What On Earth Is Going On At Schalke 04?

Schalke are the third most successful club in German football, they were Bundesliga runners-up to Bayern Munich in 2017-18, and Champions League semi finalists against Manchester United in the 2010-11 season.

Yet, right now, Die Königsblauen look destined for Bundesliga relegation, they are on a 26 games winless streak, and they are in serious danger of financial collapse. So in today's video, HITC Sevens takes a look at the many crises facing Schalke 04, on the pitch and in the boardroom, and what the future might hold for the seven-time German champions.

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Today S04 lost even against the second last team in the Bundesliga (S04 was and is on last place), which has its first Bundesliga seasons since a decade or so...
Achyutanand Jha
Achyutanand Jha:
7 panic buys that were a huge success
Matthew Rawley
Matthew Rawley:
As an Everton fan, this story scares me so much. Many similarities. Traditional team steeped in history, bloated signings and big infrastructure investments.
As a Schalke fan born and grown up in Gelsenkirchen, I can say that this is an accurate video of the situation.

However, you should also know that in the Ruhr area, with one of the highest unemployment rates in Germany, being a football fan is like a religion and many people don't have anything else in their lives.

First people lose their jobs in coal mining and if Schalke will go bankrupt, they will also lose their meaning in life. It's a true tragedy.
Then: Neuer, Raul, Draxler, Rakitic, Huntelaar, Farfan, Höwedes: DFB-Pokal, UCL semis
Now: Going to break Tasmania's negative record of most matches without win
Day 51: Final East German First League teams, where are they now?
Bananennektar lecker lecker
Bananennektar lecker lecker:
If Schalke gets relegated the Club will die. They are in huge debt and need the TV money from the Bundesliga. The players don't really care about the club. They could actually beat the record with the most Bundesliga games without a win this season in january. That record was made by Tasmania Berlin in 1966 who are currently in the 5th division. This scenario could also happen to Schalke
Schalke fan here, let me elaborate:
First off Tönnies stepped down primarily because of racist comments he made, the botched handling of covid in one of his slaughterhouses was just the last straw.
Tönnies is also the main reason we're where we are right now in general. Schalke is paying notoriously high wages for average player and has done so forever. Paid by playing CL once every 2-3 years and loans by Tönnies (a billionaire), which put the club further and further into debt. Tönnies got rid of a in hindsight great director in Heldt in 2016 for Heidel, who came from Mainz, but had a great reputation for keeping small Mainz in the Bundesliga and continuously finding great talent - players AND coaches. Heidel promoted Klopp & Tuchel to first team coaches in Mainz.
Now Schalke doesn't really have a working scouting department, as mentioned we keep buying average players. The Knappenschmiede, our youth team (best in Germany by far) continued to save our asses by producing talent like Draxler, Meyer (he was great before money got to him), Sané, Matip, etc. Now while Heldt brought in players for relatively low transfer fees and was fantastic at selling players for more than their worth, Heidel completely escalated the financial troubles by buying players like Embolo, Bentaleb and Rudy for a combined 61.5 million. As in, he was burning money on shit players while the likes of Meyer, Goretzka, Kolasinac, etc. left us on a free transfer. The scouting system he was supposed to overhaul still was a dude watching youtube hightlights. While Heldt was having an eye on player personality, Heidel just cared about the youtube highlights. All transfers Heidel wanted, he got, because he was brought in by Tönnies and the vast majority of the board / leadership at Schalke consists of Tönnies yes-men.
Meanwhile the club facilities were in dire need of overhaul, so they decided to go big. Tönnies would bail them out, in case it turns out too big of an investment, right? Essentially a right decision, but worst possible timing. Put Schalke back another 120mio, likely more, right before the pandemic hit.
So all of this happened and Schalke were playing shit football under Tedesco, who - with Heidel - got rid of lots of key culture players like Höwedes, Kolasinac, Huntelaar and Naldo.
