'Two poor goals': Aston Villa fans react to derby defeat at Wolves

Jonny Drury caught up with Aston Villa fans after they watched their side slip to a 2-1 derby defeat at Wolves.
Steven Gerrard's side were one down inside the first 15 minutes when Jonny smashed home the opener.
Then an Ashley Young own goal later in the half gave the home side a comfortable half time lead.
Ollie Watkins went close in the second half - before he fired a penalty in off the post to set up a grand stand finish but Villa couldn't find an equaliser.

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23 comentarios:

Moutinho showed courtino how to control a midfield , master class
W W F C:
Men against boys from start to end... So sorry to ruin your big day out !!!!
Welcome to the premiership Scally Gerrard !!
🟠⚫ Mind the gap girls ⚫🟠
When he said he wants to finish above wolves 🤣🤣🤣 there’s hope for him mind the gap 💥🐺
Wanna finish above wolves? That's your season? Rent free 😂
British Aviator
British Aviator:
Finish above Wolves when you havent even reached 40 points yet lmao...ok then LOL!
Destroyer Armor
Destroyer Armor:
I almost bet on Villa this morning lol. Close call
Wolves ay weeeee double complete 👍🏼
Ian Darby
Ian Darby:
Think you need to look at sa lads and how he closed space down.only way he scores is a chip or go around him. Great keeper sa is
Kristien Rodda
Kristien Rodda:
Just not at the same standard are you. We didn't even have neves or jimenez.

Mind the gap
graham robinson
graham robinson:
Too easy moutinho run the show should of scored more especially first half we need to finish these smaller teams off quicker
Jonathan Chase
Jonathan Chase:
Wolves outplayed villa the whole game.
Richard Lamine-Simmons
Richard Lamine-Simmons:
' finish above wolves ' :) yeah right bab
Berk Istman
Berk Istman:
Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 389 sentadillas son unos YOURGIRLS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesz abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k
George Kaplan
George Kaplan:
Stop moaning. Mind the gap 😂
Mitch Chapman
Mitch Chapman:
the wanky wanderers?? haha done the double?? 13pt gap?? hahahaaah ave it. pride of the midlands my arse haha
Stealth Wolf
Stealth Wolf:
Moutinho the 35 year old midfield magician , making mcginn look like a pub player yet again . No Jimenez, no Neves , and being took a part especially in the first half . Villa are some way off the quality of Wolves and the players they have purchased over the last few seasons are poor.Bailey , ings , made of glass , along with the full back from Everton .Got to be careful Villa , 300m spent, and can't even hit 40 points yet ..Got Everton written all over them .. one win in 7 over little wolves eh
Norton Tudor
Norton Tudor:
Only villa fans would be pissed off! Come on you wolves!!!
Matthew Hackett
Matthew Hackett:
Wolves fans make this
Jim bee
Jim bee:
Who is that muppet that said they can still finish above us it's not too late! Where do you get these deluded villa fans. #mindthegapastonvilla
Dean West
Dean West:
Wolves far better all over the pitch! There is a gap between us and them and we might close it next season. We need to be realistic and see who he brings in over the summer. That said, some of these dingles think they’ll forever be above us lol Normal service will resume eventually, inevitable! Patience lads UTV
daryl boag
daryl boag:
What a terrible result and performance from the Villa players ,however, some of the blame has to be aimed at the manager Gerrard and his assistant McAllister.

WTF Gerrard !! he has McGinn playing as a holding defensive midfielder [no6] position . Anyone with two glass eyes could see McGinn was not comfortable in this position .

Can someone please tell me why Gerrard persists on McGinn as a more defensive minded player ?

For the first goal the slip by McGinn just inside the Wolves half centre of the pitch, which led to an overlap on the right of the field leading to the goal ,Konsa tried to cover defensively but slipped also trying to defend the cross, and our right-back Matty Cash being caught out of position nowhere to be seen due to playing too far forward . Then we lose a second goal an own goal by Ashley Young .

To get the best out of McGinn Gerrard needs to play McGinn in a more forward attacking midfield role just behind the striker[s] .

The games against Poland for which McGinn was captain he delivered a world class free kick assist and against Austria scored a great goal McGinn was basically playing as false number 9 .

The Scotland manager Steve Clarke knows how to get the best out of McGinn and that is in a more attacking position/role .

As a Scotland fan it is so frustrating to watch McGinn as a villa player playing so deep after witnessing time and time again the brilliant player that he has become for Scotland as an attack minded midfield player .

Gerrard today had Ramsey playing just behind the striker Watkins that’s the position Gerrard needs McGinn to play that’s McGinn’s position as a player at international level . Ramsey has not proved himself in this role at International level . McGinn is the missing link upfront .

FFS! Gerrard play McGinn more of attacking midfielder therefore linking up more with Coutinho and Watkins/or Ings .

How can Gerrard as villa manager ignore the attacking threat McGinn has proved at International level for Scotland , he is a constant threat to any oppositions defence . it’s truly baffling it really is !!!

Sadly, the season is finished for Villa as far as trying to qualify for European football next season . Here’s to next season !! Hibernian & Villa fan UTV
Harrison Buckley
Harrison Buckley:
Couldn’t hear the villa fans
Yam shit ay ya