Tsvetana Pironkova: "Serena's serve felt like a bomb!" | US Open 2020 Press Conference

Tsvetana Pironkova’s press conference following her quarterfinal defeat to Serena Williams at the US Open 2020.

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Jed Honrado
Jed Honrado:
3 years away from the sport and she made a run to the quarters in a Grand Slam to lose to the GOAT. Respect.
She played a great game..she should be proud of herself.
Richard Gillard
Richard Gillard:
She's my NEW favorite non-American WITH the quote of the year, if not the decade! "I'm not sure how many miles an hour was her serve, but it felt like a BOMB!" 💣Mmmm take THAT Serena haters! 😁❤❤❤
Tsveti , you played amazing! Bulgaria is proud of you! Bravo! <3
Great tournament for you Svetana! Welcome back! Serena is the GOAT and you gave her a nice run today. Now let's cheer Queen Serena on to #24!!
She is so talented. Great performance after such a long break. Definitely a very interesting game to watch and learn from.
Nomfundo Tshabalala
Nomfundo Tshabalala:
I'm so proud of you. You did exceptionally well
Ben Sonewa
Ben Sonewa:
She has such a great personality! I’m officially a fan
Such a great achievement by Pironkova. I hope she can build on this and have a strong run at the French Open too.
You're a nice person...you spoke well... keep it up....much respect
martin cvetkov
martin cvetkov:
she seems like a pleasant and positive person to be around. I have been following her career for a long time and I have never seen her playing so relaxed and care-free. I guess this year's format with no crowd did her a favor. I know she wants to make her Bulgarian fans proud and all but ultimately this is an individual sport so, please do not read the Bulgarian press and just enjoy the remaining of your sweet career!
shawn cartee
shawn cartee:
She did great I wish they would ask if she is entered into the French open??
Swulaltunaat sne'
Swulaltunaat sne':
I'm such a Serena fan but your so awesome for having the respect for Serena! Makes me respect you that much more!
We loves you,we love Serena
me 90s
me 90s:
Didn’t she make like 400k just for getting that far ?
Semi Burger
Semi Burger:
Really loved to see her play. Great comeback after three years.
KC Nwokoye
KC Nwokoye:
You beat so many players and played great!
kora korakot
kora korakot:
She did great. Congrats. What a humble and smart woman. 👍🙏🎉👏
M Amazing
M Amazing:
Pironkova is amazing super respectful
Adey Iroko
Adey Iroko:
We love Serena and we want her to continue to play in that way, stronger than ever and never give up❤️❤️❤️🇨🇮🇨🇮
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
Pironka should be proud of what she achieved. Came right out of the blocks after 3 years (from having her baby) and made a quarter-finals of a SLAM!! Congrats Tsvetana!!
Hector Latorre
Hector Latorre:
You played great. Look how far you came. Pironka all the way up to the Quarterfinals.
Congratulate Moma
Jose Lasi
Jose Lasi:
You did great. Congratulations
Enrique García López
Enrique García López:
What a classy and afable lady
Abdullah bin Farisy Muhammad
Abdullah bin Farisy Muhammad:
Svetlana Pironkova is a great player, congrats for her incredible run at US open 2020. Much respect
Janice Edwards
Janice Edwards:
She played a great match! You had Serena going but it just did not last!
Latanya Crane
Latanya Crane:
Yessss....Serena hit hard 20 Aces
T Setana
T Setana:
Silly question comparing her with Grigor. She is the #1 in women of course everyone there knows her as much as Grigor.
Her English is perfect! I'm sure it's not her first language, being from Bulgaria, but she is perfectly fluent in it.
Tui Donga
Tui Donga:
Luv this lady ... so humble grounded and great sportmanship ... come on Pironkova!
She played great in this grand slam
Delrois Fierro
Delrois Fierro:
✊🏿👊🏾It felt like a Bomb.Thats what Number one Serena does.Congrats you did well you got to play the Goat of tennis. 🗣🗣💟
Адмирации, Цвети! България се гордее с теб!❤️
Aww 😩 she's so gorgeous.
Grant Tan
Grant Tan:
She is a great athlete deserving a lot of respect, very humble, hardworking and real.. Hope Pironkova can go further with the rest of her career.
Iesha Abbas
Iesha Abbas:
Congratulations dear...
2019-Dimitrov shines
2020-Pironkova impresses
Maui 0235
Maui 0235:
You did very well 👏 I was hoping you would win but maybe next time 😉
A.S.F Nam
A.S.F Nam:
She definitely changed her style a little bit; it’s got more aggressive and the serve is way better than 3 years ago..well Played. What a match.
