We Were Boyfriends, Now We’re Girlfriends | MY TRANS LIFE

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A TRANSGENDER ‘power couple’ are conquering the fashion industry. Brooklyn-based Jari Jones and Corey Kempster were both born male but now identify as women. The couple met during college and quickly became best friends but it wasn’t until they started dating two years ago that they fully identified as female and began to socially transition. Since coming out they have featured on the cover of New York Times Magazine, modelled in campaigns for fashion brands like Chromat and walked down the runway at New York Fashion Week. After three years on Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT), Corey recently took the life-changing decision to have gender confirmation surgery in Thailand. Follow their story here:

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Adam Gray, Will Francombe
Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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100+ comentarios:

Cael J. Harden
Cael J. Harden:
“For years the fashion has been one single look: tall, skinny, white... now there’s people like us..” * *points to girlfriend who is tall, skinny, and white* *
Squidgy Squidge
Squidgy Squidge:
HOW is this a “Gender Fluid” store? Looks like any other clothing store to me
Dee R
Dee R:
Yooooo we went to college together. I can't believe they made it. Whaaaaaaaat this is craaaazy. So happy for them. Get iiittttt
Angela Annalese
Angela Annalese:
'Un-gendering fashion'
Saying she's a women and wears women clothes.... Ok? 🤔
Dawn Schnack
Dawn Schnack:
No drug addicts
No abusers
No murders
No criminals
Good for them to be happy
Shannon Russo
Shannon Russo:
Their voices sound the same to me.
I need to stop watching happy couples when i've been single my entire life
I don’t understand the TooCuteToBeCis part, I am all for everything that these two Women stand for but is that phrase supposed to mean that they’re cuter than cis women? If so there are ways to empower yourself without putting others down
Agatha z
Agatha z:
They say they are ungendering fashion yet the dress in a stereotypically feminine way which says that women are born to dress, speak and behave in a certain way. That contradicts in everyway.
GG Why
GG Why:
“I’m a model and actress”...That’s enough internet for me
A.J Thane Tadeo
A.J Thane Tadeo:
'too cute to be cis' kinda reflects badly on trans people but- they seem happy, good for them
Claudia NL
Claudia NL:
Actress, model...yeah yeah...
Greta Sommer
Greta Sommer:
I love how this video shows that there is literally the perfect partner for everybody out here somewhere ☺️
Danyiel Says
Danyiel Says:
Hold up 👀the real question is....where do they model? What movie/shows have they been in?😵
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard:
"Actress, model, photographer, activist."
= On Social benefits
saturn *:・゚
saturn *:・゚:
Ya'll are so negative lmao they look happy and that's quite literally all that matters
Molly Malone
Molly Malone:

මම මගේ හිස ඔහු දෙසට හරවන්නෙමි කුහුඹුවෙක්මම ඔහුට කියනවා
Terri West
Terri West:
The world is going to hell in a handbasket!
“Too cute to be cis” 💀 dont they both wish they were cis? Other wise they wouldn’t be transgender 🤦🏿‍♀️
Romeo Romeo
Romeo Romeo:
Can't say I understand it.... but hey they sure look happy & content.
Vicki Zeref
Vicki Zeref:
Ummm...so if I say, Too cute to be trans? Oh wait, that's offensive.
Demon Dog
Demon Dog:
But if someone said "too cute to be transgender" they would get harrased

