Udinese-Inter 3-1 | Udinese get famous win over Inter: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

After 4 long seasons without a win against the Nerazzurri, the Friulani thrash Inter to go top of the standings | Serie A 2022/23

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100+ comentarios:

Edvan Prima Yoga
Edvan Prima Yoga:
It's been a while for not seeing Udinese playing like this.. What a deserve win!
Fearn Raven
Fearn Raven:
I'm smiling out loud! I refused to believe that Udinese will beat Inter when John Berngal told me... Deulofeu is another level for sure!
augmented fantasy
augmented fantasy:
Udinese playing just like it is 2011 with di natale and alexis sanchez leading the attack.
Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer:
Fantastic result. I can't believe how well we are playing. Forza udinese!
Stringer Bell
Stringer Bell:
Love how Udinese play with passion . They used to be a powerhouse in Italian football
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner:
Udinese actually have a nice stadium compared to most Italian clubs so it'd be nice to see them qualify for Europe and host big Euro teams. 🌍⚽
Lukman Lukman
Lukman Lukman:
I can't believe Milan missed out Deulofeu. He declared so many times that he loved Milan. He can easily be the solution of Milan weak right flank
Saba Inasaridze
Saba Inasaridze:
It's not just results, Udinese is the most tactically complete team in the league right now
Samuel Kazi
Samuel Kazi:
Fully deserved by Udinese. Currently top of rhe league lol.
Makes Milan's win even more important.
Ronald D. Palandie
Ronald D. Palandie:
Inzaghi never learn his mistakes in rotating his starter eleven. Even the best players in the world cannot play two to three times a week. The coach should trust and give chances to Gosens, Aslani and Bellanova more often in Inter's starting eleven to rest those exhausted core players. Secondly, Onana must play 75% of the games for this season. The 38 years Handanovic was not the same player as the previous seasons, his reflexes decreased drastically. Inzaghi must understand this condiiton, otherwise Inter will be conceded plenty of goals in almost every game if Onana be kept on the bench. FORZA INTER.
R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu
R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu:
After Atalanta in the recent years it's now for Udinese to shine
Ameen Muhammed
Ameen Muhammed:
Udinese should really get European football next yr. They really deserve it 👏
Mister Gray
Mister Gray:
As soon as I saw this fixture, based on Udinese and Inter's recent form, I knew Udinese had it in them to pull off this spectacular upset
klaus Ianno
klaus Ianno:
Well done Udinese !!! 🤝🏾
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
People thought it was a fluke when they beat roma. Nope udinese is coming for the throne 😂
T.Walter Anthonio
T.Walter Anthonio:
Udinese is remarkable this season…. They have already won Roma 4-0
Muhammad Feny
Muhammad Feny:
What the spirit of Udinese!! Wonderful
Aloysius Maina
Aloysius Maina:
Kudos to Udinese who have really stepped up. Hope they sustain it
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
So proud of our Slovenian boys 🙏♥️
Azhar Mulop
Azhar Mulop:
Udinese at home is another level 🔥🔥
Apurv Utkarsh
Apurv Utkarsh:
Delefou was such a composed passer of Ball...how PL clubs let him go is beyond me
Alto Natte
Alto Natte:
Udinese,, wow 👏👍
I'm an inter fan and I think this game will help the management to realize that there is a core problem that needs to be adressed. It will be hard for us to even fight for the CL slot this season.
anturangga Tantra
anturangga Tantra:
As Internisti, I have this feeling that Inter would just fall back to their usual pattern of inconsistencies. Udinese also playing great.
Erik Kamelo
Erik Kamelo:
What the game Grazie Udinese 🔥🔥🔥
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
Kudos to Udinese who have really stepped up. Hope they sustain it
Mohammad Kalantarian
Mohammad Kalantarian:
Lovely played of udinese, from an Interista.
John Okereke
John Okereke:
Udinese are going places this season 👏👏
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh:
Thank you Udinese, you did us a great favor, let's go Milan
Xavi Abal
Xavi Abal:
Great performance Udinese!!!
Man Udinese is on fire this season
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Phenomenal performance by Udinese 💜💜💜.
The Fourth Chairman
The Fourth Chairman:
Inter’s line up in 2058
CF: Lukaku Jr
SS: Lautaro Jr
MF: Barella Jr

GK: Samir Handanovic
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Udinese have been incredible this season as for inter they don’t look like same team that won title 2 season ago
kadi jomi
kadi jomi:
Udinese actually have a nice stadium compared to most Italian clubs so it'd be nice to see them qualify for Europe and host big Euro teams.
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar:
As a Barca I'm glad that we are sailing through to the next round in CL
Udinese are for real. Another huge win.
Made Putra 🕉️
Made Putra 🕉️:
What a comeback 🔥
sebastián závodný
sebastián závodný:
Deulofeu Is underrated player And Udinese have nice performance all time
I hope Udinese will be like Leicester in 2016. On fire!
Robert Ochieng
Robert Ochieng:
The standard of the Italian is in top level again.... what a game 🔥
Live-World Soccer
Live-World Soccer:
Thank you Udinese, you did us a great favor. Let's go Milaaan
Vlad K
Vlad K:
До свидания Инзаги)))), мне Удинезе понравилось в другой игре с топ клубом. А сейчас восторг! Вот что значит играть и получать удовольствие.)))
Oluwadare Hassan
Oluwadare Hassan:
Wow... Udinese claim to giant victories; Roma and now Inter Milan, I am so impressed.
Milan's 4-2 win on the first day of the season vs Udinese looks more impressive week by week.
The way Udinese have been playing this season I'm honestly not surprised
nkr dinla
nkr dinla:
Phenomenal performance by Udinese .
Andres Gallego
Andres Gallego:
Hahaha I love when small teams shake things up, hopefully they keep their performance, I remember 2 seasons ago Cagliari had an amazing start of the season but fell dramatically in the second half.
This win reminds me of the days of Di Natale❤
ENVY Beacon
ENVY Beacon:
Udinese have been on fire this season. Beating the biggest clubs in Italy with style
Continuate a farci sognare ragazzi!
Viper Entertainment
Viper Entertainment:
It's so unfortunate how Inter and Juventus have declined massively from a Milan fan here
Michael DiTuri
Michael DiTuri:
Inter has great players, they need a high level coach. Most of the time that seem to be playing to avoid retrocessione. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan:
This win here proves Udinese thrashing Roma 4:0 was no fluke. We are up for a thrill this season.
Juan Screamo
Juan Screamo:
Udinese on fire...what A beautiful games
Endri Eng.
Endri Eng.:
1:37 - 1:47. What an attack!. Udinese so wild
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Delefou was such a composed passer of Ball...how PL clubs let him go is beyond me
Udinese - Roma : 4-0
Udinese - Inter : 3-1

