VEGAS Pro 18 Review: All New Features Explored!

VEGAS Pro 18 Review: All New Features Explored!

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52 comentarios:

Anthony Pierre
Anthony Pierre:
Looking forward to the tutorials! I really like the Incremental Save feature since that is how I work.
Denoise is using 100% CPU and 0% GPU ;))
...and rendering is slooow!
One of my best accidental discoveries. I don't know how did I stumble into this, but I like this style of review. Very helpful, thanks.
Felipe Milori
Felipe Milori:
Great man!! But I think you forgot to mention 8bit full range :D
B Ahmadi
B Ahmadi:
Incremental Save built in? Im sold.
Jupiter Fox!
Jupiter Fox!:
I only recently got vegas 17 but Im already sold on 18 now lmao
incremental saving? *cries in joy*
Please pronounce ESPECIALLY correctly. It's not ECspecially. It's ESpecially.
Thank you :-)
Honestly for my experience the vegas pro 18 runs SO much smoother now rather than 17 and i feel like my rendering speed is also faster but this is just what i think might be wrong
the worst review I ever see it
Jessie Christoffer Mina
Jessie Christoffer Mina:
how to activate colorization mode?
Devinci resolve is cheaper on the long run and stronger in many aspects.
Thanks so much for doing this ❤️
Andreas Kalcker
Andreas Kalcker:
Thanks good review ! 18 is great but yes, it crash more than other versions and the Presonus Faderport does not work anymore at all (it did with VEG 14) no way to configure it.
1o l
1o l:
i just got vegas it is still dowloding
how to disable the so4 reader thing my audio is squeaky
Tomas LA
Tomas LA:
im gonna try that noise reducer on my 3d renders...
GPU Library
GPU Library:
Can you now disable resample forever?
Luther Hadley
Luther Hadley:
can vegas pro edit 4k video ?
El Tempa
El Tempa:
Hi, I have a question. Does Shaphire ofx work in this version?
Kykep Art
Kykep Art:
good video thanks :-)
C C:
I can do vr 180 3d and 360 2d with vegas pro 18 and boris fx continuum unit vr plug in. Vr insert,blur,sharpen and reorient allow full control of my vr content. And i render at nearly 6k, 5,7k exactly 5760x2880 30 fps, i can combine photo 3d and video 3d. I cannot mix 2d and 3d it does not work with the convergence. But it is expected. I can however add any titles animation and logo transition in vr180 3d.
Chizzle Beatz
Chizzle Beatz:
how would this run on i7 7700k, gtx 1080, 16gb ram
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez:
I left 17 to Filmora 9...I think i want to try vegas 18
Steve Swan
Steve Swan:
did they fix the crashes I constantly get in svp 16?
Tech Dive AVCLUB
Tech Dive AVCLUB:
These types of videos are actually a weeks worth of work. Upgrading through my affiliate link is the #1 way you can help out the channel. Thanks Guys!
VEGAS Pro 18:
VEGAS Pro 18 Edit:
Lo compre por 14 pesos quiero ver que onda ajsjajs
Saif Reb'ai
Saif Reb'ai:
Plz bro answer my question
Does vegas pro 18 smooth transitions like After effects ( Slides and Zoom"in-out"? )
I only wish Vegas would add Lanczos scaling
Stil no full fancy "AI" upscaling and interpolating thingy. Although i always wonder how much of that ai stuff is just bulls and any better than normal upscaling algorithms.
And where Vegas' smart upscaling filter fits in.
Pep Gee
Pep Gee:
My transitions and video fx window cant affair in Vegas pro do i fix it ...really need help
Ill wait 18 out just a little bit longer. 17 was a massive let down for me.
Beranjak Gede
Beranjak Gede:
how's the GPU performance in magix 18 ? is it more percentage performance while Rendering than before , dude ?
Finally something new in vegas worth upgrading
Difference between 10 and 14 is literally nothing, the only difference is that 14 loads 4K clips faster and also loads faster compressed high fps clips (300+ fps). And in vegas 15 you get 1000% velocity and nothing new...
So yeah I have been using 10 and 13 for like 7 years, could move to this one now because it has motion tracking, the only thing I was missing in vegas
10 worked perfect with sapphire, BCC, rsmb, LUT, MBL and Ignite plugin, even better than vegas 13 because 13 was crashing on some combinations of sapphire combined togeter, couldnt render it (RSMB+MBL+S_TimeWarpRGB+S_TimeSlice+LUT+S_Shake and even some more Sapphire, it just couldnt render it, while Vegas 10 could but it was slower at loading clips if they were compressed high fps .mp4 instead of .avi recorded from fraps and converted to 300-600fps)
