“We played well and deserved a result” | Jesse Marsch reaction | Leicester City 1-0 Leeds United

Leeds United head coach Jesse Marsch gives his thoughts after our 1-0 defeat against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

The game was there for the taking, poor finishing has cost us again. We did look alot more solid defensively so I'm pleased with what I've seen so far. Hopefully Bamford can stick a few in the back of the net when he's fit.
Played really well, much better defensively and if we can take our chances , the results will come. Well done Jesse
Lewis F
Lewis F:
Unlucky not to get a result today. Played very well. Well done Lads. Onto the next one
string of beeds 🧀
string of beeds 🧀:
A massive step in the right direction especially after the ladt 4 games
The Peacock Rhino
The Peacock Rhino:
We deserved at least a point today, it was a good performance just lacking a goal. If we get the Bamford of last season when he comes back then we have every chance of staying up based on that performance. I just hope the expectation doesn’t get to him, but we looked way more organised and steady in defence whilst still creating going forwards. If we can get Bamford and Gelhardt firing on all cylinders we’ll be fine but it’s a massive “IF”. We’re still in big trouble and relying on other results.
Reece T Bobby
Reece T Bobby:
Leicester fan here. We had no business winning that game. Love the comments by your manager. I predict good things for your team in the near future. Also I can't lie it's weird and awesome to hear a North American accent from the manager of a PL team. :)
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
Played really well today I thought (taking everything into account) and thought we could have won it never mind drawn.
And if someone reads these reactions to pass on to Jesse, please tell him the Marcelo Bielsa chants weren't meant negatively towards him, we just never got to say goodbye to him from the stands, and today was our first chance.
Every Leeds fan is behind you now brother.
Unlucky today, but I think most of us are feeling positive after that performance.
Fans were fantastic today, the away section anyway. MOT
Aniket Das
Aniket Das:
Funny to see Leeds post match reaction without a translator after a loooooong time xD
PS : Good game and defensively much stronger. 💙💛
Purple Dragons
Purple Dragons:
That wasn't a bad performance we just got unlucky. It can take time for a new manager to settle in
Not the result we wanted and as usual not taking our chances BUT we looked much better defensively which is the most important thing imo. If we can be solid the results will come. Some important games coming up, onto the next one!
It's still looking very ominous, especially after the Brentford result. But the hope and advantage we have over the competitors, is that we've got Bamford and Philips still to come back. With those two on the pitch, I do think they'll make the difference.
Brian Lee
Brian Lee:
This guy is spot on! Keep The Faith Leeds, we'll come good.
Jim Curry
Jim Curry:
I freakin" LOVE this guy x
should've at least gotten a draw. we go again 💙💛🤍
Zig Zag
Zig Zag:
Bloody Barnes again 🙄 Really proud of the boys, really like this new system, wasn’t a 1-0 should of been 1-1 if not more, of course Kasper has the game of his life but very positive and think we will have enough against the others to stay up! Well done Leeds well done Jesse 🙌🇺🇸🤍💛💙💪
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
Really promising performance. On to the next one.
J.M. Dear
J.M. Dear:
Great preparation in 4 days for JM. If we could finish a chance or two that would've been at least a point. Performance miles better than any in Feb.
Nick Jennings
Nick Jennings:
Couple of things Jesses, get used to our attackers not scoring we’ve seen it all season. And bringing Tyler Roberts on won’t make that ant better. Get Bamford back and find someone to play alongside him and a decent number 8 - then you’ll find some goals.
jv lm
jv lm:
Hey, the players have to hit the target at some point (same for the Bielsa days); no tactic will win games without execution and delivering on chances created.
Joseph Threapleton
Joseph Threapleton:
I like this guy he knows his stuff MOT
S Slh
S Slh:
Great game jesse is the right man. We played the best game so far 1:0 is not bad
Joran Wa
Joran Wa:
I am very content with today's performance!!
Lawrence Price
Lawrence Price:
Don't know how that wasn't 2 or 3 for us. We can't finish to save our lives, but once Bamford is back the goals will surely come. And once Phillips is back we'll be even better defensively. MOT ALAW
stevie c
stevie c:
The worry and pressure escalates very quickly now and ya can't afford to miss all them chances..besides that I'm full of the joys of spring 😁
Pixel - 1UP
Pixel - 1UP:
después de ver el partido realmente creo que leeds esta mas para descender , creo que el echar a bielsa no fue lo mejor , ojala puedan mantener la liga aunque ahora con este nuevo entrenador lo veo muy difícil
Mary Hinge
Mary Hinge:
Regardless of how well we played goals win games and we haven't scored enough all season , we relied on bamford scoring last season , this season he's been Injured and it's costing us , hope the next games better
Anak LA
Anak LA:
Can't wait to see the highlights. So mad i missed the game
Luke George
Luke George:
Performance was really good. Keep playing that and the results should come in. Come on lads
Andy Martin
Andy Martin:
FFS, Whenever Roberts is sent on as our last hope, I know we are well and truly fucked.
I thought we deserved a point, we were as good if not better than the opposition. Our finishing, once again was very poor. With a bit off luck we may have got a point. When  a team like ours, is in such a perillous position as we are in, you just have to make your own luck. Considering it was the new manager’s first game I was very pleased with his game. It depends a lot now on the teams below us to keep losing…….mot
medploy medploy
medploy medploy:
Keep going!
Performance very great today. ✌
bonza bonza
bonza bonza:
Good reflection and attitude, we have to support this guy.
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes:
I really hope this guy does well, so difficult for an American coach to shine in the Premiership,
Leon Meyers
Leon Meyers:
No gonna lie, this is Huge improvement. Love it!!
Maudal Musical Machines
Maudal Musical Machines:
there was a lot to be optimistic about in this game. Leeds were much more calm and in control defensively, and they *easily* could have taken all 3 points. Really good 2nd half with at least 3 fantastic chances from really good play that on another day go in.

