West Ham 0-2 Manchester City | Premier League Highlights

Watch the highlights from West Ham’s Premier League trip to Manchester City.

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100+ comentarios:

Brilliant pass from De Bruyne
This man has such a accerelation that defence is helpless, he gonna have a lot of goals this season. unstoppable
Iurieti Vladut
Iurieti Vladut:
It takes a genius pass like De Bruyne to break through, but it takes a HAALAND to 100% score it.
I can sense De Bruyne and Haaland being a formidable duo this season. With balls through sent to Haaland like this, the guy will smash records this season!
Adi Sucipto
Adi Sucipto:
That speed from Haaland is already making centre backs having nightmares
Jared McLeod
Jared McLeod:
Haaland is way too fast for a guy that big, absolutely ridiculous
Haaland could do 40 this season with the service and quality around the team.
Josh Williams
Josh Williams:
The way city played today I highly doubt anyone can stop them this season they was top top class. Unfortunately our might hammers was the unlucky ones to have to try stop this giant first. Onwards and upwards from here on in ⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️
Marcin BSTR
Marcin BSTR:
That second goal & assist... In daylight! 👋
De bruyne understood haaland already. What a player
Second goal was a brilliant pass and beautiful goal ... Lord Haaland
Mohamed Jesus
Mohamed Jesus:
De Bruyne has been dying for someone to finish his velvety passes. I think this year we'll see how truly magnificent De Bruyne is.
Outclassed, nothing more nothing less, heads up
dj enzo24
dj enzo24:
At Dortmund he started with 3 goals
At city he starts with a brace

Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way:
This man has such a accerelation that defence is helpless, he gonna have a lot of goals this season. unstoppable
Shows the pure class that haaland is at such a young age. going to be an absolute beast this season
That quick speed transition of Halaand is almost unbeatable. A guy of his stature finds hard to run with this acceleration tbh. He's trying to go below to recieve ball as well.
nkr dinla
nkr dinla:
Not city fan but I love the build up of the second goal...it has excited me brilliant pass from de bruyne
zoiu tooi
zoiu tooi:
Not city fan but I love the build up of the second goal...it has excited me brilliant pass from de bruyne
Ibrahim Sanga
Ibrahim Sanga:
Not city fan but I love the build up of the second goal...it has excited me brilliant pass from de bruyne
Rashid Abtahy
Rashid Abtahy:
that second goal was phenomenal
aliyu abubakar asuku
aliyu abubakar asuku:
Haaland is just amazing.. he makes scoring look so easy.... It's just too easy
We are Liverpool
We are Liverpool:
in this season we are looking forward to seeing a good competition between Haaland and Nunez, they are both tall, high-speed, and have a good scoring instinct. I want to share my opinion related to the first games, Liverpool obviously has a big trouble in the middle field, they had temporarily lost Ox, Keita, Kertis, and yesterday they lost Tiago. There is no point in having great attack players ahead like Mo, Nunez , Diaz if you couldn't give them the ball. Man City has two or three squads for the match, strength middle field, super attackers ahead, i'm afraid but i think they will win one more season!
Victor Obiagwu
Victor Obiagwu:
This guy will give debruyne many assists
Berak Di Air Deras
Berak Di Air Deras:
Im positive that West Ham can perform well this season as well. And coming from a Serie A fans....Scamacca will do well under Moyes.
Emmanuel OBASA
Emmanuel OBASA:
Haaland is clinical as hell 🔥🔥
Saigon eCircuit
Saigon eCircuit:
Three words about Haaland: bodybuilding + speed + stretching. Everything is too good!
Banasree Majumder
Banasree Majumder:
he might just score 47 or 50 including the ucl and pl . Already je has scored 2 goals . Haaland is a beast robot . Respect 🙏🙏💯💯💯
Linda Mccann
Linda Mccann:
From what I’ve seen from scamacca in the time in the match, holy shit he’s good
J C:
Haaland running in behind is very entertaining to watch.
Danilo Domenico Rizzi
Danilo Domenico Rizzi:
Brutal Striker ❤
Zone Time
Zone Time:
Bro but seriously….. being a goalie and this player running at you is scary enough he actually runs like an unstoppable machine
yahya zuhudi
yahya zuhudi:
What a vision from KDB!!!
That KDB pass tho 🔥
One of the most talked about players and you see why..my money is on city this season
Bro but seriously….. being a goalie and this player running at you is scary enough he actually runs like an unstoppable machine
Moementum Finance & Stock Investing
Moementum Finance & Stock Investing:
Haaland in on 🔥🔥🔥!!! Shoutout to West Ham United too, as I was watching the "Final Score" movie on Netflix last night which involved this team.
Haaland... What an absolute beast... Respect!
Arctic Dude
Arctic Dude:
The second goal is so clinical both from Haaland and KDB it almost looks easy...
Joshary Joyames
Joshary Joyames:
He's faster, stronger. Record breaker in the making
I thought we looked unprepared, unfit, bereft of creativity with a makeshift backline putting the square peg Johnson into the round hole centre half position. Not encouraging to see this performance out of pre season. I know that City are a fabulous team but aside from 2 periods totally less than 10 minutes we barely had them break a sweat.
Neelesh C
Neelesh C:
Holland has tremendous speed and acceleration !!! Little similar to Theory Henrey when he was at Arsesal..
It will be very difficult for defenders to stop Holland...
Faisal Raoef
Faisal Raoef:
He is Amazing...City has a monster
Dayo Jaiye (D++)
Dayo Jaiye (D++):
HAALAND is a giant. He's a problem to defenders. We shall see more of him this season 💯💯
Я очень любил это видео! Он такой большой, он похож на ходячую гору! Защитники сезона столкнутся с трудностями. Я всегда чувствовал себя безопасно и уверенно, путешествуя, благодаря умиротворённости, которую
Buen partido del manchester city
FACT not many teams (at home or away) will be taking points off City this season. They are a class team with a class manager. COYI
Acid Joke
Acid Joke:
Disappointing lack of fight for most of the game. Scamacca looked good, glad to see Coventry, Areola and Downes get a run out. But quite a few poor performances from our boys. Oh well...onwards and upwards. COYI
Epl is back🔥🔥,,, ready to see how the 2 lions( Liverpool and city) square it out this time.The rivalry is raising the bar too far for the other teams bt do I say?let's wait and see
bowen voowy
bowen voowy:
Haaland in on !!! Shoutout to West Ham United too, as I was watching the "Final Score" movie on Netflix last night which involved this team.
minij hooi
minij hooi:
Haaland in on !!! Shoutout to West Ham United too, as I was watching the "Final Score" movie on Netflix last night which involved this team.
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me:
Brilliant pass from De Bruyne
