Ukraine’s Energy Gamble: Can it Unplug From Russia? | NYT News

As Ukraine braces for an all-out conflict with Russia, it’s testing its ability to disconnect from Russian power supplies for three days, starting Feb. 24. Experts warn the timing could be risky.

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It is so surreal to see this video a few hours later when Kyiv already lost power and the invasion started. I hope their plans work out at least partially in the end.
Elvis Termopan
Elvis Termopan:
All the best to Ukraine achieving their goals, getting energy independent from Russia.
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Huw Zebediah Thomas:
A good reason for Ukraine and EU to push ahead fast with renewable energy projects to go alongside nuclear. And hydrogen technologies, as well as electric urban, transportation.
Feb 24 isolation test turned out to be not only for energy.
10 Hawell
10 Hawell:
Poland is building it's underwater gas pipeline from Norway, gas ports (primarily Qatar and American gas) and new conections to southern and south-eastern neighbors to diversify it's gas supply and there are deals in the works with Ukraine to help it with diversification
Exitus Caeli
Exitus Caeli:
Could be a factor in why attack occurred now.
james ewanchook
james ewanchook:
Sadly, the Russian and Ukrainian peoples have forever had some Tsar or would be Stalin stepping on their necks. May Putin be the last in a long line. From Canada: Remember the Holodomor, Erase all tyrants, Peace on Earth, and God bless Ukraine!
I stand with Ukraine!!!
Zach Zanal
Zach Zanal:
Ukraine has to really come together and implement alternative strategies to counter Russian attacks ,especially the cyber attacks.One possible way{inefficient} is to shift vital and high risky sector to pre internet data management configuration.Instead of stopping dependence of russia ,all at once,u should have done it gradually right from 2014.Another way to counter russia is to allow foreign industries to set up establishments,which must in one point allow ukraine to grab political interest from powerful nations.For example if Ukraine has a strong semi conductor industry and the west is dependent on it,Russia in principle can never touch Ukraine.Russia is not one simple threat to be messed with,Ukrainian politicians has to stop corruption and do bare minimum to atleast make sure they have a land to call it as theirs.
2022 teaches a valuable lesson to Ukraine.When in times of need ,u will be given economical and military aid only if the other side has something to gain from u being free.It is pure business.The kind of support Ukraine is receiving today ,both in terms of military and money is purely out of amnesty.Ukrainians should come together and take counter measures as a serious matter!!
Carla Broderick
Carla Broderick:
This is most ominous video I’ve seen. I feel like swearing. How can the west abandon Ukraine to this fate? Now I understand how ill fated is Eastern Europe’s dependence.
Jhabru Tiger
Jhabru Tiger:
Similar things happened in Afganistan last year, Afgani citizens were pleading for Help from west at that time. you can remember scenes from Kabul Airport for which west didn't do anything, similar things are happening in Ukraine, and similar things can happen with Taiwan too.
barbara ross
barbara ross:
I hope Ukraine stay Independence. It said that they have to rely on Russia for certain equipment industrial uses. They need to cut all ties and all connections with Russia if you crane wants to stay independent.
Was this uploaded before the invasion? In no other western media I have heard about this energy test. So this is why he chose this day to invade, because he thought they were especially vulnerable?
I hope Ukraine delegated the right people for the right job. I saw a programmer pick up a rifle the other day when his keyboard would probably do more.
Cyber warfare is a very real thing that can shut down electricity, communications and even poison drinking water.
Leo Go VT
Leo Go VT:
Tip: do not issue visas for passports of citizens, politicians and businessmen of Russia and Belarus across the planet for 50 years.
Europe gets supply from Russia -> Ukraine wants to get supply from Europe....
So what's the point?
Mr. Factoid
Mr. Factoid:
Wow this aged like a may fly!
jose lopez
jose lopez:
Central West needs hope, carry through ties with international Europe Union.
Nomadic Zak
Nomadic Zak:
All the more reason not to have NATO nuclear missiles on your soil aimed at Russia
Sean Hayes
Sean Hayes:
Uncanny coincidence that 24th February was day scheduled to disconnect Ukraine Moldova from Russia and Belarus energy?
There is always possibilities and other Avenues.. You have the Middle Eastern countries that are not that far away boat wise..