Now I'll cut it short - Heidel left after just 3 years, Jochen Schneider (who never had full reigns of a club before) took over as director and brought with him Michael Reschke who was supposed to finally install a working scouting department, like he did in Leverkusen and Bayern. First they got rid off Tedesco for Wagner. The team played well under Wagner for ~6 months and then failed to win a single game for 4 months. For some strange reason Schneider thought it's a great idea to keep Wagner and then sacked him after losing 0:8 to Bayern and 1:3 to Werder, 2 matches into the season.
Not the only bad decision by Schneider, who failed every transfer period, at both selling and buying players. Only thanks to new coach Manuel Baum we have a single rightback on the team. Kilian Ludewig, who Baum knew from Germany's U20 team and was loaned to fucking Barnsley last season.
We're going down. The only question is how deep.
whatever happens to us i will forever support Die Knappen!!!
So essentially they are the next Portsmouth.
Zachary Pochkowski
Zachary Pochkowski:
I have been a Schalke fan since I was a boy. This pain is something indescribable.
As an Arsenal fan I'd be interested to see one done on Arsenal.
Kabo Ramatshego-Thabana
Kabo Ramatshego-Thabana:
Man that Schalke team with Jefferson Farfan on the attack was impressive. Damn this team has fallen hard.
Here after Augsburg equalised in the 93rd min against schalke
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran:
They need Sam Allardyce, his a man who keeps club stable and gets the job done.
NaturalCauses 619
NaturalCauses 619:
I’m pretty sure one of the final straws was also their loaning of Weston McKennie as well. He was a midfield force that Schalke are now lacking.
Alfie, at the beginning of the video you said "tied with Bayer Leverkusen", but I think you meant Werder Bremen?
Constable 1976
Constable 1976:
David Wagner played the scapegoat, just like in Huddersfield.
I refuse to see Schalke go down like this.
As an Dortmund Fan it is very sad to see that the Rival is going down. I hope that they stay in the Bundesliga so we can watch more Derbys! :D
I am from germany and im a schalke fan.
Tbh, its just sad to see how the club is going down week to week. lol
Inter Prise
Inter Prise:
A video for Paolo Rossi? He absolutely deserves one; world champion, ballon d‘or and champions league winner, one of the greatest Italian footballers of all time. Simply a legend!
Nls Drf
Nls Drf:
Who is here after schalke won 4-0 vs hoffenheim?
This is a great career mode idea.
Esteban B
Esteban B:
i tried to tell my friend who is a Schalke fan that at least their League of Legends team looks good. He almost punched me 😅
Eric Lima
Eric Lima:
Do a "What on Earth is going on at Botafogo" now, they're like Cruzeiro but WAY WORSE
Just to give some context, they're a team on their 4th coach if i recall, one of which got fired without even making to the 1st match, they started the season buying Keisuke Honda and Salomon Kalou, now they were at a state when they don't even get balls to train some time ago, tried to turn the club in a S/A (don't know a right word in english) to escape the debt on the house of billions if i recall and keep the club alive, but it failed since covid-19 put a risk which they couldn't attract investors, and are in a situation which they could be declaring bankrupcty next year and having to start in the last division of the State Championship. Brazil now are on a possibility of 3(including Vasco, but the situation is less concerning than botafogo) of the 12 big teams playing on second division next season
Harry Maxwell
Harry Maxwell:
“Good fortune at start of season”
“Run out of luck between January and June”
Reminds me of Hull 🐯
Angus MacIntosh
Angus MacIntosh:
Watching these every morning since I’m now in Self isolation
Can you make a video about Gladbach in the Last 10 years? From fighting against relegation to playing in the Champions league
Saugata Choudhury
Saugata Choudhury:
Manchester United and Arsenal need to learn that in this generation, without proper business set, they can also suffer similar fate
Who is here after they were relegated. as a BVB i truly feel sad for Schalke. come back stronger.
Tony Leong
Tony Leong:
the situation of Schalke now reminds me of Leeds during 2004
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse:
I'm Irish, but even so, the ethics and principles espoused by Schalke Football Club makes them an incredibly endearing Club, and the fact they are entirely owned by their fans elevates Schalke FC to legendary status.

I love the entire vibe of this club, and i really hope they can escape their woes and bounce back to functioning on a higher level once again.

