Understanding Syd Barrett

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INFO: Syd Barrett was a guitarist, singer/songwriter and painter from Cambridgeshire, UK. He was well known for being the founding member of the rock band giant Pink Floyd, but he has later been known as a cult-icon because of his strange life story and eerie solo-records. In this video we take a deeper look at his life.

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Michael Craig
Michael Craig:
Jimi Hendrix told Syd to slow way down on the partying, especially to cut way down on taking acid.. If Jimi tells you to cut down on partying, you KNOW you got problems!!
Carl Andersson
Carl Andersson:
If you understand Syd Barrett, you're Syd Barrett.
David G O
David G O:
The fact that he walked in out of nowhere just when they were playing "Wish you were here" is so odd it's almost magical.
double fantasy
double fantasy:
I was passionately in love with the writing of Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd. There was something slightly not quite with us about syd that appealed to me strongly. There was a peter pan quality about him
- David Bowie
Blcklives Matter
Blcklives Matter:
He reached for the secret too soon.
robert black
robert black:
"He took acid for 7 days in a row."
Yes, what happened to Syd?
Quite the mystery. - (people who have never dropped acid)
TenThumbs Productions
TenThumbs Productions:
Legendary channel.
Edward Hardy
Edward Hardy:
My dad bought a stool made by syd barret on a auction after he died and my middle name is floyd because of my dads love for the band
I believe all three theories.. he had undiagnosed mental illness that was brought out by excessive lsd use and he was tired and burnt out.
Bill Kinsman
Bill Kinsman:
Mental illness still has so much stigma attached to it, that it is easier to blame it on the drugs than to admit that human beings have flaws sometimes and people are not perfect without drugs.
Lukey the VideoMonkey
Lukey the VideoMonkey:
Without Syd, pink Floyd would have never become the legends they are today
The Nerdy Musician 2369
The Nerdy Musician 2369:
You forgot to mention that David Gilmore was actually more of a friend with syd then the rest of the members of the band
"Barrett would later be approached by a Guardian reporter in 2001 for another attempted interview.

The Guardian: Excuse me! I’m writing a piece about Syd Barrett.

Syd Barrett: Who?’

G: Syd Barrett. He used to be in Pink Floyd.

S: Never heard of ‘im. Is he one of them rappers?

G: No. He was a psychedelic genius. Are you Syd Barrett?