Chris Chris
Chris Chris:
Where does Europe get a big percentage of it's gas supplies from? Yes Russia!
Another example of big shot's playing games with ordinary peoples lives. Both, Ukranian and Russian.
Russia does not understand telephone diplomacy and embargo. They must be given a military answer.
Lando Carlissian
Lando Carlissian:
Russia must be stopped.
Gary Slomczynski
Gary Slomczynski:
This is the first energy war!!
You call it! Russian forces just took over Chernobyl powerplant
Asian student's particularly indians while leaving Ukraine border facing racial discrimination in the hands of Ukraine security forces, very very sad incident happened no one From west are talking about this.

Ukraine security forces are using Indians particularly students as security shields to protect themselves from Russian attack, while doing this one Indian student died in shelling..
Francisco José
Francisco José:
Important information all the time congratulation
Newday Newmoney
Newday Newmoney:
Very good Ukraine should do more on they power energy
Katy Kitty
Katy Kitty:
So did they actually go through with it today?
Ukrain should have disconnected from Russia a long time ago.
Adam Pavlinek
Adam Pavlinek:
Well this aged well
Ivan Nisevic
Ivan Nisevic:
The Ukraine on your map swallowed Moldavia for some reason.
Marc B
Marc B:
Glad they got this story out in time...oh wait.
Ukraine was never a viable EU member state. Its territorial integrity issue w.r.t. Crimea results in being an unviable candidate.
Steve Deasy
Steve Deasy:
Can the USA unplug from Russia?
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Contact 👉 Maskoffweb,com 👈:
I met you about 5 month ago and now I have everything I want pray for thanks so much 👆🏿☝🏾👆🏿
Contact 👉 Maskoffweb,com 👈
Contact 👉 Maskoffweb,com 👈:
I met you about 5 month ago and now I have everything I want pray for thanks so much 👆🏿☝🏾👆🏿
What a timing
جولة حول العالم
جولة حول العالم :
It is a fierce war between two camps
Seabreacher Tahoe
Seabreacher Tahoe:
Disconnect then ….. don’t just talk about it why wait ?
funny that the war begins the day the test happens
S B:
I hope hunter Biden is there seeing how he’s on the board of a energy company. Lmao
Hindus love cow piss
Hindus love cow piss:
Thank you Russia for exposing the hipocrsy of Europe
Mark B
Mark B:
Buy coal from Australia, they have more coal then Saudi Arabia having petrol ⛽️
as a Belarusian, we do NOT support Putin and this war
Jeremy Bertz
Jeremy Bertz:
They forgot Moldova on the thumbnail map lol.
Umberto Fournier
Umberto Fournier:
Such a difference a day makes
Robin White -Gough
Robin White -Gough:
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humanity for people
humanity for people:
Russia great
Supreme Consciousness
Supreme Consciousness:
In Germany they already say shot down everything which seems to be russian xD
r bk
r bk:
Buying coal from Russia for the Nuclear power station ))))))))
Taxes, death and trouble.
Taxes, death and trouble.:
Good job people.
🛀Baths of POP🛀T.V.
🛀Baths of POP🛀T.V.:
Mukesh Mainali
Mukesh Mainali:
Does anyone knows the source of 03:08 visual?
Rinnzu Rosendale
Rinnzu Rosendale:
Is this really apropriate right now? I just watched a clip of Russians stripping ukraine bodies of gear. Not to mention those power plants got leveled last night. I feel like the ship sailed.
PaPik Play
PaPik Play:
Ukraine bombed Donbas for 8 years, 14 thousand people died! Where is your regret for the dead people in Donbass?
Amy Rogers (Crypto-Babe)
Amy Rogers (Crypto-Babe):
Definitely a must watch video:
Al woo
Al woo:
They got loads of coal so no problem
Q Will
Q Will:
Or VP option . Go in full on invasion
Why did they not test this before a crisis?
"constant cyber attacks"
* Shows a power plant which looks like it was built before the computer was even invented *
Martin Mendl
Martin Mendl:
That aged poorly veeery quicky
did the thumbnail just draw moldova as a part of ukraine?
