What F1 Drivers REALLY Think Of Mick Schumacher

Many sons of previous Formula One drivers have joined the sport over the years, and two have even followed in their fathers' footsteps to become world champions. Still, Mick must feel added pressure bearing the Schumacher name, given his father Michael's incredible sports successes.
However, Schumacher Junior, a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, joined Haas in F1 in 2021 after winning the F2 championship the previous season in 2020 to go along with the F3 title he won the year before. So there was no suggestion he had been promoted to the top level of motorsport because of his name. A talent got him this far, and he showed more of it when he adjusted to F1 in a difficult debut season. Now, if Schumacher is to one day follow in his father's footsteps, he must continue to impress. In this video, let's see what other F1 Drivers think about Mick.

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