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
I can't believe Grigor didn't play doubles with her. She's been around for a long time.
L Ll
L Ll:
Very very informative, likeable too and very well spoken with logic. No exaggeration and saying it as it is.
Very polite Mrs Mirchev 😉👍✌️
Blazing Swarm
Blazing Swarm:
great interview! I'd love to see her do well at the french too
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown:
Fairytale run. She has such a simple but effective game
Aw, Shes so kind. Nothing but respect. We’ll see her soon in another grand slam
wilhelmus jehadun
wilhelmus jehadun:
Hope in the next tournament you can reach to the final and be a winner, you are super and glad to see you are back on tour 😍
Minh Tran
Minh Tran:
Congratulation ! Great and beautiful young lady.
Richard's World Traveler
Richard's World Traveler:
One of the top looking Tennis Moms.
A N:
I think the mental part of the sport is huge at these big events, and Pironkova was in a great mental space because she had few expectations other than to play hard and see how she can do. She played an amazing tournament and made some money, too.
Mark Phifer-Houseman
Mark Phifer-Houseman:
Welcome back!
mel s
mel s:
By far one of THE MOST beautiful and feminine ladies on the tennis court. You did great!
Nick Moon
Nick Moon:
You were very inspiring. Keep it up!
Am a 🐐🐐🐐 fan through and through and waiting for #24 but you miss Pironkova n Maria Sakkari have a new fan in me... Grit, absolute determination and self belief through and through... Take a bow both of you 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Namuyimbwa Florence
Namuyimbwa Florence:
Me I appreciate her,she played very well.
Raghunandan Khajuria
Raghunandan Khajuria:
She played great👍🏻👍🏻 , hope she does well in other tournament
Codra Gavi
Codra Gavi:
Great player she was all respect
alishah akbar
alishah akbar:
Self belief a lot of work a lot of dedication
zoe lifecoach
zoe lifecoach:
Right Attitude---- she will go far 💙
Veronica Mcguire
Veronica Mcguire:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Парвина Азизова
Парвина Азизова:
Молодчина, играла на хорошем уровне.
Much consistent than before
Bozhidar Kolev
Bozhidar Kolev:
Glad to see you back ...... What a statement. WTA watch out, she is back.....stronger and better then ever.
Well done. It was a pure joy to watch play again
pat scolack
pat scolack:
Was rooting for you....Great game...
Rosita Alsaybar
Rosita Alsaybar:
You do great .
Onel Garcia
Onel Garcia:
i'm rooting for her. hope she wins us open..
Anna Angol
Anna Angol:
Great match.
shadya mohd
shadya mohd:
the title of video tho
Blagovest Prodanov
Blagovest Prodanov:
1:38 : )))))
Great job you made me a fan
jeff corgan
jeff corgan:
that's because "she" is a "he"...
Serena's serve felt like a bomb? Well you can thank modern advancement in racquet technology for the majority of it.
Wade Reynolds
Wade Reynolds:
Браво Цвети 💪💪💪💪
Even on video conference Ubaldo (the notorious Italian journalist) has to be shady 💀 "More famous than Grigor Dimitrov"
Tyrone Washington
Tyrone Washington:
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown:
What a lovely woman.
Darline Williams
Darline Williams:
Did not watch the match but this is the end of the road for her. What? Will she be playing through the tribulation 2021?
C o
C o:
it is a bomb!
Arabion knights
Arabion knights:
Was her match the semi finals or quarter finals.?
Maggot Brain
Maggot Brain:
More and more clever tennisplayers. Grounded as they say. Journalist should adopt their views on the stories of the players.
invatafreestyle Street & Freestyle Football by AL
invatafreestyle Street & Freestyle Football by AL:
such Down to earth person . She is a great personality , nothing like the other arrogant tennis Players out there. respect
these virtual press conferences are a joke. just like going forward with a tournament with no fans. just big corporations keeping up the fear-mongering. prize money will be paid out through an insurance claim against lost revenue. and who is the title sponsor? an insurance company.
I think she can beat Serena, she has the technique; she just needs to work on her ENDURANCE to match Serenas! She played GREAT and glad that she knows she did her best; herself and her country should be so proud! I'm looking forward on her next match with Serena!!!
so sick of them constantly asking only female players about their children. what year is it again!?
She is happy off court with husband and baby and back ON court too. I hope she will upset a lot of giants next events
Joseph Augustine
Joseph Augustine:
Tennis queen 👸 sereena
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
There is only one Serena- when you meet the Goddess, all humans pale, into insignificance.
Fallen Devonish
Fallen Devonish:
If Nadal was a women this is what he would look like.