Udinese-Roma 4-0 | Incredible scenes at the Dacia Arena: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

An unforgettable night for Udinese as they thrash Roma on their home turf with Pereyra stealing the show thanks to a stunning finish and an assist for Sandi Lovric’s first goal in Serie A | Serie A 2022/23

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100+ comentarios:

Mourinho after the loss to Udinese: "it's better to loss one game 4-0 than four of them 1-0."
Congrats to Udinese, a well deserved win. It is unreal to see lack of fighting attitude with Roma today.
Mohammad Riyad
Mohammad Riyad:
I’m glad we signed Udogie looks like a real talent
Mido Pictures
Mido Pictures:
It's crazy the amount of disrespect from so many people who wants Mourinho out just because of this match. Let's not forget that he's the one who makes Roma wins the Conference League after so long without trophy. As a romanisti, I still believed Roma has a chance to finish top 4. Forza Roma!
Lars Lande
Lars Lande:
Wow! Love to see these underdog wins in the big leagues! Congrats to Udinese.
Roma supporter here, congrats to Udinese, well deserved.
Hen Man
Hen Man:
1st and 2nd goal were solely individual mistakes but we fight as a team, we win as a team and we loose as a team. Sometimes a heavy loss may wake up the team and hope we can bounce back in next game! That push on Celik is no doubt a penalty coz he was in an open one on one position and about to make his shot before he got bumped!
Weyombo Emma
Weyombo Emma:
Love the commentator's perfect anticipation of goals before they are scored.
Dell Dell
Dell Dell:
What amazing performance Udinese!!
Samardzic is quit a something, soon gonna be in a top team as a talent
John Okereke
John Okereke:
I have always known that Udinese is an attractive attacking side when they click
And they proved me right in this match, what a wonderful counter attacking display they put up against Roma
Absolutely amazing 🔥🔥✊🏻
Nabil Ferdous
Nabil Ferdous:
Gotta give credit where it's due...Udinese pulled a spectacular upset and they deserved it!
Granit Canhasi
Granit Canhasi:
Serie A has the best football related channel on youtube , by far 😍
S Karmale
S Karmale:
👍 👍 👍 👏👏👏Performance from Udinese, absolutely 🔥 all 4 goals especially the 1st 1...the presence of mind & quick execution was ⚡👏
Glad to see Pereyra still a THREAT down the flank 👍🙌🙌🙌😎👍
Osman Kovacevic
Osman Kovacevic:
Honstly, this has nothing to do with Roma, it seems Udine played it to perfection. Congrats.
Luca Figueiredo
Luca Figueiredo:
From the first 5 minutes Roma had zero desire zero energy... it was only Dybala
Paolo Martizzi
Paolo Martizzi:
A well deserved win for Udinese, but Karsdorp and Rui Patricio`s mistakes were really embarassing
Tau Ea Hamakhoa
Tau Ea Hamakhoa:
The top 6 teams in Calcio a are separated by 1 to 2 points! Almost the same in the EPL! This might be one of the best years in football. There are no clear winners or favorites in sight
Great game Udogie. Continue like this, and you go straight in our squad next season.
David Olatunji
David Olatunji:
“Who on earth saw that coming?” Certainly not I 😂
Ọnụọha Udochukwu
Ọnụọha Udochukwu:
At this rate, Sottil will have a great coaching career at Udinese. He has clear ideas on how his team should play
Reale Roma
Reale Roma:
Zeli Celik and Zalewski need to start over Spina and Karsdorp. Spinazzola just isn’t the same since that ACL injury
Casmir Ekene
Casmir Ekene:
Seria is interesting and very very competitive this season 💯❤️
What a match! It felt like it was playing Lazio! 😁
Udinese performed as a world class team, intresting how they will go this season
david felipe
david felipe:
Udinese vai dar muito trabalho esse ano.
Abhi Dhoundiyal
Abhi Dhoundiyal:
Roma and Napoli are two of the most inconsistent teams in Serie A in recent years, they play 2-3 great games then start wobbling
Mahesh Chandrababu
Mahesh Chandrababu:
That anticipation from Udogie though ! 🔥
Saffron Inferno
Saffron Inferno:
Stunning display by Udinese
Ante Balov
Ante Balov:
First goal, pure instinct!
Abraham was really poor today he was needed to hold the ball up instead of constantly doing the fact one touch passes which is usually fantastic but this wasn't the game he didn't read the game
Casmir Ekene
Casmir Ekene:
Now In Seria A, expect the unexpected 😎
Forza Juve
Forza Juve:
Powerful display from Udine, im impressed!
ariel gh
ariel gh:
Excelente el Udinese.
Kendall Noel Camacho Hernández
Kendall Noel Camacho Hernández:
El último gol: Contraataque perfecto.
pete smart
pete smart:
Roma defence and midfield were all over the place defensively
