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Agatha Harkness is a fictional character, a powerful witch appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is the mother of Nicholas Scratch. Agatha has been depicted as one of the original witches from the Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Marvel Comics: Agatha Harkness Explained | Comics Explained

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Peanu Ross Johnson
Peanu Ross Johnson:
“I’m probably a little late to this party” no no, you’re incredibly early Imao.
Zachary Fields
Zachary Fields:
I bet more people are watching this after today's episode of WandaVision.

🎶 It was Agatha all along 🎶
Kellen Lewis
Kellen Lewis:
Can't believe you made this two years ago, and I'm watching halfway into WandaVision and it all is coming to fruition.
Binod Tharu
Binod Tharu:
Anyone after Monica got her powers and Agatha revealed identity
Venerando Agustin
Venerando Agustin:
Click a like if you're here after watching Wandavision.
Who’s here after wandavison
Mars Ailee
Mars Ailee:
"I killed Sparky too"

Agnes You son of a witch*
Javon Mikal Holmes
Javon Mikal Holmes:
If Mephisto shows up in the last episode I’m gonna scream
This vid is about to get a MASSIVE surge in views. LOL
Who’s here after episode 7 WandaVision
"It's too late to fix anything, now that everything has gone wrong."
Red X
Red X:
That reveal was fucking hilarious
Weavz P
Weavz P:
Who’s here after finding out what happened to Sparky?
“It’s been Agatha alll allllooooong”
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley:
She was also in Xmen evolution as a mentor to scarlet witch, similar to the comics.
agatha harkness
agatha harkness:
Oh this is gonna be a gas
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
So she’s the caretaker of Franklin Richards? The same dude who made a well-fed Galactus his herald?

That’s pretty impressive
Strange uses Order Magic, created by Oshtur (Agamotto's mother), Earth's second sorcerer.
Wanda uses Chaos Magic, created by Chthon, Earth's first sorcerer.
Order magic is connected to knowledge, Chaos Magic is connected to emotions.
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster:
It’s been Agatha All Along 🎵
Why did they have to make her theme song so catchy? 😭
Emily Hackney
Emily Hackney:
“I’m probably late to this party”
You’re about... 1 year too early.
Avenging Panther
Avenging Panther:
Funny this appeared on my feed im blaming Wanda for this
"You wouldn't hurt a little old lady, would you?"

"We don't care! Yes!"

"Well then, this little old lady is gonna hurt you!" (Magic B*tch! She wins! Flawless victory!)
Celestial Kaiser
Celestial Kaiser:
"A little late to this party" My man you were a little EARLY.
Jerome Boyer
Jerome Boyer:
So basically she's like if Nanny Mcphee and Dumbleldore had a kid and then they sent her to the anime school for being a badass old person
POV: You just came from watching the new episode of WandaVision and now that Agnus is confirmed you need to learn about her
Agamotto told the sorcerers a lie, that Chaos Magic does not exist, hence why none of the sorcerers, including Strange, are aware of Wanda's true power in the MCU.
MarinoMVP ____
MarinoMVP ____:
Who’s here after episode 7
KJ Iyere
KJ Iyere:
"You didn't think you were the only magical girl in the town, did you? The name's Agatha Harkness. Lovely to finally meet you, dear."
Jamel Herring
Jamel Herring:
Man, you’ve called it because it seems like her character is going to get more of a push in Wandavision.
Fire Tarrasque
Fire Tarrasque:
I'm a long-time fan of Agatha Harkness, weirdly enough.
I just... I just love her. She's a chill grandma witch who basically adopted Franklin Richards.
Brent Quinn
Brent Quinn:
Nothing better than all these new people watching Wandavision have now gotten to discover Rob's channel. Dude is a monster when it comes to comic book knowledge...Do yourselves a favor subscribe and watch his Hickmans fantastic four videos.