Edit: I'm neither homephobic or transphobic, I'm bi and at a point of my life I though I was gender fluid too. I just think we should have equal rights. The same goes for the slur "breeder" It's disgusting
HenryMcComments !
HenryMcComments !:
I just don’t understand
To be honest I don’t won’t to either
“Too cute to be cis”??? Ooo honey nooo
Kayla Richardson
Kayla Richardson:
"Too cute to be cis" that's okay but what if someone said "Too cute to be transgender" ???
Nameless Juan
Nameless Juan:
Next: We were Girlfriends, Now we're whales.
Françoise Badin
Françoise Badin:
"The first time I wore a dress... it clicks".
Because dress = womanhood.
I feel like whenever people say they're an actress or model they most certainly are not just because you can take a selfie doesn't make you a model just because you posted videos on Facebook or YouTube doesn't make you an actress
Charlotte McCaskill
Charlotte McCaskill:
“When I grew out my payos,” lol, every. single. time.
Ashly Lynne
Ashly Lynne:
So they don't have jobs?
Lubz M.
Lubz M.:
0:41 Basically I'm unemployed but I have a smartphone.
tracy Star
tracy Star:
This is gynophobic and if y’all so gender fluid WHY INSIST YOU ARE A WOMAN?
The Raven
The Raven:
"I'm a photographer, actress, model, activist, community builder". So you take pictures of yourselves, film yourselves and have a vlog. None of those imply that you make money but okay.
Kiera H
Kiera H:
I have sooooooo many answered questions and left feeling confused 😧
Kriss Sucre
Kriss Sucre:
Their voices though lol 😂
The Goddess Of Green
The Goddess Of Green:
They are so cute I love how they wear outfits that compliment each other they are a perfect match💖
Julie L
Julie L:
you girls deserve to be happy, just as any other person on this planet :)
The Last Outlaw
The Last Outlaw:
Okay, her yellow overall thing with the tube top was cute as hell. I think the whole “too cute to be cis (tucute)” thing and the genderless store are stupid but also, they’re an adorable couple and seem so happy and in love.
Steph M
Steph M:
They are such a cute couple, kudos to them!!
Mackenzie Desire'
Mackenzie Desire':
they are both such cuties, but Jari is stunning.
eta: i am especially loving their matching yellow outfits at the end. they're adorable, i love them, i'm so happy for them ;_;
Pebetsi Ngwana
Pebetsi Ngwana:
I just came for the comments...
Marci Samms
Marci Samms:
i just watched the beginning 5 sec of vid and my reaction no no no no no no no no
Herr Enid
Herr Enid:
I think that any store can be as gender fluid as you wish
When I go to stores I go to both sections without bothering (maybe the only problem are the stares)
People thinks that it's bad but you're like "wiiiii I have a lot of choices... But I'm broke :'"v"
Sean Bee
Sean Bee:
Jari is giving me all the vibes. I feel like we'd be besties. Love her!!!!
That’s my cousin!!
Leah Rinehart
Leah Rinehart:
i just got a weird vibe from them... like they’re doing this for “fame”.... although i am happy for them if this is real!!
The chemistry that they have is crazy. They're literally soulmates.
Gabrielle Braswell
Gabrielle Braswell:
They are so cute together 👭💕🌈 true love conquers all be kind to others you never know what they may be going through ✌️
C m
C m:
It's fun to see people who are so unique and unlike me. They create an interesting world. As long as they are loving spirits, I love them😍💕
Achi Aventh
Achi Aventh:
What happen to human being 😢😢
Theo Aguilar
Theo Aguilar:
They are models ? I would be interested to see what agency they work for
"Too cute to be cis" well that's super rude. No need to put down cis people to lift trans people up.
I'm so happy for them, they seem very happy nice couple 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Flame Lames
Flame Lames:
As long as they're happy I am happy too...
Trans Bert and Ernie in Real Life, aye lol, no offense or anything lol!
JaAsleen Maree
JaAsleen Maree:
Happy for them❤️ As long as they like it I love it. They are genuinely happy and secure with each other ❤️
This is beautiful, the love they share is so authentic, hard to find nowadays.
Daniel Midgley
Daniel Midgley:
When she said I cant wait to wear this read bikini. Literally that is me now when I choose any clothing saying I can't wait to wear this after top surgery
Tisa Young
