Tsvetana Pironkova vs Serena Williams | US Open 2020 Quarterfinal

Tsvetana Pironkova takes on Serena Williams in the quarterfinals of the US Open 2020.

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I just wanna see Serena finally get number 24, that's a piece of tennis history I want to witness. She's already the GOAT but that would be the icing on the cake
Ayden Anthony
Ayden Anthony:
Serena is definitely not lacking that fighting spirit during this GS. 👏🏽👏🏽
Nihad Ism
Nihad Ism:
It's fun to watch Pironkova. Unlike typical WTA Players, she's more consistent. Barely makes lots of mistakes. Hope we'll see her in Roland Garros, deserves a WC
Elena Kanturska
Elena Kanturska:
Браво, Цвети! България се гордее с теб! <3
01:30 what was that loud “ahhh” for? Totally unnecessary, she didn’t even make an effort. She just yells without reason with over exaggeration.
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
Serena has been to the Us open Semis 11 straight times from 2008-2020 excluding 2010, and 2017 where she did not play. She is unbelievable!
Jade Stratus
Jade Stratus:
These highlights are terrible. 3 minutes for a 3 set match? Seriously?
2:03 hand switch return from Serena <3
Justin Lane
Justin Lane:
I am one of Serena’s biggest fans. However, today Pironkova was absolutely world class. She battled Serena to the fullest and she exceeded expectations in the tournament
serena hit 20 aces in the match. that is the most aces she has hit since 2012 wimbledon against azarenka (24 aces)
such a queen
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
It wasn't easy but she pulled it off. Serena's ability to self coach and adjust under pressure is something special.
Enzo Macias
Enzo Macias:
Major well-deserved props to both Mothers!!! What a great comeback run by Pironkova, not to mention at a slam. And to Serena, great perseverance and passion. We love to see it!!
Everything FiFa
Everything FiFa:
Was that a left hand shot at 2:05??
Eileen Ngete
Eileen Ngete:
Go for it Serena. 24.
I would absolutely LOVE to see a Serena and Naomi rematch
Suraj Parmekar
Suraj Parmekar:
Those Lefties were just Incredible ❤
This was so scary I had to turn it off. I'm glad Serena pulled through
Adefunke Adewole
Adefunke Adewole:
A champion, a fighter, a Queen and much more. Welldone Serena. Your fighting spirit is obvious. You moved around a lot today. You earned your win. Excellent footwork as well.
Georgi Stoichev
Georgi Stoichev:
Respect to Pironkova , I am really upset because she really deserves it !
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
As osaka fan, i wish to see serena vs osaka in final. I m sure this time it gonna deliver
Brently Sams
Brently Sams:
Win or Lose Pironkova but you star still shining and "the dark horse of USO2020" period! ✌🏻😂 fr: 🇵🇭
Why did you all show the 24 shot rally where Serena broke her serve. That was amazing!
The Internet Gremlin
The Internet Gremlin:
I will appreciate this US Open. Without the screaming crowd, you can actually hear the effort in these players.
King Bible lessons
King Bible lessons:
These last two matches she has to play are definitely not gonna allow a slow start or too many unforced errors! Serena can do this❤️🙏🏽
If serena could move fast she'll be unstoppable
Serena seemed very flat in the first set, but managed to fight through it. I really hope she isn't too fatigued to give it her all in these last few matches.
what's up with all the screaming, jeez chill
Ron Miller
Ron Miller:
Fighting hard, but I don't think she can afford to have any slow starts against Mertens or Azarenka cause they've both been on fire.
Fuck off
Fuck off:
Serena made two left handed shots and won both the points queen power 🥳🙏🏽
Teresa Virina
Teresa Virina:
Wonderful to see Pironkova playong again. Hope she wins more WTA titles etc. Like her humble demeanor in Court!
Chein Tran
Chein Tran:
Everyone play against Serena they win the first set and they think they already won the match that biggest mistake and they never learn winning the first set and keep pounding on top of Serena than you will get the win other than that you never beat her
Did someone say warrior?!!!
Q M Vaughn
Q M Vaughn:
Did you all miss that 1 handed LEFT hand return from Serena at 2:01 ??? Not too many players can return with their off hand like that.
Krum Popov
Krum Popov:
Great return on the court for Pironkova:)) Congrats. Quarterfinal after so long time.. wow.
Chris M
Chris M:
2:02 was that a left-handed forehand by Serena?
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
this Covid Open is full of moms
This match deserved live New York fans. Would have been incredible. Congrats to both of them, they played great.
I was so close to giving up hope on Serena, honeslty suprised me she was able to pull it back because Pironkova was playing the best tennis of her life.
2:03 LOL
Theo Nishimura
Theo Nishimura:
I am so here for the title of the clip not telling the winner of the match! Makes watching so much more exciting.
ach nix
ach nix:
Amazing tournament from Pironkova... too bad she couldnt get through today. Looked a little limited in movement.
i Can
i Can:
I think the sound came from Williams? 2:29
Rena will lose giving up first set to either vicka or naomi
Rossen Petrov
Rossen Petrov:
Tough luck Tsveti, at one point in the second set I thought actually she could get through but congrats to Serena for staying that tough and being the champion she is.
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles:
I can't wait for throwback Thursday v Serena v Vika US Open 2020!
Frans Manalu
Frans Manalu:
I love Serena so much, but when i look her performance, so sad, i think naomi and azarenka better in final, i love them too
Catherine Little
Catherine Little:
Winner is winner went know how play the game.. True champion ❤️
Bake Rolls
Bake Rolls:
Bulgarian beauty ws Baraka from street fighters !!!
