WEEK 7 IS HERE & TANK-MAN IS AMAZING! | Friday Night Funkin'

Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin' so just after I played FNF yesterday, OF-COURSE WEEK 7 DROPS. This is an incredible week which has more than just an additional week added. The full-game has plans to feature over 20 weeks which is insane. Enjoy the video!

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100+ comentarios:

Luigikid Gaming
Luigikid Gaming:
Why is Ryan so god like in this game LMAO
I needed 40 attempts to beat Guns in hard lmao
Fleets on Air
Fleets on Air:
Is nobody talking about how strong Boyfriend is Carrying Girlfriend with one arm while singing? Lit
dom cardin
dom cardin:
Tankman: the is WAR people DIE
Pico: sheesh say less
*Commits mass murder of an entire army*
Irene Kim
Irene Kim:
i love how pico is like a teenager but is still able to headshot hundreds of highly trained soldiers with armor
Real King Ben
Real King Ben:
I like how Pico isn’t shooting randomly, but he is shooting perfectly timed to the music
The Newgrounds website went down harder than the bars the Tankman was dropping. And that's saying something.
白いオオカミ White wolf Animates
白いオオカミ White wolf Animates:
Girlfriend might have people pointing guns at her, but she is still vibing
HD - Brawl Stars
HD - Brawl Stars:
Pico in week 3 : I HATE YOU GUYS!

Pico in week 7 : Can I join the battle :D?
ScrappyanBuddies Randomness
ScrappyanBuddies Randomness:
Tankman: "A teenager who wears her mom's clothes"
Rule 34 artists: Oh no
Drip Knight
Drip Knight:
my headcanon for why pico is here is because the dad found out what happened and hires him to kill tankman
The pokélex
The pokélex:
Hey Ryan, the school shooting joke when Pico appears is relating to pico's own game.
Ryan : "I'm excited to see Pico's story"
Everyone Who Knows : "Yeah, so about that"
If you think about it, Week 7 took so long because they let the community run wild and they watched as our mods got harder. That helped them make week 7 hard.
Thank You FNF Community!
Tankman: “Men, get ready to fire!”
Bf: “Release the Pico!”
Are we just gonna ignore how Ryan is so good?
The godly VXhybrid
The godly VXhybrid:
Tankman:" I have an army "

Boyfriend: " we have a *P I C O* "
Penny G
Penny G:
Tankman: *acts tough*

Boyfriend: ✨ b e e p ✨
Monster Truck
Monster Truck:
Ryan: "This is tricky"
Me inside: actually, it's week 7
pico’s background is as tankman said, shooting up schools lol
CoolGFX Production
CoolGFX Production:
Can we just appreciate how Pico is just DESTROYING an entire army with only 2 weapons standing completely still
Рандомный Алхимик
Рандомный Алхимик:
Tbh this is fair: Boyfriend comes to the rescue in pico's school update and Pico comes here to save the day
Александр Егоров
Александр Егоров:
I am amazed on how well FNF has evolved, from BEEP to actual talking
Crosto 64
Crosto 64:
When you realize Pico originated from a game about beating a school shooter by being a school shooter
My brain when i'm in an exam and theres 2 minutes left...
Pico: *committing mass homicide*
Ryan: that is so cool
If ryan doesnt get it, pico is a newgrounds emblem and his first game hes shooting at his school and saving it at the same time
LoLits Rizzy
LoLits Rizzy:
The fact that Ryan hasn’t played the Undertale X Event mod is criminal I wanna see him one try that.
Edgar Weckmann
Edgar Weckmann:
The sniper: I'm just gonna see instead of doing my job
The story about Pico is that he was hired by demon dad to kill boyfriend, but then later did he know that pico and boyfriend knew each other, so without killing boyfriend, he instead rap with him. That's all I know.
Ian Shue
Ian Shue:
Even with guns pointed at her, girlfriend still can’t stop bopping to the music
Tanjina Juhi
Tanjina Juhi:
Let's be honest pico has the chad level of overtaking boyfriend
just nate
just nate:
GF brings a whole new meaning to "put your hands in the air like you just don't care"
Lenny Bird
Lenny Bird:
I like how Ryan plays with two hands while everyone else plays with one hand and wonders why they miss a whole bunch of notes😂
_The _Gatekeeper_
_The _Gatekeeper_:
The wholesome moment when Girlfriend lands in Boyfriend's arm and she hugs him. I live for that.

