U.S. buys global supply of COVID-19 drug remdesivir

The U.S. has bought the global supply of remdesivir, an antiviral drug that has been found to help certain patients recover more quickly from COVID-19.

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100+ comentarios:

Virtigo Count
Virtigo Count:
Well since the USA wants to behave like a rogue nation; All countries should keep their boarders closed to the USA for "safety reasons"
Heather Jones
Heather Jones:
Good. Canada won't be tempted to buy that unproven for COVID drug for that insane price. I want my taxes put to work for a vaccine to share with the world and stay focussed on the end game of putting this virus down for good.
Tanya Horula
Tanya Horula:
I'm so sick of the u.s
Mohamed Agnostic
Mohamed Agnostic:
Isn’t unethical for the company to sell it all to just one country in the middle of this global pandemic
Robert Dubois
Robert Dubois:
If one country holds the vaccine back once its available there will be world war. :(
Mernie M. Doyle
Mernie M. Doyle:
So American lives matter only and yet they complain when Europe refuses entry to them, smh
Block border to Americans posing as visiting Alaska or returning to US. They are not going directly. Hazard to Canadians
John Wright
John Wright:
*This is nothing less than a single company claiming copyright over the life of humanity itself..., and it is utter madness and insanity...*
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston:
Usa greed strikes again.
Also ruthless tactics of the drug company's costs 1.50 charge 3000
Lets be honest here. Adherence to patents is a choice.
The Wuhan Virology Lab applied for a use patent on this drug back in January 2020. Gilead Sciences received $79M in Gov hand outs to develop Remdesivir. They also retain 20-year Remdesivir patents in more than 70 countries. Gilead's well documented rule bending & price gouging track record proves IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
If someone shows you who they are, believe them.
Jn L
Jn L:
Christian preaching hypocrisy.
The usual selfishness.
JOY Callicott
JOY Callicott:
Shame on that company. It'll be the same when the vaccine comes out.
Oxnyx of The Winter Stars
Oxnyx of The Winter Stars:
Hen so there will be 500,000+ dose and you need 6 so that's about enough to treat 83k patiences. I guess getting it is better than winning the lottery given the US cases.
Really hope China can come out the drug. it wont' cost hand and leg to get the drug.
m p a t m
m p a t m:
Hopefully it has a long shelf life. Bought so much I wonder if they will be adding it to their morning coffee. At $3,000 a pop; 6 doses required, who can afford this unproven drug?
Phil Lef
Phil Lef:
$250m panic buy for 84k privileged folks. Enough doses for 0.025% of the US population.
Why is Trump buying there's no problem according to him !
We have to keep the border CLOSED ....
Rita Doucet - Canada
Rita Doucet - Canada:
Disgusting, trump must have bought shares in this company. All other countries have agreed to share and big bully wants money.
Evan stroud
Evan stroud:
There is no place for patents on drugs.
Sean Adver
Sean Adver:
James Oxford
James Oxford:
so what happens to all the patients world-wide using this drug for it's intended and approved purpose?
Ian Nielsen
Ian Nielsen:
Greed before human life should be the true crime
Tse Hong Ling
Tse Hong Ling:
i heard it cost USD 3000 for a 5 day treatment of Remdesrvoir. Must be making them a lot of money.
David Owle
David Owle:
The double tragedy is that only wealthy Americans will have access to it.
Lol, they have been acting like a rogue state. But we still believe they stand “behind” Canada for our benefit because we are an ally, right?
Hugo Grilo
Hugo Grilo:
Well, if other coutries have the courage they should terminate this laboratory license. Do it!

