Venus Williams' debut at the US Open! | US Open 1997

Venus Williams came of age at the US Open. The 1997 tournament marked her first foray to New York, and she promptly made herself at home. A 17-year-old Venus, long tabbed as a future champion, showed that the hype was very much real, storming to the final on the strength of her power game, steely resolve, competitive spirit and unbridled joy.

So began a love affair between a player and a city that continues to this day. Venus is one of the Open era’s most enduring champions. She has now competed in 19 US Opens, tied for fifth most in tournament history and just two behind the women’s record holder, Martina Navratilova.

Venus is one of the most accomplished players in US Open history. Her 92 matches played are fourth most in tournament history among women, and her 76 victories also rank fourth. She trails only Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Serena in both categories.

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Ratchet Ralph
Ratchet Ralph:
Who's here after watching King Richard? I love Venus''s innocence in her first US Open. History in the making watching these highlights.
In the juniors that Venus played, she never lost a tennis match. Serena played juniors as well and only lost twice... to Venus.
Humphrey Channel
Humphrey Channel:
The fact that she’s still on the tour today despite being 41, despite dealing with Sjogren Syndrome makes her even more ICONIC. Both sisters have been so much in their careers and have had endless amounts of people discredit them and their achievements along the way yet they remain on your. Both sisters did more than just change women’s tennis, they did so much for black people and especially black women. I have always had a soft spot for both of them but especially Venus. Her pure happiness and excitement after her semi final victory is fruit for the soul indeed.
Amigo Amigo
Amigo Amigo:
Her joyous celebration after each win is so innocent and contagious
Gave me goosebumps watching this! Venus is the reason I've adored tennis since 1997. I truly hope she watches these highlights with a smile, now in her 40th year, knowing what a remarkable impact she would have on the world from this tournament on. Long live the queen <3
And still playing today at the age of 40. Venus is the queen of tennis.
Looking forward to seeing King Richard the story of the Williams sisters coming out on the 19th! They changed the game of tennis for women hands down!
King Richard is a MUST SEE I thought it was just going to be a regular biopic but it truly was an incredible piece of art. I had no idea the story behind Serena and Venus these woman are truly inspirations
Love to see her pure, unadulterated joy ! What an accomplishment for a debut !
Ray Mun
Ray Mun:
I think some people forget how great and ferocious Venus was and still is as a tennis player. Legend ♥️👏
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell:
I love how she runs to the net with pure joy and happiness bouncing those beads after her win 😁
What this doesn't tell you is Venus at this point had only been to training camp with her dad and Rick Macci. No junior leagues. Matter of fact she didn't even have a ranking and most reporters came only to prove the hype around her wrong. And yet here she is beating top players and giving number 1 in the world a run for her money. As the story goes, even though she lost that last game. Everyone that watched her knew that she was easily gonna be the best female player in the near future.
Carlos R.
Carlos R.:
Her genuine happiness when she won and would run to the net and to her chair after. Some of the best tennis stories.
This montage really shows how with each and every round, Venus' groundstrokes got more and more aggressive. I love it!
Myerk Lamb
Myerk Lamb:
Great highlights. Loved seeing points won by all the different players, not just Venus. Shows more of the ebb and flow of the matches.
Tracy Wilson
Tracy Wilson:
Venus Williams is by far my most favorite tennis player of all times, both men and women.
Maximilian C
Maximilian C:
What a phenomenal athlete Venus.
You’d see a lot of difference when athletes age. They couldn’t cover the court that much and movements are quite stiff.
At the height of their careers, they were unbeatable.
Gabrielle W.
Gabrielle W.:
These moments warm my heart. Amazing! Venus and Serena retired a lot of top tennis players! And were resented and hated for it! Daddy Williams, a genius!!! King Richard, absolutely❣
Vintage Venus was untouchable! Think about it like this, the other ladies really haven't started catching up to her until she got to her late 30s and that is just a thing of Marvel!!