S: Leave me alone. I’ve got to get some coleslaw."
Jimmy Cranier
Jimmy Cranier:
Syd's departure from Pink Floyd was destiny , had he been tolerated Pink Floyd the band may have faded away and never become what they became.
I would pay to watch Syd play 1 note over and over...
Anthony Caldeira
Anthony Caldeira:
Sid is so cute.
Frog Stillwagon
Frog Stillwagon:
I can't believe Roger didn't get the joke of "Have you got it yet?!!" LMAO!!! I THINK ITS HILARIOUS!!!!
Roxanne Moser
Roxanne Moser:
S hine on
Y ou crazy
D iamond
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips:
I feel like his 1975 picture everyday
8:38 I almost wish I hadn't seen this photo of Syd.
Joseph Hartsock
Joseph Hartsock:
2:32 wow that might be one of the most accurate depictions of mild psychedelic visuals I've ever seen created
The Edelweiss Pirate
The Edelweiss Pirate:
Barrett played a huge part in Floyd's history, but i don't think they would have reached mega stardom if he had stayed with them.
Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
Marijana Fable
Marijana Fable:
Understanding Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin
Stephen Doyle
Stephen Doyle:
I Took acid five times in a year and it changed me for life, couldn't imagine how bad it would have been to do it seven times in a week. Some doors should never be opened.
Henry Williams
Henry Williams:
I think he was high functioning on the Asperger spectrum. There was no such diagnosis in the 60s and little understanding of it. Psychedelic drugs were likely an effort to self medicate. but without a well-designed treatment protocol, it had negative effects.
Whild Hair83
Whild Hair83:
He is the reason I glued round little mirrors on my guitar...🌒
Mally Flower
Mally Flower:
Fine line between genius and madness.
"You cried for the moon."
Josh Gellis
Josh Gellis:
This is by FAR, one of the MOST saddest stories EVER. TO be LOST in your own mind due to having probably A CUP'S worth of ACID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gideon Cripps
Gideon Cripps:
You forgot the most interesting part of the Wish You Were Here story: that song / album was actually about Syd Barrett himself
Tim Irwin
Tim Irwin:
I discovered Syd Barrett for the first time when I was 16 or 17 and (from my experience most people get into him around the same age) was so shocked I had never heard of him before, so I went on a binge for about three to four months of nothing but listening to his albums and doing covers of them to try and learn more about his style by playing and recording it first-hand, I love it!
A million voices singing in his mind. What a beautifully sad story of a legend.
E. Coli
E. Coli:
It's sad where Syd's life headed but that Have You Got It Yet story gets me everytime lmao
John McCubbin
John McCubbin:
I've got a bike you can ride it if you'd like. It's got a basket a bell that rings and things that make it look good . Thank you Syd
Loud Coyote47
Loud Coyote47:
Anyone else feel like they've accidentally summoned the spirit of Syd thru over-obsession over learning about him?? Just me??
"I know a room full of musical tunes..."
João de Carvalho
João de Carvalho:
Some of his best songs were composed after he left the Pink Floyd.
He was really the first man on the moon....he just didn't return back to Earth.
Ash Neel
Ash Neel:
50years later its still hard for people with mental health problems to get proper help. No matter how rich, old or race you belong to..
How you can consumed LSD in seven straight day, he must be taken a very large dosage. When you taken LSD on the first day and on the next day you need to increase your dosage if you wanna get the same experience, I can't imagine how much his dosage if this story is true
Syd sounds like he had ADHD initially.
UFO was pronounced “you foe.”
Quentin Sands IV
Quentin Sands IV:
1:57 "Interstellar Overdrive." Now we're talking. 👍👍👍
C#m Best Key
C#m Best Key:
I actually found out about him before I found out about Pink Floyd
🌹 RIP Sir Barrett, in life he was a ghost
Gracy Pc
Gracy Pc:
He was a genius and I love him no matter what!
Tyler Anscomb
Tyler Anscomb:
Love how you're shining much needed light on all these old musicians. So many people now-er days have either never heard of them, or don't know why they're significant. Thanks for the content, but lose the beard until it fills out properly please :D
may he rest in peace.
it saddens me every time when i hear something about Syd.
raul macias
raul macias:
Quote by ROGER KEITH "SYD" BARRETT ~ "If I'd stayed at college, I would have become a teacher."
As Jagger said about Brian Jones, "It's alright getting out of it, it's coming back you have to worry about".
"Beware of unearned wisdom." —Carl Jung
ramin khoshbin
ramin khoshbin:
Hi, you said 3 times "there is links blow"
There is not
Chosen One
Chosen One:
If you understand Syd,

you've probably drilled your cranium in search for inspiration in the late 60 after a trip to India
Mark Shimmons
Mark Shimmons:
Thanks for creating this video. I learned a lot & you did a great job. Couldn't find the button in messenger you mentioned.
Lady Midnight
Lady Midnight:
Remembering syd on his birthday today, he was such an angel, love you syd forever and always.🧚🏻‍♀️⭐️🌻🍄
Aastha Sharma
Aastha Sharma:
I never really tried to dig deeper into the life of Syd Barrett. Today, I watched this video and now I don't know how to stop crying. I can't even imagine what he might have gone through. It breaks my heart that how tough life was for some of the legendary musicians, who blessed us with some extraordinary music.
Shine on you crazy diamond
Vilius Zavadskis
Vilius Zavadskis:
Love SYD forever!
Wesslyn Peckoner
Wesslyn Peckoner:
The "Have You Got it?" bit sounds like a pretty epic troll, not gonna lie
i’m so glad this video is getting so much attention!
Donnie V.
Donnie V.:
Barrett brought David Gilmore in to begin with right? One day on acid is more than enough let alone seven!
art vandelay
art vandelay:
wouldn't Brian Jones and the stones kind of had a similar weird relationship?
The Estimator
The Estimator:
Sounds awfully similar to the story of Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac, He disappeared with some German drug experimentalist's and Peter Green; as was; never came back. We'll never know, if you were there at the time, you didn't know there was so much weird shit going on and those boys were on a mission, taking it to the max ,we have the music ,leave it at that .
red comn
red comn:
What make him a rock legend?

