US buys nearly all stocks of coronavirus drug remdesivir

The US government has bought a massive stock of the only drug licensed to treat COVID-19, fanning fears there will be shortages of the anti-viral remdesivir in the rest of the world.
But this does not mean that it will be easy for Americans to access the drug, as it is not yet clear what the final cost to the individuals will be.
A report released this week found pharmaceutical companies have raised prices for 245 drugs since January - many of them used to treat COVID-19.

Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from the US capital, Washington, DC.

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94 comentarios:

Manik Kalore
Manik Kalore:
US is capitalism on steroids.
covert provocateur
covert provocateur:
It's nothing. Remdesivir is not a proven cure. This hype will just benefit the producer and again it is a US company.
Siam Sami
Siam Sami:
Remdesivir: ** exists **
USA: *I will take your entire stock*
Siam Islam
Siam Islam:
In Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 the drug is totally free
Philip Ting
Philip Ting:
US hoarding medicine. They also tried to buy German vaccine company.
Nafis Rahman
Nafis Rahman:
Hey Us public!
Let corporations steal your money by selling products developed by your money, at a ridiculous price.
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ:
the usa is f up
Space Shuttle Door Gunner
Space Shuttle Door Gunner:
pharma cartel... enjoy your profit while it lasts. great way to make your name known. 300-500% MU? super.
Vihari Royal
Vihari Royal:
And it doesn't even Cure Corona Virus......😂☝
Kevin Madsen
Kevin Madsen:
Remdesivir is hardly worth the glass vial it comes in, it's simply a pump and dump crime.
Ramesh Kanzariya
Ramesh Kanzariya:
Which country make remdesivir medicine? Pls tell?
Albert Langendijk
Albert Langendijk:
Send a justice bailiff to that people, and they will listen !!!😘
Peter Kroll
Peter Kroll:
The US is putting themselves more and more into a very bad position.
Amazing! After buying up all the med their death rate is still so high and going up some more. Makes one wonder if this new drug that the US bought is really the snake oil of the 21 century.
P Nawab K
P Nawab K:
😂😂 We in India will soon make Generic version for everyone ...if needed !
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed:
Take foods with vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.
Big pharma is evil
Osamah Kiwan
Osamah Kiwan:
Someone remind me where does the US stand in global corruption and transparency index given than corporate lobbying is such an integral part of their political culture.
Bassa the heling mind Cassa
Bassa the heling mind Cassa:
Thy went to hungry on mony
amy benje
amy benje:
evakatrina a
evakatrina a:
2:22 er, Shihab. Not Shabab.
Pat Saulnois
Pat Saulnois:
7000$ ++ for a 5-6 days treatment. The poor will be so happy to go broke !
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
Mark my words it's not gona work on CCP virus
Shari M
Shari M:
World Top Rankers
World Top Rankers:
Melissa WANG
Melissa WANG:
Covid19 is the business just like climate change, petro dollar etc.
Avenida de la Plata. I see what you did there.
Aryan Gupta
Aryan Gupta:
And this is why kids you need a big pharmaceutical industry in your country,my country produces one of the most medicine by volume and among top 5 by value and this medicine is produced in my country,so my country and it's neighbors are in no danger
Tommy Abdill
Tommy Abdill:
Outrageous...sadly nothing will change. Big pharmas will always get away with this ..
VanMy Trinh
VanMy Trinh:
US needs to monopolize something to feel empower, just like people hoarding toilet paper.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin:
Not a cure, I will wait.
Big pharma treating Coronavirus like it is Diabetes.
Astre74 TV
Astre74 TV:
cost 3100$ ..chlorokine ..20$ see the trick coming???
Mole Js
Mole Js:
just imagine if US got the vaccine ,the whole world would be suffering !! price will kill u before the virus .Like the US health system .
I think People should shut Up and be thankful
Lol it's was not effective enough so far, 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Already so many died in USA, it's not gonna change enough or save more US people 😆😆😆😆.
Enjoy your medical bills
Dexamethasone is a fraction of the cost and far more effective in patients on ventilation, reducing mortality by up to a third. It's so cheap that hopefully the US won't be interested in cornering the market.
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj:
This is why we need universal healthcare period
Virtigo Count
Virtigo Count:
Well since covid-19 1numbers are so high in the USA and they want to behave like a Rogue nation all other countries should keep their bodies close to the USA for the rest of the pandemic and let them see how much they can really survive all alone
Lorenzo Carmagnola
Lorenzo Carmagnola:
Robed again.
Nancy Chace
Nancy Chace:
I just heard a well-founded report this AM that several countries including Germany, maybe the UK and Italy were reporting adequate supplies of Remdesivir. This story of hoarding may be most hurtful and inappropriate. To the independent reader, - better do copious fact-checking here.
rocky rocky
rocky rocky:
Has any other manufacturer got its licence???
Slither Elaine
Slither Elaine:
The irony is that most Americans can’t even afford it anyway. This is extortion by the Pharmaceutical Industry.
The drugs are always cheaper when pharmacy’s purchase them. When they are used then it cost more to the pt. they don’t go by cost of the pt but what drug companies sell at. Then insurance and all that billing stuff comes later but drug companies don’t see that part at all.
Ahmad Shahvary
Ahmad Shahvary:
United States
is in serious crisis so that this country may conclude that a war against
imaginary enemy, perhaps will help her to overcome the current crises which are
fundamentally wrong as war has not solved any problem.
anaci paulina
anaci paulina:
First country first🤣🤣🤣🤣
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