Also Pico coming to the rescue was the cherry on top of the fnf pie
Ethan Panahon
Ethan Panahon:
Mommy must murder and daddy dearest:i wait until my daughter is a demon
No More Room in Hell is a great Source modification
No More Room in Hell is a great Source modification:
Pico helping BF & GF is one of the best crossovers I've ever seen
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen:
Who else remembers when Ryan used to play with MattShea
it will be great if ugh cutscene was this:

"Well well well, what do you got here?"


"Ok bye then"

*week ends*
Neon Shikaro
Neon Shikaro:
Ryan: **doesn't know about Pico's backstory**

People who knows about Pico's School: *:') oh god you poor man*
Lego 94
Lego 94:
What happened when pico help out bf when he came to his side on the third song: Respect +100
The fact pico shoots the guys as fast as bf funks is amazing
Sophia Thompson
Sophia Thompson:
Hmm...I wonder what Girlfriend was ready to do before Pico dropped in...
Davoune Magsoling
Davoune Magsoling:
I think we can all agree that this week is literally the good with that song and the beat drop
Him: this is tricky
The entire squad:
tristan epp
tristan epp:
Ryan: Tankman chill
Tankman: Bruh you know how hot these uniforms are when they're practically all black
Liam J
Liam J:
Let’s just appreciate that the boyfriend can carry his taller than him girlfriend with one arm.
How can a guy made from war rap this good???
Gf: *Held Hostage*

Also her: This is the best day ever!
ba6 la9
ba6 la9:
when tankman said "ugh" i felt that
Shadow Drake
Shadow Drake:
Other people watching this: Pico!!

Me: Hee hee Private Skittles :D
Marko Jovanovski
Marko Jovanovski:
The animation when he says "UGH" is on another level.
Hello World
Hello World:
For those who are wondering about who is Pico, he has a game called "Pico's School" a game about school shooting made by NewGrounds creator, Tom Fulp and released in 1999 after the Columbine school shooting incident. So yeah, it's edgy.
Griffin Botticello
Griffin Botticello:
Me: First tries this with a cat in my hand
Domovoy pls
Domovoy pls:
This week radiates pure old school Newgrounds energy
I like how girlfriend is still enjoying the music😂😂, and Gf is happy when keith is holding her 😃
Anime Fan
Anime Fan:
Can we appreciate how strong bf is for carrying gf with one hand while rapping
Pico, get’s like 90-100 kills in one spot
The solders, charge, and don’t use weapons, only bare fists
Look at her supporting even at gun point, top tier.
Troy Madare
Troy Madare:
6:32 me when the McDonald’s wifi works 😂
Can we take a moment to apreciate how GOD-LIKE Ryan is at this point.
I love how big this game grew. It went to a small simple little game, to a huge collaboration with Newgrounds, and now they’re starting their own Kickstarter (which has gone over its goal in less than a day). love this game, and it’s fanbase.
When tankman said "don't you have a school to shoot up" it was a refrence to a game about pico
T-Man: “I’ve Got An Army”
BF: “ picofoddersayswhat”
Crowd: Wha-
Pico: *Blaster Rev*...Beep.
Lehla Quartz
Lehla Quartz:
They definitely need ending cutscenes after finishing a week, especially when Tankman had so much shit to say.
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul:
i like how his mic is pointing at him like a tank
Logan Kuhnwald
Logan Kuhnwald:
The voice actor definitely sounds like he had fun making this
Lehla Quartz
Lehla Quartz:
Love that Pico's shooting is the drumbeat.
Tony Torres
Tony Torres:
Nothing on this earth can put out the 🔥 that is this week’s music.
Fun fact: the spooky kids are Skid and Pump from SR Pelo and Pico is a Newgrounds original character, Tankman saying “don’t you have a school to shoot up” is a reference to Pico’s school by Tom Fulp.
Jarek Hartwell
Jarek Hartwell:
That's last song is the best song in fff. Listening to girlfriend for the first time is super cool
8-BitRyan: **misses 2 notes** -oh god this is bad

