Visa vs. Mastercard

This video compares two of the biggest names in credit cards. Including their size, how they make money, how they've evolved, and any differences between them.

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When I was young, I thought VISA is the same VISA required for traveling abroad.
Brad D
Brad D:
I remember a scammer called me, "Hello you have an issue with your Visa and/or MasterCard". I said "Oh really, ok which one do I own?" They hung up. Lol
Eddwardo Chesterfield
Eddwardo Chesterfield:
MasterCard revenue: $14.9 billion
Visa revenue: $20.6 billion
Company Man video about both companies: priceless
CheeseBurger Jesus
CheeseBurger Jesus:
"If you're wondering if you should get a Visa or MasterCard-"
*Visa ad plays*
Bisqwik Batter
Bisqwik Batter:
Always assumed they used the word Visa because of the term "travel visa", so associated with international traveling
I would love to hear about the history of American Express
The dislikes are form people who use Rupay cards who got their cards declined at 90% of the places they visited
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
Excellent summary. Disclaimer: I was a Visa employee from late 1983 to early 2009. Now happily retired.

It was one hell of a ride and the growth was nearly exponential at times.
Maybe you could do two smaller credit card companies like Discover vs American Express
Thomas Clark-Phelps
Thomas Clark-Phelps:
I’d say the biggest difference between Visa and MasterCard is that Visa cards start with a 4 and MasterCards start with a 5.
james lee
james lee:
For the longest time I thought master card was only for credit cards and visa was for debit cards
Trentus Magnus
Trentus Magnus:
When I was working with the big credit card companies, I discovered something bizarre. MasterCard basically rubber stamps Visa's merchant TOS. If you ask them to provide you with their TOS, they simply email you Visa's TOS. It'll still have Visa's logo on it, even. They're competitors in a sense but less so than you might imagine.
Josh Lymbo
Josh Lymbo:
I'm 18, and my parents gave me the best advice. NEVER in my life will I ever get a credit card. I own and will ONLY ever own a debit card. I never owe any money or pay any interest, I'm never in credit card debt. I only spend MY money. I have no idea why people would want a credit card.
If I was a child who is about to die and was able to use the Make-A-Wish program, my wish would be to meet company man and actually see his face.
"There are something's money can't buy"
"For everything else there's MasterCard"
That's a great ad. Wish I could get those instead of mobile game 9484839.
"I carry clout'
They should bring that tagline back. New marketing campaign. Might appeal to the younger consumers.
Asad Ahmed
Asad Ahmed:
Why hasn't Mastercard brought back the "I carry clout" slogan (4:50), missed opportunity smh
Norma Jean Caballero
Norma Jean Caballero:
The word "Visa" sounds softer to my ear. 🎶VISA🎶

