We built the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

The Verge and Curbed have teamed up to build the home of the future. Join host Grant Imahara as he examines the renewed trend of prefabricated modular home construction.

Host: Grant Imahara
Executive Producers: Kelsey Keith, Nilay Patel, Eleanor Donovan, Steve Kantor
General Managers: Britt Aboutaleb, Steven Belser
Network Manager: Sarah Bishop Woods

Supervising Producer: Tom Connors
Production Manager: Meg Toth
Editorial Supervisor: Dan Seifert
Writer: Ginny Mohler
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Mariya Abdulkaf

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100+ comentarios:

The Verge
The Verge:
What do you want to see in your home of the future?
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
May he rest in peace man, this guy was my childhood.
Cedric The Playstation
Cedric The Playstation:
We all know why we are here again
Taylor M
Taylor M:
You were one of the irrepressibly brilliant minds in science and engineering that inspired me as a kid. Today, I'm an aerospace engineer, and it is so deeply fulfilling. I met my wife through work, bought my house through work; so much good in my life is because of those who guided me down this path. There are so many just like me. So many who have so much because of the life you led.

RIP Grant, you built a better future... and kickass robotics!! You earned your bench space at the Great Workshop In the Sky. One day, I hope to do the same. You will be remembered.
Jim Bob
Jim Bob:
Its weird how we all went back to watching Grant's video's now he's gone.
I just wanted to say how sad it is that Grant has left us. Such a great guy, an entertainer and a scholar. He will be missed. :(
Forged Star Knight
Forged Star Knight:
I always loved MythBusters especially as a child, it's so sad Grant is gone. Well he we'll be always with us in our memories.
Bro i've been watching mythbusters so much lately
RIP Grant, you'll be missed
Izz Zainal
Izz Zainal:
Rest in peace legend.
Yose Dymz
Yose Dymz:
The passing away of Grant brought me here. Never knew that he has a show too with the Verge. Rip to such a charismatic guy.
Nicolas Nicolas
Nicolas Nicolas:
Life is so unfair, it took a bright mind too soon
Friedrich Hayek
Friedrich Hayek:
The real home of the future is like "people can buy it"
Rest in peace Grant :'(
Sloth h
Sloth h:
Josh O.
Josh O.:
Rest In Peace, You’ll be missed. ☹️
Scott D
Scott D:
Rest In Peace big guy. Thank you for the entertainment in my childhood and for helping the world be a better place ❤️
More secure? It's basically a spy box with cams and mics everywhere.
I don't think the house of the future is all about technology and connection, it's all about energy and self-sufficiency.
Ban Gkok
Ban Gkok:
Most people, I am sure would like to know the price of a prefab unit!
Azmol Hossain
Azmol Hossain:
I just can't believe this. You inspire me everyday. Rest in Peace
Rafael Leite Patrão
Rafael Leite Patrão:
Funny to see "the house of the future" with a HUGE Ford diesel burner, what a bright future lol
1960's : the government wiretaps your appliances man

2019 : awesome, I can buy a wiretapped house!
Jose Medrano
Jose Medrano:
R.I.P. 😭😭🙏🏾🙏🏾 He’s in a much better place now.
Michael D
Michael D:
Everyone put their heads together and figure out how to time travel and save him , o ya and stop covid-19
People of the future this is a request
Him along with the entire mythbusters cast is what sparked my interest in science. Forever grateful for everything you’ve done for us, Grant. This is heartbreaking. Rest In Peace ❤️
Careless Whisker
Careless Whisker:
Freaking out rn because of the person at 6:25 not wearing a facemask LOOK AT ALL THE PARTICLES THEY'RE BREATHING IN
i wouldnt pay a 6 figure sum for a house made of sticks, plywood and drywall.
Builds home of the future.
**Drives gasoline powered pickup truck**
Robert Daniel Curtis
Robert Daniel Curtis:
Here I am rewatching every video I've ever watched of him. I can't believe he's gone. He never even had the chance to start his own family. So damn sad, man. RIP
Rest in peace, Grant. He seemed like such a nice and intelligent person

