When Manchester United Play TIKI-TAKA 2020

Manchester United- Skills, Speed, Dribbling, Passes, Assists & Goals 2019/2020
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- Manchester United Best Assists & Goals 2019/2020
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- Manchester United | Skills & Goals 2020

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100+ comentarios:

Arnoneel Sinha
Arnoneel Sinha:
Although I am a ManUtd fan, that's not tikitaka. That's just fast forwarded football.
Nepali Camper
Nepali Camper:
United have scored "Oh You Beauty" goals under Ole.
Favian Faizza
Favian Faizza:
Solskjaer must proud to see his team play like this 🔥🔴
Red Stunner2222
Red Stunner2222:
If this video doesn't convince you of Anthony Martial's brilliance, Pogba's ability, and Bruno's ingenuity, then nothing probably will
Sudarshan H.V
Sudarshan H.V:
Back here after the tiki taka vs Crystal Palace yesterday. (Btw, this is counter-attacking football not tiki taka)
Sreekanth Reddy Maramreddy
Sreekanth Reddy Maramreddy:
Martial was beast last season if rashford up his game little bit and be more consistent this season with Sancho arrival United front three is top in Europe and can challenge any team in attack
ike ghost mode
ike ghost mode:
If James had a football brain and just a bit more quality he would be unplayable
Man united: *does a one two*

Channels with ‘soccer’ in their name
*MaNuNiTeD TiKi tAkA*
Mujtaba Hussayn
Mujtaba Hussayn:
I'm not sure you know what tiki-taka is - coming from a untied fan
Selvin Martin
Selvin Martin:
We win so many pens because we go from 2nd gear to 5th in the penalty box.... lighting quick play
Ivan Lorenzo
Ivan Lorenzo:
Ok, I'm not MU fans but damn that was beautiful plays
Gokul Sajith
Gokul Sajith:
This season is going to be 🤯🤯🤯
Harish DEV
Harish DEV:
Martial Pogba Greenwood are soo talented High IQ players
Solskjaer is an extremely underrated coach
Pranoy Dutta
Pranoy Dutta:
Really nice edit. Have watched these clips in a million vids considering the no of youtubers who post united videos. This is comfortably one of the best.
daniel goodmust
daniel goodmust:
Martial always available on the build up
Gracious Kasunda
Gracious Kasunda:
Ole's tricky Reds. Can't wait!❤
Manny Soni
Manny Soni:
Rashford and martial link up 🥶
sunil ambrose
sunil ambrose:
tittle was bit off but this edit🔥
Jacob O'C
Jacob O'C:
Sorry but 95% of this video is simply not tiki taka... tiki taka relies on keeping possession for more than 5 seconds with 3 or more players in constant close proximity playing a succession of usually at least 5 successful short passes of 10 yards or less, most of these clips are just quick layoffs or 1 touch passes between 2 players combined with long passes and counter attacks... definitely not tiki taka.... most of these moves do not have more than 4 close range passes so the idea of sustained possession and the true tactic of tiki taka is almost lost in this video
llyord nyembe
llyord nyembe:
So far so good, no emotional music
Hassen Abdi
Hassen Abdi:
Next szn is where we will shock the footballing world, just watch and see, a couple signings will do us wonders, can wait❤❤❤💪🏾💥
Aizen captain
Aizen captain:
Title: When man utd play tiki taka
Video: man utd running at highline of opposition 80% of the time
The video should have been for 1 second with a big word saying : Never!

