W.H. Press Secretary McEnany defends against allegations Donald Trump downplayed Covid-19 danger

President Donald Trump admitted he wanted to publicly downplay the threat of the coronavirus even as advisors warned him about the dangers of the disease, Bob Woodward wrote in his forthcoming book about the Trump administration, multiple outlets reported Wednesday. Despite a tape of the president saying he downplayed the coronavirus—and despite him saying on that tape that he still likes "playing it down"—White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at a briefing Wednesday that Trump never downplayed the virus. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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100+ comentarios:

Keysha Ross
Keysha Ross:
So sick of this bs
Donald E. Graham Jr.
Donald E. Graham Jr.:
Wife: Why didn’t you just tell me you had an affair months ago? Why would you intentionally lie to me?

Husband: I downplayed it because I didn’t want you to panic.

Wife: But by lying to me you exposed me to STD’s. I could have protected myself had I known the truth.

Husband: Don’t worry, they will magically go away.

Wife: Well, I can’t say the same about these divorce papers!
Gina Glama
Gina Glama:
He said it was a hoax!!
wee huddy
wee huddy:
" Allegations ? " I heard the recording
AngelicNmore Morang
AngelicNmore Morang:
How are you gunna say he didn’t HE SAID IT HIMSELF
She really is waste of time.
Lying as she is paid for.
Cant see why reporters keeps showing up for these "conferences".
E Johnson
E Johnson:
They sure want to throw Fauci under the bus at all costs!
Elisha Williams
Elisha Williams:
“It’s on tape Kayleigh” 😂
The Z
The Z:
Allegedly; “it’s on tape.”
She Fictitious
She Fictitious:
Is she just blaming everything on Dr. Fauci?
The Unspoken Truth
The Unspoken Truth:
She lies so well she is almost convincing.
The good thing is he will be gone before COVID will.
Steven J. Shi
Steven J. Shi:
who designed that dress, it's so tacky...
Jessa Morsicato
Jessa Morsicato:
It’s like she prepped herself for debate tournament in school. Repeating the lies won’t make it true. It’s on tape? Lol
Jroc R
Jroc R:
Fauci should resign in protest of constantly being taken out of context.
Angie Maldonado
Angie Maldonado:
reporters: “so about ‘that’ tape...”
kayleigh: **👁👄👁**
Liar for hire 🤮
If Biden wins he should hire her. Then make her report on the fall out of this administration
Girl, you truly earn that salary. Constantly trying to clean up his mess has to be exhausting. You cannot clean up a pathological liar!
cameron heynes
cameron heynes:
Didn’t someone say “its the new hoax”
He's recorded, stop lying. He misrepresented the danger of Covid19. He wanted to keep the markets up, that's why he lied.
Miss *Bend and Snap* but with an actual law degree.
Mary Sauder
Mary Sauder:
Yes he did, I just binged watched the interviews.
It's her job tho.... With this her job, u have to lie even when the lie is so obvious that it's a lie. This is so funny
Kim Feld
Kim Feld:
She has got to be tired of covering up is lie’s on A daily Basis!!🤥
Meredith Musso
Meredith Musso:
How much do you think she got when she sold her soul?
Mitch Copsu
Mitch Copsu:
imagine this - shes your wife and says shes going to the store at 10pm on a thursday by herself

