What are the Pandora papers?

The Pandora papers are the the latest – and largest in terms of data volume – in a series of major leaks of financial data, and reveal how some of the world's richest people are using hidden offshore tax havens. So, how does the offshore world actually work? Is it always illegal? And why is this all such a big deal? The Guardian's Luke Harding explains

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Elizabeth Wallace
Elizabeth Wallace:
Modern day gangsters without the violence. These are people that are creating wealth for themselves while the rest of the world is taxed to the point of starvation.
Joseph Tiso
Joseph Tiso:
Wow I can't wait for there to be zero consequences for their actions
Wavy Davy
Wavy Davy:
This has never been a secret and, as the people who use these type of tax avoidance schemes are the very same people who make up laws relating to tax and tax avoidance schemes, there's (legally) no issue here.
No suprise that the snake Tony Blair is in those papers.
“Look here, don’t look there.”
Finally a video where people don’t automatically press the dislike button just because they see it’s the Guardian
Nothing that we didn't already know
As usual no one ever goes to jail from that elite club
Anyone surprised? I was more shocked when I saw a spider in the sink this morning.
john dean
john dean:
Lets have a list of MPs and Members of the House of Lords please. Lets see how squeaky clean they are. Or not
Soviet Union Jack
Soviet Union Jack:
The rich getting richer system is a club and guess what ... You and me ain't invited. We just exist to pay for all the members' membership fees and their entertainment.
Iain C
Iain C:
The people of this country need to occupy the vacant properties being hoarded buy non-domiciled tax-dodgers. No wonder property prices are through the roof.
Leviticus Cornwall
Leviticus Cornwall:
This is why conservatives wanted brexit. So London can keep on being a giant laundromat.
Xanthous King Jeremiah
Xanthous King Jeremiah:
Just like the Panama papers, nothing will be done.
nathaniel Rainier
nathaniel Rainier:
I don't think they are really bothered if sooner or later the public find out more so if they can avoid paying tax on it so its still worth it even after being found out
Everybody knows that rich gets richer, poor gets poorer, everybody knows !!
Leslie Allan
Leslie Allan:
I’m sure the elite are all shaking in their shoes after hearing that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Linda Pierce
Linda Pierce:
It is very important to know who is taking advantage of their positions, by stealing and abusing public money. Many thanks for this excellent research.
Cai Wu Tian
Cai Wu Tian:
How do we fix pressing problems when the rot starts from the top?.
Bacony Cakes
Bacony Cakes:
Avoiding tax: Legal
Evading tax: Illegal

makes sense to me
Annabelle Sapphire
Annabelle Sapphire:
This is the reporting and journalism we expect from the Guardian, thank you for shedding light on this corrupt behaviour, FULL disclosure is needed. We can't hope to turn a corner or have real equality until this stops
C. T
C. T:
It's actually very easy to find offshore investments and expensive possessions, if there is a will and a safe place to record, investigate and change, where necessary. Those are the challenges. Too many are turning blind-eyes, acquiescing and jumping on board; those are the secondary problems What would the world be like if everyone complied???
khairul helmi hashim
khairul helmi hashim:
when you are rich and powerful, thousands of lawyers, bankers, financial advisors and wealth managers lined up to offer their services to get a cut from your immense wealth.
Esha Nas
Esha Nas:
Panama, cumex, Afghanistan papers DO enact change. Don’t give up just because it sometimes feel slow or fought back. Do your civic duty, for your own justice!
Frank Business
Frank Business:
Don’t forget about the “Panama papers”
G King
G King:
What goes around comes around again, we have been through this before some years ago, so unless you have your head in the sand this is common knowledge.
Ryan Chimene
Ryan Chimene:
This makes me angry, but singling out Tony Blair for just 300K is ridiculous. I’m more interested in the guys stashing away millions
Rev Krish
Rev Krish:
I like this guy's confidence !
