"We missed a lot of chances" | Marcelo Bielsa reaction | Leeds United 0-0 Arsenal | Premier League

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39 comentarios:

I have to say that what Leeds are doing in the Premier League is absolutely spectacular. A team that has been just promoted is playing well and often outplays established PL sides, some of which are considered to be among the best clubs in the world. The results don't always go your way, but the style of football under Bielsa is amazing. I wish you all the best and I'll be watching every single game Leeds play this season with great enjoyment.
Bielsa Ball
Bielsa Ball:
On another day we win that game,, 100% effort looked good, done us Leeds fans proud MOT
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
No importa, se jugo bien, ya van a llegar las victorias..VAMOS LEEDS CARAJOOO...
Peter Leeson
Peter Leeson:
Prior to the sending of we more than matched them and looked very solid , it takes time to adjust to this league but we are getting there.Meslier derserves praise for his excellent spread save.
Grimpsoft Yo life
Grimpsoft Yo life:
shame we drew but with philips back we're stronger against counter attacks
Julian Fazzalari
Julian Fazzalari:
Se jugo impecable, se lo bailo, se le metieron 3 pelotas en los palos, hoy no entro, entrara la próxima. jugando así haces historia, te respetan, te tienen miedo.. Es por acá leed united! es como el loco diga que debe ser!
Sir Wilhelm Steinway
Sir Wilhelm Steinway:
It was nice to see players shooting from outside the box for once
James Black
James Black:
Could be worse. For a minute there Kalvin looked like he could be out til next year!
Alan Gastón Emiliano Quintela
Alan Gastón Emiliano Quintela:
Que qué? Jajaja
Adrián Brito
Adrián Brito:
Marcelo me acabo de despertar!! Y ojalá ahora me vuelva el mismo sueño, soñaba que volvías al Athletic y nos volvías a dar ese carácter que tanto nos hace falta!! Gracias eternas Marcelo!! Aúpa Athletic!!
Docksud Avellaneda
Docksud Avellaneda:
1:21 what ,what?
Pablo Pallero
Pablo Pallero:
1:21 "Que que? 🤨"
😂 Es grande bielsa 🇦🇷!!!
Really unlucky 👏👏👏👏👏 you lot should of smashed us 😬 GOOD LUCK HOPE LEEDS STAY WHERE THEY BELONG👊
James Lee
James Lee:
And with that Bielsa dispels the age old myth it's harder to play against 10 men ...........everyone been talking shite for yrs lol
PS Chan
PS Chan:
9 down and 29 Cup finals to go. Leeds United MOT 💪💪💪
The Unambiguous
The Unambiguous:
God heavy breathing, upset.
Mr Sewe
Mr Sewe:
Thought Raphinha looked absolutely brilliant. He'll prove to be a real scoop as the season progresses
Charlie LUFC
Charlie LUFC:
We dominated a team with a striker worth 56 million and a huge premiership club done me proud tonight just thought we deserved more MOT
carlos alberto maldonado
carlos alberto maldonado:
ok jugaron bien una buena perfomann y espero qwe siga x buen camino¿¿¿
Our boys have got their shooting boots on! Great performances from both keepers. Starting to feel at home in the top flight.
G J P:
Bielsa .. Love him. Great squad. Arsenal are lucky. They could have been torn a new one.
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister:
Well done lads,super proud mot
baba yaga
baba yaga:
David Goggins: do it,do it and do it till the people they gonna think you're crazy"💯
Poveda legit needs to start and play atleast 60 min
Francisco Butler
Francisco Butler:
We love you Marcelo, i don't miss a Game of your teams. I really like Leeds United ❤️
leder Francis
leder Francis:
Espen Liebak
Espen Liebak:
What a SAVE at the end by our super keeper <3 Got my heart in the head for a while there ;)

Lots of chances and so close to a win <3 Great effort guys, we love U LEEDS! M O T
10 vs 11 isnt easy, not when its 0-0. the players of the other team raises even more in defense.
Guys I’m fan of man city but I watch all Leeds match reasons because it tooo good watch gameplay style I can’t wait 😊 watch next match
Roberto Fala
Roberto Fala:
Roberto Fala
Roberto Fala:
Que que. que?
PoH 871
PoH 871:
Passes.. Poveda and Click... First the team
Jamal N
Jamal N:
It's not enough to have a ton of attempts, we need to translate it into goals. But still, a draw against a team that could realistically finish top 5 is good.
69 Music
69 Music:
utkarsh kumar
utkarsh kumar:
Why is he always looking down?
Mark Paul
Mark Paul:
We are just never going to score on the break.
We tip, tap, back pass and wait for the other team to get 8 players in the box before trying a shot.
We are going to have to get a bit smarter than that and very quickly.
How didn’t we win? Still dominated and put I a solid performance tho.
Ronald Ramirez
Ronald Ramirez:
It was just bad luck, today
maher39 maher
maher39 maher:
Great clean sheet but arsenal are terrible at moment. Have to be happy with chances but not good enough that we did not put any away.
JimBoB Beer
JimBoB Beer:
Poor starting team selection/no proactive changes cost us 2 points IMOH. Bad day at the office for Bielsa.