All the best.
Parsa tha Great
Parsa tha Great:
As a schalke fan this whole situation is so heartbreaking and bleak it’s unbelievable
Lode Vermeiren
Lode Vermeiren:
Please do a video about the 7 Best Belgian footballers before their golden generation!
chris pham
chris pham:
Watching these every morning since I’m now in Self isolation
hurtig heinz
hurtig heinz:
Tough times to be a FC Schalke 04 and KFC Uerdingen fan...
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
As a Leeds fan this sounds very familiar.
I love schalke and everything the fans stand for. Sacking someone for not giving good enough workers rights during a pandemic is extremely based. Hope they can turn this around and we can see them high flying again in the next few years
Cebo Khumalo
Cebo Khumalo:
I've been a Schalke fan since 2012, when i first started following the bundesliga... and this situation hurts me in ways that cannot be easily discribed...

i have actually lost hope in us surviving relegation
Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn:
Football is imploding will never be same again
Christian Klmnt
Christian Klmnt:
Day 1: German teenage sensation Youssoufa Moukoko 🇩🇪
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott:
I was recently sent a message with a picture of a cartoon character in a Schalke shirt. Translated it read - "Only three more defeats and it'll be Christmas."
Daz 47
Daz 47:
Danke, dass du dieses video über meinen Club gemacht hast 🔵⚒⚪️
ali tabassum
ali tabassum:
one of the greatest player come from Gelsenkirchen, Mesut Ozil
Jungwoo Kim
Jungwoo Kim:
Day 11 of Top 7 Best Managers Outside the "Big Five" European Leagues
harrison fury
harrison fury:
Its sad to see. Im a united fan but was always attracted to schalke as a club because of fifa 14 career mode. I have done a schalke manager career mode with every fifa since. If I were to support a german club it would be them by a mile.
Tin Nguyen
Tin Nguyen:
Do one on Sheffield Wednesday, Wigan, or any similar topics like this. Arsenal is a good shout, when it comes to financial struggles and performance. Sunderland is also a good idea.
Emmet 1860
Emmet 1860:
Yay I’ve been hoping this video would be made! Hey I made the video! 😀
Good thing I watched to the end because I was going to suggest you do a rise and fall of Kaiserslautern
Matthew Vella
Matthew Vella:
Next would you do a similar video on the situation of wigan athletic.
newport LAD
newport LAD:
There was no way I’d have sat through an entire video of this guy talking a year ago, he is so much more engaging now, well done!
Bidhan Chan
Bidhan Chan:
Adrian from Rabona TV also did a good job explaining this situation. This video was a great supplement to that video.
Ben O
Ben O:
You are one of the most articulate Youtube sports presenters!
Dylan O Keeffe
Dylan O Keeffe:
Looking forward to the January fire sale at Schalke!
Nick Marsalko
Nick Marsalko:
When I first got sober in 2015 I began to watch soccer and I fell in love. Shalke were in champions league that year if I remember or the year before but since then they have just gotten so bad. I would love to see them be at the top again.
Great academy, beautiful stadium, loyal fans, sad to see S04 like this.. My favorite club in Bundesliga
L s
L s:
I’ve been waiting for this
Vernon Selous
Vernon Selous:
Please make a video about what happened to Hamburg SV
Maxwell Garner
Maxwell Garner:
I call for an HITC Seven's and Rabona TV collaboration, they both did a video on this topic of similar format
Jenney Bailey
Jenney Bailey:
At this point, I feel pity. I feel really sorry for their fans. I don't care much about Schalke but it's gotta be tough for them
Couple of months later and we know, S04 is now only in the second Bundesliga
EaZy Annihilator
EaZy Annihilator:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa listening to this as arsenal fan makes me really worried, cause we are in such a familiar position atm
Pedro Arévalo
Pedro Arévalo:
Well, now it's time to: What on earth is going on at Alianza Lima?
I'm a South African Schalke fan, it's been super sad watching this whole story unfold.
As a follow up to this, could you please do a best XI of current players who were formerly at schalke?
Samuel Achedzi Mbir-Bondzie
Samuel Achedzi Mbir-Bondzie:
Do a similar video, but with Malaga. I, as well as so many others are unaware of the situation at the club
Shaheem Jackson
Shaheem Jackson:
A documentary on why most footballers do not become referees after retirement