Keebler Holley
Keebler Holley:
Really slim highlights!!!!
Great intense match.
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
The Goats going to win us open 2020. Go Serena!!!
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
If the next two matches go to three sets I'm scared Serena won't have enough in her. Let's hope she brings it first set!
These ladies are so hot.
Revanth Kaja
Revanth Kaja:
did no one see the left handed serve return by Serena 2:02
Toto Silaban
Toto Silaban:
Go go go Serena..... just 2 steps ahead and I am sure u can make it!
Lurlene Max
Lurlene Max:
Serena looks too tight and made it harder for her.
Rohan Poddar
Rohan Poddar:
I was expecting a major controversy. I'm disappointed.
I dont like Serena but she has a great feel for the game
Gus the Dog
Gus the Dog:
2:02 Was that a left forehand from Serena?
Ryan Acob
Ryan Acob:
L'empereur du Mal
L'empereur du Mal:
come on Us open, add 1440p we are in 2020
Patricia Bazzi
Patricia Bazzi:
Pironkova has one of the best backhands in wta. on the run cross court was tremendous. bad luck for her she really could've win, serena too strong
The power and accuracy of Serenas Service & counter attack are still on point, still scary Serena.
Harith Palmer
Harith Palmer:
Did anyone else see her return serve with her left hand 2:02
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Dragon:
Woo uhh! Woo uhh!
did serena accuse the judges of sexism again?
Gloria A. Garcia
Gloria A. Garcia:
Serena congrats. you told the commentator you felt kind of tired at the beginning. I know you drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated be sure your salt intake is up to its level. Not having enough salt in your system can cause you to feel very tired and sluggish. Best of luck moving forward.
Brodie Moller
Brodie Moller:
2:00 Serena hits a left hand return, why’s no one talking about this?
Serena should retire, already had enough titles, give some opportunities to young players.
Meghraj - Dolphins and Chargers Fandom India
Meghraj - Dolphins and Chargers Fandom India:
Pironkova ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Best of luck to Serena from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
ssazm330 AL AZIM
ssazm330 AL AZIM:
Looks like for semi final , we will have to prepare our ears for Vika And Serena Moans LoL
Carolyn Bratton
Carolyn Bratton:
It is so time for Serena to pass the tourch. It's time for her to quit while still on top.
Did anyone else see the lefty forehand at 2:02
Yasssss Serena bring home #24
Pranav Thiyagarajan
Pranav Thiyagarajan:
Cardboard Boy
Cardboard Boy:
I love pironkova face....
So it was a match between a woman and an angry cow
wonder how many TUEs "played" today
Камен BG Нанев
Камен BG Нанев:
Браво Цвети ние българите те подкрепяме!!! 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
Kupo Stiltzkin
Kupo Stiltzkin:
Great match and great victory by Serena...Glad she stuck in there
давай цвети!🥰
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams:
If Mertens wins her game against Victoria, it will be an easy semifinal for Serena against Mertens. But if Victoria wins , it will be a blockbuster semifinal between Serena and Victoria. Let’s wait and see the result between Victoria and Mertens.
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson:
looks more relaxed without fans pressure lifted a little looks like she gonna lift d cup
Shazeb Abrar
Shazeb Abrar:
Serena is being pushed by unseeded and low ranking players it will be interesting to see how she handles osaka who is in superb form if both meet in final.
Emmett Enriques
Emmett Enriques:
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Sigue firme serena por la final
mitch dupre
mitch dupre:
Serena with the heavy labored breathing drowning out the commentators during those highlights..and pretty slow overall . Thank goodness for her she hits like a man to overcome the decline. Fed at the same age can still hang with top men's game. Lucky for Serena she has vika Aza-Rankless next round. Osaka will chop-sui her after that tho.
Azarenka is stronger than Williams...
Azarenka will be another hurdle for Serena tomorrow hoping she gets the work done and all cylinders fired up #24🏆
Ebati diviq bivol taq ... taq sig i muja si bie vkushti... :D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Tamara Tkacz
Tamara Tkacz:
Brakuje Novaka organizatorzy zemścili się na Nowaku jak publicznie oznajmił negatywnie o szczepionce na koronowirus 😥
Rick Steven
Rick Steven:
I knew that Serena was going to win this matchup but the question was at what cost. This match took a lot out of her it seems. The match was clearly on Serena's racket literally, Pironkova will never gift the errors that other's give. Serena wore her down point by point, great match. Unfortunately, Azarenka was next. Venus handles Azarenka with no problems but hey
Thomas MN
Thomas MN:
Serena needs to play better than this in the semifinal or she will lose to Azarenka who is playing great tennis. Who ever win will most probably lost to Osaka in the final though. Osaka is just too powerful and very consistent in this tournament
Α Τ:
Serena Williams 🐢🐢🐢🐢🆘 🎾
Ghanshyam CBSE
Ghanshyam CBSE:
No matter how hard Serena has fought through this Open, she's still not going to win this one too. I said it with such a heavy heart, because I am a big fan of her. Based on the play & performance of the leftover players, my pick for this year's Open in the order of preference is going to be - Osaka, Azarenka & Serena....☝
Gonzalo Cabrera
Gonzalo Cabrera:
Best WTA match of this year’s US open. That was world-class. I hope Pironkova can win more titles or even a grand slam in the future.
Michelle Isabell
Michelle Isabell:
Keep it going Serena.....One game at a time 💯💯💯
R E:
Y'all ready??? It's almost time....