This shows how desperate the bunker boy is.
Victor Kuhn
Victor Kuhn:
So if I get HIV and Coronavirus I can save money by getting only one drug to cure both!
I love bundles
Wealthon Ngo
Wealthon Ngo:
American greed!🤣😂
Remove drug patents! Problem solved!
Upholding patents on a pandemic vaccine is immoral (this drug isn't a vaccine). When an actual vaccine is discovered, I hope it will be made available widely.
Q Min Potato
Q Min Potato:
Drug hoarders
J R:
Once again people stepping on people and taking advantage of the poor, it’s 2020 and nothing has changed.
Janice Sisson
Janice Sisson:
Dr. Fauci come work in Canada where people will listen to your advise.
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes:
The world should sanction the US for this scummy move
CK Gaming Channel
CK Gaming Channel:
Remdesivir doesn't even work. So why waste money on it?
Jeff Hoyle
Jeff Hoyle:
Countries should break the patent of the company that owns Remdesivir. This is an abhorrent act by the USA and they should be sanctioned for it ! I never thought that I would see this day, never ever!
They are tired of listening to the Dr., but they didn't and that's why their in the position they are...America First in the wrong race.
Steven Fry
Steven Fry:
Sounds like enough for his family and inlaws. Not surprising
Saleem Akhtar
Saleem Akhtar:
Tax payer dollars funnelled through government to serve the pharma industry!
Katrina Thomas
Katrina Thomas:
That didn't work for my stepdad 💔😭😭
Remi Caron
Remi Caron:
Simple fix outlaw patents on products which can be produced fast enough. If you want to protect drug patents see a few dollars per dose to the patent holder. Wake up people where we are going isn’t good for anyone.
Jeffrey Eick
Jeffrey Eick:
The Rich & Congress needs it all.
suzy stens
suzy stens:
Wow. They won't allow any other business to make it?! Anyone envolved in this company is going to hell. And were already hated by the world, lets go ahead and dump some gasoline on the fire. Smh
The WH is panic buy like some people everywhere in the world.
Game Data
Game Data:
This is what you called "greed"
They're licensing out the making of this drug to other pharmaceutical companies. Questions you should ask: Does the drug save lives? How complicated is it to make this drug? How long does it take to set up the instruments to make this drug?
Dillon Wood
Dillon Wood:
Covid-19 drugs we need vaccines
We can walk away from this corrupt system anytime we want. Time for Crown Corporations to produce all the drugs we need and provide at or under cost.
Tyler Pyper
Tyler Pyper:
So only the richest get healthy?
Grant Logan
Grant Logan:
Then get to work making it here at home!
David Smith
David Smith:
Greed is a sin
stefanosaurus paleofartis
stefanosaurus paleofartis:
Sooo reminiscent of "Deutsceland, Deutsceland uber Alles"!!!
Rick Hyne
Rick Hyne:
The US would rather see the rest of the world suffer than own up to their failures.
Ron Worthy
Ron Worthy:
Guys. You really should be careful. This thing is real, not jokes. My grandma has just died a few hours ago from the virus... in my country people still don’t believe it exists.
someone must be making a lot of $$$$.
The US is buying all the world supplies of Remdesivir and disinfectants.
Warning Planet
Warning Planet:
Non-American Lives Matter
Comment Troll
Comment Troll:
What’s the other of the 2 drugs you mentioned?
Jhinu Jung
Jhinu Jung:
Trump has just "given up" on the fight against COVID.
Mr Chainanimal
Mr Chainanimal:
Good luck, USA... take the available stock of remdesivir. In Europe we rely on our brains (except the UK). Distance and wear the bloody masks. So easy!
Dong Perrignon
Dong Perrignon:
Let them have it
Christian Reinisch
Christian Reinisch:
one Dollar per dose in production costs
Covid is good for the environment keep it up.
Nickson Ng
Nickson Ng:
Patty and Buster Show
Patty and Buster Show:
Mine, mine, mine! That's the US and China have we tried prednisone and the steroids?
2B06 Dior Tan
2B06 Dior Tan:
That's the 🇺🇲 way! Now that the prob is solved, let's head back to the beach and bars!
🌊🏄‍♂️🚣‍♂️🤽‍♂️⛱🏜 🍹🍻🍺🎉🎊🌇
Flick Police
Flick Police:
How could that Company patent that? That could cost lives!
Hana Dudeen
Hana Dudeen:
Reg U
Reg U:
Money talks, and the rest of us can suffer.
No wonder there is rapidly becoming zero sympathy for them (Read USA).
Muhd Sazali
Muhd Sazali:
Integration between supercomputer with hospital.
Taxpayer dollars hard at work for something I don’t want again. Go buy more tanks while your at it
Damn $18k for the full treatment. What’s the bet that’ll more than double in the states?.
Jack Kuncze
Jack Kuncze:
Get your money 💰 up
J Blank
J Blank:
The U.S. didn't buy all remdesivir, billionaires from U.S. did.
Lucie Mayer
Lucie Mayer:
Good luck with a vaccine in the us we are getting it he will keep for us so we need to develop one here under Trump us is no longer out ally but with russia
Patrick Debellefeuille
Patrick Debellefeuille:
*HydroxyChloroquine (HCQ) does work and Ivermectine as well, in combo with Zinc and aZithromycin (Z-pac) i beleive its called, given early in proper dosage and in combo, works at a rate of 95% plus* Put that in your Corn Flakes
Daniel Boyer
Daniel Boyer:
This is beyond F'd
Bob Ramsay
Bob Ramsay:
Being tired is better than being dead ? Isn't it ?
That patent should have been shredded up. And made generic
Indigo-Angel Productions
Indigo-Angel Productions:
nothing wrong with this good on the man ill give him this point
kamucon kamucon
kamucon kamucon:
Greed as always been.
EliteDavid Horne
EliteDavid Horne:
Greedy and dumb!
Dexamethasone is a much better treatment and its dirt cheap.
Remdesivir has only been proven to shorten recovery time. It hasn't been proven to prevent deaths.
David Beckham
David Beckham:
American first!!
First chloroquine, then bleach, then drano, and now remdesivir.
Lonelysad Wildbeast69
Lonelysad Wildbeast69:
inhuman we cannot use another adjective for this evil USA'S táctil and the pharmaceutical company too only the rich people can pay 2.300 dollars for that vaccine
Member Berry
Member Berry:
I thought it was a *hoax*? Why the fk do they want it all???
Doot Toot
Doot Toot:
So many sheep...
Lok Tom
Lok Tom:
Trump should do a personal national
on TV usage of this drug first to lead the way as the leader.
Lina Mendez
Lina Mendez:
Anyone else UofA graduates?
Super man
Super man:
Don’t blame us, you can go ahead to make your own.
Abdulrahman Bada
Abdulrahman Bada:
If it is another country, you will start using foul language but since it is the master, you are playing politics. Typical of Canada
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu:
Why did the company why put a limit on who can buy the drug. It is a US company? And all the raw materials are sourced within the USA ?
Ganon Dragmire
Ganon Dragmire:
Still never got any cases in my area
Nerdy Guy
Nerdy Guy:
1. Remdesivier is really expansive, i couldn't afford it, my only hope are either chloroquine or my immunity 😢

2. I can smell drug capitalism scheme in this video.
Tyreese Washington
Tyreese Washington:
Give all 2 million people this drug