Love Venus Williams! She was such an inspiration growing up, playing tennis. Serena is so lucky to have her as an older sister. Wish I had one like her. What a great role model!
What it do
What it do:
The way she skipped in the second match was so wholesome- I caught myself smiling ☺️
nkululeko nazo
nkululeko nazo:
And she still plays tennis 🎾 to this day 2021 amazing 😳
It gave me goosebumps in the King Richard trailer when someone told him he has the next Michael Jordan, and he answered, he has the next "two." And seeing the actor's hair just like it is here in the trailer just takes me back.
Ian Walden
Ian Walden:
I love how quickly she puts her racket away after each win lol
Marjorjorie Tillman
Marjorjorie Tillman:
It’s amazing how the opponents of Venus were getting just as much, or more crowd support from the US fans. And many of them we from overseas.
Victor Serrano
Victor Serrano:
Unpolished, yet her sheer power and talent was amazing to watch at this early stage of her career. The drama of the match against Irina Spirlea was memorable, Venus was surely on her way to the top.
Sandi Richard
Sandi Richard:
I really hate that she got sick. I loved watching Venus. She's so methodical and stoic with her play
After watching King Richard, it gave me more appreciation for the William Sisters especially Venus, she paved the way for Serena to come through and become the GOAT.
Great compilation. Love to she her losing some points as bizzare as that may sound. Some highlight clips make it seem like she was beating scrubs. She was dominating great players!!
You’re an icon, Venus! Loved the movie, love watching you play! ❤️
Oliver Juria
Oliver Juria:
This was Martina Hingis year, 1997, winning 3 of the 4 GS FInals that she played, losing to a lucky player Iva Majoli at the Roland Garros. Venus on the other hand was still trying to figure out the mental game aspect of Martina, who obviously had less power. Martina eventually succumbed to the brute powers of the William sisters, proving that tennis needs both mental and physical supremacy.
Leah Neal
Leah Neal:
This was great. I remember this and how happy it made me. Her smile was infectious.
Derek Aase
Derek Aase:
They were incredible!
Throwback Tennis
Throwback Tennis:
Nice tennis tribute video, shows one of the best runs in tennis history or at the US Open at least and especially this was her first appearance as well. Hope you can upload the Hingis Venus final full match or full highlights 😁.
Bob Werber
Bob Werber:
l was at the match against Irina Spirlea. One of the most memorable matches I've ever seen at the US Open, and I've seen a ton.
Seeing her play with such confidence was admirable. It was clear that once she won her first tournament she started making a mark for herself by changing her style like her hair, her uniform, slowly but surely she became even more daring as she won more tours her hairstyle g it even more wilder along with her uniforms as they got shorter and more skin was shown, etc.,
I gotta give them their props … tennis takes a lot of effort. Congratulations to Venus and her sister !
So, she reached the final at her first us open? 😱
Joy Mechell
Joy Mechell:
I think King Richard did an amazing job as a film telling their story . I absolutely loved the two ladies that portrayed Venus and Serena .
B.U.d Music
B.U.d Music:
The fact that she is still ranked #67 in the world at the age of 40 is astounding! She's still playing better than Sloane, Coco Vandeweghe, and Keys! She has stood the test of time and if she retires today, she will easily go down as the player that took the power notch even higher than Seles and Graf! She has ushered such players like Kournikova, Chakvetdaze, Henin, Seles, Graf, Sharapova and countless others into retirement! In fact, ALL of her opponents that she played in her debut USOPEN are gone! Think about that for a moment! She's been out there for a long long time and she still doesn't seem to be letting up!
I remember watching most of these matches at the U.S. Open that year live on tv when I was just 15-years-old. I was so excited seeing someone around my age make the U.S. Open final. Even though she didn't win that year, I knew she would definitely win that tournament soon. I just didn't know Serena would win it before her. It's hard to believe that she is still on tour today fighting it out with all of the younger players who once looked up to her. She is even playing girls who weren't even born when she made the 97 final, which is sorta mind blowing. Finally, shoutout to Martina Hingis, the Swiss Miss. She was one helluva player, too.