Bonifacio Cordero Jr.
Bonifacio Cordero Jr.:
Dude im having so many issues with 18. Constant crashing, everything smears and blows up which makes editing really hard to see what im trying to do. Saving is having issues. Maybe I just got a bad install but this is way worse than 17.
many years later they didn't fix the black screen bug
WAY too hyperbolic. It's a nice upgrade. It ain't the Second Coming of Jesus.
DJG The Animator
DJG The Animator:
How do I stop vegas from rendering more than I highlighted please answer I need help
Hey, I paused your video mid watching because I have a really big question. Did they FINALLY and TRULY fix the GPU acceleration issues that have plagued this software for years? I know the marketing has been heavy around it on their product page, but I want a real-world truth answer, did they fix it and is it stable finally like it should be? I hope you hear back from you soon because that answer will make or break my chances of buying the upgrade. I've been skipping every other version of Vegas in hope and prayers they'd fix some of the REAL core issues and I don't want to get tricked/lied too that it's better when it's really not.
Maui Films
Maui Films:
Can i edit anamorphic video... d - squeeze?
yea its amazing. all I do is trying to watch a 20 min clip in vegas 18, crashed 2 times in the 1st 3 minutes ;D will try to setup todays video with 18 but if it keeps on going like that Im happy to go back to 16 ^
Vivaan Navandher YT
Vivaan Navandher YT:
Is this software free?
Greg Fam
Greg Fam:
Hi does Vegas Pro 18 come with Soundforge 14 always? I saw an upgrade offer for Vegas Pro 18 that says Soundforge 14 was included. Today I went to sign on and saw Soundforge was replaced with another offer for something called WizardFXSuite which I don't need. Thanks!
yeah i would be happy enough if i could edit a video without lags after 3 Transitions and i have more then 30 ram and a 2080ti but hey like in the last version they promise again "hardware alone isnt enough get the new version and the software use full potential of your hardware to give a perfekt workflow" feels like i read this every 2nd year -.- but hey im sure everythiung works fine after buying this version for half a year till a update comes and make it worser again to sell the new version hahaha! Have fun
Is this Vegas pro 18 edit or Vegas pro 18?
Miss 1988
Miss 1988:
mine has no colorize effect. i have sony vegas pro 18.
Raff n Marius Show
Raff n Marius Show:
How did you activate the vegas image logo in vegas pro 18?Please please please
I am a long time vegas user and I really prefer it over some other famous competitors BUT I had a LOT of crashes in Vegas 17. This really is an issue when you use it in your work related situation.
is it worth buying from steam? (is there any issues or smth?)
I left Sony Vegas Pro to move to Sony Movie Studio... because it was a heck of a lot cheaper and basically the same program but supposedly stripped down. Whatever features are missing or omitted I didn't miss them, because I didn't use them before. Unfortunately, it also has the same same flaws as Vegas Pro, like not using Nvidia cards at all for GPU rendering... and crashing a lot when you try to do complicated things with titler under Windows 7. Not being able to just drag panes out of the main window to separate floating windows is frustrating too.. esp... the video preview window. I have two monitors, but I'm constantly resizing my tracks up and down vertically to make the preview window bigger or smaller. Sure you can click the little two TV icon above the preview window to duplicate it to the second monitor, but for some reason that's even more frustrating to me to use as it doesn't get rid of the first window to free up space. And on my FX-8350, many times it can't even keep up playing a preview with multiple tracks where mostly I just dubbed different sound over another video. I'm like you have to be kidding, I'm just playing a different sound over a video, why can't it keep up?

Still, i won't be moving to Resolve or anything else, because those programs are just... completely non-intuitive to me and a clusterfvck of figuring out a whole new complex nightmare.
its not that much better but some are nice features