Dawko: **misses 57 notes** -this is fine
Lil' Kat
Lil' Kat:

Bro that soldier screamed like a girl before Pico literally blew his brains out.

_Thats how you know Pico be meaning business-_
Meme Clown
Meme Clown:
Everybody gangsta until you see Phantom Fear's corruption growing.
zein h plays
zein h plays:
The scream of the soldier on the left is prfect for an "it was at this moment that he knew he F'ed up"
The fact how pics lost his eye pit still goes to his shcool and has so much good aim
trap fapper
trap fapper:
girlfriend activating her demonic side is making her parents proud.
Niko Sama
Niko Sama:
I think after this 8-Bit ryan should try the Mid Fight Masses Mod
Tankman: WHY is she flailing like that!?
Tankgoon: To be fair, sir, you told her to put her hands in the air. You didn't say she couldn't wave 'em like she just don't care!
I_am_ Caramel_Chocolates
I_am_ Caramel_Chocolates:
Weird fact : *if you think BF is short, have you ever looked at pico?*
I love that pico shoots to the beat
A literal army going after pico
pico: waits for the beat
DudeThatscOoL AV
DudeThatscOoL AV:
You are soooooooo good at this game WTH dude
I’m literally amazed through out the whole series
Maddox Siler
Maddox Siler:
tank-man is ready to rap after singing I'm a little tea pot
Ryan, you seemed confused when Tankman asked if Pico had a school to shoot up. It is edgy, but it is a reference to one of the older Newgrounds games, called Pico’s School, where you played as Pico in a school. That’s where Pico originally came from, and that’s why Tankman said that. 🤔
Flame Gauge
Flame Gauge:
not enough people talkin about how girlfriend was about to demon out before pico stepped in
Joe Joseph
Joe Joseph:
this game went from "fight her dad to get her love" to an entire newgrounds collab. Their kickstarter wanted 60k. In like 3 days, we hit 1.3 million dollars for the full game. This community is great.
planet universe
planet universe:
"it went from no week 7 to too much!"
Med Aouali
Med Aouali:
Is this a cult we are all looking on Ryan's arms (edited: *fingers*)
?A - BT
?A - BT:
That momment when you realise a fictional character who cant actually talk has a girlfriend or a better one than you
Ouroboros O7
Ouroboros O7:
Tankman: Don't you have a school to shoot up?!
I mean... Pico didn't do it willingly.
Itz Rhys Btw
Itz Rhys Btw:
Tankman while Pico is committing mass murder: "Pretty good..!"
I'm so Tiny!
I'm so Tiny!:
Fun fact: the tank man is wearing a sexy white swim suit
Ryan you’ve got the ultimate jitter fingers I’m just impressed how your keyboard isn’t broken yet
Castle Crasher123
Castle Crasher123:
It surprises me how good Ryan is at this
I like how before pico appeared the girlfriend's eyes had a red glow like her parents
Bawi Tial
Bawi Tial:

The mom and dad be like : Do you even remember us or were we to easy.

Edit: wow.. I never got this many likes and replies XD.
Velosi Gamer
Velosi Gamer:
Ethan Hawkins
Ethan Hawkins:
When you said girlfriend being a demon was a bit off because her parents are LITERALLY DEMONS
Ria Crimson
Ria Crimson:
The gf was about to do something but pico showed up and kicked her
I like how the gf in the background is just waving for help and is still kinda dancin'