Joe Cavalloti
Joe Cavalloti:
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ماجد أحمد
ماجد أحمد:
The United Nations has certified that Iraq has completed its compensation obligations for the Kuwait’s invasion. Now, we are the honorable, patriotic and loyal Iraqis, and not the agents of America, Iran and the Gulf rulers, are demanding compensation from the USA, Britain and their Gulf allies for the occupation and destruction of Iraq that includes the material damages as well as moral and psychological damages. We are seeking TEN trillion dollar compensation.
Doug Wedel
Doug Wedel:
This was Feb 23. How are plans working out now?
This didn’t age well
MILOSH JOVANOVIC Flight Simulation Videos
MILOSH JOVANOVIC Flight Simulation Videos:
The only reason to not use Russian energy is politics. It would just have to spend a lot of money to change to the same energy from other countries
fever dream
fever dream:
Ah so thats why EU is supporting Ukraine, they will be dependent on EU for electricity. In any case, feel bad for Ukraine, stuck between Russian and EU/US, both of which are just looking at them for profit
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher:
Wall socket is resisting being unplugged.
Wu Lung
Wu Lung:
Peaceful trade and cooperation is the best policy. Ignore war monger US
Merciless Radio
Merciless Radio:
I hope Russia does take the Ukraine. They couldnt run it any worse than Zelensky.
Why moldova is merged with ukraine on the thumbnail, give map-obsessive cartophiles nightmares
This video did not age well at all. It was outdated almost immediately.
Amesya Hadi
Amesya Hadi:
We will all die, nothing eternal, for good for all humans !!!! Power, property, position is not taken dead ....... opportunity to do good when we are strong and prosperous
Natalia Tityk
Natalia Tityk:
#Ukrainian ask #NATO to bring their forces to #Ukraine ❗️
At least to close the sky. To give shelter from the sky...🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tau ceti
Tau ceti:
How do the dombas region get energy as i doubt the rest of ukraine would supply them?
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez:
Despite the economic crisis,A former Soviet republic, Ukraine has deep cultural, economic, and political bonds with Russia. this is still a good time to invest in Gold and crypto Investing in different streams of income in other not to depend on government for funds and avoid all the chitchat about the inflation.
Moacir Salgado Arena
Moacir Salgado Arena:
Putin spat in the face of the UN and the world.....
Harold Smith
Harold Smith:
Kind of moot now. Great timing @NYT.
Christopher Toledo
Christopher Toledo:
What's going to happen pretty soon they already have Captured Chernobyl power plant 🇷🇺 Russian Federation Military World Superpowers 🌍🌏 and they might've captured dozens Ukrops Power plant in Southern Western Eastern and cut off 🇺🇦 Ukrainian Government oli ⛽ Gas destruction and cutting off with your electric power station in Kiev Ash Dust till dawn of war Warfare advanced ?
Tfw third scenario happened
Tim Chuma
Tim Chuma:
Well if they are not isolated before they are now.
Csabi Imre
Csabi Imre:
This video aged like milk.
Hey NYT what's up with Ukraines map? I think you made a mistake, why crimea and donbas are in grey?
Jeffrey Tan
Jeffrey Tan:
This is now a mute point I guess
Watch the Matrix movies and you will understand why there is all this is all studied.
RPS Corp
RPS Corp:
Really no point in this vid...ships sailed.
Wlad Jarosz
Wlad Jarosz:
no terrorussia - no problems!
Joe Black
Joe Black:
This sentiment. Disconnect from Russia. Will be all that Russia gets for its efforts, from the rest of the developed world, if it takes over the Ukraine.
It will miss the rest of the developed world more than it will enjoy having Ukraine. Of this I am certain.
So this is why today is the day Russia invaded...
Milan Filipovic
Milan Filipovic:
Putin give them so much for so long, and cheap! What Russia get back from them? NATO? People in power in Ukraina don’t deserve better ! I’m feeling sorry for ordinary people
A Lonely Potato
A Lonely Potato:
This comment section is going to have a lot of bootlickers, isn’t it?
Robert Radwanski
Robert Radwanski:
Wolyn 1943. No more Ukraine in EU.
Savannah M. Laurentian
Savannah M. Laurentian:
Maybe time to take down vid. Gone from ironic to tragic.
Pacifique :
This did not age well
Рома З
Рома З:
Путин им быстро пуповину перерезал😄
Павло Зеленко
Павло Зеленко:
Moldova uts country, and you art its Ukranion.
Paid journalism 🤣🤣🤣