What Ellie Kemper's KKK Princess Controversy REALLY Exposed, Jake Paul, Pete Buttigieg, Today's News

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00:00 - New Studio & May Winners!
00:42 - Jake Paul To Fight Tyron Woodley
01:47 - Ellie Kemper Trending For “KKK Princess”
04:08 - The Growing, but not that way, Population Problem
06:11 - Sponsor
07:09 - Canada Mourning 215 Children
09:05 - Biden’s Infrastructure Plan & Chat With Pete Buttigieg
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Jake Paul to Fight Tyron Woodley:

Ellie Kemper Faces Backlash For Winning Pageant With Racist Roots in 1999:

China Now Allows Families to Have 3 Children:

Canada Mourning Remains of 215 Indigenous Children:

Deadline Approaching to Reach Infrastructure Deal:


eBay Sellers List McDonald's BTS Meal Packaging for Jaw-Dropping Prices:

Athletes and Sponsors Rally Behind Naomi Osaka After Withdrawal From French Open:
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100+ comentarios:

Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco:
Today I was thinking to myself wow the fucking US Secretary of Transportation was on the PDS as a regular part of a story. lol To think of what this show was 10-15 years ago and what its become is pretty stellar. Anyway thanks for being a part of this weirdness. I appreciate yall 👊🏻
"Why aren't you having babies?"
"Because I have student loans to pay off and my wage is barely keeping me afloat."
H҉o҉u҉r҉i҉ P҉i҉n҉e҉a҉p҉p҉l҉e҉
H҉o҉u҉r҉i҉ P҉i҉n҉e҉a҉p҉p҉l҉e҉:
China: Why aren't you having kids?
The people: Because I can't AFFORD it.
China: Fine, fiiiiine, if you wish, you're allowed to have 3 kids now. Happy?
The people: ???
Benthicc Biomancer
Benthicc Biomancer:
Phillip "Got the Secretary of Transportation in my Rolodex" DeFranco
True Elimination
True Elimination:
Government: "Why aren't more people having babies?" Also government: "Heres 200k in debt to get trained to make 50k a year"
1940s - Single family income, has 8 kids, new house, new car, land, no college education; gets by fine.
2000s - Dual income, no kids, used car, no land, college education; barely getting by.
Wow, thats really awesome you got a top level official on the show 👍 Nice work man! New studio looks great too :D
Sarah Jessica
Sarah Jessica:
Thank you for talking about the Canadian Residential Schools.
Liz B
Liz B:
I know it’s definitely not possible for most stories, but having an expert on the show was amazing to see!
Imagine asking why they're fewer births and then ignore people when they ask them why they dont want children lmao
There is something so dystopian about “fewer births=fewer workers” that’s super gross
Nanami Haruka
Nanami Haruka:
these indigenous “schools” should really have “school” in quotes because these were re-education campus, children were stripped of their family, identity, and for many their lives.
If it was more known how Canada treats its native people, we wouldn't have the friendly reputation that we currently have
The fact that wages aren’t even going to be a real concern until they realize there’s not enough people having kids because kids are too expensive now is just proof that Most countries are just reactionary and try and push and stave off actual change as long as possible
Elepole Eolis
Elepole Eolis:
Raising a kid is a full time job for at least the two first year. Most people can't afford a non paying full time job.
Morgan Dawn
Morgan Dawn:
As a Dene person from the Northwest Territories of Canada, thank you so much for using your platform to spread awareness to the atrocities committed against our Indigenous communities.
Phil just casually had the US Secretary of Transportation on the show.......
As a Canadian and also a Métis woman, the continuing revelations about our nation's dark and troubling history never cease to hurt, shock and disgust me.
Clash With Ash
Clash With Ash:
Phil is legit the only channel I watch that I can’t put on 2x speed 😅 nice cadence 👏🏼
Edith Nackers
Edith Nackers:
"Painful dark chapter in Canadian history." Dude, it's the neverending story in Canada.
Being pregnant and having kids is a fuck no! The Health issues that they don’t inform women about is disturbing and financially, they are expensive...
James Miracle
James Miracle:
Literally had a government official who was a presidential candidate on the show and plays it like nothing. Impressive.
wild how our capitalistic system is like "why aren't you having children for us to fill our job positions???" while not paying us enough to support those children in the first place. People live paycheck to paycheck and barely make enough to live for themselves.
Raise. Fucking. Wages.
Guilherme Moresco
Guilherme Moresco:
You all should not be surprised that Phil got Pete on the show, this administration takes communication to the younger generation more seriously. Phil established himself as a trusted news source for that audience and they noticed. Props to both, I wanna see more of this!
Why would I bring a child into a world I don't think will be livable at the end of my lifetime? What kind of sociopath
From now on, former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg will be "that guy I saw on Phillip DeFranco"
Cat McConnell
Cat McConnell:
One major thing about the residential schools that should be emphasized: the last school closed in 1996. This isn’t some historical past, this is recent events.
Josie Butler
Josie Butler:
"Why aren't you having kids?"