USA never change .... Don't wear Masks & roam & blame world 🌎 😷 ... Korea helping wid kits , India helping wid medicine s ....Just China 🇨🇳 & USA should go for war
Free for all ... profit,profit,profit big pharmaceutical
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown:
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barefoot professor
barefoot professor:
Richard Morenski
Richard Morenski:
Let US spend a lot of money on this placebo drug. We don't have seen some significant positive independent results with Remdesivir and probably we will discover that he has no real benefit for covid cure.
Albert Langendijk
Albert Langendijk:
Pharmacy industry is a not profid organisation for the wealth of mankind. Simple ! Problem solved
Wilson Wong
Wilson Wong:
Wtf. Research 6mth with tax payers money and now charge the people to survive.
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
Redemsevire is commercial produc but not covic19 medicine because this medicine is ineffective and it's gona fail terrible.
Billy _Almighty
Billy _Almighty:
USA being USA..😎😎😎
dan zak
dan zak:
Hey Al Jazeera, Just wanted you to know that there is an Indian whatapp group which is created with the sole purpose of spamming the comments on your video. THey start sharing links to your videos as soon as it is released, they make fake accounts and fun of religion, even if it's unrelated. Be careful and block them
Ali Bhaloo
Ali Bhaloo:
Tony Robbins ,Robin Sharma,bobproctor ..Time to preach your government s for a fee Now so that you can end this karma ..or it's madmax .. the movie for American s
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith:
Nobody seemed to care when China bought up all the Hydroxychloroquine back in March.
Hypocrites abound.
Phil Gordon
Phil Gordon:
The cost of treating one coronavirus patient with Remdesivir $2,340 per patient. Treating one coronavirus patient with hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins is one tenth the cost of Remdesivir. Remdesivir is a costly and useless drug. Remdesivir is an awfully expensive patented drug that has been proven ineffective against the coronavirus and Ebola. Hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins are very inexpensive and has been proven effective against the coronavirus. Remdesivir was used in the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone July 2014 it was a complete failure. Nano Silver was used to treat Ebola it was extremely successful. I wonder why Nano Silver is not used for the coronavirus.
jinny wazen
jinny wazen:
so is it your agenda now ? to spread more fake news ?
Gilead is one of company backing Gates Foundation, they involed make simulation of covid a year before its happened, a mont after wuhan they announced their tech had ready for covid vaccine
Drug dealers
Team Punk
Team Punk:
just like hydrochloroquine......ineffective
Tex AJP:
thanks richard wolff
Birdy Flying
Birdy Flying:
Medical system and medication does not belong in the predator capitalism market! Like trowing your children for the wolves and tearing them apart. Governments need to take care about their people, that is what they are payed for, not selling them out!
prep perry
prep perry:
WhitE LighteR
WhitE LighteR:
The gonna need it.
Albert Langendijk
Albert Langendijk:
Not true. Is forbidden.
Gazi Gazi
Gazi Gazi:
Rest of the world is left with nothing for at least three months and the worst of covid 19 is yet to come.
Dario Gomes
Dario Gomes:
This is not a problem it is an opportunity -America using tax payers money to develop drugs.
Max Irwin
Max Irwin:
Wolff thought that IDG was a labor organization and called me a flllking azzhule' when i called them out in the 2019 Workers Unite Film Festival.. so he's nothing for the left but trouble.
Ousmaila Bouba
Ousmaila Bouba:
Imagine if it was china
Kamal ,
Kamal ,:
YAY, now Brazil, South Africa, India, Pakistan, United kingdom and Nigeria can no longer help their victims!
Lorenzo Carmagnola
Lorenzo Carmagnola:
This is why I stay home.
daniel tan
daniel tan:
Welcome to the idoicracy of america
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega:
It's hoarding of essentials. And was I wrong when I heard President Trump urge countrymen not to hoard toilet papers during lockdown?
Revin moreka
Revin moreka:
we Africa we don’t need the drug cause we are tge F1 species 😊
Jakob Raahauge
Jakob Raahauge:
A generic version is being produced in Bangladesh
Edward Ong
Edward Ong:
All countries on this globe is now going to witness the evil deeds of US !!!!
Rere Mouse
Rere Mouse:
Even the mouthpieces of the US such as Al Jazeera are complaining...
Ali Bhaloo
Ali Bhaloo:
I see no body in Africa pities American s ever body says it's their karma..
Who wants to bet that some close friend of Herr Trump's, or maybe a family member owns tons of stock in the company who holds the patent on this medicine??
How about QUININE ???
N Xarigow
N Xarigow:
American pharmaceutical companies bought it almost all the world supply just as they did it before with the PPE . Next is " Take the few $$$ from the pockets of the " hardworking American people who are in difficult struggling times , millions with no healthcare insurance as, lost your job means lost your healthcare insurance for many millions.
clinton lin
clinton lin:
To every peasant countries out there stop complaining and be better if you want to buy make sure u have money peasants. USA always number 1 so deal with it peasants
Jerry W
Jerry W:
No surprise, and Trump will blame China for that.
Adam Sahr
Adam Sahr:
This is going to make GILEAD and the TRUMPS very rich but will make no difference for the patients. If they would have died without this toxic drug, they will still with it, and if they were meant to survive without it, they may die because of it. NEVER TRUST TRUMP !!!
The everything Channel
The everything Channel:
Do someone still think America is not a bully
America First !! USA USA USA USA !!!
Just let India manufacture it , and they would successfully do it for a fraction of this price.
Trump is the worst strategist ever...
fake medicine for their fake virus .
Paxstan's Pinanse minuster.
Paxstan's Pinanse minuster.:
If any other will do the same
TRUMP :if they don't give US ofcourse there will be retaliation.