First time watching Venus Williams debut at the US Open 1997. Just when "King Richard" is due to hit Theatres this month, the story of Venus and Serena Williams and their Tennis Trainer father Richard Williams, Youtube has suggested this video. Venus was young, but she was already a beast on the courts.
Abdul Ekiyoyo
Abdul Ekiyoyo:
i'm here after watching king Richard! what a great movie and it told their story in a funny and inspiring way. Those girls were legends, well before their time
Beluchi Izundu
Beluchi Izundu:
Almost supernatural; when 14 became the new grownup. Venus, simply amazing.
Cole Smith
Cole Smith:
It's crazy how much harder the female players hit it on average now compared to back then. They probably could absolutely whack the ball on their shots but they didn't. This level of playing would get absolutely destroyed today.
However seeing Venus that happy was amazing
Hingis and Venus ended up having a great rivalry through the years!
Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone:
This is history 💞🎾
Steven Harrison
Steven Harrison:
One of the best moments in tennis history is Venus making the 1997 final. The only moment that topped this was her 2000 Wimbledon win. I remember being a 13 year old kid and just admiring her pure and natural ability.
Akim Malik
Akim Malik:
It was nice seeing all the Happy kid energy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍She was living out her dream and enjoying the hard fought matches.
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Venus was a beast ! Gosh her I’ll was really took away from her prowess ! But she was vivacious , agile with a winning 🏆 spirit ! Battling it all out !! And Serena cheering her head out !
KD Bmore
KD Bmore:
The two best Female athletes in Women Sports History. Venus and Serena Williams
Jason Hansen
Jason Hansen:
This isn’t the match from the movie. The match from the movie is the 1994 bank of the west classic where Venus finally lost to Sanchez Vicario. This final match with Martina Hingis is one of many that they would have and is considered part of the “Hingis-V. Williams Rivalry”. The two faced each other 21 times in their careers with Hingis edging out Williams at 11 wins to Venus’s 10
Zora Delaney
Zora Delaney:
Venus's background in track & field paid off here (and in her career in general)! Nice foot speed.....
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson:
Crazy that she and Martina are the same age and Venus was just making her first big mark and Martina won her third major here. Of course we tennis fans all know how that storyline evolves in the coming years. Heckuva h2h those two had.
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez:
What a great match! I would like to invite Venus to the cinema soon!
love seeing serena cheering in the stands!!
iLindah™ Productions
iLindah™ Productions:
VENUS opened the door. SERENA slayed everyone in sight. Their parents are divine.
Lendária está partida!!!!!
Albert Cashier
Albert Cashier:
Take it to the moon Venus 💯🏆🥇👑🌷🖤💜
Hike System
Hike System:
I love it how she wore only one outfit for the whole run. So pure.
Mr. Ronald Lawrence
Mr. Ronald Lawrence:
I worked at the 1998 U.S. Open in Flushing as a technology contractor. I met both of the Williams Sisters at a snack bar near Arthur Ashe Stadium. I was asked by Serena to play a game of table tennis. I wisely declined even after she promised to take it easy on me. Venus was scheduled to play Lindsey Davenport shortly after playing table tennis with Serena. History has recorded the results. The Williams Sisters were extremely nice to me. Even though it was Our first and only encounter, the Williams Sisters treated me with absolute respect. However, I will always remember the resentment from other employees towards the Williams Sisters at the 1998 U.S. Open.
Knock-Off Don
Knock-Off Don:
They was ALREADY royalty in TENNIS and the overall WORLD but King Richard has given me a new level of appreciation
What a legend.
Winds Oracle
Winds Oracle:
How inspiring 🙃
Here after watching King Richard 🧡 I wish it was longer!! 😂
Tamara Bello
Tamara Bello:
I wanted to be just like Venus and started playing tennis too.
Every sport needs and has their trendsetting player….it is inevitable.