Leeds will stay up.
Sounds odd, but it was a positive defeat
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin:
improved performance but still lost , only thing that matters at this stage of the season is points on the board .
PS Chan
PS Chan:
27 down and 11 Cup finals to go. Leeds United MOT 💪💪💪
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan:
Played really well today the defence More solid very positive it was Kasper who kept the 🦊 fox's in the game we should of got a point even a win but Barnes strike's again. 2 home matches to come hopefully 6 points but would take 4 points against the Villains and Norwich city. Jesse very positive good to see Patrick Bamford on the bench Which is a massive boost hopefully get some game time, keep fighting, Stay positive, keep the faith, marching on together, All Leeds aren't we 🤍💛💙👏✊👊🇮🇨🇺🇦🇮🇨🇺🇦🤝🤍💛💙🇮🇨🦚
Lana Felix
Lana Felix:
Good effort by the players marsch not results wanted but build on this beat villa
Mr Anon
Mr Anon:
At least it wasn't 0-4 , 0-6 .... 0-7.
I watched it. Schmeical was busy. Encouraging but ... have Leeds left it too late ?
We looked a lot fresher and I agree we deserved a point at least today.
Day Day
Day Day:
Should have won all day long tbh. We need KP PB LC back soon as possible. Raphinha lately hasn’t been playing well. Dan James isn’t a striker ffs. I do think we’ll stay up, but we need wins.. ALAW MOT ⚪️🔵🟡
New manager, same team playing out of position getting the same result🤮
Phoenix-King 77
Phoenix-King 77:
Im american and glad we are making some progress in the game.

I’m not going to lie though I was caught off hearing one of us 😂
A Suarez lynch
A Suarez lynch:
The first thing you have to understand about this team is that their strakers don't make goals and the defenders allow them frequently.
Need to buy a striker this summer. Someone who can hit 20-30 a season.
A credible performance and improvement. I am confident this guy will keep us in the Prem. MOT
Bring on Villa then the Canaries at Elland Road.
Yi Tian
Yi Tian:
playing well with the attack skills and we fans are very proud of you Mr Marsch. Only one thing is that Meslier is not doing good enough to defend our goal, looking at Leicester goal keeper with so many difficulties to keep a clean sheet due to Leeds united strong attack and he has kept all the balls out of the Leicester goal like a tiger!! But Meslier only have a couple of defense to do and he leaked in the diciding goal and we have the defeat😔he is really really need to improve or replace by a great goal keeper 🙏
AI Paul the alien
AI Paul the alien:
We played well, someone needs to wear the shooting boots though, hopefully bamford will be back to sort our finishing
Peter Maurer
Peter Maurer:
Deserved at least 1 point. Next 2 games are MASSIVE. We must beat Norwich...no debating that and at the very least 1 point against Villa. If we get less we will be in big, big trouble with games running out fast. Then I will find it hard to keep my hopes alive that we will avpoid relegation. Positives: way better performance than last games (and should continue to improve) and Roberts missing next games (sorry mate, but just not good enough).
John Shores
John Shores:
any reason we continue to play our players out of position ? time to trust our youth Creswell for Ayling and Dallas isnt a RB
Brigade 121
Brigade 121:
I woke up at 430am to support Jesse Marsh and Leeds played great.... Brandon Aaronson can be a huuuge addition up top in this team in the summer
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
Much better, we just need a break up front ie the return of Bamford this will make or break the season
Shyam Singh
Shyam Singh:
Very proud of the team needed points but it's alright come on lads
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Played really well deserved to win alying didn't play good let the ball go through his legs.... Bamford should have come on instead of Roberts, he was terrible as usual.. Positive though..
Michael Evans
Michael Evans:
Just given Burnley Watford and Brentford a huge lift
Al Zheimer.
Al Zheimer.:
Just what i expected. Tighter at the back and still useless up front. Relegation is a formality for the toothless LUFC.
adam wedgwood
adam wedgwood:
For me leeds were by far the better team, but Leicester tool their chance and therefore deserved the win. Proud of the lads today, hopefully we can pick up some points soon
Brian Swanson
Brian Swanson:
I'm buzzing really enjoy it ..goals will come
Simon Lambert
Simon Lambert:
Need to buy a top striker in the summer and stop playing boys up front. And Dallas got skinned at the back the whole game, needs shoring up there. Otherwise a great display and were unlucky not to at least draw. Excited for the next game.
phil woollin
phil woollin:
played a lot better hes only been here a few days give the man a chance key players coming back we will be ok beleive
Freshly Picked Football Videos
Freshly Picked Football Videos :
We deserved the win. We were all over them, attacking, possession. We just lacked somebody who is just there to tap it in. Hopefully Bamford is back soon
Craig Bartlam
Craig Bartlam:
Same issue as all season.. completely toothless upfront
Shorty 4
Shorty 4:
In terms of tactics Jesse was pretty spot on. Not his fault players can’t finish their chances, he’s stuck with what he has. Hopefully results will come
Very good, things in their place, now they are happy for only losing 1 to 0 they have improved... 🤣😁🤣
I'm trapped up to my hips in a Peat Bog, I like Marsch that much. 🤩
Charlie West
Charlie West:
Disappointing result but can't be overtly critical, considering the circumstances; four days of preparation.