Peregrine Slim
Peregrine Slim:
Despite Putin's name being mentioned countless times, there's no mention of him in the current trove. It's all about people said to be linked to him.
Mohammed J Bouallala
Mohammed J Bouallala:
The Guardian is amazing💯
Danillo Vieira
Danillo Vieira:
Alô Paulo Guedes, minister of economy in Brazil…
William Morgan
William Morgan:
When do the hangings start?
Prince Andrew seems to have hidden some young assets
We already know that the wealthy do this, will the Pandora papers actually name names??
Jonathan Brotto
Jonathan Brotto:
Love those art gallery and donations.
Tahir Bashir
Tahir Bashir:
Government tham self are involved with this illegal stuff
Tony warboy Blair dodging taxes. Who would have thought.
Zac R
Zac R:
I'm not suggesting any dishonest actions on youtube's end, but I do find it interesting that an informative video, from a successful channel, and about such an important topic, isn't doing well in the algorithm.
C M:
Some other notable people listed include:
Elton John
Ringo Starr
Sam Luke
Sam Luke:
cut taxes for the common man
Tiny Rocky Planet
Tiny Rocky Planet:
I feel once again that the conclusion of all this will be that we have to restrict everybody by eliminating the use of cash for you and me... because, once again, it is safer
And just like with the Panama Papers nothing will happen...
Thankyou for this 😊
Exactly as expected, but now we have the specifics.
Jake Hurley
Jake Hurley:
Ringo Starr was listed in the Pandora papers as a tax avoider… It wasn’t enough that Paul’s talent earned it all for him in the first place
Izhar fatima
Izhar fatima:
So where do you live , probably in heaven, when day after day your purse is squeezes and though you work hard but live meagerly that is not enough to question where this effort is draining and pooled? It is the law of economics that there are parallel channels for wealth accumulation if the economy is in ripples of drain/deficits.
The wishful Thinker
The wishful Thinker:
Love the pirate analogy
74 dislikes from tax evaders.
Campbell Morrison
Campbell Morrison:
Really! you seem surprised, how many times has this be raised before but as usual nothing is done
Wait if it's without anyone ever finding out how did we find out now?
N. B. Medeiros
N. B. Medeiros:
Let's abolish state thievery altogether then lol
Well one week gone and no names yet, this gonna be nicely hidden again. Who is going in to the jail first ?
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt:
Vidya Babla
Vidya Babla:
This is a game in which rich people with the help of their clever collaborators play very efficiently
Belu star
Belu star:
JAI SRI RAM 100/100
Rise of Asia 🌏
Rise of Asia 🌏:
To common ppl of the world,
There're 2 nations in the world.
Have and Have nots.
Please don't spread hatred among nations.
Love from Pakistan
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen:
Wow. So many tax experts. 🤓🤓🤓🤓
It's time the small fish become the big fish we are taxed to death and the rich only get richer even thru pandemic where millions lose jobs
I’m pretty sure we knew they did this anyway
Nyx Zyrus
Nyx Zyrus:
Mr.Robot, the whole show was about it aint it 😂 the Dues Group
Luke Harding, The Fraudian's comedy act.
Karol Nikolski
Karol Nikolski:
That’s how the Goldman Sachs making money 👍
Jerome Hill
Jerome Hill:
Keep buying and investing in stocks or crypto and in the end you will enjoy your rewards. Soon BITCION $100,000
The Luminous One
The Luminous One:
We have to watch out for BlackRock!
james routledge
james routledge:
Labour Tony Blair promised he would make the rich pay their fair share of tax to help the worker pay less national insurance and yet he broke that promise, he bought a house to avoid paying stamp duty which was a win win situation for seller as they never paid capital gains tax.
John molner
John molner:
His success story are everywhere 😱
$ Fanning
$ Fanning:
You have a flair for stating the obvious.
Knacka 87
Knacka 87:
No surprise that Blairs on the list
Ordinary man
Ordinary man:
Some name in this list denied involved illegal money. So please thoroughly check whether there is wrongdoing.