ᵃⁿᵈ ˢʰᵉ ᵏⁱˡˡᵉᵈ ˢᵖᵃʳᵏʸ
Magma Cubez
Magma Cubez:
Now that you bring up the whole “wiping her mind clean of Scarlet Witch ever having kids”, it kinda makes me wonder if that’s what she did to Wanda on the actual show
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache:
"Because in the comics, she's the reason why Wanda and Vision can have kids in the first place..."
Threesome? *shudders* Oh dear lord...
Brian Nathan
Brian Nathan:
Agatha's son, Nicholas scratch, also ended up in the dark dimension with dormamu. and thats how dr strange ends up in this
The fact that you predicted that Agatha Harkness would be in WandaVision in December 2019 is amazing. Kudos!
Nick Meara
Nick Meara:
You skipped the part where her black cat turns into a full size panther and back.
Sameer MusicSpace
Sameer MusicSpace:
We are here because of wanda vision 🙂👍
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56:
Her being a “bad guy” would be fine and all but I’d personally like to see her as more of a neutral character. Imagine if they could bring her and Wanda into the doctor strange movies. I’m just saying that the potential for this character could be much more than “the bad guy who is eventually defeated.”
Michael Agner
Michael Agner:
Doctor Who fans - do you know who Captain Jack Harkness is named for? Yes it's a nod to Agatha Harkness...true fact
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal:
Sparky the dog in the show could be Agness's cat in disguise... Afterall, it was Agness who had it wrapped up but we didn't actually see the dog.
Jerome Soriano
Jerome Soriano:
Son of Agatha Harkness, Nicolas Scratch? As in the character from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Oh, I want a crossover. 😋
Kala Wala
Kala Wala:
This was made in 2019? Agnes was revealed that long ago? Wow time flies when you’re stuck at home all day
what and early take, that was 100% on DA MONEY.
mark guarnieri
mark guarnieri:
Agatha Harkness made an appearance in X-Men evolution as part of their Scarlet Witch story
Jake Nguyen
Jake Nguyen:
She appeared again as one of the potential magicians Dr. Strange wanted to recruit into the new Midnight Sons after the events of Damnation. Just kinda remind you Rob.
Now that it's officially confirmed:

Welcome to the MCU, Agatha!
Who’s here after she got revealed in WandaVision Ep7
John Mckinnon
John Mckinnon:
What a witch, didn't expected for her to kill sparky the dog.
Marcus Walters
Marcus Walters:
This just came up on my feed..