what goes through your head o.O
Trent Jackson
Trent Jackson:
People are worried about going to Chinese restaurants?? She's says that like it's an ok thing to say
Jerome Chisholm
Jerome Chisholm:
This is One lying person, he lyed several time from covid to treating it wit bleach or Giving stimulus checks the level unemployment as it continiues!
Edward Tonghands
Edward Tonghands:
He said it would be gone by spring 🤣🤣
Carlos A.
Carlos A.:
You just lied to the, American people.
Lisa M
Lisa M:
Such a big LIAR
Happy Days
Happy Days:
" . . . One day it (tRump) will go away, I think we can all hope for that day."
Eddi PL
Eddi PL:
Look how she breaths deep when ask the first question. She knows
Debbie Martini
Debbie Martini:
Keep spinning Kayleigh, you are spiraling down the drain girl.
Delivery Man
Delivery Man:
Lmao she googled as many quotes as she could before this
Kyle Hasegawa
Kyle Hasegawa:
"It's on tape, Kayleigh!" 😂
Terry McGill
Terry McGill:
Dont believe me but just read that verse for yourselves.
"One day it will go away. That is a fact!" Also Kayleigh..."Thanks to President Trump we won't see viruses like coronavirus here!" 🙄
Karl Tanner
Karl Tanner:
The Devil's Handmaiden
Terry Mcgill
Terry Mcgill:
Doesn't people know all liars going to HELL.(Revelation 21::7-8)
Osman A
Osman A:
biggest liar , damn . I cant imagine such plain lies
Rick Ruhl
Rick Ruhl:
She couldn’t tell you the truth if he had to.
Can you imagine having to lie through your teeth for a living. Sold her soul.
Hector gabriel Carabajal
Hector gabriel Carabajal:
Love from my heart
Cat Sidhe
Cat Sidhe:
HAH she's finally looking panicked
D Niger
D Niger:
Now the only point of reference has become Dr. Fauci - the same person who they have neglected and insulted for so long and has been receiving threats every day!
Legrant Mcqueen
Legrant Mcqueen:
Lies on top of lies"196000"
One Royal Priest
One Royal Priest:
Imagine this being your daughter and you are loking at her lying to the public week in week out!! Nightmare
Riding with Eudy
Riding with Eudy:
All I know is all you leaving comments remember this on voting day.
mm ricci
mm ricci:
"oh you excluded the last part" said the 12 year old on the playground.... She is so unprofessional that it is laughable. What a joke.
"slow the testing down please." -- Drumph (Trumputin, Twitler)
Betelhem H
Betelhem H:
Congrats McEnany you win the you're a liar award. Keep it up and Conway is gonna come out of her recent retirement to regain her title.
Mairice Wilson
Mairice Wilson:
wow all of the UN puppets are reporting on this.
liar liar
Prince Froggie
Prince Froggie:
This is a very tough job, and I admire her!
Wim Oosterhof
Wim Oosterhof:
"The president never lied about Covid" hmmmm " We have it all under control, 15 cases and it will disappear like a miracle " does that ring any bells?? She can walk hand in hand with kellyanne conway the queen of the alternative facts.
Nicki Oh
Nicki Oh:
The “ Downplay “ of the “ Downplay”
Miner Blake
Miner Blake:
Impressive job by McEnany again. Here we see the entire context where other sources deem appropriate to cut out the parts not suiting particular agenda. Thanks CNBC, need more like this.
nubia cairo
nubia cairo:
This girl needs to take several seats. She lies just as easily as her boss. She is shameless.
Sawyer K
Sawyer K:
Pas Wurd
Pas Wurd:
She reminds me of Marcy Darcy from Married with Children, hen pecking everything and being right but without the dikeness. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Darlene Roberts
Darlene Roberts:
Matt Connors
Matt Connors:
1:11 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Joshua Marvin
Joshua Marvin:
All she knows how to do is parrot praise for a man we all know has been an abject failure from start to finish.
"Beautiful people are not always good but good people are always beautiful"-Buddah
Jacob Nair
Jacob Nair:
Shes doing a good job considering how she's on the losing side of this 😬
Jocelyn Morales
Jocelyn Morales:
I feel terrible for this girl - she really wants to keep her job.
Jeanette Huamilton
Jeanette Huamilton:
She's a great liar!
Jerrie Schulz
Jerrie Schulz:
How can she make up and spread those lies. She really must love her job.
flodaddy flores
flodaddy flores:
i am tied of face palming :(
kelvin watson
kelvin watson:
Bob Woodward; "Why? Its just in my nature "said the scorpion.
She look like Doug's wife from king of queens!!
Robert Ronning
Robert Ronning:
You know the press secretary used to give us information about the going song at the people's house. But this one here her job is to clean up every mess The dictator creates.
Soo Ma
Soo Ma:
Why does she wear a cross around her neck?
sultan Al muhanna
sultan Al muhanna:
She been taught really well!!
Fredi Aguilar
Fredi Aguilar:
I feel like throwing up listening to this woman!
Grant White
Grant White:
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson:
Can we get her a super hero cape 😊😁 : )
Omfg!!!! 😂😂😂😂her micro expressions are ao lovely!!!
Alex To go
Alex To go:
She knew those questions were coming and had everything written down in her binder like always. And still did a bad job. She has one job.
Loretta corum
Loretta corum:
Ab ab
Ab ab:
Miss universe competition now in the white House thank you😋
Double Dook
Double Dook:
Vis a vis😂
Talson Loeak
Talson Loeak:
Trump said Covid19 was a HOAX then he said Injecting Disenfectant could work then he said it would be gone by Easter
Lol, please sir, no more winning Lolol
jee jee
jee jee:
"my house is on fire"
"stay calm, i am not misleading you"
trump 2040!
Rolando O.
Rolando O.:
max sa
max sa:
When he called it a democratic hoax was what then? lies or protecting the people. or making himself look good at the cost of lives.
Kaito The Bat
Kaito The Bat:
Is Covid 19 affecting funding?
Tony Yousif
Tony Yousif:
I love the way McEnany handles the questions with confidence. May God bless you and your loved ones McEnany. I love to see you wearing the cross in which will guide you with the Lord's wisdom.
Nico van Donkelaar
Nico van Donkelaar:
Katie Mates
Katie Mates:
Keep searching through your book of lies!!!
A Chocolate Lab Named Aspen And a GSP named Remi
A Chocolate Lab Named Aspen And a GSP named Remi:
What’s the point of even doing these interviews anymore ?

They just deny the lying from Trump , by lying some more.
Jo McKell
Jo McKell:
America is not leading the world on it's response. Read some international news and stop considering 'the world' as only third world countries. She was stressed today in this conference. He has played it down, he didn't like the figures, he wasn't up to the job, and they know it and they are complicit. He stood on that podium encouraged people to gather on mass, to go in the streets, to resist stay at home directions all the while he knew it would encourage the spread of a virus he knew was deadly. There is no stepping around that and she and the others in the WH are complicit in this behaviour. All who died as a result of these actions their estates should commence claims.
She reminds me of Ali Hassan al-Majid.
Google him.
Mike B
Mike B:
Wanted to prevent panic, caused a pandemic
Lloyd Burley
Lloyd Burley:
Fluke Me! "One day it will go away", that's her defence. Damn, you guys are is sooo much trouble if these idiots get another 4 years, if you survive the winter that is.