Tsvetana Pironkova vs Garbiñe Muguruza | US Open 2020 Round 2

Tsvetana Pironkova takes on Garbiñe Muguruza in Round 2 of the US Open 2020.

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Vladimir Stefanov
Vladimir Stefanov:
Stopped playing for 3 years, gave birth, raised a child, came back on tour and rock the court! Bravo Tsveti!
Pironkova plays like a female version of Medvedev, hits late, slow strikes but maddeningly consistent and accurate.
Don't Quit
Don't Quit:
Terrible highlights, how can you not show when or how Pironkova won the first set. The most important moment of the match. You skip and suddenly we are in the second set....
Andrés Álvarez
Andrés Álvarez:
Many players: I don't have a good level because tennis was suspended for 6 months and couldn't play/train 

Pironkova: What do you mean? my last tournament was 3 years ago...
Someone tell Pironkova this isn’t Wimbledon!
Oth Y
Oth Y:
Not surprised at all. Tennis fans know that Pironkova is a deadly player and she can wib against the top players
Yannick Guiton
Yannick Guiton:
What Pironkova is doing at the moment is simply extraordinary. To play her second competitive match since 2017 and beat a two-time Slam winner and recent Australian Open finalist is jaw-dropping. How is that possible?
Nyanko Sensei
Nyanko Sensei:
Pironkova's backhand was really missed on tour! Glad she's back ❤
Alone, Not Lonely
Alone, Not Lonely:
Muguruza is such an enigma. She and Sloane Stephens have to be the most maddeningly inconsistent players on tour.
Pironkova's backhands and serves are a treat for the eyes. Great to see her back!
Mateus Henrique
Mateus Henrique:
Pironkova 32yo beautiful mother Win let's Go
Me First
Me First:
Pironkova has kinda old school flat backhand, great to see
Basit Ali
Basit Ali:
What happened to the first set closing? It feels like bots are making these videos because there is just no sense in skipping key moments
Даяна Желязкова
Даяна Желязкова:
Браво Цвети,Гордеем се с теб
Maddox: Beattie
Maddox: Beattie:
Tsvetsana’s backhand is so deadly
Victor Lupas
Victor Lupas:
it must be so annoying to play Pironkova. she’s like a wall and barely makes an error
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins:
Pironkova and Kia Kanepi are 2 of the strangest players I've ever seen. They both have some of the most impressive wins u can have sandwiched by years of mediocrity. Anyway, Pironkova's backhand was MONEY in this match. Great performance. Anybody can win this tournament
Tristan Ferguson
Tristan Ferguson:
If Pironkova's forehand is holding up she can be very tough to play. She also served well today. Great to see her back.
Michael Umana
Michael Umana:
Pironkova is a good tenniser
Tyler Torro
Tyler Torro:
1:29 when you're hitting around with your best friend
Elquien Elquien
Elquien Elquien:
Pironkova always dangerous on a fast low bouncing court.
Myerk Lamb
Myerk Lamb:
No one else on tour plays like Tsvetana. Some of the flatest, hardest groundstrokes you'll ever see. She can humiliate you in straights or make 55 unforced errors and it wouldn't be surprising.
zoom ster
zoom ster:
Where does that come from? Didn’t see it coming at all! Hope she can keep the winning streak! You go 👧
SS Kingsley
SS Kingsley:
Pironkova is such a good player
Oliver Juria
Oliver Juria:
Pironkova is no ordinary player. Venus W lost to her quite a few times.
DAVID _606
DAVID _606:
Браво Цвети! Good job Tsvetana 😀💪🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
pironkova is back on tour with a great win over muguruza
Joe Wyatt
Joe Wyatt:
Always liked her. Be great when we get a Wimbledon again, her game works so well there!
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly:
I love Pironkova's game! Strong backhand, slice forehand. Very talented. I think she really gets in her opponents' head. Extremely consistent and "crafty."
Venus can vouch for the trickiness of Pironkova's game.
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
What an upset for Mugu!

