UFC 261: Rose Namajunas Post-fight Press Conference

UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas takes questions from the media after her win over Zhang Weili at UFC 261 on Saturday night in Jacksonville to recapture her title.

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100+ comentarios:

Raigar Müllerson
Raigar Müllerson:
They dont call her Thug Rose for nothing. Came in like a gangster and knocked the champ out cold #ThugRose
Adrian Louw
Adrian Louw:
Most knockdowns in UFC women's history belongs to Rose. Wow.
The way Trevor has transformed rose’s game over the last couple years has been insane.
K. G
K. G:
Always super happy for her when she wins. And she took no damage. Incredible.
West Linn Streets
West Linn Streets:
This sport is a roller coaster I fucking love it. So happy for rose. This is one of my all time favorite UFC moments.
Evan Loeffler
Evan Loeffler:
She’s a class act.. true CHAMP
She's far better coached than anyone in her division. Elegantly thrashing brawlers
Michael Gabriel
Michael Gabriel:
Rose, you're such a dear soul. A true warrior. Blessings
Kidus Gebretensay
Kidus Gebretensay:
She real asf doesn't fake anything
Mark Whitt
Mark Whitt:
First time I ever bought a ppv where I was more interested in a female fight over the men. Rose is such an amazing martial artist and competitor.
Withered Rose
Withered Rose:
“I have really good timing” - understatement of the year. Rose has cultivated a gift that is other worldly.
Stanislovas Guščius
Stanislovas Guščius:
Rose is really best in the world! Gratulation from Lithuania!
jon Q
jon Q:
She's my favorite. Heart. Technique. Humility. Sincerity. Hard not to like Rose.
D. Chappelle
D. Chappelle:
"Get over here" Rose's leg to Zhang's head.
Lil Logie
Lil Logie:
That kick was so clean
winjloch chaboka
winjloch chaboka:
Rose’s fight stance is so fun to watch, great movement and bounces, almost like a video game character 🔥
Behold, one of the greatest female fighters of all time. Not only a great fighter, a true champion, but a truly awesome person outside of the octagon. Hail to the Queen, baby.
She not only won the belt tonight but also punched her UFC HOF ticket. Great job Thug Rose!!
Elias Pantoja, Jr.
Elias Pantoja, Jr.:
Weili was heartbroken, and who wouldn't be? But she's got a strong heart. She'll be back. As for Namajunas: I cried like a little b!tc#. Team Thug Rose for life!
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones:
Thug Rose: sleeps the Chinese champion.

US government: "Thanks for all your help with US China relations."
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez:
Many years ago, our Sensei asked who everyone thought was the best in the dojo, and everyone (including me) pointed at Rose. She was only 14 years old at that time. To hear her and Joe Rogan say she's "The Best" just brought chills down my spine. I am so proud!! Way to go Rose!! 👏🙏🤘✊🤙⚘👊
Yechinho Tashi
Yechinho Tashi:
I really like the way she is. She so humble and respectful. But when she got in ring fight like a lion 🦁.
Chris Cyborg
Chris Cyborg:
We are all happy for her. She made me cry lil bit.
Swole Monkey
Swole Monkey:
Can’t wait for the MixedMollyWhoppery video Thug Rose Volume 2.0 😎
Synester Gates
Synester Gates:
That rare moment where what we all wanted to happen actually happens . very humbling to see rose champ again . trevor Wittman doing magic
M Ralte
M Ralte:
She's a dangerous Grappler and now she a very dangerous technical fighter too.

