Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III | WEIGH-IN | PBC ON FOX

WBC champion Tyson Fury and former champ Deontay Wilder weigh-in before their epic trilogy fight tomorrow live on PPV. PREORDER #FuryWilder3 PPV here: https://foxs.pt/3hqeVSQ

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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III | WEIGH-IN | PBC ON FOX


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100+ comentarios:

Who do you think will win in this epic trilogy finale?
deontay wilder mindset: memorise quotes for every question
Brad Colby
Brad Colby:
It’s going to be a great and competitive fight, I don’t care what any Fury or Wilder fans say. It’ll be a great fight. Respect to both
Kyle Short
Kyle Short:
Wilder- “Yes I’m very calm tonight and that’s the key to victory.”

Total plonker
Total plonker:
It always amazes me how American television will cut out little swear words and yet they don't mind showing incredible violence 🤣
Did exactly what he said he would do 🥊🔥🔥🔥
Seru Bale
Seru Bale:
He did exactly as he said. Total obliteration. Total annihilation and sure put him to sleep
Edgars Kozinda
Edgars Kozinda:
After this amazing fight, it would be most interesting to see Wilder v AJ. I think Fury v Usyk would be one sided points match between boxers, and Fury - AJ imho never really did and will live up to the hype. Will Tyson join mma or wwe after next few fights?
lia lialaia
lia lialaia:
I can't wait to see the Big Dosser hit the deck in the 8th. Remember this for after the fight
EDIT: Great respect to both fighters!!!! Wilder showed heart tonight and so did Fury! Both fighters are Legends and a Great Classic for the ages!!!
Phillip W-Anderson
Phillip W-Anderson:
imagine being 6'7 and still considered the shorter fighter ahah - Wilder has a mammoth task ahead of him
"It means total obliteration of a dosser"-Tyson Fury 😂
Sergey Baratov
Sergey Baratov:
Legend says Wilder is still answering the question
Tyson's WWE career up and Running!!!
brandon smith
brandon smith:
Tyson Fury at Press Conference: “I don’t want to hurt Deontay Wilder, I just want to beat him in a fight.”

Tyson Fury at Weigh-In: 6:34
Jed Nej
Jed Nej:
Wilder: “calmness is the key to the storm.”
Also Wilder: *wild emotion fuelled war cry*
Daley Carter
Daley Carter:
When he dropped that crazy loud BOMB SQUAD out of nowhere after talking about how calm he is! Hahaha

Host almost jumped out of his skin 🤣
Lenard Torres
Lenard Torres:
Wilder doesnt have the same vibe he had, when he fought Stivern, Ortiz, other fighters before Fury.. He gives that already defeated vibe
Wilfredo Pagan
Wilfredo Pagan:
I feel he’s gonna get knockout again. Wilder looks too nervous and worried. Never digest that devastated knockout.
Ray Gee
Ray Gee:
He’ll be okay if he doesn’t ring walk in knights armor.
Llewellyn James Kinnaird
Llewellyn James Kinnaird:
"Im bench pressing a little over 350 so Whatever weight is coming in , I can lay on my back and lift him ."
~Deontay Wilder 2021 preparing for a BOXING MATCH.
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu:
“I’m so calm right now I can make great decisions based in love.” Second later: screams primordial rage.
Elkana Aggrey
Elkana Aggrey:
Love the energy of both
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
"It means total obliteration of a dosser"-Tyson Fury 😂
Obe Oba
Obe Oba:
If wilder doesn’t catch him early,that extra weight may be a huge mistake
The Garden Of Life
The Garden Of Life:
“I apologize for the language”, is the dumbest thing any combat sports reporter or commentator could ever say. I don’t know why it gets so annoying when they do this but these two men are going to beat each other up and your apologizing for cursing🤣🤣🤣
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !
Omar Alm80
Omar Alm80:
"I'm bench pressing 350." How can that be used as an excuse lol, who else remembers before the second fight on JRE the 40-lbs backpack he "said" he runs with in training everyday, yet used the suit as an excuse for his legs.
hi kids
hi kids:
Lmao that’s exactly what fury did 😂
Stephen Joseph
Stephen Joseph:
Career heaviest for both guys , I think it can't go past 5 rounds.
Stephen Ireland
Stephen Ireland:
This why we love Tyson Fury
Dirtbag Dave
Dirtbag Dave:
Can't wait for this. Gonna be a wicked fight regardless of which fan boys get upset of the outcome! 2 of the best having a trilogy.... What more can I ask for as a boxing fan
“I’m so calm right now I can make great decisions based in love.”
Second later: screams primordial rage.
Carlton Day
Carlton Day:
Absolutely can't wait to watch this.. Going to be epic 💪🏼🥊 I'm UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 so come on Fury 💪🏼🥊
Corey O'Bryan
Corey O'Bryan:
This is gonna be the best WWE match ever.
Patea Fanai
Patea Fanai:
Damn , Gonna be a fire in the ring.
It's 50-50 for Wilder and Fury .
I want Fury to win , but Wilder is someone who could Knock someone out in the last minute .
Murat Karabeyaz
Murat Karabeyaz:
Deontay still looks humbled from the last fight 😆
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen:
I have a good feeling Deontay has a good chance of beating fury, so many big upsets this year in combat sports, you never know.
TJ Masemola
TJ Masemola:
I love Fury and i want and know his gonna win
But that "BOMB SQUAD" is BEAST!!💪🏾😭🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ja Meson
Ja Meson:
Wilder: I bench 350 pounds
Fury: Ok sausage
OGPizza -
OGPizza -:
Wilder stayed a little too calm…

