What Ellie Kemper's KKK Princess Controversy REALLY Exposed, Jake Paul, Pete Buttigieg, Today's News

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00:00 - New Studio & May Winners!
00:42 - Jake Paul To Fight Tyron Woodley
01:47 - Ellie Kemper Trending For “KKK Princess”
04:08 - The Growing, but not that way, Population Problem
06:11 - Sponsor
07:09 - Canada Mourning 215 Children
09:05 - Biden’s Infrastructure Plan & Chat With Pete Buttigieg
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Jake Paul to Fight Tyron Woodley:

Ellie Kemper Faces Backlash For Winning Pageant With Racist Roots in 1999:

China Now Allows Families to Have 3 Children:

Canada Mourning Remains of 215 Indigenous Children:

Deadline Approaching to Reach Infrastructure Deal:


eBay Sellers List McDonald's BTS Meal Packaging for Jaw-Dropping Prices:

Athletes and Sponsors Rally Behind Naomi Osaka After Withdrawal From French Open:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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100+ comentarios:

Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco:
Today I was thinking to myself wow the fucking US Secretary of Transportation was on the PDS as a regular part of a story. lol To think of what this show was 10-15 years ago and what its become is pretty stellar. Anyway thanks for being a part of this weirdness. I appreciate yall 👊🏻
Nicholas Silano
Nicholas Silano:
Very cool to have Secretary Buttigieg on. Not a political move, it's going right to the inside source on these matters. Way to go, PDS.
Morgan Dawn
Morgan Dawn:
As a Dene person from the Northwest Territories of Canada, thank you so much for using your platform to spread awareness to the atrocities committed against our Indigenous communities.
Liz B
Liz B:
I know it’s definitely not possible for most stories, but having an expert on the show was amazing to see!
As a Canadian and also a Métis woman, the continuing revelations about our nation's dark and troubling history never cease to hurt, shock and disgust me.
If it was more known how Canada treats its native people, we wouldn't have the friendly reputation that we currently have
Wow, thats really awesome you got a top level official on the show 👍 Nice work man! New studio looks great too :D
I love how Phil is chilling in a sweater in a podcast studio, while Pete is all suit-and-tied in front of an American flag and official Department background
There is something so dystopian about “fewer births=fewer workers” that’s super gross
Imagine asking why they're fewer births and then ignore people when they ask them why they dont want children lmao
1940s - Single family income, has 8 kids, new house, new car, land, no college education; gets by fine.
2000s - Dual income, no kids, used car, no land, college education; barely getting by.
Phil just casually had the US Secretary of Transportation on the show.......
Government: "Why aren't more people having babies?" Also government: "Heres 200k in debt to get trained to make 50k a year"
dayna sustawenko
dayna sustawenko:
As a Canadian with a education in social work specializing in Indigenous Peoples who has been watching your show since you started I am so unbelievably thankful for you shining a little light on the intergenerational trauma of Canada. Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world ignores the horrifying racism that goes on in this country. Miigwetch.
Sarah Jessica
Sarah Jessica:
Thank you for talking about the Canadian Residential Schools.
Guilherme Moresco
Guilherme Moresco:
You all should not be surprised that Phil got Pete on the show, this administration takes communication to the younger generation more seriously. Phil established himself as a trusted news source for that audience and they noticed. Props to both, I wanna see more of this!
Literally had a government official who was a presidential candidate on the show and plays it like nothing. Impressive.
Elepole Eolis
Elepole Eolis:
Raising a kid is a full time job for at least the two first year. Most people can't afford a non paying full time job.
H҉o҉u҉r҉i҉ P҉i҉n҉e҉a҉p҉p҉l҉e҉
H҉o҉u҉r҉i҉ P҉i҉n҉e҉a҉p҉p҉l҉e҉:
China: Why aren't you having kids?
The people: Because I can't AFFORD it.
China: Fine, fiiiiine, if you wish, you're allowed to have 3 kids now. Happy?
The people: ???
I started watching this show in HS, when there was still a “sexy lady” segment (or something like that). I can’t believe how much this show has grown — well done Phil!
Joshua C Beezley
Joshua C Beezley:
You know Phil's hit the big time when he can just score an interview with the Secretary of Transportation like it's nothing.
Aidan Barron
Aidan Barron:
as a canadian, thank you from the bottom of my heart for covering the kamloops 215. residential schools were a horrifying system of abuse and young canadians are still looking for ways to reconcile. thank you for using your platform to help this story get the attention it deserves
Say it with me, "If a corporation is defined as a person, then they should be expected to pay their taxes"
The government: "Have more babies!"