Thug Rose Namajuna is a phenomenal athlete and a humble person.
Never doubted her.
Evan Loeffler
Evan Loeffler:
THUG ROSE!!! You made me so much $$$😂🙌
Best fighter and person in the ufc, my favorite by far
Galactus MMA
Galactus MMA:
God bless this little angel from heaven!
Detroit Made
Detroit Made:
When Weili asked for fist bump and Rose shook her head and signaled no with hand to throat I got scared......Literally gave me chills...
The Greatest
The Greatest:
There is such an elegance to her style and movement, beautiful. God bless you rose, your a great role model
Jacques Nomdefamille
Jacques Nomdefamille:
I hope everyone will finally stop doubting Rose now. The amount of people who were sure that Weili was gonna run through her was ridiculous. Best straw weight of all time, period.
Mitchel Evans
Mitchel Evans:
Rose was stunning. She gets better and better. She’s just entering her prime. What a truly brilliant Martial Artist.
stuart pappas
stuart pappas:
Pat Barry was a great fighter, very underrated. He is amazing when it comes to support and coaching. You can tell if you follow Rose how important and vital he is to her training. Super cool to watch and see.
John Rogers
John Rogers:
We all seen the jedrzejczyk vs Zhang Weili battle ,...brutal . Im actually grateful that Rose and Zhang didnt have to go through that .. Just an absolute stunning performance by Rose ,..Bless her
Scotty Armstrong
Scotty Armstrong:
So happy for rose!
Robbie E.
Robbie E.:
I love her❤️ my children are lithuanian too 😂
Blair Walker
Blair Walker:
I've been a fan of hers for years, she always showed a ton of promise and I was shocked when she beat Joanna and after that she just went to whole other level of confidence. She's just so poised and calm in the cage, and she explodes at a moments notice
She’s so polite, nice and modest! I don’t know how can some people hate on her! She has pure soul and I see it. True champion! Bravo! Lots of love and future wins to Rose Namajunas❤️🌹
John Bradshaw
John Bradshaw:
You're the best, Rose.
J.R 9.2
J.R 9.2:
THUG Rose🌹
jose clemente Gonzales
jose clemente Gonzales:
I love the humbleness of Thug Rose, she is a class one.
That's my girl thug 🌹💪
Андрей Обухов
Андрей Обухов:
How can you not love her. Amazing person and the champ!
Ronald Drump
Ronald Drump:
Happy for Thug Rose 🌹
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan:
She's the Randy Couture of the women's division. Not in style but she shows up to fight every time and she stays humble and respectful.
Chad Dionne
Chad Dionne:
Even after all the trash talk Rose went to make sure she was ok. Proving she knows how to be a true champion
She's my favourite female fighter ever. Super humble, very respectful and she's cute. Another point to bet your money on her
Eduardo Alejandro García Ramos
Eduardo Alejandro García Ramos:
I'm so happy because everyone was sleeping on Rose, every single comment in posts about the fight were about how Weili was going to destroy his face
Rose was performance of the night
Kolour Blind
Kolour Blind:
When I ever saw rose playing piano I knew her timing was going to be hard to match even for weili. I was actually afraid for rose 🌹 now I’m afraid for weili...the way her country is treating her because of this loss I’m sure is terrible.
R.F.C. Clutch
R.F.C. Clutch:
Rose is finally laughing lol.
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew:
Shes Incredible. Like shes so badass but cute at the same time. I wanted to cry when she was crying. Fuck hahah
Algirdas Makauskas
Algirdas Makauskas:
Rose- the first woman in this category who returns the UFC champion title
Albert Simons
Albert Simons:
Her win made me cry for some reason. Top class performance!
Flosh2 Walkthrough
Flosh2 Walkthrough:
Cried like a baby when that kick landed. Felt so happy for her
Ameer O
Ameer O:
Thug rose! 🌹 🌹
Joseph Bonkoski
Joseph Bonkoski:
"I want to produce fruit....yaknow with this seed that I've been given."