What an amazing bout by both fighters!
Ubaid Magray
Ubaid Magray:
Wilder is really calm this time. I know Fury is a superior boxer but I think Wilder will hurt him this time around.
Marcel Marizu
Marcel Marizu:
Everything Tyson Fury promised. He delivered.
Jacob black
Jacob black:
Anyone here after Tyson won. Tyson is the best heavyweight in the world.
Adebayo Aina
Adebayo Aina:
It’s hard not to believe Tyson fury especially after watching the last fight.
Rob D
Rob D:
277 is just like either 1 or 4 lbs heavier then last fight for fury so he stayed right around that number.

Wilder was around 230 so just a little more this time..... if wilder catches him early could be a short or long fight,but it could easily go like last time too fury probably beats him if I had to bet
Fábio Rosolen
Fábio Rosolen:
Go Wilder 🔥🔥!
Fantastic fight
Mr. Clint Bagy
Mr. Clint Bagy:
Tyson Fury sounds like the British version of "The Undertaker" 🤣😂🤣😂
A. K.
A. K.:
someone please explain to wilder what being calm actualy means.
Matt green
Matt green:
The only thing I respect about Wilder is his punching power.
Wilder fans: *Naaah, Fury clearly had something in his gloves. Wilder GOAT!*
Paddy le Blanc
Paddy le Blanc:
You can actually see Wilders 9 brain cells bouncing off each other as he's trying to think
Brian Franklin
Brian Franklin:
I see both fighters want it it can go either way I’m pulling for Wilder but this Fury guy is great as well as Wilder it’s a pick em
Fury has reached the perfect weight to tire wilder out the first 3 rounds.. just like the last fight he leaned into him in the clinch,and made such a difference
Matthew Purkerson
Matthew Purkerson:
I’m so excited for this fight
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Legend says Wilder is still answering the question
When he called wilder a sausage I lost full😂
inside 4 rounds I got wilder. anything beyond that I got fury. Fury has gone to more 12 round bouts than wilder. we saw him gassed early on in their first and second fight. We'll have to see what sort of conditioning wilder was able to gain in his training.
But one thing to note is both these fighters have the knowledge that they can knock each other down.
John Sheil
John Sheil:
Fury sounds like every traveler . Talks so much everyone has something to love and hate
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
Fury sounds like every traveler . Talks so much everyone has something to love and hate
kolim jone
kolim jone:
Lmao that’s exactly what fury did 😂
Isra Telivav
Isra Telivav:
If Wilder come up with
he WILL win!! 💯
Isra Telivav
Isra Telivav:
If Wilder come up with
he WILL win!! 💯
de shawn D goza
de shawn D goza:
Let's go deontay Wilder a hungry fighter it's a dangerous fighter get it back in blood 💪💪💯💯💯❤️
Wilder must have spent a lot of time to memorise his line …. It’s was a script. Looked unsecured.
Kev Renner
Kev Renner:
Deontay strength was always closing distance quickly and snap power in the right hand, not sure coming in at his heaviest is a good move when he looked like he was wading through quicksand in the last fight
Bench pressing heavy may slow him down. Losing weight to be more adjile could have been a better move. Wilder will probably still win.
angry brit
angry brit:
Wilder putting the weight on hoping to get the ko was a big mistake, tyson will find him a lot slower now because of the weight and easier to avoid and hit, i believe fury finishes him within 6
keshon miller
keshon miller:
I like how everyone hating on him now but before he was the goat he represents a real man yall lil dudes in the comments need to get in the ring with him and see how much of a sausage he is then… Good Luck 2 Both🍀
DW: " to be calm is to weather the storm"
Tony X
Tony X:
" I bench press 350 so I can lay on my back and lift him " WTF ! That would mean he has knocked himself out lying on the floor ? Bench pressing is only good for bench pressing ? Fury has the edge although Wilder can punch !
Godwin Yoh
Godwin Yoh:
The anger from both sides in this fight is so toxic. Hope both men stay safe.
Word Word
Word Word:
I highly recommend checking the jumps before and after
Ryan D
Ryan D:
Fury, so good, he almost kod himself with an uppercut.
n.1 c
n.1 c:
Be blessed yall. Will be cool to see who wins. I'm rooting for Fury, but before deontay costume excuses, he was actually one of my favorites. I still got love for both fighters tho. Be blessed. Enjoy the fight on both sides yall 💪😎
Ronald George
Ronald George:
i love Deonjay Wilder should have accepted the offer by Floyd Mayweather to train him and i think because of his lack of humility in this aspect is something that he will look back on with regret.
glasgow rangers you let your club die
glasgow rangers you let your club die:
Legend has it that wilder is still answering his question.....
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez:
This is going to be a great fight…BOMB!!! Squad…I think Tyson is going to win..but I’d like for wilder to win
SO Channel !!
SO Channel !!:
There is no doubt that fury is strong! I'm looking forward to seeing how much Wilder can do tomorrow🤦‍♂️🤛🏾🤲🏾💥💥💥
Black Mason
Black Mason:
Tyson Fury is talking big, i cant wait for this fight.
This is the heaviest Wilder has ever been. Fury was way heavier than he is now when he was retired. He feels light as a feather compared to that. And for wilder it’s gonna be like fighting in mechanic Halloween suit again.
Fritz Volz
Fritz Volz:
Tyson Fury is a true heavyweight
Mike Marales
Mike Marales:
WILDER going to say he LOST because he was to HEAVY not his COSTUME this time😭😭😭🤣🤡
Paul Gill
Paul Gill:
4:08 " There's a stillness about you"

