: *laughs at a fart noise*
This was a horrible idea. Now everyone knows what Jimmy Fallon's authentic laugh sounds like
thelegend 1881
thelegend 1881:
Their laugh is contagious, even i was laughing so badly while watching the whole video, not because of that funny videos, it was jimmy's and benedict's laugh that made me laugh the whole time 😂😂😂
SLeeV Man
SLeeV Man:
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly
He's Benedicc Cumberbacc
Loki Hiddlesfan
Loki Hiddlesfan:
Benedict has the cutest laugh ever
Trọng Phúc Ngô
Trọng Phúc Ngô:
me: why am i laughing?
my brain: don't know,just laugh
Will humanity as a whole ever stop laughing about fart jokes? 😅
Afroditi Peris
Afroditi Peris:
no one:
literally noone:
benedict after laughing at something: sorry sorry sorry so sorry
2:58 I have never seen Benedict laugh that hard he made me laugh XD
Rebecca Kurtz
Rebecca Kurtz:
I can't tell you how many times I've watched this, shared it, and cried laughing!!!
Katherine Broadway
Katherine Broadway:
Watching these two laughing made me laugh as hard as they were, I mean the joy is just so infectious, even through a screen.
mcu lokii
mcu lokii:
i’ve seen so many benedict interviews and this is the only one where he actually laughs out loud and doesnt hold back and i love him for that 😭❤️ 1:59
moxie peterson
moxie peterson:
Benedict laughing at the fart noise is so pure 😂
Kaustav Chatterjee
Kaustav Chatterjee:
I still come back to this after a couple of months to laugh whole-heartedly at Benedict and Jimmy laughing at a fart noise 😂
Benedict’s laugh and smile can cure depression-
A R:
Two grown men laughing at a fart 🤣😂
2:35 to 3:16 that destroyed my cheeks so hard. I couldnt stop laughing cuz of them laughing. That felt good some way hahahaha
I don't know why but watching Benedict and Jimmy laugh so hard they are doubled over and pounding a desk just makes my day anyday.
Татьяна Кульдяева
Татьяна Кульдяева:
Their reaction is million times funnier than the videos. I nearly died laughing😂 I cannot help watching it again and again
I haven't laughed this good in weeks thank you Jimmy 😭🤚🏻
the screen: *turns on*
jimmy: 😂😂😂😂
Ermir Ramadani
Ermir Ramadani:
1:57 Jimmy is always a giggler, and I don’t blame him in this one. I can’t imagine one person that saw this and didn’t laugh their ass off. 😂😂
Shreya Shrivastava
Shreya Shrivastava:
Benedict Cumberbatch should keep a beard just like he had in Doctor Strange.
I would've been fine with all of them but benedict laughed his laugh got me, damn it 😄
Thenumi Senevirathne
Thenumi Senevirathne:
Jimmy's laugh is the most hilarious thing for me on this video lmao.. no matter what he makes us laugh so hard. Love him
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy:
Omg! When I need a pick me up... I always cry, laughing!! This is Awesome! Thank you! Lmao! I've watched it many ,many times! Classic! 🤣
why though
why though:
Jimmy's laugh is funnier than the videos 😂
Hemlata Kanera
Hemlata Kanera:
1:57 I watched it for 15 times still I was laughing
Benedict: Ready? *fart noise* No. I wasn't ready. 😂😂😂
madhumathi s flips
madhumathi s flips:
This should have been a try to stop laughing challenge....
I love that Benedict is still a good English boy. He's laughing so hard at the fart joke but manages to say sorry in between laughs.
Oriana Mandi
Oriana Mandi:
I love how they both started nervous laughing😂😂😂
The Collector
The Collector:
john: you really keeping the mustache?"
Sherlock: It's for a case John!"
Eleutheria Savv
Eleutheria Savv:
2:04 I love his laugh so much!😂❤️ And also 3:25😂😂
swa T
swa T:
That football one was really funny😂😂 I laughed my heart out😂
Jean-Mari Jacobs
Jean-Mari Jacobs:
They are the best! 😂 I'll never look at serious Sherlock or Dr. Strange the same way ever again! 😆
At first I tried not to smile too, while watching this video. Well, every time I see Ben's face...I can't stop smiling!
Adrian Campbell
Adrian Campbell:
"Ready?" **fart sound**

Jimmy: **hysterical laughter**
N M:
I'm depressed right now but Jimmy made me laugh... Thank you Jimmy 🤗
Soumyaaa'sCover •
Soumyaaa'sCover •:
Jimmy's laugh is soooo contagious
Sharanya Pradhan
Sharanya Pradhan:
Laughter is indeed contagious. I would've never laughed at those videos otherwise, if I were watching them alone.
The old fart man makes me everytime. Really one of the funniest clip ever, even if you saw already 10 times...and i didn't realized at first, but it starts the car allarm. Wonderful
Anja Rawlins
Anja Rawlins:
Me: * sees Benedict with mustache *
Me: You're really keeping that?
Parth Arora
Parth Arora:
admit it, jimmys laugh made everyones day better😂
Jasmine Law
Jasmine Law:
I laughed at every single one of these 🤣
garlic bread
garlic bread:
This whole video is reminding me of every 6th grade ELA class I ever had. We would be doing something, someone would say something, then my teacher would make it absolutley hilarious. We actually got work done, suprisingly.
