UNDISPUTED - Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight reschedule for June in Miami!! Skip reacts

UNDISPUTED - Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight reschedule for June in Miami!! Skip reacts

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Jeffrey Imagine
Jeffrey Imagine:
Shannon doesn’t realize Logan isn’t Jake 😂
Milton Taylor
Milton Taylor:
Talk to em Skip...👍🏾
If he keeps this up, Logan Paul is going to be a Quad-Trillionaire. Great booking.
Marvin Cook
Marvin Cook:
ALI THE GREATEST R.I.P Skip we finally Agree on The same thing Finally
Paul Sweet
Paul Sweet:
Ali did exhibitions as well
Mljee Jaiteh
Mljee Jaiteh:
I honestly don’t think this fight is bad for boxing, is just bringing more people to boxing. Boxing haven’t been that big of a sport these passed years, but now it is the most talked about sport in the US.
Woke AF
Woke AF:
This means one thing: Mayweather has found a way to get 9-figures for some "Easy work!"
He said he doesn't enter the ring for less than $100M
LandBoy Beatz
LandBoy Beatz:
June 6... so this fight is gona be on a Sunday???
Big Tik
Big Tik:
DC should just come out and say “okay meet me in the octagon. Name the time and place.” That would shut them up quick
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas:
Floyd bout to avenge Nate Robinson!!
Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods:
Lmfao that is Logan not Jake. They’re gonna hate this lmao
My prediction: (if you disagree so be it but I think it's reasonable):
Mayweather will toy with Paul for however long was deemed appropriate for enough drama by those behind the scenes. Then he will do enough for the judges to score him the winner. There will be no knockouts.

If Mayweather took this as a serious legitimate fight he would mop Logan up with ease, and I say that as someone who is no fan of Mayweather. At very best for Paul he can lean on and tie up Mayweather with his weight advantage and try to prolong the inevitable. It should mean nothing to his "legacy" as any sensible person will realize it was just a circus for that $$$.
sneakie squid
sneakie squid:
Tenshin Nasukawa (the kickboxing guy)- 41-0 in kickboxing, 4-0 mma, and 105-5 amateur kickboxing. If Floyd fought him for real and not a joke boxing match, Tenshin would beat the brakes off of him.
Oasis Peace
Oasis Peace:
Racism going to make Mayweather a billionaire
Of course Shannon is a Floyd fan smh
I know floyd doing it for a easy heavy check.. But this is a slap in a face to real boxers who would kill to get a fight against Floyd
Chris B.
Chris B.:
Why do I have this feeling Floyd will get owned?
This hurts Mayweather’s legacy even though he will obviously win.
Slim Hardaway
Slim Hardaway:
It's ok to waste your money paying to watch this!!
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez:
Money will out box this dude an win easy money facts
Chris Mac
Chris Mac:
This is a shame. If you want to do an exhibition box Oscar instead.
Chris Mac
Chris Mac:
This is why boxing is going downhill fast and UFC is just better. Floyd Pacman was 6 years too late. Non of the top guys really fight each other besides the heavyweights. When will spence crawford fight? 2025?
Justin Figgins
Justin Figgins:
Skip just called the legendary Antonio Inoki, "a kickboxer", Skip is sickening....🤢🤮

Skip just called the boxing match between Ali & Inoki, "the birth of mma"....😡🤬

Skip stop, "the birth of mma", when Antonio Inoki was not allowed to upper/mid kick, elbow, knee, wrestle, grabble, submit Ali....
MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom:
Ugh, what’s the point Mr. Mayweather?? Stay retired, cause this is totally beneath him and he doesn’t need the money.
King King
King King:
1:31 put respek on KSI name skiuuup
Grace Perruquet
Grace Perruquet:
Logan wins..he to big
Texas Born Texas Raised
Texas Born Texas Raised:
Who TF is logan paul 🤷
Jon Smith
Jon Smith:
Floyd is a great champion and arguably the pound for pound best ever. He’s also a money hungry clown. He’ll still wipe the floor with Paul.
Rodolfo Argumaniz
Rodolfo Argumaniz:
This is easy work for Floyd he’s going to mop the floor with this kid and show him how good he’s not lol
David Maez
David Maez:
This Exhibition is definitely one of the signs of the Apocalypse. I am not giving a damn dime for this bullshit. And I hope people with sense will boycott this money grab.