Was very surprised to see Ayling at CB and Dallas at RB and Harrison starting. Wasn't sure whether it was two (James and Roderigo) upfront or Roderigo as attacking midfielder. Either way, Roderigo was poor, as usual. In fact, there was a time when I was confused about about the actual formation (it resembled Bielsa's). Klich, apart from one or two telling through balls, was his usual lazy self. Raphina has clearly lost his sparkle. He is now a very ordinary player unless ... Firpo, with the exception of that pass across the face of goal, continued to struggle, often abandoning his LB berth. Struijk came through with a lot of credit.

Let's see how much the manager learns from his first experience. Onward.
C R:
Not good having chances to score and you don't take them. That applies even to the hobby footballers.
"yeah, we played very well dude, it was totally awesome game of soccer"
"We were the better team, if we keep playing like that we'll be fine" Story of the season.
Leslie Grace
Leslie Grace:
Why play Roberts and not Summerville ?
Shane Leonard
Shane Leonard:
Can we not play Ayling at RB and Koch at CB. Dallas and forshaw in midfield.
Michael Evans
Michael Evans:
Ayling at CB. Cresswell on bench ??????‽?
Klich on. No Bate?????????
I miss the translator Andres Clavijo
Derek Wilkinson
Derek Wilkinson:
Should have got something out of that game!! Squeeky bum time now
otis 1975
otis 1975:
Shit finishing cost us yet again.. need to be more ruthless
m j
m j:
The kicking of the soccer ball was goodified and if we can work more on OFFence and DEFence then we can try and get the W more instead of being losers. Home team! Even tho we were away. Huddle up and let us pray to God he is our saviour dudes
Mark Paul
Mark Paul:
Ball watching defence still there, back off, back off, back off, pick the ball out of the net.
Boot through ball, row Z needed immediately, David batty will coach them how to do this.
Santhana Raj
Santhana Raj:
My gut feeling is this guy looks like the final nail in the coffin! Wrong guy during a deep Crisis! Looks like its 2005 all over again! Terrible choice!
Leo Di
Leo Di:
Felicitaciones por echar a Bielsa
haz haribo
haz haribo:
We played so much better than we have for weeks. Shame we didn't score. I thought we deserved a point
Maybe next time we will win
Harry AV Spruce
Harry AV Spruce:
I mean… you didn’t get slapped silly like you did under bielsa…
Demotion is coming :(
steven johnstone
steven johnstone:
Good man, he is no Ted Lasso in the intelligence department.
DB Gaming HD
DB Gaming HD:
We just need to finish our chances
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller:
Why oh why did you start James ahead of GELHARDT?? I cannot understand the mindset behind that Joffy should be up front nailed on and why play the same formation as Bielsa? 4-14-1 is not the way we are gonna win games proven over the last few games
Should have changed it James on bench Joffy up front every time
If this and if that… bullshit ! Yes!!We are going to get to know him, in a few games it is going to be a comedy show!
christisn salas
christisn salas:
Leeds should try and buy Josh Sargent
Andrew Clavin
Andrew Clavin:
Deserved nothing..missing those chances...moral victories are not worth shit
diego portillo
diego portillo:
No tiene buenos jugadores leeds. No compraron jugadores de jerarquía. Con Bielsa podían mantener la categoría, ahora es dificil.
Im still worried with the defence 4 shots for leicester and still managed to score.
Hope leeds loose rest game on this season and go to b for 20 years!!!
Mathew John
Mathew John:
A few matches left
Ayman moso
Ayman moso:
I love the accent
Seth Antonio Rodriguez
Seth Antonio Rodriguez:
Only thing I have a problem with is probably the selection of some players, but it is what it is. This is coming from just a USMNT fan and American perspective tho cause I love Jesse marsch, not a Leeds fan perspective so forgive me if I am wrong. I want Jesse to succeed at Leeds. Really wanted him to be usa manager man, but I am happy that he got a prem job
"Stable in the back" every time they attack Ayling we look like conceding, we still can't deliver enough quality into the box.
Billy Kimber
Billy Kimber:
If we play like that against villa and norwich we will win
Same issue as before, what has happened to Raphinha since Brazil?