Chuck Martin
Chuck Martin:
The question is this; what to do about it?
"Laws: we know what they are, and what they are worth! They are spider webs for the rich and mighty, steel chains for the poor and weak, fishing nets in the hands of government." - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Eat the rich!
We knew this all already but now we have proof.
john downie
john downie:
The question is....where did they get the money from?
Salty Admiral
Salty Admiral:
Come to think of it, I have a pitchfork in my shed.
Jerry Hernandez
Jerry Hernandez:
He said sometimes cheat. Ha ha.. dude your funny.
He said sometimes again.
Dude as this video keeps going you keep getting funnier.
The guardian of scam has been “investigating” those papers for 18 months 🤪
Funny Moments with Jess
Funny Moments with Jess:
This is giving squid games when the rich people come to the island 🏝 to watch the games a bit lol 😅
Shaun Bird
Shaun Bird:
When the beans really spill it is the politicians who have a field day. The politican however mighty he may be, are silenced with this loot. So it will always be hushed up sooner or later, more so in India because it is the worlds largest democracy.
Food Karen
Food Karen:
Thank fully you are right it helps us to vote better
Winston Fahrenheit
Winston Fahrenheit:
Shocked and just as shocked when I heard about the Guardian and its own tax arrangements in the Cayman Islands.
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper:
Don't believe that there won't be lots of labour mp's on the list starting with the leader.
Bedanta Saha
Bedanta Saha:
And the fun fact is you can not learn these CHEATING in schools🤣
Tahir Bashir
Tahir Bashir:
We all know but nothing has been done
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad:
thanks a lot . a easy way to understand .
asiri maduranga
asiri maduranga:
Xavi Alvarez
Xavi Alvarez:
So paradoxical; those who do it, dont need to do it.
Using Putin's picture and naming him several times in the article despite the fact that he is never mentioned by name in the pandora papers is the most embarassing piece of journalistic work that i have ever seen in my life.
Snooker Coaching At The Snooker Gym
Snooker Coaching At The Snooker Gym:
'Exscape' LOL
Universal Peace
Universal Peace:
This is as unsurprising as going shopping
Truth Hitman
Truth Hitman:
Poor people should be taxed less, especially since poverty is man made.
What are we going to do about it?
Wambui Maina
Wambui Maina:
Wow thanks
Ralph Bernhard
Ralph Bernhard:
Wow...I'm soooo shocked.
I never would have guessed that *the same people* who were already involved in the Panama Papers would now again be involved in this.
This is soooooooo surprising...[lol, sarcasm]
natasha luchy
natasha luchy:
The elated algebra genomically wreck because decision ontogenetically taste during a penitent september. rigid, exultant corn
yes+us so sial 🤣
yes+us so sial 🤣:
Eleh tak payah,setakat duit dolor anda tak berguna langsung sini...tsk perlu...hahaha..offshore,boleh jln lah..media punya duit kasi kau saja lh..hahaha...duit senang cari baii...hahahaha..kau rebus. Saja tu duit bikin sup..enak..hahaha
Frank Business
Frank Business:
Pandora Papers
Whistleblower Facebook
Facebook Outage
Interesting month 😂
J. K. Loans
J. K. Loans:
If as the gentleman say _"[some] people may have legitimate (and lawful) reasons why they hide their information"_ and that _"not everybody in the Pandora papers are criminals"_ I honestly have to ask the question why is this important? If people are doing these things lawfully, why all the big hoopla; and, why wasn't the distinction between the criminals and the non-criminals more clearly made instead of lumping all these things together?
Lolita Morris
Lolita Morris:
Lo que hacen los extranjeros en Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 para evadir taxes 👀
Bitcoin already suggested that
Stephen Grant
Stephen Grant:
Did you hear the brand new song for the world cup ?
Pandora papers by Shakira
Song produced by tax heaven studio