Young people: "Oh, so you want to create a stable environment for ideal childcare?"

The government: "No! The economy is in danger!!"
I'm so happy Phil got this interview; it helps show his growth & credibility as a commentator, as well as this new administrations willingness to inform young adults on platforms they use regularly.
Benthicc Biomancer
Benthicc Biomancer:
Phillip "Got the Secretary of Transportation in my Rolodex" DeFranco
You know damn well Phil is feeling legitimate as fuck after landing that interview.
William Sherman
William Sherman:
I honestly am sitting here trying to figure out if it’s a joke that Phil actually talked to the secretary of transportation or not😐😂
Phil just out here talking to actual important people in the government. Saying it all casual like. Proud of everything you do!! 🙌🏻
Being pregnant and having kids is a fuck no! The Health issues that they don’t inform women about is disturbing and financially, they are expensive...
Ginny Lurcock
Ginny Lurcock:
republicans: we're not having enough kids... who will pay for me when I'm old
also republicans: subsidize childcare? why should I?
Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake:
The human race has about a dozen existential threats that we should probably take very seriously and figure out some solutions for…
Darcy Bhaiwala
Darcy Bhaiwala:
Thank you for speaking about residential "schools". More people need to know about it.
Edith Nackers
Edith Nackers:
"Painful dark chapter in Canadian history." Dude, it's the neverending story in Canada.
The internet: A beauty pageant has racist and elitist roots!
Me: And you're surprised because . . . . ?
Francis A
Francis A:
I really appreciate the direct interviewing of actual government officials. It's good to hear something directly from the source.
The fact that you actually talked to Pete man, look at you Phil. Being all newsy and shit 😁 proud of you
Werewolf Jones
Werewolf Jones:
It's not just Canada, with residential schools. There are examples of this in the US as well.
From now on, former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg will be "that guy I saw on Phillip DeFranco"
N D:
My Grandparents survived the Residential "Schools" as an young Inuk (Inuit) boy, and a young Metis girl. As a Northern Labrador Inuk myself, thank you for talking about this. This type of trauma is generational. ✊🧡
Uncle Smidge
Uncle Smidge:
Thank you for bringing up Kamloops and the forced "integration" system as a whole. My grandpa was a survivor of one of those institutions, and the Indigenous communities here have been rocked, but sadly, not surprised. This is just a grisly confirmation of what has been known for ages. Thank you for using your platform to highlight this.
Catriona McConnell
Catriona McConnell:
One major thing about the residential schools that should be emphasized: the last school closed in 1996. This isn’t some historical past, this is recent events.
"Why it matters: younger workers' taxes subsidize public services for retirees"

"Why do young people not want kids? Don't have the time or money."

