Wenger & Desailly respond to Nagelsmann's Bayern appointment | beIN Exclusive with Arsene Wenger

After the official announcement of Bayern's new manager Julian Nagelsmann, Desailly and Wenger weigh in on their thoughts about it, and also discuss the need for a salary cap for players and managers.

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40 comentarios:

solomalli olamide badhoo
solomalli olamide badhoo:
Wenger is too too intelligent I swear!!!
Mr wenger. Salute to you .what you have done for arsenal club. Hope you will come back one day and see arsenal win premier league
i love listening to arsene talk football
Only Arsene knows ... What a legend !
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma:
When legend speaks everyone listens
Frank Champion
Frank Champion:
Bayern just clinched the next 6-8 league titles
Mut Sam
Mut Sam:
Wow. Le Professuer is right. The money will always find other channels to reach the players.

It’s like putting a cap on a bottle but continually filling it say with water. Its weak points will succumb to the increasing pressure.
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
nice background noise
Arsene is so intelligent its mad, hes sees the future, hes a prophet .
Bayern Have a cheat code of getting the best from the rest
Tom R
Tom R:
“Sssh...God is talking...”
Ben So
Ben So:
Last season Bayern were Hans On Flick
Perpetual Morpho
Perpetual Morpho:
Psg see u at the etihad running around to catch the boll like little cats
bhaskar unni
bhaskar unni:
I just hope He won't dont end up like Niko Kovac...
I could listen to sir wenger for days on end
what clowns they were at arsenal
he made the best with what he had
I mean look at them now, its no comparission
Couch Potatoe
Couch Potatoe:
Arsene the legend
Benny not
Benny not:
Cacilia Why
Cacilia Why:
I think he is making a mistake and I don't trust anyone who jumps from club to club. I suspect it won't come out well for him.
Maddy Jo
Maddy Jo:
Wenger to RB lipzig..
Yes, Lewandowski is 33 with the physical body of a 27yo and in the form of his life. Wenger should watch more football. Boateng is a whole different story.
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
I understand why arsene talks down on Bayern last him faced Bayern it was 10-2 on aggregate 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣and that wasn’t even the treble winning team
Nenad Bibic
Nenad Bibic:
Master hat down
Same old Bayern strategy: buy the competition of the Bundesliga.
Haily Rizzo
Haily Rizzo:
I think there is some kind of conflict of interest here making this announcement or even approaching a manager before the season is over. Especially when Liepzig is technically still in the title race. Nagelsmann cannot lose any more games from now on even if Bayern still wins. It may not happen often in other leagues but in the Bundesliga, Bayern buys the best players and coaches from the other Bundesliga clubs so often. This means it is usually from their closest competitors, players and coaches that have improved their clubs so much that they are able to challenge Bayern.
Salary cap and no relegated league sound like american sport.
Salary cap and a transfer fee cap.
amanjot singh
amanjot singh:
Its munchenliga now. Complete monopoly over the league
Ramesh Chander
Ramesh Chander:
Rahh Tahh
Rahh Tahh:
I would have thought Wenger would be more informed
Arguing for players to be paid more? If you had argued for to them to be paid less then arsenal could have moved on ozil, mustafi, sokratis and the club would be in a much healthier position.
emile keen
emile keen:
Bayern and the bayernliga. And they say esl isn't competitive. No wonder they refused to join. How can one club carefully poach all best players from other clubs in the same league. And not just that, they collect the managers too. Quiet a shame
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
There is a reason why arsen can’t get a job now lol
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
Arsen a hater cause he never got the Bayern job 😂😂😂🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
Bayern own arsen they took he’s soul on multiple occasions
It doesn’t matter What your name is
It doesn’t matter What your name is:
Silly move for this nagglesman.....Munich is no challenge. Won 10 leagues on the bounce. Basically his job is lined up for failure. This is a high pressure position. Only winning the league will be the target and at least the final of the cl. Anything less he gets sacked or it’s 100% failure.
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
Arsene jealous lol no job
Bayern is ruining the Bundesliga. Every other team is merely a feeder club. No wonder they practically get a free run in the Champions League every season. Ridiculous 🙄
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
Arsenal still can’t recover from arsen this is a fact they lost too many times with him they can’t win
Croatian Kid
Croatian Kid:
Arsen talking about boateng leaving but leaves out the fact that Bayern just signed one of the best up and coming defenders in the world in dayot upamercano a few years ago I heard he made a rumor up that Bayern wanted him as a manager that’s clearly something he made up why would they even consider arsen if u look back at the demolishing match ups against Arsenal lol countless 5 0 51 score lines and he comparing himself to julien first off julien knows how to keep a clean sheet unlike arsen there is nothing similar about these guys matter of fact arsen is overrated as a coach he had great players once in Henry and cesc that made him loook good what did he do after that nothing expect get top 4 or 8 and get demolished in ucl every year win a occasional fa cup like I said overrated clearly