Walking tour Santander | North of Spain [4K]

Today we explore the city of Santander, the capital of the province of Cantabria in northern Spain. A city with a rich history dating back to Roman times. We will walk through its streets, squares, admire the skill of the architects and, most importantly, see it from above. My name is Tatiana Zappa, let's go see the city with me.

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7 comentarios:

Wonderful tour thank you.
Alina Mykhailiv
Alina Mykhailiv:
Jean Atkin
Jean Atkin:
Its beautiful place
Thank you Tatiana, I sailed into Santander on my way to southern Spain. What a beautiful city.
I love Santander! Thanks :)
Castyk de Ruiz
Castyk de Ruiz:
¡ Gracias por el video ! Es precioso,y es la ciudad de mi padre.👍🏆🎄👍🌹
francisco barajas
francisco barajas:
Espan'a esta muy bonita lo unico malo que esta lleno de espan'oles