I love Rose so much. Best female champion that's ever existed.
D.C. Stoy
D.C. Stoy:
I’m so happy for her. Her tenacity and mental fortitude to come back after that scary last fight of hers is so admirable. Love her demeanor and down to earth character. Awesome high kick!
Detroit Made
Detroit Made:
I cried wit Rose. Never cried after watching a Fight before...
The Hh
The Hh:
*THUG ROSE!!!!! 🌹💪 LET'S GOOOOO!!!!*
Chris Green
Chris Green:
Such a graceful champion. I love Rose.
I have no clue why seeing this girl happy makes me want to cry tears of joy but I’m clearly not alone. Thug rose the queen. So happy for her
Lionheart Mind Explosion
Lionheart Mind Explosion:
I knew Rose was going to win but i never imagined she would win like that, sheer brilliance personified
pewhiepie 1
pewhiepie 1:
“At every party there are two kinds of people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.”
deborah lewis
deborah lewis:
Rose we love you!
Gumshoe Beaumont
Gumshoe Beaumont:
This girl is the definition of "fan favorite" and this victory is well deserved. I just don't want her to get hurt
Really happy for Rose.
FERG 0629
FERG 0629:
THUG ROSE!!!! THUG ROSE!!!! THUG ROSE!!!! Sooooooooo happy to see you back on top where we all know damn well you belong!!!! Your personality humbleness and positivity is what I would love to model down to my 3 beautiful girls and my amazing wife. You’re such a wonderful role model that every child boy or girl should look up to and learn from. Hell Yeah Rose. May you stay on top for years to come and please keep speaking your true colours for all the world to take notes. YEE YEE!!!!!!
winjloch chaboka
winjloch chaboka:
I love Rose so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 thug Rose, even more ❤️
We love you Roseeeee
James Farley
James Farley:
Rose is a true Champ, a rematch will end the same way.
How can anyone not like Rose? Always humble. Great fighter. Genuine.
She's beautiful and so nice. Has a big heart that makes her down to earth and likable. One of my favorite female fighters
Known As Foxy
Known As Foxy:
This woman is my hero 🖤🌹🌹
Eternal Disciple
Eternal Disciple:
Rose, I wish U the best! Big Fan from Poland 🌷
Amazing performance! I’m a big fan of both so I didn’t want either to lose but rose was amazing! 💪🏻 feel bad for Zhang getting booed though 😔
when shes focussed and hungry she makes it look easy. That kick was set up just perfect
R J:
She’s such a great role model to the youth, she seems so genuine and Down to earth.

Much respect to her.
"I just want to produce fruit with the seed i have been given" Beautiful thought 🌹👏👏👏
Rose totally fooled Weili, if you watch the replay (slow motion is best) you can see Weili hop backwards on both feet while her head stayed upright and forward, thinking rose was going to calf kick her!!! I as well as many other Leaped out of my seat!! Congrats Rose
Rose is so amazing. I'm a die hard Rose fan. Couldn't wait for this fight. This was the main event to me.
gummy21 junior
gummy21 junior:
Rose vs Valentina at 125 bring it on 💪💪
Donnie Roessling
Donnie Roessling:
Heck yes ROSE you made it look easy and all them women better watch out! 🌹
Antoine Simpson
Antoine Simpson:
Rose has grown into a complete MMA fighter. It's awesome to see her regain the belt.
jd h
jd h:
Most lovable UFC fighter rn. Been such a fan ever since DC went "THUG ROSE"
I seriously was so hyped for this fight and I had no idea why. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack...and then when she head kicked her oh my god I lost my mind I was going crazy. And then the emotion during the hand raise and belt ....I was straight crying like a little girl....what a moment for her and the UFC
pro fahrer
pro fahrer:
So glad for her,Rose Champ again🏆👍
pewhiepie 1
pewhiepie 1:
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
Mike Genson
Mike Genson:
was sooo wanting her to say, "I beat Johanna twice, I don't see any reason to fight her again"
Red.i Hood
Red.i Hood:
Love how she responds to all the "thank you's" with "thank you's" as well lmao
Patrick Reagan
Patrick Reagan:
“I was thankful for that obstacle” whoa! Spiritual maturity beyond her years.
I became that vid where the guy's like "That's the GOAT! The GOAT!" when she knocked out Zhang
So freaking stoked for Rose! That kick came out of nowhere and found the mark so perfectly. Unbelievable finish over a very very tough Zhang Wieli
J M:
I think my eyes popped out on stalks when Rose executed the sweetest head kick I’ve ever seen. Bam! Perfect timing! I’m so happy for her. Well done khaleesi 👏👏👏
Jeffster CNC
Jeffster CNC:
I knew she would win and I'm so happy for her ...what an amazing soul
10:24 don’t mind rose scratching her a-
I will be honest I thought Zhang was going to win but I was impressed. Rose is going to be a good champion once again
Tomas Martishius
Tomas Martishius:
Could'nt be happier for Rose, such a sweet soul
I love Rose so much. I'm so happy for her. Good job Rose. You're a great example of a champion and a human being even more so.