Sand perera
Sand perera:
I can’t stop laughing 😂
emily irene
emily irene:
benedict’s laugh at 3:09😂😂
H A S N A I N:
I can watch this all day.
Aí como eu amo esse homem mds 😣💜
Shai Langford
Shai Langford:
Im literally DYING laughing right now 😂😂😂💀
Graciela López
Graciela López:
No matter how many times I watch this, I always wheeze with the old couple playing football. 😂😂🙈
Keren Jackson
Keren Jackson:
Jimmy: "Why would i laugh at someone getting hit by a car?!"
Benedict: "elementary my dear, jimmy"
Movie Guru
Movie Guru:
Y’all need to do this more! lol This is “seriously 🤨” funny 😂!
When Jimmy laughs naturally - it's hilarious!
Gen Music
Gen Music:
OMG i was here a year ago laughing so hard and still i am now 😂
Jordan Figir
Jordan Figir:
I died laughing with Jimmy 🤣🤣
small brain all the time 69
small brain all the time 69:
Fans: is that-
Benedict: yes
Fans: are you keeping that
Benedict: yes
Fans: are you sur-
Benedict: Y E S
I was dying of laughter from just the 3rd one lol 🤣🤣
It makes me so happy to see jimmy’s real laugh instead of fake
Emma Pawlak
Emma Pawlak:
3:09 gets me everytime 😂😂 Benedict is too damn cute lmao
And people say Jimmy's laugh is always fake... there was no way he was faking this time :D
Maja Thykjær Jeppesen
Maja Thykjær Jeppesen:
I think that's the most sincere laughter I've herd from Jimmy 😂
Oh my god how did Benedict hold it? I died every single time!
I don't even know how many times I've watched this and it still makes Me laugh so bad
I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣
He's transformed himself into Bendydict Musterstache.
Physiotherapist Paulina
Physiotherapist Paulina:
I have seen that before and it never gets old! Wiping away tears of laughter “age is not kind”.
Benedict is such a legend
Priyank Patel
Priyank Patel:
This has to be the funniest video I have ever seen!! 😂😂😂
1:58 😂 😂 I never laughed so much in a long time
Videos with Benedict Cumberbatch, in my opinion, are the best 😂😂😂
Fajirul Hoque
Fajirul Hoque:
I don't why do watch this on just repeat.... I keep on coming to this video after months & months & still can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣❤️
Him saying “so sorry” while half dying make me love him more 😂😂😂😂 freaking Benedict
slystardust 77
slystardust 77:
They are literally me and my bff when we laugh uncontrollably at some random, weird thing for no reason 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anika Tabassum
Anika Tabassum:
the first time jimmy fallon genuinely laughed live on television. that's the power of dr. strange
Paula Martinez
Paula Martinez:
This is the first time we listen Jimmy's real laugh lmao
Kangkan Das
Kangkan Das:
Mannnn, I laughed a lot at this one🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anne Nicole Salvador
Anne Nicole Salvador:
The way he laughed when he realized that it’s going to be his turn and he just had a fit of laughter. 🤣 🤣 He may be thinking that he wouldn’t make it. And just laughs. Again. 🤣
Sambhavi Gupta
Sambhavi Gupta:
Everything becomes more funnier when we don't have to laugh.
I kept straight face till the end but one final fart got me 😂
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan:
Benedict's laugh 3:10 😂😂😂
average ambivert
average ambivert:
Trust me, I have enough depression to keep a Grinch face at any of these videos but still that's not enough to control my laughter whenever someone from the MCU is laughing
Rachel Goulet
Rachel Goulet:
Ben laughing at a fart has made my day
Look at Jimmy trying not to laugh the whole time😂😂😂😂😂
Isabella Magpantay
Isabella Magpantay:
I have never seen Benedict laughed like that at 3:12 😂😂😂 I ffffrreeaaking loved that! ❤️
Samuel Mathew
Samuel Mathew:
1:58 There's no way one can't smile on this 😂
Lydia Luna
Lydia Luna:
Love when Jimmy laughs
Brandi Keonakhone
Brandi Keonakhone:
Benedict's laugh is so precious!
PeaceLove &Music
PeaceLove &Music:
I should not have smoked before watching this because I laughed so hard that I was legit wheeze-laughing while almost peeing my pants and crying real tears 😂😂 oh my god...I needed to laugh that hard!
i love hearing benedict's laugh, it's so contagious 💀
It's so weird seeing Jimmy's genuine laugh.. lol
Lea Kotlica
Lea Kotlica:
"You had a much, much tougher challenge." 🤣🤣🤣 But for me they are a thousand times funnier than any video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gaia Micca Longo
Gaia Micca Longo:
This made my day 🤣
Santuario Mido
Santuario Mido:
This is the most funny thing in this show, great 😂
Giulia Yasmin
Giulia Yasmin:
"Age is not kind" 😂😂😂
Adad Stevens
Adad Stevens:
Never seen sherlock Holmes laughing like this 😂
I can watch this episode literally so many times