West Ham vs Chelsea 0-1 Thomas Tuchel Defeated Moyes The Race For The Top 4🔥Owen Hargreaves Analysis

West Ham vs Chelsea 0-1 Thomas Tuchel Defeated Moyes The Race For The Top 4🔥Owen Hargreaves Analysis
West Ham vs Chelsea 0-1

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Mathaba Nelson
Mathaba Nelson:
Silva was given a red card without even touching the player. there was no VAR when they look at it the player even trampled Silva calf. where did Balbuena supposed to put his leg??? obviously not on Chilly. it was very bad.
Hamza Hmina
Hamza Hmina:
Funny how mason didnt pass the ball to ziyech .he clearly didnt want him to score. So funny.
Mathaba Nelson
Mathaba Nelson:
Hargreaves always Negative about Chelsea or wishing them to drop points or say less about them. he would prefer Westham win in this game.
Cezar Vidoe
Cezar Vidoe:
Felicitari Timo...💙💙💙
Godwin Bridget
Godwin Bridget:
I'm so happy a big Congratulations to us. But Timo Werner miss a lot of chances anyway will still have 3 points
jide bamidele
jide bamidele:
How can you say you don't see West ham losing any of the remaining 5 games? Everton, Southampton and Burnley will be a tough game. They could actually draw all
Quabena Monster
Quabena Monster:
We should've score more ... still great result though 💪💙
Prince Charles
Prince Charles:
In our game with west brom thiago was sent off for a follow through... Theyre in same category... So well deserved for me...
rai gunawan
rai gunawan:
Mantap mas TUCHEL
Good job
Gooo blues keep the blue flag flying hay💙💙💙
Ikechukwu Obikansi
Ikechukwu Obikansi:
Very happy with the victory & with Timo werner scoring, it's not too easy breaking a goal drought, it's a gradual thing & I'm confidence Timo would deliver is scoring again gradually (he's too fast in decision making most times in front of goal that's exactly why he lost the rebound) congratulations to us Chelsea fan, a well deserved 3points 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
As for the red card! We suffered same against west brom, silva getting a second yellow card which didn't worth it & we suffered after that poor decision by the referee, also today for westham (for me it was a deserved red card compared to Thiago's foul against westham) thank you.
Christopher Theodore
Christopher Theodore:
Where was this energy when Silva was given a card for an incident that wasn’t intentional too?
Alvin .K. Sindowe
Alvin .K. Sindowe:
Clinical chelsea 😂😂🤣 what he smoking
Michael Maruli
Michael Maruli:
Red is harsh but yellow i think is fair..
Chelsea AreKillingMe
Chelsea AreKillingMe:
What's Hargreaves beef with chelsea? If we conceded but scored lots he'd say yeah but the defence is not all that. Can't win with these pundits...
Inge Kjetil Bratset
Inge Kjetil Bratset:
Never a red card. Terrible desision.
Nzabampema Didier
Nzabampema Didier:
Is the reporter asking questions or giving his opinion??????
Doyin Fashanu
Doyin Fashanu:
They keep doubting us we keep winning...who told you we can't win all and who told you Westham will win all... Well get ready to be disappointed, we are winning and never leaving that top 4...my kova will soon be back....ahahahahah
chelsea for ever
chelsea for ever:
Thomas T genius coach!
Robbie Keane Villa Legend
Robbie Keane Villa Legend:
Race for top 4? West Ham won’t even get top 7
i feel like timo is tuchel's son
swamp thing
swamp thing:
Never a red. At best a yellow
Baba Caleb
Baba Caleb:
3 point at least but werner was terrible those missed my grand Ma will convert
Cyril Obi
Cyril Obi:
Glen and Owen shot up, chealsea will finish in the top four and you shall cry, hahahahaha
Chelsea here. That was not a red. Shocking decision.
Stephen Ndoli
Stephen Ndoli:
Already happened
Gaming Mad
Gaming Mad:
Same thing happend with thiago silver he got red carded what is so different to this challenge I think this was worse cause thiago silver hardly touched west Brom player
The idea of “he didn’t mean to hurt him “ is all nonsense. It’s simple to see and know that he’s putting the opponent in grave danger. People are not penalized because of their intentions but rather on the outcome of their actions
miccado Addo
miccado Addo:
really ?it was a clear red card. you don't even need a VAR.
Chelsea's defense is ridiculous maybe the best in the world
Maudal Musical Machines
Maudal Musical Machines:
Nice team goal. And *Timo finished one* !_ Huzzah!!! Still... I would have been fine with Timo being subbed out at 60 minutes 😐 I hoped that goal would wake him up. Unfortunately... nope.

Balbuena *extended his knee* after making studs-up contact with Chilly's calf. That's why it's a red card. I'm completely baffled as to why Lee Dixon and all the other commentators crying about it don't see that. Balbuena could *easily* have pulled his leg back coming down as he did. Which is why the *other* example they point to wasn't a card at all... That player *did* pull his leg back. Balbuena extends his knee and *follows through* almost standing on Chilly's calf. Red Card All Day Long.
محمد محمد
محمد محمد:
I am talking about dismissal, lt is not a red card, lt is a yellow card that the player deserves, lt is not important for United
D.A. Crossman
D.A. Crossman:
Clumsy, Ben? Are you sure? Most ridiculous red card I've ever see. Would this happen to Utd at Old Trafford? Question rhetorical.
Dolapo Tella Attoni
Dolapo Tella Attoni:
Deserved red card. Moyes talking rubbish