The word "Mastercard" sounds more dominant to my ear. 😰
The original American Express card was conceived as a “travel charge card,” much like a traveler’s check, which allowed travelers to pay for their purchases with a signature. It was first discussed in 1946 as a competitor to the Diner’s Club card. The card was introduced in 1956 as a purple charge card, intended for travel and entertainment. A year later, American Express brought out the very first credit card made out of plastic (unlike prior cards which had been cardboard or celluloid).
Joe N
Joe N:
The MasterCard tagline was clever as hell
David Roddini
David Roddini:
As someone from the U.S. I can say it honestly depends on the country. In some countries you need a Visa; for everywhere else there’s your passport. 😂
The song "16 Tons" now makes so much more sense after watching this video <3
Nabus Intox
Nabus Intox:
"MasterCard" at least acknowledges that you're the slave.
Trebor Ironwolfe
Trebor Ironwolfe:
"MasterCharge" and "BankAmericard" sounds like names from an alternate reality or parallel universe.
King Wing
King Wing:
I usually associate Mastercard with more prestigious banks and visa with everyday banks.
Alex Lion
Alex Lion:
me: *pulls both cards out that I have* Oh...I have both a visa and a mastercard well-
Andrew N
Andrew N:
The difference that I've noticed between VISA and Mastercard: VISA has Cards for Unemployment payments! 😁 Also this year when I got my 2nd Stimulus, it wasn't a Mastercard I got my Stimulus on - It was VISA! That's the difference that I've noticed. 😉
4:42 oh yeah, it’s all coming together.
Financial Shinanigan
Financial Shinanigan:
Random fact: Discover credit card was introduced by Sears.
Shows at least something from Sears survived lol
Rich Barr
Rich Barr:
I'm old enough that I've had both over the years, plus Discover at one point. I currently use Visa because that's what my bank uses...between it and MC I can't say that I really care.
Sydney Whitfield
Sydney Whitfield:
4:51 I was so surprised to see them use the word clout😂😂😂
Peter Trevena
Peter Trevena:
Money can NOT but love. Only thing it cannot buy.
Samuel Martin
Samuel Martin:
I honestly never thought I’d find videos like these interesting, but I’m hooked. Can’t stop watching.
When I was a kid, I always thought Mastercard is a more premium card than Visa because of the word "master"
Crispy Chronos
Crispy Chronos:
"clout is a master charge card"
Truly ahead of their time.
Here in Europe especially in Germany I noticed that MasterCard (Meastro) is more often to be accepted than Visa. That’s why you won’t have a choice, the most of the banks here will give you a MasterCard (Maestro)
Benny Ceca
Benny Ceca:
The world needs more competition from these two evil corporations! No wonder they're in trouble with authorities in many places for abusing their positions!
My credit's so bad the only card companies will offer me is a card people get on their brithdays...
Alec Ryan Moriarty
Alec Ryan Moriarty:
I honestly never gave the difference, but I do have to give the “Priceless” commercial from MasterCard major props.
Jeong-hun Sin
Jeong-hun Sin:
"VISA, easy enough to pronounce no matter what language you spoke" -- Koreans cannot pronounce that word correctly, because there are no /v/ or /z/ sounds in Korean. It would be pronounced "Bija" in Korean.
Max Nguyen
Max Nguyen:
I was watching midway when an ad for Discover came up. They really wanna get in the big league haha
Easy enough to pronounce no matter what language you spoke
Ask Japanese alright?
kyle hoogstra
kyle hoogstra:
the marketing ads of the 1990s by MasterCard is probably the only reason all my credit is from Mastercard holding banks. that commercial brought a kind of humility and humanity to an otherwise corrupt corporate conglomerate. subliminal messaging at its finest.
Andras Petersen
Andras Petersen:
Always had mastercard, never felt like changing.
Watching this video made me really want a gamma ray burst to hit the known universe and start us over again
do you think you could talk about Bojangles sometime? it seems very successful here in the south, it’s always packed in the drive through and inside, so i’m a little confused as to why they haven’t expanded across the country. they are my favorite fast food place.
Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares:
In Brazil we have the horrible "elo" cards. I remember when it was launched and I received an elo card that wasn't accepted anywhere.
HR Games
HR Games:
And then there is Discover, where you discover the four places that accept the card
James Slick
James Slick:
As a kid in the 70's Aside from American Express, I was aware of Master Charge BEFORE I was aware of BankAmericard. Then again I ate at Wendy's 15 years BEFORE I ever had anything from McDonald's LOL. Yeah, I'm weird.
Thanks so much for this man. I feel like i've commented "Visa Vs Mastercard!" on nearly every one of your videos, lol.
Jen TheReader
Jen TheReader:
You are gonna have lots of companies to cover after 2020 ... JCPENNY, ZARA, FOREVER21, ... the list goes on an on
please do a video on subway!! it’s so needed
Here in Germany I only see MasterCard/Maestro and Visa. Barely any other brands. Maybe American Express but that's rare.
Kudzai Dube
Kudzai Dube:
Enjoying this while queuing for covid19 drive through test.
My Dad's first cards were Carte Blanche and Diner's Club. I acquired my first Debit card in 1984 when I lived in San Francisco. When I moved to Florida in 1988, the banks had no idea what a debit card was; it was not until the mid-90s that banks began to offer it.
Adrienne P
Adrienne P:
Hello, the video says it doesn't really matter which you choose since they're pretty much the same thing. You're welcome. If you are interested in the history of the two cards then you can proceed watching the video.
i hope someday i create a company that fails so hard and so quick that Company Man covers it, I'd be honored.
Do a video on Duracell vs. Energizer :-)
Johnny Melo
Johnny Melo:
In Brazil, the MasterCard commercials were really effective tho.
Man, I still remember the narration saying "não tem preço" (priceless in eng) from the commercials on television in the mid-00s
I'd say MasterCard was a bit more popular in my country than Visa, and that's because they had better marketing campaigns haha
Emma Avery
Emma Avery:
Lmao I literally never think about card companies- my bank sends me a card and sometimes it’s a visa and sometimes it’s a MasterCard, seemingly at random. I remember when there were commercials for all sorts of kinds of cards when I was younger, but at this point I can’t imagine ever going directly to a credit card company for a card. Unless, maybe, I needed a large purchase and one had a specific reward for using it towards that purchase.