Udinese is on fire now. 🔥🔥
Hope they could be consistent in every match.
Михаил Борис
Михаил Борис:
Italian Leicester.
Underdog on top.💙
10x The King Mufasa Was
10x The King Mufasa Was:
Grande Udine 🤍🖤
Forza Udineseee !!!
Yusuf Bolarinwa
Yusuf Bolarinwa:
The Milan goalkeeper looks lost, deserved victory from Udinese 👍
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
Udineese is really on form this season
kun mwas
kun mwas:
What a season Udinese are having!😂🤯🤭🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Bravo Udine👏⚡
Ahmed Majdhan
Ahmed Majdhan:
First time seeing Udinese like this since Di Natale days!
Влад Полунин
Влад Полунин:
It’s amazing! Congrats to undine
Beautiful stadium
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya:
Thanks Udinese.

Milan fans
I wanna see Napoli, Atalanta, Udinese, and Lazio in the top 4 at the end of the season.
Anton Zaky
Anton Zaky:
Forza Milan❤️🖤
Thank you udinese ❤🖤
Elvis Zupan
Elvis Zupan:
Udinese proving Roma win wasn't coincidence.Inter Milan have problems definitely in the roster. There are few players they need to sign and make it possible to rotate more. Two weeks playing every 3rd day won't be rewarding for them.
gie lang
gie lang:
Udinese amazing. Forza Milan
AZ yutub
AZ yutub:
Udinese on fire🔥🔥🔥
Leonid Genri
Leonid Genri:
Красиво нет слов
Kevan Chong
Kevan Chong:
gosh, the defending on that last goal was dreadful, keep it at 2-1, every goal conceded won't help any cause
Patria Hario
Patria Hario:
Congrats Udinese. Mengingatkan gua ama Udinese jaman di natale. Inzaghi bener2 harus banyak evaluasi kalo ngga ya maaf aja sebaiknya keluar dr inter. Forza Inter 💙🖤
ishan vijay
ishan vijay:
Udinese have been a delightful surprise team this season with them wins against Roma and Inter.
Stefanus Pattimura
Stefanus Pattimura:
Sottil did well 🔥🔥🔥
Bekzat Sadykov
Bekzat Sadykov:
What a performance! Dark horses like Udinese will make AC Milan champions again.
Krisna Silaban
Krisna Silaban:
Still love Internazionale Milano 🖤💙
Suryadi Suryadi
Suryadi Suryadi:
i love Udinese from indonesia
My Inter is failing apart..Congrats to Udinese.
Ari Budiono
Ari Budiono:
Delofeu, my favorite winger in Football Manager 😁
Tokuto _
Tokuto _:
They haven't played like this since the di Natale and Sanchez times.
Кирилл Павлюченко
Кирилл Павлюченко:
Да ещё и свисток не дал пеналь за игру рукой!
Tau Ea Hamakhoa
Tau Ea Hamakhoa:
Secretly I want us to lose more games so we can get a real manager! Inzaghi can't get the best out of these boys!
Europa Invicta
Europa Invicta:
Udinese are playing with a lot of confidence. It now remains to be seen who will be sacked first - Inzaghi or Allegri?
Salutate la capolista! Forza Udinese
Mubashshir Sayeed
Mubashshir Sayeed:
i just came here to enjoy the defeat .
forza rossoneri
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club:
Udinese haven't lost at home yet this season 👍🏿
Lega Football
Lega Football:
Udinese overcomes the early goal from the Nerazzurri underdogs and hold their Top 4 position
Udinese this season super dark horse. Hope they can reach to champion league...💪💪💪
A L F I:
Thank you Udinese
Ferry Fernando
Ferry Fernando:
Terima Kasih Udinese Atas Kemenangan Ini ..
Inter Memalukan dan Simione Panik .. 😂😂😂
Kami Dari Milanisti Indonesia Berterima Kasih Pada Udinese dkk .. 😎👍🙏
sang wisnu
sang wisnu:
kekalahan yang menyakitkan.. apa alasan dari inzaghi yang selalu menjadikan handanovic pilihan pertama? sejak vs lazio, harusnya onana diberikan kesempatan.. bastoni memang kartu kuning tetapi mengganti dengan dimarco di paruh pertama sebuah keanehan.. tetap kuat inter milan,akan selalu mendukungmu.. 🔵⚫🇮🇩❤🇮🇹
Vandi Firmansyah
Vandi Firmansyah:
Terima kasih Udinese
well done Udinese serie alive and kicking
Er Tian Hock 余天福
Er Tian Hock 余天福:
Is great to witness unexpected team leading the race, unlike Bayern Munich..