Jibon theke neya
Jibon theke neya:
Thanks for sharing the highlight. It is short but enjoyable.
nautovicc Cr7
nautovicc Cr7:
30 gols para haaland. Quem e neymidya perto desse cara
Deantae Bacchus
Deantae Bacchus:
The boy is a gem
alfonso santos
alfonso santos:
He will score 32 goals this season
Mar Larsen
Mar Larsen:
20 years on and the Haaland family is still entertaining the premiere league~
I actually think we escape with only 2 goals conceded, watch city wrecked the rest of the league with a hat trick for halaand every game. The 2nd goal halaand is doing it for more than 10 times but no one is seeing it until KDB
Jon A
Jon A:
I know it’s was off side but at least show Scamacca’s header…..
Bikram Lwagun
Bikram Lwagun:
Two goal on debut. What a speed this guy is going to create tsunami in PL
Kristoferus Rangga
Kristoferus Rangga:
any gk would be terrify such big man with such pace and killer instinct!
Keith Bentley
Keith Bentley:
My only beef is that Pep didn't let him go for the hat trick. He looked a bit pissed off at being taken off.
extra ordinary
extra ordinary:
wow, with De bryune feeding Haaland, I predict he will break 40 league goals this season if he stays fit
Unbelievable pass from KDB
Scamacca has to start next game. It's ridiculous paying nearly £40m for someone & leaving them on the bench.
Silvo & Shani
Silvo & Shani:
I feel ashamed 😞 why can't we do something on this season
anshuman sahu
anshuman sahu:
Everybody is saying the same thing. Haaland is too fast for his size.
An ores
An ores:
Guys it's the first game of the season vs the previous season's champions with an extra Haaland. Chill out.
Enjoyed it!
Brad Niblock
Brad Niblock:
Good luck to the rest of the reason hammers, MCFC WHU 💚
WebCreator (Twitch : WebMaster980)
WebCreator (Twitch : WebMaster980):
I think city will surely 100% won premier league, maybe UCL in the next few season. City can create many many scoring chance in the last season even when match against big team. But many of the chance not goal, with halland the story will be different
Thought west ham was playing against Dortmund for a second 😂
С такими симуляциями ему бы за Ростов играть!
Easy W for Man City
Made my day!
Jan Killy
Jan Killy:
Haaland makes MC a terror on counters, his size and speed … pity the defenders trying to cover his screaming runs.
Marcus Whyrealis
Marcus Whyrealis:
1:15, Rice skies one over the net exactly like Bruno against Brighton today.
Brilliant Break through pass By Belgium Blonde de Bruyne to another Blonde player from Borussia.
Giwrgos hmm
Giwrgos hmm:
Looks like a young cr7 to me, in many aspects. Time will tell
Lan Kakaly
Lan Kakaly:
Awal yg baik buat Manc City ♥️👍 💪💪💪💪💪
Ryan Way
Ryan Way:
City gonna win the league by at least 10 this year. It's scary what could happen. I know people gonna say calm down it's only one game. But they've got 100goals a season for years and they've got a finisher more lethal than any before (not saying better overall than Aguero yet - but better finished already imo) a team that creates a record amount of chances (sometimes 20+ shots a game) and has record amounts of possession, he doesn't even have to be at his clinical best to put away chances that they'd have missed in the past. Not to mention I reckon Liverpool will miss Mane a lot
Simanjuntak. M.15
Simanjuntak. M.15:
gila bener lari nya si haaland.. 👍👍
john ann
john ann:
Alvarez can strike a ball hard as well. If the West ham player hadent had his head in the way that would have been a sure goal. We havent seen the last of that lad !
Rustiono Purwito
Rustiono Purwito:
Terrific game for every PL member when againts City..
An analist here in the Netherlands said "playing with de Bruyne and Haaland in one team is cheating." I think he is right. XD
Delta keesei
Delta keesei:
Wow Haaland, Amazing. .it's good for the city to move quickly, get it, guy. ..😎
Black Vader USA
Black Vader USA:
As a Chelsea FC fan I guess we will have a lot of problems with Haaland
Win Ner
Win Ner:
City should sign Mbappe too. The defenders wouldn't know who the cover.
Alam Syah
Alam Syah:
The best midfielder.
Ranveer Kapoor
Ranveer Kapoor:
It's like cheating when you have Haaland in the team 😅😅😅
Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross:
wow....what a signing eh
Deri Sinta
Deri Sinta:
Top speed 🔥
Deri Sinta
Deri Sinta:
Top speed 🔥
z z
z z:
Håland is mighty fast
Relaxed Souls
Relaxed Souls:
Fairfull commentating for the commentator lady although she is westham's she performed good and fair
LandProperty NG
LandProperty NG:
Can we take a minute to put some respect on the players today... I was entaintained👏
Genesis Inovero
Genesis Inovero:
De Bruyne passing ability plus full speed from Haaland
jimmy miesniak
jimmy miesniak:
hahah fun to see how people was laughing on haaland for wasting a good occasion in the previous match and calling him a flop, y’all can clean his shoes now haters
Ancol Ajah
Ancol Ajah:
west ham you can lose now but not in the future, keep the spirit to be the best soccer team

Dominic Cadman-Gotch
Dominic Cadman-Gotch:
What happened to the "Extended highlights" that we got last season?! ..... Is this all we're getting this season?! ☹️ We got a goals video AND a highlights video last season, now all we're getting is 2 minute highlights?! Really?! ☹️