Me thinks these two are related..
Devon Pattyson
Devon Pattyson:
As an aboriginal myself and growing up in the local area of the okanagan, for the longest time stories of residential schools were always more felt like scary stories to tell around a camp fire but seeing a proper investigation to back up so many stories from so many local people it’s really a shocking discovery...
So happy to see you being able to interview someone big to get an insider's take.
Anna M
Anna M:
As a Canadian, thank you so much for covering the case of Indigenous children found buried at a residential school. It’s devastating and infuriating. And it’s only a small blip in the massive destruction residential schools perpetrated 💔😞
Jennifer Mommy
Jennifer Mommy:
Love getting a portion of my news from here. Phil can tell us the news in a way where we can be left feeling hopefull, like Phil and his team are one of us on the confusion or frustration or depression that we are all feeling but here, Phil some how leaves me/us with a sense of hope. The Phil DeFranco show is a necessity in a world where mainstream news has decided to to become news entertainment. Here, it's transparent, well researched, if a mistake is made, no matter how small. Keep up the excellent work.
There are mass graves at every single residential school, it's horrifying
Why would I bring a child into a world I don't think will be livable at the end of my lifetime? What kind of sociopath
Jaydon Cunningham
Jaydon Cunningham:
Crazy to hear Kamloops being mentioned in the Philip DeFranco show, but I'm so glad the story made it in.

Not NEARLY enough light is cast on Canada's Residential Schools. It was recent. It was HORRIBLE, and there are still thousands of people who grew up subjected to them who have never received proper justice.

Canada pretends like it's better than the US, but our past is almost as racist and we do an equally good job of pretending like it didn't happen. It's sick and the indigenous people of this land are still being pushed around and having territory taken away from them. It's a problem today!

Thank you for talking about it. I hope it can actually result in some action, for once.
Mumbi Wainaina
Mumbi Wainaina:
Hi I love this channel so much! As a high schooler you were my first source of news and I’ve learned about so many different news resources and world events! Now I’m a semester away from graduating college and you’re still my favorite YouTube 😊❤️
I've been watching Phil since I was a kid. Man I remember when sorcefed was founded, thinking that was insane. And through that all Phil has done the same honest reporting and is now here casually talking with Pete. So happy Phil has survived multiple waves of content creator genocide.
Jrdn K
Jrdn K:
Thank you so much for talking about the missing and murdered indigenous children. Too many were ripped away from their families, against their will, and there are still many that need to be found. Indigenous families have been mourning alone for too long. We need to do more.
Mrs Doitsu
Mrs Doitsu:
Thank you so much for talking about the residential school. They're the reason I'm still struggling to find my identity as a Métis person as well as others. It is not a dark chapter, but a problem the community is still dealing with today. People need to know that Canada isn't the innocent country it seems in comparison to the US.
Aiden Wharton
Aiden Wharton:
I really like how Phil was just able to make that happen with the Secretary of transportation. I'm so happy. Just to see Phil grow more and seen as a good news outlet
Szilárd Szabó
Szilárd Szabó:
So happy to see a legit government official in a PDS. Have been watching for years, you deserve to finally reach this level, Phil. Rock on!
Kod Cee
Kod Cee:
Hey Phil- been watching you for 13 years, love your show. I just wanna say thank you for the way you covered the residential school story and especially for how you added that this is only the tip of the ice berg. Unfortunately this story was not shocking at all to any indigenous person, and did not shock me what so ever. And unfortunately it’s not Canada’s long ago “history” when the last school closed in 1996- the surviving children of these schools are still alive and raising children and grandchildren of their own. I, like most if not all indigenous people, have heard first hand stories from a family member of what they witnessed and endured in these “schools”. But I have heard so many people of other races say that these schools never existed or they did exisist but children were not being abused and murdered. It is so heart breaking that these children’s bodies were found but also it’s something that fineally people can not deny. I am just hoping all those affected have access to mental health resources and we can heal as a country. ❤️
Hey Phil long timer viewer here. I am Indigenous from BC, Canada and I just wanted to say thank you for bringing awareness on the horrendous discovery of the children at the residential school. My grandfather attended residential school and many elders in my community and the impacts are still strongly felt today. Education and awareness are the first small steps to the long and hard road of healing.
Thank you for reporting on the Residential Schools. Remember, this was done massively here in the States as well, all the way into the 90's. So many children taken and abused, so many families irreparably damaged with trauma that is still sending shockwaves through their lives and relationships.
Brandon Markin
Brandon Markin:
Thank you PD for covering the story. I'm live in Kamloops, B.C .currently and am of indigenous decent. My grandmother attended this school for 14 years and until her death she didn't speak a word about what went on there. Now I've been asked on reddit conversations on the subject, what would be the best way for people help our communities? The best answer I could give is that many of us do not want conflict or patronization we just wish to be given time to mourn and spread an understanding of our struggles.
Thank you🧡
I love that you're getting interviews like this now! Seems like more people are seeing you as the legit news source you are and starting to respect your work and your reach.
Sentient Mlem
Sentient Mlem:
Thank you for bringing us the news despite how much of a toll it can take on you. You're hard work really does pay off.
Wow, congrats with pete being on the show, I'm impressed at the legitimacy of this.
triple E
triple E:
I love the amount of work and dedication that you and your team are putting towards these videos. I pretty much have grown up watching the Philip DeFranco show and this is by far the best it's ever been in my personal opinion. Keep doing you, you beautiful bastards.
D At
D At:
Thank you for taking a moment to talk about the Canadian residential schools.
Gary Morrison
Gary Morrison:
Congratulations on the get! Great job interviewing the Secretary! Kudos! You deserve this, I’ve been following for 10-12 yrs! Love you progression! You are the real deal! Thanks for sticking with it!
Joey Rivera
Joey Rivera:
So happy that your still on YouTube you give us all the info we need and tell the truth I love this show and that that for all your work seen you for years and I'm happy yo see how you evolved into the Phillip you are today!!!
I’ve been watching you for years (all the way back to the time you used to post girls of the day) & seeing you interview Pete Buttigieg w/ a professional background & everything it hit me how proud I am of how far you’ve come. 💜
Emelie Markmybirds
Emelie Markmybirds:
Thank you so much for covering the story on Kamloops and Residential Schools. As a half Indigenous Canadian woman I lost a lot of my family's history. My mother, who thought she was only half Indigenous, found out she was a full status Aboriginal person 12 years ago. Her mother and grandmother burned their family's records to flee from these residential schools and made themselves pass as Caucasian to shadow the fact they were people of colour. (Her father's family were too remote for the government to find them and were mostly unaware of the Residential Schools).