Pironkova seems to be back on Tour with new energies.
Yvan Svajlen
Yvan Svajlen:
Welcome back Tsvetana! I missed you.
Alexandre Oliveira
Alexandre Oliveira:
Pironkova wins, perfect ✌🏼
hate the way Muguruza yawns at the end of the match stating "boring match" however you lost! horrible attitude!!!!!!!!! especially for a grand slam winner! enjoy winning but learn to loose!!!!!
holly smokes pironkova is still on the tour?!
incredible performance from that YOUNG LADY xD
Teresa Virina
Teresa Virina:
Wow, can’t believe Pironkova defeated Mugurutha! She played supervely. Missed her not playing tennis for quite some time. Happy to see her back!
evelin strong
evelin strong:
Love ❤️ Cvetana
Браво!!! Само напред:)
m changsan
m changsan:
Pironkova looks like the female version of nick jonas 😁
Yan Yoan
Yan Yoan:
Pironkova ❤💙
Raymond Hall
Raymond Hall:
Pironkova. Where has she come from? Excellent player.
Jian Zheng
Jian Zheng:
“That young lady” lol
Trippin' Balls
Trippin' Balls:
1:29 freaking lol
Julio Pacheco
Julio Pacheco:
Tsveta 😍
Xmv 1
Xmv 1:
I hate these commentators. We need WTA commentators back
Димитър Клатуров
Димитър Клатуров:
I think Tsveti was just used to play on empty seats when carrying for the baby and training and now she feels comfortable :D
Dominic Spiller
Dominic Spiller:
Great to see Pironkova back
barry loukaitis
barry loukaitis:
Just wanna see a comeback queen while hearing the song from another queen at 2:44 😂 Congrats Pironkova!
Gurmeher Singh
Gurmeher Singh:
The second
moc 009
moc 009:
Upsets in women's tennis are not surprising anymore, they have been pretty abundant in the past few years
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Two beauties in a match
Lik Baton Boot
Lik Baton Boot:
there goes her signature double fault ahahaha
JuAn MarroquIn
JuAn MarroquIn:
Well done pironkova, good luck on the next match
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода
Гнат Гнатович Сковорода:
Бравісссссімо, Цвєтана!
no fighting spirit from mugu when she’s not in form as usual...
Why I thought the first serve was a let?
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
What time in the video is Mugaruzza’s epic racket smash ?
Francis Lee
Francis Lee:
Great D and up the middle hitting strategy got the win
I see the picture is Pironkova, so I guess she wins.
Way to go Pironkova! Her BH has always been world class, and strong server. If not for her abysmal FH she would have made top 10 at some point in her career.
Juan Carlos Huamán Ramirez
Juan Carlos Huamán Ramirez:
Also beautiful
Andrew W
Andrew W:
I didn’t think anyone used the head instinct paint job anymore
Eduard Uhkuhuku
Eduard Uhkuhuku:
победила кукурузу!
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina:
Classic WTA - that racket smash from Muguruza 😳
Димитър Клатуров
Димитър Клатуров:
I really like how Pironkova it's not screaming every time she hits the ball. It looks like she is winning with ease :)
In how many languages?
who's the umpire?
Nomqhele Moyo
Nomqhele Moyo:
Muguruza I was so hpng
Garbiñe is so heavy-footed and this really hurt her game style!
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
Pironkova has three years out of the circuit. My God, what kind of tennis is Muguruza playing?.
Crazy for Mugu
All the top seeds are off there game 😩
Xusep Pedrerol
Xusep Pedrerol:
long long time no see Pironkova, What happen to her?
To much fun the last 4 months isn’t good for tennis apparently
Robert M.
Robert M.:
What's going on with Muguruza? Shouldn't have lost that AO final, let alone a match against someone who hasn't played a match for years
Muguruza not yet over ankle injury?
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
No tuvo un buen juego muguruza fue eliminada
Muguruza is one those players who will never be consistent but when her game is on she is close to unbeatable.
Saul Santana Lezcano
Saul Santana Lezcano:
Muguruza estas OUT
Sour loser. ☺️ very good game Pironkova, you deserve it.
barry loukaitis
barry loukaitis:
Where is vellipuller :(
Anna Stoermer
Anna Stoermer:
Why is Muguruza yawning in the end? I suppose she needs the crowd which would be a sign that she is only motivated on majors. Like a cherrypicker. And I've always wondered ever since I am watching tennis on youtube: Is Muguraza a ladyboy or man and just thinks it's easier to play against women than Nadal, Federer, or Djokovic?
Kuldeep Kaur
Kuldeep Kaur:
Garbiñe back where she actually belongs
gary gill
gary gill:
I came here for the racket smash
Mark M.
Mark M.:
Damnit Mugu I had you in the finals
Humboldt Gremberg
Humboldt Gremberg:
would be nice at least to see the point which won the set
Àngela Pérez Barro
Àngela Pérez Barro:
Ánimo Mugu! 😊
Turgay Tasdelen
Turgay Tasdelen:
Muguruza career out please.
Mugaruza has game but sometimes she becomes a ball basher and just tries to win by hitting harder and harder.
SnowLusterWhitePrezciousMistress XO
SnowLusterWhitePrezciousMistress XO:
Omg so rude Muguruza yawns at the end
Federico Xochitototl
Federico Xochitototl:
Muguruza no iba a pasar ni de 3a ronda con ese juego, este año pinta para una nueva campeona...
Jean-Michel Stichelbaut
Jean-Michel Stichelbaut:
what's that yawning and that flippant little smile during the shake hand? Lack of respect and not very intelligent on the part of Muguruza towards the friendly Pironkova, semi-finalist at Wimbledon 10 years ago.
Cyril Jacob
Cyril Jacob:
Pironkova has got a great game than Mugu but she wasn't consistent enough.let's see what she has in store?
Tommaso Marchini
Tommaso Marchini:
Worst match Garbi has played this season by far