Cuz I've lost my job, Brenda. Plus wages for people in their 20s, almost everywhere are barely livable
Say it with me, "If a corporation is defined as a person, then they should be expected to pay their taxes"
The internet: A beauty pageant has racist and elitist roots!
Me: And you're surprised because . . . . ?
Paul H
Paul H:
"Why it matters: younger workers' taxes subsidize public services for retirees"

"Why do young people not want kids? Don't have the time or money."

Me thinks these two are related..
Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake:
The human race has about a dozen existential threats that we should probably take very seriously and figure out some solutions for…
Ginny Lurcock
Ginny Lurcock:
republicans: we're not having enough kids... who will pay for me when I'm old
also republicans: subsidize childcare? why should I?
Pizza Rat
Pizza Rat:
I thought Kemper actually did something racist from the title. I'm glad to see it's just twitter being a hellhole again
Literally the entire USA come from "racist roots" As do most countries
Joshua C Beezley
Joshua C Beezley:
You know Phil's hit the big time when he can just score an interview with the Secretary of Transportation like it's nothing.
You know damn well Phil is feeling legitimate as fuck after landing that interview.
Impuritan the Pseudo-intellectual
Impuritan the Pseudo-intellectual:
"Cmon Pete ya gotta talk to him. He's like Walter Cronkite but with throat punches"
William Sherman
William Sherman:
I honestly am sitting here trying to figure out if it’s a joke that Phil actually talked to the secretary of transportation or not😐😂
People finding out that the Veiled Prophet exists and has existed for years in St. Louis is so gratifying for me
“Jus use unspent COVID relief $”, worst joke ever.
after SUCH a fight to get it there in the first place, they want to take it back.
Why don’t we pay for it from a % of political campaign money?
Bigeast Starlight
Bigeast Starlight:
The casino I was working at recently did "market adjustment" on their wages because they were having such a hard time hiring people because the pay was so low. They increased them but the wages are still low. So they keep losing employees & yet are still so picky about who they will hire.
I’ve been watching the PDS for about ten years... I can’t believe we’ve come from titties in the thumbnail to an interview with a sitting cabinet member. Bravo Phil, Bravo.
Abby Dabbs
Abby Dabbs:
Felt kind of iffy about today’s sponser. Especially the immune system claims. Seems a little more reckless than I’d expect form Phil
Phil just out here talking to actual important people in the government. Saying it all casual like. Proud of everything you do!! 🙌🏻
Nicholas Silano
Nicholas Silano:
Very cool to have Secretary Buttigieg on. Not a political move, it's going right to the inside source on these matters. Way to go, PDS.
Glad to hear birth rates are falling and the human race is a little closer to dying out! Finally some good news 😌
Just John
Just John:
9:52 - Those cuts to nodding Phil are so entertaining. It almost feels like a comedy skit.
Big Bologna
Big Bologna:
I’m really glad to see you talking about my peoples experiences in residential schools
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
If im honestly…We don’t need any more kids. Let these kids grow up then they can make kids
I'm so happy Phil got this interview; it helps show his growth & credibility as a commentator, as well as this new administrations willingness to inform young adults on platforms they use regularly.
Stephanie Ross
Stephanie Ross:
“Let’s use leftover pandemic relief money!” The pandemic isn’t over. Even with vaccinations rising (in some countries) that doesn’t end the pandemic.
Francis A
Francis A:
I really appreciate the direct interviewing of actual government officials. It's good to hear something directly from the source.
Aaron Dbs
Aaron Dbs:
Tyron is a series challenge for Jake if he beats him the kid got talent
N D:
My Grandparents survived the Residential "Schools" as an young Inuk (Inuit) boy, and a young Metis girl. As a Northern Labrador Inuk myself, thank you for talking about this. This type of trauma is generational. ✊🧡
There’s too many people in the world, instead of more kids lets even out the population through adoption and immigration
Just so you know that the native schools were also in the USA.
Josh W
Josh W:
Breaks my heart that my home city is now known as the place where so many young lives were taken in the worst kind of way. I love this city, but knowing what took place...it breaks my heart.
The fact that you actually talked to Pete man, look at you Phil. Being all newsy and shit 😁 proud of you
A Smidge of Boise
A Smidge of Boise:
Thank you for bringing up Kamloops and the forced "integration" system as a whole. My grandpa was a survivor of one of those institutions, and the Indigenous communities here have been rocked, but sadly, not surprised. This is just a grisly confirmation of what has been known for ages. Thank you for using your platform to highlight this.
It's almost like republicans don't care about people.