Libby Anne
Libby Anne:
I think the "have you got it yet" joke was actually pretty funny 🤷‍♀️😄
Dan B Cooper
Dan B Cooper:
2:36 actually a pretty good visualization of nature on shrooms. Nice!
Charlie Harvey
Charlie Harvey:
We need a film about Syd about his life and Pink Floyd
unlikely but if done right it could be great.
* 69
* 69:
You look like Miley Cyrus with a beard, and that's a compliment man. :[) LoL
The greatest musician in Britain's history, gave way to the greatest guitarist in R&R history to become the greatest band in the universe!
Understanding Pink Floyd? That’d be pretty awesome
tamas mihaly
tamas mihaly:
So, when does the Understanding part come in? More questions than answers...
Grace Antonio
Grace Antonio:
😢... 😭 sigh... thank u. Syd is truly a rare & tragic talent.
Revo Gue
Revo Gue:
Thank you for your work you put into this vid, Syd was a wonder to watch live. What track did you use to score this? I tuned in to it around the talk of Piper at the Gates.
Blue Bubble
Blue Bubble:
love your channel, honestly. thank you for making these kind of videos
Just what would’ve happened if Syd stayed for “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Animals”, and “The Wall?
Foolish Fool *Prev. Tables Animations*
Foolish Fool *Prev. Tables Animations*:
Syd looks amazing on the video cover, it really shows what drugs can do to you if you look at the picture taken when they were recording WYWH.
whys he say london like that though
Casey Gonzalez
Casey Gonzalez:
Ive been a pink floyd since 98 and i learned so much in this vid 21 years later
Marcin W
Marcin W:
You cant understand syd barrett
I feel like Syd’s solo albums were anything but “simplistic.” Great video though!
Sam Rockwell could perfectly fit the part of Syd in a movie...
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan:
ya gotta know what you're gettin into when u listen to Syd's solo work.
Syd Barrett in 9 minutes, 22 seconds - very well done.
In a field with so many tragic stories, Syd's might be the saddest.
Trevor Corcoran
Trevor Corcoran:
Seeing that picture of Syd Berrett in 1975 always saddens me... :(
Francesca Canova
Francesca Canova:
When he was in life, did someone come to visit him? Was him alone?
Susan T. Haney
Susan T. Haney:
I love this person’s Art. 🦋🧸💐
7 days of taking Acid?!?!! Admitting to taking Acid 2 days was an insane ride for me, but 7 days holy cow man!!!!
Carrie Paulsen
Carrie Paulsen:
Thank you Syd, ya old sock ~ You da man!!!
Natalie Salas
Natalie Salas:
It was all three “theories” that pushed this man to the curb.
Tina Hachey
Tina Hachey:
That's really interesting thank you for sharing ❤️😄
Sarahparra more
Sarahparra more:
Just subscribed. Loving this stuff- thank you for this!!!!!
ch oke
ch oke:
We lost Syd to himself xd
possum magic
possum magic:
awesome vid man thank you for the clear explanation and history of Syd!
He always be the inspired talented Syd. Love.
Imagine Syd Barrett playing L in Death Note
Mychael Darklighter
Mychael Darklighter:
I wonder if he may have had Asperger’s or something. I do know it’s often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.
Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo:
He went away, and a part of him never came back. It’s simple as that. The mind is uncomfortably weak, and for the eccentric and deep, it is easy to split. Some come back, some don’t. Jugband Blues is a severally sad song.
George .george
George .george:
are you eastern european? The entire video I was trying to figure out your accent.
Calvin W Boaz
Calvin W Boaz:
What happened to the theory that the other members were hidong drugs in his food.
doc ahhk
doc ahhk:
Syd “ David Gilmore” Barrett .