Nervously swaying side to side!
Sébastien Anicet
Sébastien Anicet:
Let's go Wilder 🥊
Brian Nice
Brian Nice:
Wilder looks like he put on muscle 💪🏾
Marc Luca
Marc Luca:
'i want to look feel and taste sexy and I can bench press over 350.'
- Deontay Wilders boxing prep 🤦
The question is can wilders legs hold that extra weight ? Is he going to get carried into the ring on a cloud with a robe made of O2 ?
Dan Moran
Dan Moran:
The best bit is straight after the fight when they say how much they love one another. I think Wilder is going to be very hard to beat.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
“I’m so calm right now I can make great decisions based in love.” Second later: screams primordial rage.
😂😂😂 tyson is the best 😂
"what was the intent of bulking up to the heaviest of your career at 238 pounds?"

Wilder : "Well Ive used up all of my excuses to why i lost in the last fight, so i need one more to fall back on if i loose."
Damien Cross
Damien Cross:
I still think fury will win but i think we will also see the best version of wilder we have ever seen. Although he seem like a ronda rousey type. He been built up by people aroumd him so much that 2 loses may end his career. Unless he has grown and can take the loses better then he did last time. I respect both fighters and i like them both but i think fury will win inside 7 rounds.
jarett g
jarett g:
The heavyweight champion of the world is training full-time and can only bench 350
E B:
Deontay "words of wisdom" Wilder
Augustus Octavius
Augustus Octavius:
When wilder says “ I Promise you that” he is trying to give himself confidence
Whoever wins this will face the real champ Charlie Zelenoff
John Llyod
John Llyod:
Imagine getting hit a 277 lbs of punches... Wilder is going down in round 6 this time.
Fa Tee
Fa Tee:
He's calm cause he accepted that he's getting clapped. Lmao he knows he's making money after the fight once he sleeps AJ. 😂
Gabriel Mendez
Gabriel Mendez:
Wilder couldn’t bench his body armor 😂😂