End Censorship
End Censorship:
I would like to see someone do a spot on football during the war. I find it surprising that they even had football then.
Jade Bitar
Jade Bitar:
Seems to me like they need Gordon Ramsey's help to put them back on track
Day 1 (again, I forgot to continue)= Your clubs most valuable player 7 years ago, where are they now?
Your clubs worst player 7 years ago, where are they now?
Rishav Badola
Rishav Badola:
Day 6
Petition for an HITC Sport x Sevens crossover episode
Yiotzo Live
Yiotzo Live:
I wanted this video because I was bored doing the research myself about the current state of Schlake
Thanks Alfie
Alexandru-Adrian Vlad
Alexandru-Adrian Vlad:
Do a video about what happened at the PSG - Istanbul Basaksehir on dec 9th.
SMM Productions
SMM Productions:
Great video explaining the situation at Schalke 04.
Akshat Shraff
Akshat Shraff:
Hi Alfie. I hope you are doing well. Can you please make a video on AC Milan and what has caused them to again be back on the top of their game?
Nicolai Frøhling
Nicolai Frøhling:
Video about Valencia maybe? :)
Zachery Algaze
Zachery Algaze:
I would love to hear this similar title for Southend United or Bolton Wanders or maybe another rise and fall video of those clubs
Hadi Diallo
Hadi Diallo:
Congrats , been a subscriber since day 1 .
Awful to see this happen to such a big and historic German club. Solidarity from Valencia fans all over, we feel your pain.
Priyadarshan Nair
Priyadarshan Nair:
Leicester city's new training center is also 100 million project and its completed funny no mention of that.
Griechischer Grießkuchen
Griechischer Grießkuchen:
3:59 the capital City of germany up until the 1990s was Bonn
Stephen Koshy
Stephen Koshy:
This has been so unfortunate and sad. A younger me was unsure of a win when we travelled away to the Veltins or when they came to the Allianz.
Mini Minter
Mini Minter:
Your voice is so relaxing
futchampions ist ein hs
futchampions ist ein hs:
i waited for this video for sooooooo long
Ardhana Hariwidagdo
Ardhana Hariwidagdo:
This club has a special place in my heart, and I'm very sad of what happened to Schalke these days thanks to corona virus.
Great video as always but what about a video about Super Depor ? Would be really cool to see in depth why this club fell from grace !
Mat S
Mat S:
Well, now there are zero fans in the stadiums in Germany, so zero revenue from tickets... and it’s probably gonna stay like that whole season
Pretty accurate depiction of the whole situation. Good to understand for an outsider aswell as good explained even for people with insights of german football or even Schalke Supporters. Thou I had to turn a blind eye on the pronunciation. Well the video would have been to good if you would have nailed that too. ;)
Can you make a video on how much the owner's have invested in EPL clubs in recent years
Stuart Bonsall
Stuart Bonsall:
Great video, how about doing one for Ipswich Town FC?
571 - Ayushman Pandey
571 - Ayushman Pandey:
I was looking for a good video to eat to...found it
Louis Gabriel Kidder Moore Bacon
Louis Gabriel Kidder Moore Bacon:
Do a video what's going on at derby county?
The Britts
The Britts:
Please could you do a video on clubs nearest to Airports, thank you!
Schalke 04 are very popular with football gamblers, at the moment – just bet on their opponents to win.

Loving these ‘What on Earth is Going on at...’ videos; Palermo, Marseille and now Schalke. Very well researched, information-packed and articulately delivered with interesting, informative and varied visuals. Top work.
Meanwhile Baum has been sacked for Huub stevens, who will be replaced in Winter
RK9 Unplugged
RK9 Unplugged:
Make the would've been top 30 balloon d'or 2020 ❤️💯🙏
Great video as always! It will forever be a shame to see mismanagement at football clubs. Maybe a good future video Idea with could be the rise of FK Bodø/Glimt in becoming the first northern Norwegian team to win the top flight, particularly after promotion a couple of years ago.
Jurgen Strang
Jurgen Strang:
As a leeds fan i see the same happening to Schalke and i have a soft spot for schalke. Hope they dont fall as hard as us and they rebuild soon
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young:
RIP Paolo Rossi🙏
Leon Lewald
Leon Lewald:
Hey I just wanted to give you a tiny piece of advice for German names like Reschke unlike most other languages I know you actually say the e at the end of words and names hope it helps a little bit for the future