Understanding Stefanos Tsitsipas’ Massive Choke vs Borna Coric | US Open 2020

Stefanos Tstisipas suffered a massive choke against Borna Coric in the US Open third round, and here on GS Tennis News Today we analyze his 6 missed match point opportunties and other preventable issues including his team and father.

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21 comentarios:

Tsitsipas needs to stop worrying about his stupid image and social media and focus on his tennis. Also get a new coach. I sense some toxic codependence there.
Great stretches of tennis displayed by both young lions. I look forward to great things from both of them.
Abby Nelson
Abby Nelson:
My only critique is that tsitsi yelled at his dad and then his dad left. Not the other way around. So the comments about his camp not being supportive might be misplaced. Definitely agree that he may want to reevaluate who he brings to such a personal meeting in competition with no fans present.
Alan Chong
Alan Chong:
Great analysis of an exciting match! Thank you.
A real Icarus moment as Stef's play to get to 5-1 in the 4th probably above his world tour final. Coric to close it played higher level fast court tennis than in his two Fed romps in 2018 (didn't serve as well in this match.)
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
I swear some of these players need to be Investigated for MatchFixing🧐 Especially Kiki Mladenovic 0_O WTF?
No more saying "choking" - & "tanking"
*It's still very prevalent in all pro sport at all levels*
Even when Novak was making millions, giving people the hands, he said his team got a letter to fix matches.
David Givins
David Givins:
Tsitsipas thought coric was going to quit and allowed his level to drop while coric level was steady and got higher and tsitsipas got angry that coric keep battling. I watched it and I've been there.
Human Entity
Human Entity:
Thiem and Medvedev are way ahead of the other youngsters when it comes to match mental toughness and big point mentality
Matthias Lee
Matthias Lee:
i died at the opening statement
Jennifer Ou
Jennifer Ou:
Classic NextGen mentality.
Diego Soto Miranda
Diego Soto Miranda:
Its time to find a new coach and let his parents be parents, they are so much involved in a way that it seems to trouble his progress, its common to tennis players having family too involved sometimes cause is a solitary sport and they start to travel at such young age and a lot of rich parents tends to be overprotective resulting in spoiled sons, its time to stefanos to gain total independency if he wants to be a true champion
Ivan DeSantis
Ivan DeSantis:
This was an epic gag. Up 2 breaks in the 4th and 6 match points??? Borna Coric does not have the natural talent that Zverev or Tsitsipas have but he has more heart and more fight than both of them put together.
Q Dixon
Q Dixon:
bruh.... Haven't seen a choke like this in the U.S. Open since Thiem and del Potro in 2017
Prince Mo
Prince Mo:
Mafia he know what he doing
Not fair to Borna, not fair to Stefanos, to use the word "choke".
Coric, always flies under the radar, but none of the top seeds want to see him in the early rounds. When he's serving, well, he's very dangerous, especially, on fast surfaces where his speed plays to a huge advantage.

Plus, look at the shape he's in! When he's not injured, this guy's a wolf. Just ask Roger.
20 years ago
20 years ago:
Tsits is getting ridiculous. Too many major chokes.
Rahul Bhatnagar
Rahul Bhatnagar:
So nobody is going to suggest this was fixed?
Renuka Lakshmi
Renuka Lakshmi:
No choke is bigger than Wimbledon 2019
New gen really worries me. I was looking at the draw, without nadal or Federer, there is a serious lack of star power. New players just don’t capture the imagination
Asghar Khan
Asghar Khan:
Very poor from tsitsipas
T H:
I thought you were saying "torch" instead of Coric