Also why can't we use the word ethnic cleansing, because that's what it was.
Hey Phil, This is coming in a bit late, but something to make a distinction: The 215 children found in Kamloops was not in a mass-grave. Each child was buried individually, although they are unmarked. That's not to take away from the horror, but to give context. This is not a massive body dump like you see in scorched earth campaigns, and it's no less inexcusable.
So happy to see you being able to interview someone big to get an insider's take.
Boil Derrik
Boil Derrik:
Seems like a low birth rate is actually a good thing, since automation is taking away jobs every day.
Squandered Cat
Squandered Cat:
"fewer babies = fewer future workers" I'm never having kids, but seeing them as something to get labor and money out of in the future...fucked up
Everyone talking about how Phil interviewing Pete forgetting how he interviewed Biden a couple years back
V Nasty
V Nasty:
I C U Phil... you‘ve grown from talking about “babe of the week” to casually conversing with Domocratic Nominee Runner-ups...

Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal:
You just casually mentioning Pete Buttigieg made me think "oh, Phil's probably gonna read some email Pete sent back", but no. A VIDEO.
Wouldn't it be nice if we just stopped paying "We the People" aka the government to do their job. I wonder if they would work for free...
Wow, congrats with pete being on the show, I'm impressed at the legitimacy of this.
Rina Stuparyk
Rina Stuparyk:
It's also ongoing. The last residential school closed in 1996. This is ongoing. This isn't history. It's genocide happening currently
Phil nods extra extra thoughtfully because he feels underdressed lmao
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way:
I can’t even take care of myself, financially and mentally, can’t imagine having to raise a kid
A.J. Vasquez
A.J. Vasquez:
“Why aren’t you having kids?”
“Have you seen the world?”
"I'm playing man on man defense for life"
It's almost like when the majority of your population can barely make enough money to meet their own basic needs they aren't gonna be sprinting to have kids....
1:09 Philly D needs to put some respect on Big Gibber 😂 but he do be looking like a crab tho 🦀
Reina Morales
Reina Morales:
Haha they really think we want kids when it's to hard to afford them. I'll literally yeet that fetus first! 😂😂
Remember when that guy used to carry a camera around the studio and we really got to meet the team?
David Hickling
David Hickling:
*Those pointless cuts to Phil's reaction throughout that last interview had me laughing!*
Madison Springer
Madison Springer:
I can't believe how far you've come Phil. This is such an awesome step for the PDS.
Trevor Hawkins
Trevor Hawkins:
Yall moving again makes me really miss the old vloggity stuff. How many of the crew from the vlogs are still around?
"show me the money" *crosses fingers*
"available in UK and Europe" wow so thats really a thing now 😅 still feels weird for me
John Dulong
John Dulong:
"Dark and shameful chapter" of our "history" that still existed WITHIN MY LIFETIME. I am 31. Trudeau is pointed to by American progressives as an example of hope. Canadian progressives know the truth - he's a neocon joke.
Brandon Markin
Brandon Markin:
Thank you PD for covering the story. I'm live in Kamloops, B.C .currently and am of indigenous decent. My grandmother attended this school for 14 years and until her death she didn't speak a word about what went on there. Now I've been asked on reddit conversations on the subject, what would be the best way for people help our communities? The best answer I could give is that many of us do not want conflict or patronization we just wish to be given time to mourn and spread an understanding of our struggles.
Thank you🧡
Ricky Roo
Ricky Roo:
Love ya Philip. I love how you've been a part of my life for almost a decade now
Shake Dat Milton
Shake Dat Milton:
Congress has got to be the cushiest job ever. They’re off like every other week... who gets a week off for Memorial Day?! I didn’t even get one day off
Jo Picconatto
Jo Picconatto:
I was just talking about this with my coworkers - we have such big loans, can't imagine being able to afford a house and kid and family, and we also tend to be pretty cynical about the future, and don't want to bring kids into this effed up world
Shelby Watson
Shelby Watson:
When phil said "twenty one-hundred" my brain took a few seconds to compute 🙃
Kat J
Kat J:
As a Canadian, the discovery of those 215 bodies of children has broken my heart.
Eat The Rich & Devour The Verified
Eat The Rich & Devour The Verified:
So did Philly D and H3 just swap offices?

"There is no such thing as a coincidence"
Joy Jennings
Joy Jennings:
I feel like I need him to fight somewhat relevant to be considered a fighter.
Lauren H.
Lauren H.:
may the children lost to such a heinous system have peace in heaven
bee blade
bee blade:
maybe if the younger generations weren't struggling because of their financial, or living situations we'd be willing to have kids but we can't even afford the basics let alone insure that everything will be ok and stable by then.
Tea With Tams
Tea With Tams:
What a way to start the new (location) show, getting the secretary of transportation on it like a proper news channel. Well done Phil!
melbs tarot
melbs tarot:
phil getting an interview. wow. just wow. the progress is amazing!
Imma need to get the zoom background for that new set STAT 😂
Damn, I never knew Phil was the talent on Casting Couch.
Jane Roney
Jane Roney:
From sxephil to interviewing the US Secretary of Transportation, the growth is 💯