Patrick Bongez
Patrick Bongez:
Who on earth saw that coming indeed...? A 2-1 or 1-0 win is understandable but 4-0. Wow!!!
Persona Non Grata
Persona Non Grata:
Great game by Udinese... Its going to be intresting season in Serie A
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya:
Last week it was Monza, now it's Roma who got udogie styled 🐶😂
The MadCast
The MadCast:
the keepers had a shocker with that 2nd goal wow
It's hard not to play against Monza and Cremonese every week! Back on earth!
Udinese are a strong side for a while now. Not that I expected this result, but at the start of the season teams going thru changes might be in trouble vs udinese
Uncle Gardener
Uncle Gardener:
Nice job Udinese. 💪
Peeradech Lee
Peeradech Lee:
If you are following this Udinese team, you will know that this team is very strong and quick.
Edwin Addo
Edwin Addo:
This is not the final game of the season. I realized people have just started backlashing Mourinho. Please let's be careful not to forget so soon just because he lost this match .
What a game !
Don Van
Don Van:
Roma still has some things to do and improve. Today U played well, there was a fire in their every foot step. We sad but we could accept the reality that we still need to improve some positions.
Esto si que es un resumen no como los de laliga
mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf:
As a lazio fan, i think the not awarding the penalty, changed the game. Clear barge in the back. And to be fair, patricio didnt make an error for the 2nd. The ball took a wicked bounce in front of him. Well done to udinese, who took their goals well. Udogie looks a player of some potential
Valentin Kaplunov
Valentin Kaplunov:
Не ожидал от Ромы такой игры. А вот Удинезе показала действительно зрелищную игру. И Удинезе саслужила на победу. Браво играли. Хоть я болел за Рому. Эх Рома - Рома!😢
Edward Hermit21
Edward Hermit21:
Udinese play football spectacularly
WOW! Not a result most would have predicted
The Cure
The Cure:
That's why i love serie A👏🏼
Con Man
Con Man:
TBH that push shoulda been a penalty…but that’s not to say that Udine did not fully deserve to win. Roma need some defenders
k peter g dolo
k peter g dolo:
Great win for Udinese.
Grande Udinese!
Dwi Cahyono
Dwi Cahyono:
The best match in the week
Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer:
Forza udinese! ❤️ From England.
Santiago Carrara Pinter
Santiago Carrara Pinter:
Muy bueno el arquero de la roma 🥲
Michael Erzuah
Michael Erzuah:
Rui Patricio was underwhelming in this match. Sad for Roma
Detriip Travel
Detriip Travel:
Forza Roma, let's keep fight 💪
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira:
Just one defeat and all English masterminds of football are saying that Mourinho should go, jealous is so pathetic he came to England won everything.
Poor Tottenham fans just can get over that the best change to win something for the last decades was with Mourinho before the excellent president sacked him on the week of the final that sis why English people are so expertise on football 🤣
Can’t expect Roma to lose 4-0 so amazing!
Leon Nestestog
Leon Nestestog:
First two goals were just «human error» type goals that were really lucky and broke Roma
Team UN with an upset today. Wasn't expecting this Result. So far all teams in Serie A have had bad Results in this early part of season. Both Milan teams shoud finish 1-2, however.
Toko RJ Gypsum
Toko RJ Gypsum:
sometime we wins
sometime we learn
go go roma✌
Roma outplayed yesterday night. Impressive performance from Udinese.
Ahya Ansori
Ahya Ansori:
Mantaaaap Udinese...
Firdaus Firdaus
Firdaus Firdaus:
Tidak adil emang bagi As Roma mendapatkan kekalahan dengan skor yang sangat mencolok. Karena semua orang di Italia, Eropa dan seluruh dunia, itu melihat Roma musim ini sebagai salah satu team penantang serius dalam perburuan Scudetto, tapi kenyataannya, tidak seperti yang orang lain pikirkan. Karena sebagai juara bertahan, Milan jauh lebih kuat dari musim lalu. Udinese yang mengalahkan Roma sebesar ini, juga dikalahkan oleh Milan dengan memasukkan bola ke gawang mereka juga 4 gol. Bedanya, Udinese sanggup membalas dengan mencetak 2 gol. Tapi tetap saja membuktikan bahwa sanya Milan emang tidak memiliki pesaing utama di musim ini. Karena sebagai juara bertahan liga Italia seri A, mempertahankan gelar Scudetto musim ini, itu lebih mudah ketimbang ketika Milan meraih nya musim lalu.
Whatever strategy Mourinho had in mind, Deulofeu just shredded it to pieces ....
I remember after a win some Mong in the comment said I’m always “pissy” because I stated the obvious and everything I said happened today.