Tisa Young:
I'm so so so confused. And so... I'm moving on
Laguera Itiswhatitis
Laguera Itiswhatitis:
You two do what is best for you, as long as you are happy that is all that matters. Be true to yourself. Love and conquer! 😀😀😀
What a great couple. I love them!!
Alondra Gomez
Alondra Gomez:
Omg I know her! So proud of how much she’s done! Jari Jones :)!
Cherry Cupcake
Cherry Cupcake:
You're a great couple.I cab feel extreme love all around both of you.You complement each other.Go for your dreams and improve your life and be happy.
Sincerely Eccentric
Sincerely Eccentric:
Interracial trans same-sex couple. I already know they get the stares. I’m glad they are happy!!!
Renee R
Renee R:
At least their happy, I can tell they love each other, wish I had love like this
oof lord
oof lord:
This called me single in 15 different languages
these two are absolutely adorable!! but do they know about the toxic tucute/truscum wars stemming from the 'too cute to be cis' ideology..?
Millie Martin
Millie Martin:
My dad is friends with the owner of that store I’ve been there it’s really cool I completely support all of your choices
Kelsie Auger
Kelsie Auger:
You can tell they love eachother that's all that matters and they support eachother cool story.
sapnu puas
sapnu puas:
They're so cute 💞
Cackle Various
Cackle Various:
They are so pretty together awwwwww
Todun o
Todun o:
They seem so happy and giddy today. I'm so jealous ❤️❤️❤️
Chip Nova
Chip Nova:
Lmao people thought I was trans just because my voice is deep
Ok but why is the white girl walking so hard lol x)
Fiona Arizona
Fiona Arizona:
They’re cute! I love their style!!
jilly G
jilly G:
Beautiful couple ♡ How amazing to go through that journey of personal discovery together. I am going through something similar with my husband and our struggles with mental & physical health. To go through it with a partner who understands and loves you is a very beautiful feeling and I am grateful every day for it. You are both radiant thank you for sharing your positive hope and love fuelled story with the world. Love♡Peace♡Hope
Ashley Murdick
Ashley Murdick:
Okay well this is amazing, and y’all are amazing. ♥️
They are super cute and seem to really love each other!! 💖 So beautiful 😍
Yukino Hazuno
Yukino Hazuno:
2:43 bruh like the height different between them and the passerby is just😹
St u
St u:
T shirts and sweats are gender fluid 👌
Aali Yah
Aali Yah:
Imagine seeing them and being like that’s a nice lesbian couple and then they told you they were guys first..... sigh
Coco King
Coco King:
I love this couple they give me good vibes 😍♥️🌈
Jonas filberg
Jonas filberg:
I like turtles 🐢
Bheki Dlamini
Bheki Dlamini:
Damn when they mentioned Thailand I was like it makes sense 😂😂😂😂😂
Freddy Freddy
Freddy Freddy:
Omg this is so cute :D 🏳️‍🌈❤️
Corey was hot when he was a guy. Like u can really see the cuteness
I'm so happy for them ❤️.
Faith Cooper
Faith Cooper:
Wow I love how much they are in love.How Nice 10/10 win
that's so cute, taking twinsies to a new level :)
Keep doing you lovelies ❤️
the lady's reaction at the subway enterence at 2:42 though!! if i didnt have such severe depression i'd be dying of laughter!
ann brewer
ann brewer:
As long as you r loyal to each other and not two faced and don't cheat, then you r all good in my humble opinion. Loooove your positive attitudes. You both r beautiful.
candii yadigg
candii yadigg:
I’m dyingggggg they sugar coated around saying they didn’t work 🤣🤣🤣🤣 “model” “activist” “COMMUNITY BUILDER”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 I’m sorry that sent me
Sydney Dayyani
Sydney Dayyani:
So happy for these two 🖤🖤🖤
JL CarinoTH
JL CarinoTH:
Welcome to Thailand two girl .❤
"Too cute to be cis" oh wow they are that kind I guess..
i love this so much, they are such a beautiful wlw couple and they must have that strong bond after going through their transitioning together!!! all the love and happiness to them, such strong people.
omg i love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
catrina malloy
catrina malloy:
Y'all are beautiful an sexy keep up the great Cause!It's important in this Era that tries to keep "US" on the hush hush.Great job ladies&Wish you luck on your surgery get well soon
Marie Goddess
Marie Goddess:
They are soooo adorable and seem so in love❤❤❤