Well played, algorithm. Well played.
hector ibarra
hector ibarra:
Whos here after this weeks Wanda visión
Mack H
Mack H:
Here after the Wandavision trailer!
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee:
MCU; “Well, we turned Aunt May into a hot MILF with Marisa Tomei.... We need a challenge”
Kathryn Hahn steps into the room
MCU: “You were the voice of Doc Ock, How would you like to play a witch named Agatha?”
Kathryn: Smiles “I’d be delighted “
Warner Howard
Warner Howard:
Everybody’s talking about Agatha harkness ( even thought this is a Agatha’s harkness video ) but was the quicksilver also controlled by her ? Snoopers gonna snoop
Asad J
Asad J:
Lmao she really killed the poor dog
Bad God
Bad God:
"Wandavision" prediction: Mephisto is born from the boys, Wanda accepts their new, "grown-up" form and continues to love him, Mephisto toys with her affections, Agatha wipes Wanda's mind out of sympathy. Let's see how far off I am.
We all here huh.... Now both spectrum and agatha are in the MCU
I cant believe this was announced a year ago. Totally missed it. Way less impressed that people figured out the Agnes connection now lol. So glad I missed it all
This man can predict the future.
Josh De Guzman
Josh De Guzman:
question: is "Sabrina" part of the marvel universe? because of the fact that there is a warlock named Nicholas Scratch or was it just a coincidence???
Daniel hall
Daniel hall:
Nobody stays dead in comics.....
Except for Goliath
Angell Sowash
Angell Sowash:
Agatha Harkness derives her powers from manipulation of the forces of magic. She has the ability to manipulate magical forces for a number of effects, including teleportation, energy projection, and the tapping of extra-dimensional energy
Ben Tsay
Ben Tsay:
I only remembered her as that one crazy lady who killed a panther and ate his digested plant for future vision
POV: you just watched episode 7 and realize this video is a god-damn year old. Tell me time travel doesn't exist.
“Oh yeah, it’s all coming together”
JB Ghuman, Jr
JB Ghuman, Jr:
HELLO fellow humans who are JUST NOW looking up who AGATHA is :)
Preddy Shite
Preddy Shite:
Comics Explained: Makes a Video
Feige: Note taking intensifies
Nigerian Pussy-Stretcher
Nigerian Pussy-Stretcher:
Bro, I was just reading up on Wiccan (hoping he's in Marvel Rising). And here you are releasing a video on his parents.
Jonas Adams
Jonas Adams:
What do you think this “mutant magic” from the current run of X-Caliber means? Is it distinct from human or alien magic? Would that mean theirs a distinct source or specific effects?
watch wandavision fans raid the comment section after ep 7
This aged like fine wine *Muttley laugh*
Ростислав Марьенко
Ростислав Марьенко:
Who’s here after Episode 7 🤯
Jay The Amazing Toaster
Jay The Amazing Toaster:
"I'm probably late to this party..." over a year before agatha's reveal in wandavision
Excellent Emperor
Excellent Emperor:
I can't believe Agatha impregnated Scarlet Witch. This episode of Maury is nuts.
Ricky Curtis
Ricky Curtis:
So what you’re saying is “it was Agatha all along...”
New Wanda vision theory... Agnes is the one suppressing the people in the town because that town is New Salem. Agnes, a a few others are witches trying to keep the town a secret. They chose to hide Wanda and vision at the request of Mephisto
I forgot how long Franklin has been around.
DJ Howard
DJ Howard:
“I’m a little bit late to this party” lmaooo it just got revealed in the show
I'm glad I didn't watch this before today's episode of Wandavision. I would have picked up on the whole Nickolas Scratch / Senior Scratchy connection
Tyrell Yates
Tyrell Yates:
Who’s here after today lol.
Svenny McG
Svenny McG:
Either YouTube dialed in on my WandaVision searches, or (hopefully) this is getting promoted. Whatever the case, thanks for this bud!
It is impossible to know in which direction Wandavision will go and I'm ok with not knowing.
Who else here because of Wanda vision ??😂👍🏾🕺🏿
snoopy druid
snoopy druid:
Lol just came here because I don’t know anything about the character and confused who she was when I was expecting Mephisto
raafi ilyas
raafi ilyas:
who's here after Wanda Vision episode 7
I'm telling you this video is gonna blow up , thanks to ep7 Wandavision
Loki Lover
Loki Lover:
Loki's "Loki Agent Of Asgard" is getting a full comic collection release on the 31st. I hope you guys will cover that series soon.
This video really about to blow up because of WandaVision in like 2 hours
Nzosaba Matenge
Nzosaba Matenge:
Ancient One: I'm afraid you're 2 years too early
Global Darius
Global Darius:
Who’s here after episode 7 of Wanda Vision 😂😂😂.
iTz DeYo
iTz DeYo:
"It was Agatha all alongggg"
Jay Newman
Jay Newman:
Despite the comics, I hope that you know that no witches were burned at Salem. They hung them. As far as I know, no witches (or suspected witches) were burned in the US.
Lycan Ender
Lycan Ender:
I'm not gonna say too much because spoilers, but who else is here because of the recent episode in wandavision ;)
Edit: nevermind, that sentence alone was probably a spoiler considering the video it's on... Sorry
Dank Armstrong
Dank Armstrong:
To good 😃
Good video. I've been naming my Misdreavus "Harkness" for years lol. I love when you do obscure characters because it makes me feel like I'm not the only one who remembers them from way back. Thanks for being awesome.
Gee, I wonder why THIS showed up in my recommended...
Ultra Instinct Goku Black
Ultra Instinct Goku Black:
Episode 7 brought me here.
Anthony Fanchin
Anthony Fanchin:
“And I killed Sparky, too.”