KC Black
KC Black:
I remembered when they were booed at the US OPEN and how the crowd cheered more for non American players... interesting
Hingis was so talented.
I could watch the Williams sisters play all day, knowing where they begun makes even more enjoyable!!
Big Shields
Big Shields:
I tell you, king Richard was a awesome movie. If anyone haven't seen it, I recommend yall go a watch it. It really had me emotional 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Käfer &Käfer
Käfer &Käfer:
I didn't know anybody here except Venus and Hingis)) Martina is my all-time favourite star!!!
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose:
Phenomenal player. I can't believe the number of haters on this thread criticizing her. All appear to be men. Anyone want to guess the race.
I'm the same age as Serena and I remember seeing Venus all over our tv and wanting to be her 🙌🏿🥺
Wolfgang Wiesinger
Wolfgang Wiesinger:
Wow, Anke Huber was really a strong modern player. It seems that only Hingis had a smile on her face at the handshake :-)
Jill Jackson
Jill Jackson:
All of the tennis players who lost to Venus were ungracious to her at the end. They could barely shake her hand, their animoisity towards her was obvious
I know King Richard was about the dad and Venus, but that movie has me watching more tennis highlights of Venus and Serena that I've ever have
Krystal Person
Krystal Person:
the Williams sisters are the reason I started playing tennis as a kid. only won like 3 🏆 though
Hingis beat her but Hingis knew what the future was, and she knew it wasn't her!
Yoshi Kay
Yoshi Kay:
Wow!!! Whatta player!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Go head' Venus! ❤❤💕
Martina Hingis, who won the tournament, was even younger than Venus. (16-years-old). Unbelievable.
Макс Винокуров
Макс Винокуров:
She is the best, pro player! number 1
Toshea Collier
Toshea Collier:
The movie was an absolute HIT!!
Go Watch🔥🔥🤣
CBC Lucky II
CBC Lucky II:
Lol I remember when Venus and then Serena when they joined the tour, especially for Venus, was during a transition period on the WTA. Steffi was injured and missed a lot and Monica wasn't the same player before stabbing, so return of serve seemed just as easy for the Williams as serving. At one point Venus would stand halfway from baseline and service line to return serve and she usually connected most of them.
mony tellez
mony tellez:
Eres una campeona
I remember that semifinal. She was called a B by her opponent.
Tom Graham
Tom Graham:
Not one warm handshake in the whole tournament. To be fair to the other players, it didn't look like Venus made any attempt at one. Opponents were invisible. We don't know what happened in the locker room I guess. She was young and obviously had her way of surviving. She'd also been very protected by her family and I think in those first few years the girls were not there to mix.
shilpina babina
shilpina babina:
venus will always be the queen of tennis.
Nallah B
Nallah B:
0:53 do you see that jump??? Period Venus!!!
jon prou
jon prou:
I just love her...
C o
C o:
PJ Jay
PJ Jay:
I’m glad she is getting her flowers now. She was the first and I’m glad her sister is giving her the praise she deserves.
She makes it look easy 🥰
Frank Javier
Frank Javier:
I used to despise her celebrations. I thought it was rude and not very tennis etiquette. But 20+ years later, I think it is the most adorable and contagious reaction ever because I now fully understand the accomplishment of what she did. What she did alongside her father and Serena. It’s such an inspirational story. The Williams changed the world in so many ways ❤️
Kayla Hopper
Kayla Hopper:
I miss being little and wearing beads😂😂😂💕
Veronica Mcrae
Veronica Mcrae:
Serena was wearing oversized shirts before it became trend lol. They literally were so beautiful then, and now they blossomed to be outstanding women.
Larisa was such a versatile player. Anke was such a feisty player. Joannette, what a consistent player. Sandrine was a smart player. No comment about Irina LOL. Liked Hingis as she matured and got more mature.
Sharon Sullivan
Sharon Sullivan:
Me!!! Wish I had seen her live!
John Lysic
John Lysic:
That is some really great tennis - very cool