Edit: similarly, I don’t understand why some places (usually in truly remote towns) only accept certain types of cards. I’ve been in tiny towns where they’re like “no, we don’t take discover because our card reading service takes more of the money” and meanwhile at a tourist stop in unincorporated Alaskan territory the shuttle service to an old mine/national park has a square card reader and can take anything with no problem. It’s another problem we’re more or less evolving past, time to get with it.
Thanks for mentioning Memphis. I live there! You sir got a subscriber
Muthanna Hussein
Muthanna Hussein:
Fun fact:
here in Iraq we call every credit card "Visa"
I guess it was a wise name change after all
Reegan Kistler
Reegan Kistler:
Can you do a video on how doritos got so big that’d be dope
Cesar Rivera
Cesar Rivera:
You should make a video on the Rise & Fall of
Schwin Bikes
I always thought the name visa came from the international document issued by countries allowing foreigners to enter. Since they pushed to be international, it makes sense that having a Visa would open up the world to the card holder.
One of my college professors was a former VP for Visa. He said the only difference between the two companies was the logo.
Outer Galaxy Lounge
Outer Galaxy Lounge:
I'm old enough to remember when Mastercard was called Mastercharge..
crack twink
crack twink:
i know this was posted 6 days ago but i miss you
Colin Marais
Colin Marais:
In South Africa, it really doesn't matter whether it is visa or mastercard it is treated the same at any shop. The first time I went to Canada is the first time I got to a shop which only accepted mastercard and not visa I was dumb founded as that was unheard of back home
I've worked in the payment industry for several years. Let me tell you, Visa and MasterCard are ingenious. They became household names and mega-cap companies and 99% of people couldn't tell you how they generate revenue.
I just wanted a Credit Card with Mickey Mouse on it, and Chase had the Disney Visa. 😉
Former retail employee here-- counting up the receipts at the end of the night, Visa would always be the most used card, followed by Mastercard, then Amex, and then Discover. We almost never had Discover card holders... honestly, I think we had more people use Apple Pay than Discover.
Xarin Sliron
Xarin Sliron:
I often forget which of the two I have '>.> It just changes so little for me.
alouise livin
alouise livin:
In my country, Visa credit cards have more dining and entertainment deals/privileges, while Mastercard has a lot of shopping tie-up deals.
Can you please do the Huntington Learning Center? Or the rise of learning/tutoring centers in the USA
I'm from ohio and have always had a MasterCard, in fact, I would say i've seen more places accept MasterCard than Visa
R I M A:
7:04 it is cool to see that the original logo design is so close to the new rebrand design from today.
Insidious DrNine
Insidious DrNine:
Diners Club started in NY - had 49,000 card holders in 1952.
Kelse Anderson
Kelse Anderson:
When I was little, I thought Mastercard was a special card you could earn.

Nowadays, I honestly use Discover because they have services that are friendly to it's users and generally have just been a good company. Only issues have been it's acceptance limitations.
Matthew Mopeloa
Matthew Mopeloa:
I used to think VISA and Mastercard had something to do with whether you have a Cheque Account or a Savings Account because my first Cheque account was a Visa card, but my first Savings account was Mastercard
Olli K
Olli K:
I used to tell the credit card scammers that I had a Diner's Club card. That would get them off the phone pretty quick. If not, I would give them test card numbers or just random numbers and see how long I could keep them tied up.
Ryan T
Ryan T:
Here in Australia, we are prominently Visa. Most banks will have a MasterCard offering but the vast majority of offerings are Visa.
Plain's End
Plain's End:
I’ve always trusted Visa more because I’d usually get those Visa gift cards from relatives who didn’t really know what to get me for Christmas. They always worked very well and they’re great at what they do.
You should do a video on Chuck E. Cheese’s. Apparently they recently filed for bankruptcy after amassing a lot a debt and a struggle to expand since the early 2010s.
Mandla Ntsibande
Mandla Ntsibande:
Your heading to a million 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎
Peter Mate
Peter Mate:
I think you missed the fact that the word “VISA” also refers to a document that admits someone into a country. And since BankAmericard was expanding abroad, VISA gives it a really official sounding name.
The decaying watcher
The decaying watcher:
Very interesting learning about the history of those two!
Martin Galeta
Martin Galeta:
"Or are there any other companies contributing to the market more than I am giving them *credit* for"
I see what you did there xD
Lucas Soares Silva
Lucas Soares Silva:
1:08 - Aaahhh... :(
I like visa better because it's easier for me to make illegal online purchases anonymously!
Fred Blake Spa
Fred Blake Spa:
One interesting thing on MasterCards is if you look in the fine print they add 1 year of manufactures warranty to most new items you buy from the store. This works for credit and debit cards. So instead of having just one year they give you an extra year when you use their card.
James Is My Friend
James Is My Friend:
I seem to remember travelling in South America, that Visa was slightly advantageous over MC. But I'm with MC and I lived to tell the tale.
Lee Scales
Lee Scales:
I bank with BoA and a funny thing is that when I first started an account my temp card was Visa and then my permanent one is MasterCard
silver watcher
silver watcher:
Born in 1986 growing up I saw 1 commercial that set me forth on my path. Visa excepted EVERYWHERE. End commercial. I have a visa and haven’t been denied 1 in my lifetime. Discover card is discover we’re you can you it 🤫
Wario's Gold Coin
Wario's Gold Coin:
Visa and Master Card are the face(s) of credit/bank cards world wide.
I know there are several others, but these two are more or less the ones that ALWAYS work wherever you go world-wide.
When I grew up, there was a big deal with Master Card with my family and friends, but of some reason I liked Visa more
Aaron Creagh
Aaron Creagh:
MasterCard seems to be more popular these days.

I didn't know Visa was that far ahead!
Siciley Wilson
Siciley Wilson:
Do panera/st. Louis bread co! I work there and would like to know how they stay successful.
David Pena
David Pena:
This was a really great video! Honestly I'd be interested in seeing what you have to say about discover and american express
Charles Hall
Charles Hall:
I like knowing I can pay my Visa bill with my Mastercard!