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Spider Hodgson
Spider Hodgson:
We were mugged by the ref and var. But saying that Hats off to Eddie pick for the team, they played so well. Very proud of the toon. Now we can bear Everton. Come on the lads. Onwards and upward.
Eden Rae
Eden Rae:
Absolute joke. Why do we ALWAYS get shafted by bloody VAR
Great game plan
Definitely a penalty that VAR missed !
Gutted with the late loss but proud of the effort considering all the changes made to the team.
HWTL ⚫️⚪️
Jimmi Barr
Jimmi Barr:
That was a free kick anywhere on the park… how they’ve got away with doing it in the box… RIDICULOUS!! Fair play to the travelling toon fans over the tv it sounded like our home game.. great performance deserved to take away a point
David Knight
David Knight:
Chelsea are the reigning champions league winners, they played basically a full strength team, we had a 2nd string side, and had big decisions against us. We did fantastic with what we had they did us proud and that's all we've ever asked for.

Targget was amazing♥️
Bruno has been growing great through the game 👏
Dylan Sharp
Dylan Sharp:
So proud of our lads today, clearly robbed but lets keep the focus on how we went essentially 90 mins with Chelsea with pretty much half our starters missing. Hats off to them UTFM ⚫️⚪️
Neil Roberts
Neil Roberts:
Great effort by Newcastle today against the world club champions. VAR is not effective when the var official will not overturn the ref then what is the point. Needs a full review by Premier league.
Great match, despite the defeat I am proud of this team that never gave up and always fought for every ball, a shame to see a great streak of draws cut short but more victories. that this does not throw us and continue with this good rhythm. LET'S GO NEWCASTLE ❤❤
Dominic Harvey
Dominic Harvey:
Spot on and super proud of the whole team, bring on Everton….
Murphy should have gotten a penalty.
Jagtar Singh Mattu
Jagtar Singh Mattu:
Burns reaction after goal was sad,
Top olayer
I expected us to lose today but the manner in which it happened was a sickner.
Hopefully Everton will get a nasty backlash from us.
Liam Hall
Liam Hall:
VAR Disgraced me
Mr Austin
Mr Austin:
Newcastle got screwed. You guys sadly wasnt "supposed" to win this game
Malcolm Haig
Malcolm Haig:
Chelsea are an awful side to watch, diving, whining, cheating, dirty team.
Ross F Beake
Ross F Beake:
If that was city it would have been a penalty
Good game. Result didn't go our way, due to clearly officiating that favours one team over another. Same for Everton Vs man city too. Var made this type of behaviour worse. Bad before with just biased refs. Ultimately good game, played well, more of the same at Everton and another win.
Reuben Coe
Reuben Coe:
We were robbed by a dodgy referee and VAR.
Cold Slushy
Cold Slushy:
Completely agree robbed tbh. But very proud of the lads which clearly isn’t our best team. HWTL ⚫️⚪️
Gary Mcburnie
Gary Mcburnie:
Talk about injustice. How he was allowed to stay on pitch I don't know.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis:
We've had only one penalty all season so far, says it all really.
Ant D
Ant D:
The referee and VAR, I mean howay man it was a 100% red card and penalty...but let's take it oot on Everton on Thursday..
David Howard
David Howard:
Total team performance, taken away from us by poor officiating and VAR, a loss with many positives, great effort with Shelvey, Joelinton, Willock, ASM, Trippier and Wilson missing. EH continues to impress with his tactical acumen, lads who came in put in a shift. We remain where we started but feel cheated. Rendezvous with Tiny Arms on Thursday, pressure on Everton, only kept out of the bottom 3 on goal difference
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor:
proud of the lads steve from cleveland
Mike Phillipson
Mike Phillipson:
I might (possibly) be persuaded that a Red Card might have been harsh - but there’s NO POINT in having VAR if Clear And Obvious penalties get missed like they were today…… But let Nothing detract from the TEAM performance today: At long last it’s clear that we’ve got a Manager, Squad and Club - with Supporters - we can all be Proud of.
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell:
It is inconceivable that the VAR was unable to see the shirt pull and then the foul on Murphy. We can only assume from this that they saw them and literally did not want to give a penalty against Chelski. Remember, this is the video assistance system that took 3 minutes to finally award Manure a penalty against Villa back in December, trying about four different ways before they found a lie they were comfortable with, but that same system can't see that double-foul on Murphy as a "clear and obvious error". VAR risks being its own problem.