No, thank YOU Grant. T_T
Sad news today.
Rest Im Peace friend
Nate_dawg 115
Nate_dawg 115:
Rest In Peace :(
Boldipie [GD]
Boldipie [GD]:
RIP Imahara, you have touched so many children’s hearts.
Sam Griffiths
Sam Griffiths:
My life is forever changed thanks to you man...
I was super interested in this program to continue. What a loss. Rest in peace.
Bmx boxter
Bmx boxter:
Rest In Peace Grant. I first saw you on Mythbusters 10+ years ago. You’ve inspired me and countless others to pursue their goals and work hard, yet to also have fun whilst doing it. We will all miss you. 😔❤️
RIP Grant. Life ain't fair at all.
baba booey
baba booey:
Man RIP Grant, mythbusters was my favorite show as a kid
Royce Lloyd
Royce Lloyd:
Rest in peace, thank you for inspiring innovation in our hearts for so long
May you Rest in Peace Grant 🚀
Parviz Asaul
Parviz Asaul:
In my home of the future I would like to have adjustable built in beds for friends or couch surfers who would like to stay over :)
King Le
King Le:
I need my home of the future to be in space in a dome with a park with grass
The real home of the future might have composite panels made with something other than wood & plaster board.
So much cheaper to just find a mid century home and updating it ... and you’ll be in a better neighborhood
denny crane
denny crane:
Søren Markov
Søren Markov:
this dude is 48 years old, more like 28!
Owen Wagoner
Owen Wagoner:
This showed up for me again today and reminded me how sad Grant Imahara's passing makes me. RIP Grant Imahara, you will be missed.
Roy Muk
Roy Muk:
RIP Grant. Maybe up there in heaven you be building an entire high tech city.
wav ❶
wav ❶:
You'll be missed 😔
7 mins of bla bla bla, 22 seconds of showing actual work
I want the home of the past. You know, a cave by the mountainside with a rock for a door. Simpler times...
Sandy Amaral
Sandy Amaral:
This is an INCREDIBLE idea. Of course I would love to pick a house and have it built in a factory!!! Such a simple process!!
Rest in peace young man 💯💯💯
Carlo de Guzman
Carlo de Guzman:
We love you man RIP 💔
Dong Ji
Dong Ji:
Rest in Peace Grant. :(
RIP Grant. Too early.
RIP. YouTube started recommending his vids again now.
Pretty cool, but why does the home of the future come with a massive Ford pickup truck? That's hardly the future of anything
Matthew Reis
Matthew Reis:
This home is a hacker's paradise.
I do love the design though!
Simpson Kelly
Simpson Kelly:
What a life to come to an end so soon. Your greatest feat was being the coolest guy I have ever watched ever. Thank you man, much appreciated, now legend.
RIP. You made a massive impact.
Joshua Phanisnaraine
Joshua Phanisnaraine:
Rip grant 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Ronit Prasad
Ronit Prasad:
Rest Easy, Grant.
Samuel Baugh
Samuel Baugh:
꧁Chris Moran꧂
꧁Chris Moran꧂:
It was a good day at school when you had a double science lesson and your teacher had a hangover

RIP Grant Imahara
Mr. T
Mr. T:
Really liked the information. Inspired me to do just that.
home of the future and fossil vehicle :DD
Emma Cat
Emma Cat:
He inspired me to go into science. God bless Mr. Imahara. ❤ A true American legend in STEM. ❤ Now, he'll design the universe for God.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez:
RIP brotha, enjoyed this series of videos.
Brandon T. Luong
Brandon T. Luong:
May he Rest In Peace
Numan Ahmed
Numan Ahmed:
RIP Grant, you helped satisfy many of my childhood curiosities 💚💛🧡
oh yagelnizzle
oh yagelnizzle:
The best thing about Grant is he was the same Man in the end as he was in the beginning, which is someone I admired and learned from.
I love Grant and will watch this in the future
RIP grant 🥺
Sam Farley
Sam Farley:
Man, I really miss MythBusters, that show was my childhood!
Alejandro Meri
Alejandro Meri:
Gotta admit, I read "We built the Home of the Future with *GRANDMA* Imahara"

And I thought "Grant is building a futuristic house for/with his grandma? Cool!"
Minh Tong Du
Minh Tong Du:
Rest In Peace, Grant.
be frank
be frank:
the solar panels installed below the tree ……. hahaha -when u super high IQ - but lack practical knowledge....
Brownspace Films
Brownspace Films:
Here missing you Grant
The "home of the future" is on suspended subfloor. Covered out with render so that no maintenance can be done easily.
dot dyr 1time4d1time
dot dyr 1time4d1time:
R.I.P Grant. Such a genuine person, gone so soon.
Gcobani Vundla
Gcobani Vundla:
RIP, Grant ♥
Dr. Flacko
Dr. Flacko:
I imagine that the almighty creator greeted you with a smile and said, "well done". Rest easy, Grant.
RIP My dude
Today we lost you. :'(
Dale Marcell
Dale Marcell:
This hard to watch!

But we will indeed watch!

Remembering the man!
So sad to hear about his passing. Rest in perfect peace
Moe Lester_1394
Moe Lester_1394:
Thank you Grant for giving me and my dad an amazing time watching your shows💔m
Thank you, Grant... 🕊️
向洋 Nathan Hartono
向洋 Nathan Hartono:
how does this man look EXACTLY like he did since 2004?! rest well, hero.
Id love to live in one of those houses in my 30's im 16 right now..
Meow Tow
Meow Tow:
I feel like this was just a secret advertisement for Ford.
Rista Ghufron
Rista Ghufron:
Rest in love Grant Imihara
Savio Rebello
Savio Rebello:
I want to see a home that is storm resistant. Otherwise with one blow everything will be in vain
mz tech
mz tech:
RIP Imahara, he was among my favourite .
Ali C
Ali C:
Rest in peace Grant. You have been an inspiration to so many people. You'll be dearly missed ❤
Vedraj r.m
Vedraj r.m:
Do a project on vertical farming
Polly Monopoly
Polly Monopoly:
When cookie-cutter takes on a quasi-literal meaning.
A certain ghost
A certain ghost:
Thank you Grant for everything and may you rest in peace.