Too many miss passes in the attacking third, too many misses after finally creating a create and too many mistake prone players.

I knew those 2 early miss chances by Dybala would come back to bite the team. I definitely didn’t expected a lose though. I thought at least a draw.
Reginaldo Oliveira
Reginaldo Oliveira:
Um apagão total da minha querida Roma 😭🖕🏽
T.Walter Anthonio
T.Walter Anthonio:
Roma this game lacked finishing, pace, almost everything really… This is so disappointing. But I believe they can learn from this… forza Roma!!
Breen Irwin
Breen Irwin:
On of the Milan clubs to win the League this year
Emil Frederiksen.
Emil Frederiksen.:
Udogie for 18 mil is a bargain. Him and Perisic will be fire next season.
what a game by udine.
Gio Scacco
Gio Scacco:
roma fan. mad respect for pereyra for admitting he was the last one to touch the ball when they were already given a corner. too bad we don’t see this in football amymore
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Reginaldo Oliveira
Reginaldo Oliveira:
Q tragédia foi essa? Apesar q ultimamente a Roma vem levado atropelo da Udinesse repetidas vezes 🥲🥱
Shareeh Rayisoon
Shareeh Rayisoon:
Roma's been pretty wasteful in the final third recently.
Mikayla Mahesa
Mikayla Mahesa:
Keren Udinese
Semangat buat as roma
Maduka Austin
Maduka Austin:
Roma was outclassed in all areas of this game.
Yo udinese in this season looks so different , hope they can go to Conference league
YH Tan
YH Tan:
Unpredictable score
Erick Mwas
Erick Mwas:
I never so this coming udinese congratulations 👏
SKAwan Lover's
SKAwan Lover's:
Cukup menyenangkan bagi suporter Udinese
Francisco Oneto
Francisco Oneto:
Excelent Udinese
Made Putra 🕉️
Made Putra 🕉️:
This is Serie A 🔥
Jesus Aguero
Jesus Aguero:
Vamos udinese
jorge anthero
jorge anthero:
Forza Roma ❤️💛
Dicky D.
Dicky D.:
Wow.. 🔥🔥🔥
Milan 4 - Udinese 2. I was cranky we conceded 2 now our performance seems alot better
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi:
Forza Udinese
Saint Tongpha
Saint Tongpha:
Udogi is my man...COYS!!!!
Gnamien marcelin Adou
Gnamien marcelin Adou:
You,guys you're in hurry. Udinese deserved the Victory,and Roma was antipathic . There's nothing to voice about. But Serie Ais at day 5. Yes ! Victory gave rise to promises that only regularity will confirm.
Jey -Z
Jey -Z:
Mourinho should have bought an extra defender; mancini and smalling are discontinue. ROMA REALLY UNLUCKY THO
Udinese, The Really Juventus
Priyadi Pinto
Priyadi Pinto:
Mantap udinese, bravo
Wooow, Udinese is totally alright =)