All walks of life
All walks of life:
I am a Liverpool supporter and you should have won that game and the var totally robbed you I think you will have a good chance at beating Everton as they just lost against wolves so I think Newcastle have a good chance
Ian Farrar
Ian Farrar:
Red card and penalty!!!!
Referee and VAR a joke
Great effort..Dan Burn for England
J. Wilks
J. Wilks:
Just seeing it now. Deffo a pen ,pulling him down by his shirt.
Adam McNally
Adam McNally:
We played mega onto Everton we know it should have been a pen and 2 reds never got given that should have been.
Vee Taylor
Vee Taylor:
The lads played with true grit today and did us proud. Hope Chelsea enjoyed playing with 12 men on the pitch
Dave Neo
Dave Neo:
i hope Chelsea go in to administration after card and penalty for definite..both looked at by VAR...Very Awefull Review...I believe thats what it stands for
Mesga Risto
Mesga Risto:
Next time something like that happens, players should just sit on the ground until ref go to the monitor..
Who's managing VAR
How many times this season are VAR going to f**k Newcastle off..?
It’s seems like it’s a tool to help the “big six” and the other fourteen just have to get on with it!
Absolutely stinking decisions today by the ref, etc!!
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson:
roob absolute gutted gutted gutted and I never thought I would say that against Chelsea around of the lads today new the run had to come to a end but not in them circumstances roll on Everton and hopefully take our anger on them !!! hwtl
Neil Roberts
Neil Roberts:
This performance shows Eddie Howe can compete with the top managers in the world.
L Stapleton
L Stapleton:
Our lads can hold their heads up high... can the other bunch of whiners say the same
Ian Bedwell
Ian Bedwell:
Even if VAR makes a an arse of it or is just taking the piss where is the bloody linesman in all of this with a flag across his chest to get the ref to talk to him. Deserved a draw at very least today.
Da Vet
Da Vet:
Why did it not even come up with the graphic of 'VAR - checking for penalty' thing? Did VAR even consider it? That's the only explanation for not giving it. But then the question becomes why on earth weren't they checking it? Would be nice to get an explanation.
Liam Wilkinson
Liam Wilkinson:
Havertz is a amber card. Yellow or red is the right decision
This ref is something else bro damn
Next season,
imagine Rodger besides Burn
Angry Magpie
Angry Magpie:
VAR or BAR? The VAR guy was drunk
Total joke, red card for foul on Burn - NOT GIVEN, penalty on Murphy - NOT GIVEN!!! disgusted ...... not in favor on Chelsea, judges and VAR both......disgrace, somet is rotten is the state of Denmark....we were magnificent in defending but got frustrated at the end 'cos this game should have gone totally different....again that was CLEAR PENALTY!!! ffs

VAR judges every game and player but who judges VAR?? Who they answer to? Is there penance for mistakes like this?? No, of course it isn't, don't be daft......figures
maggot drowner
maggot drowner:
Incompetent ref bottle job and var polish minimum wage in the car park
This game is just gonna make us hungry and tear Everton apart Thursday!
will foster
will foster:
You said it all from all Toon fans we were Robbed
Artfoth F
Artfoth F:
To lose 1 - 0 against a top team of 13 players is well worth celebrating!!
Lesley Nko
Lesley Nko:
alexander moller
alexander moller:
Yes Chelsea!! Easy win!! Great decision from VAR! clear dive
Stewart Gatsi
Stewart Gatsi:
The ref should be out of a job
It was a boring game plan . It was a definite penalty . Havertz foul was only a yellow accidental . Due to injuries you played a negative bruising bus parking fair enough . When you sit back and waste time you get stung by a superb goal
Chelsea who ?
Peter Murray
Peter Murray:
He should b send off red card n a penalty too no Doubt about that
Andy W Rollo
Andy W Rollo:
Jellyjelly Floods
Jellyjelly Floods:
Ha,way the lads,
Daniel Cain
Daniel Cain:
🚨If the club is an able to sue the referee team, why not we the fans file a law case against them. Seriously 😡 we are losing a lot of money, time & efforts traveling to support the team & they steal the game from us without fearing any repercussions. 😡
Let’s do it😡Let’s make history & I am sure other teams fans will join us.
Bandar M
Bandar M:
Kenneth Watson
Kenneth Watson:
We v proved today we are more than an average Premiership side ,VAR is a complete waste of time,Mon the Tooon
“Champions of Europe, we know what we are “💙💙💙💙💙
CFC Pirate
CFC Pirate:
Chill out castle fans. You lost to a better team. Stop making excuses
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