My mother and I worked for the Aboriginal Government for a few years and we found her mother's family tree in someone else's file while we were renewing their status card. It is scary to see how covered our histories and cultures are in Canada especially since Canada is a country that prides itself on its multiculturalism.
Garret Wadden
Garret Wadden:
I'm so glad to see someone talk about the residential school's deaths. It was essentially a cultural genocide and not enough people know about what happen
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson:
Hey Phil, I think it would be worth having your team do a deep dive on Residential Schools in Canada. These schools only ended in the late 90s and the impact remains a large part of our society. This is a part of Canadian history and society that gets buried under the "nice guy/gal" image that most of the world has of us as a nation and people.
Love you're getting legit Phil, as someone formally in broadcast though I'd recommend doing a picture in picture or side by side instead of cutaways for these interviews. It'll feel more natural and less like you're reacting to a pre-recorded press conference.
Josie Butler
Josie Butler:
"Why aren't you having kids?"

Cuz I've lost my job, Brenda. Plus wages for people in their 20s, almost everywhere are barely livable
Ariel Harloff
Ariel Harloff:
I find it awesome that you did that segment actually asking someone involved in the politics where there might be compromises. Really informative not something you get a lot on news programs in this form.
"Why aren't you having babies?"
"Because I have student loans to pay off and my wage is barely keeping me afloat."
Calvin Turko
Calvin Turko:
Thank you so much for reporting on the 215. We need to keep the spotlight on this until every residential school site is investigated and justice is served.
That's so freaking cool you got to interview Pete for this piece. Please don't hesitate to reach out to him in the future for relevant topics, you're doing a great service Phil! I watch all your vids but this one's getting a like 👍🏻
Pat Mooney
Pat Mooney:
I would love to see more breakdowns like this with you are asking questions to an expert or in this case a politician, to find out what's going on in the world. I found this far more informative than if you cited sources, plus it gives you a feel for what the interviewee is thinking and feeling about the topic.
Big Bologna
Big Bologna:
I’m really glad to see you talking about my peoples experiences in residential schools
K Sunflowers
K Sunflowers:
As an indigenous Canadian myself, thank you for talking about this. Often times our struggles get pushed under the rug as a thing of the past if mentioned at all so, thank you :)
Ian Cook
Ian Cook:
The US government's experiments in reaching out to Creators on YT like this is so interesting
Tea With Tams
Tea With Tams:
What a way to start the new (location) show, getting the secretary of transportation on it like a proper news channel. Well done Phil!
Lindsay wagner
Lindsay wagner:
Thank you for covering Canadian news, this needs to get out to as many people as possible
Quinn Cunningham
Quinn Cunningham:
Thank you for covering the story on residential schools in Canada Phil. My family is a part of the Métis nation, one of three distinct indigenous groups in Canada; thank god my direct family was never subjected to the cruelty of that system. I live an hour from the Kamloops site. We never went into depth what happened in these schools when I went through highschool education, instead I heard the stories first-hand from my friends who are members of the Syilx Okanagan First Nation that had generations of their families subjected to abuse at the residential school in Kamloops. I love that I live in Canada, but we have a severe issue of denial and sweeping the genocidal acts forced upon Indigenous people under the rug, as if it was yesterday. The last residential school in Canada was closed in 1996, 3 years before I was born.
long _ toad
long _ toad:
The fact that this show has gotten so legit that you can just reach out to top officials in the country is crazy to me. Truly the best representation of this platform.
Landry Leese-Taylor
Landry Leese-Taylor:
That interview was very cool. Hearing it straight from the source. Well done Phil!
snap crakkle pop
snap crakkle pop:
I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. The PDS is so important to so many people and I am grateful for it.
Megan Votour
Megan Votour:
Thank you for speaking out on the residential school issue. This history needs to be shared. It never should have happened and now we need to educate ourselves on residential schools.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
Very informative PDS today Phil, I appreciate you interviewing Pete Buttigieg to answer some questions about the infrastructure bill. 👍🏽
LOVE that you were able to bring in a professional (Buttigieg) for that last story. I would be very interested in seeing the whole interview. It could be interesting to have just the trimmed down interview for the daily show, but have a link that goes to the full interview for future stories :)
Bryton Luxton
Bryton Luxton:
Thank you for covering the residential schools story. The international community needs to know that Canada has a serious systemic racism issue, instead of joking about us being "so nice and friendly". Attention to issues like this will keep Canada accountable in it's actions
Pizza Rat
Pizza Rat:
I thought Kemper actually did something racist from the title. I'm glad to see it's just twitter being a hellhole again
Alex Pereda
Alex Pereda:
Loved it! Great clip at the end. I have been a fan for years and this show has developed in such a fantastic way. Seriously great job!
Nanami Haruka
Nanami Haruka:
these indigenous “schools” should really have “school” in quotes because these were re-education campus, children were stripped of their family, identity, and for many their lives.
As an Indigenous person of Canada, I would like to thank you for covering the story, Residential Schools are something that Canada tries to cover up or make it sound much further in the past when they are still pretty recent, Indigenous people all over Canada suffer the effects of Residential Schools and Indian Day schools to this day.
Ricky Roo
Ricky Roo:
Love ya Philip. I love how you've been a part of my life for almost a decade now
Josh W
Josh W:
Breaks my heart that my home city is now known as the place where so many young lives were taken in the worst kind of way. I love this city, but knowing what took place...it breaks my heart.
Just John
Just John:
9:52 - Those cuts to nodding Phil are so entertaining. It almost feels like a comedy skit.
The Ellie Kemper ordeal just goes to prove people literally have nothing better to do than to dig into celebs pasts in attempts to cancel them. What a sad life people must live. Twitter is just a giant cesspool
rm p
rm p:
Wow! you go Philip! I was thinking the same thing regarding how far your channel has come. I must say I'm happy for you and impressed by your accomplishments.