We should have included De geas passes as well..... this is not tiki taka my friend
ehren wood
ehren wood:
I like the vid but the music was stressing me out
Samuel 95
Samuel 95:
Nishit Agarwal
Nishit Agarwal:
Only 1-2 clips are tiki taka lmao
Others don't even qualify
Olorunfemi Festus
Olorunfemi Festus:
Slowly turning to a possession based team with bruno and pogba in midfield 🤩
sriraj jayaprakash
sriraj jayaprakash:
Martial darn❤️... Rashford need to stepup
Jack Daily Gaming
Jack Daily Gaming:
Look at this season its kinda shocking to see the team go down
Joey Fakeh
Joey Fakeh:
I feel James should play as a wing back
Donte Postigo
Donte Postigo:
Great video man good job 💥
And Now Peoples want This Man OUT. the only thing he needs to improve is to substitute better/faster. we need a great pair for maguire
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan:
Franco Omar Garcia Cirilo
Franco Omar Garcia Cirilo:
This isnt tiki taka, tiki taka is about poscitioning and moving the ball around, is not just passing the ball
blackspartann _1
blackspartann _1:
Love the video bro
Ibrahim Baasal
Ibrahim Baasal:
We are Manchester United!!
this video made man utd seem like the 2008/09 barcelona
Zuhri Sanchez
Zuhri Sanchez:
I think the game is good....but can't compete in europe....with small teams loosing bro....come one...
Nishant Vimal
Nishant Vimal:
It's not Tiki Taka it's OLEBALL!!
Email Film
Email Film:
learn more before something you don't really now for sure. you know nothing about tactics
Nabam Gumin
Nabam Gumin:
Nice Tiki Taka against crystal palace. 👍
Doctor Atan
Doctor Atan:
Hahahaha , best tiki taka after Barcelona and pep ,
Teng Alex
Teng Alex:
There ain't no tiki nor taka in this video lol
Eddery Snin
Eddery Snin:
U call that's tiki taka? 😂
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh:
That's not tiki taka that's a mixture of counter attacks and fast forward football you prat.
Nice video man
Ridho Afan
Ridho Afan:
Yo this music was a banger
Cham Chama lianhna
Cham Chama lianhna:
Honestly, man utd is not so good in tiki taka
benjaaa Montenegro
benjaaa Montenegro:
still lost 3-1 to crtstal palace
Rylie Leonnard
Rylie Leonnard:
1st like and 1st comment love your content bro 👊🏻
KC White
KC White:
It’s hilarious how all these United fans in the comments think Sancho is still joining them
i love MUFC
Fallah DeBruh
Fallah DeBruh:
Mr Bowerrr
Mr Bowerrr:
this is not tiki taka these are team goals.
Fun while it lasted
Hahahahhajajajahahahajhaah ... Thy play park the bus and hit on counter 😂😂
Hanad Abdi
Hanad Abdi:
All One
All One:
Luke shaw's overlap is really something...
I love manchester united
Miguel Gómez
Miguel Gómez:
I dont think this guy knows what Tikitaka is. 😂
Rizzy21 Official
Rizzy21 Official:
Z Mes
Z Mes:
🤣🤣🤣🤣 only against bottom half of the table ..they pros at park the us tactics thou
Vidcon Funn
Vidcon Funn:
Scott Has Brought More Attacking Threats.. He Can Defend, Run Back, Attack, Be Aggressive.. Which Manchester United Lacks Sometimes Without him.. Pogba Doesn't Run Back and Tackle.. Whereas Matic Doesn't Attack Opposition Box..
Master Luqman
Master Luqman:
It's all because Bruno .. big impact
Leon White
Leon White:
That's not tika taka smh
HD United
HD United:
United dont play tika taka . it looks good putting clips together . united aint good at keeping the ball
Jeffry Jeff
Jeffry Jeff:
Stil need Sancho
Cali Kaya Mbanza
Cali Kaya Mbanza:
Is like fcbarcelona time's of Gaucho
Vikalp Bhardwaj
Vikalp Bhardwaj:
What kind of tiki taka is that
AmâR Nirham
AmâR Nirham:
Mufc noob
Mohamedahmed abd-AlAzim
Mohamedahmed abd-AlAzim:
Ole and tiki taka it makes no sense
Eunita Kerubo
Eunita Kerubo:
All of this will be forgotten if we are not going to improve our squad this season, considering what has happen in London with both tottenham and Chelsea we will not have a chance unless we acquire the likes of Sancho
Mohamed Angul
Mohamed Angul:
Not tik tak but still fire
Krishanan Merdono
Krishanan Merdono:
Pep will be proud.
Grg Nare
Grg Nare:
Ole rip
Agel Carrick
Agel Carrick:
virgil selvin
virgil selvin:
There are huge differences between possession based football and tiki taka ... These goals are totally about possession based football. This isn't tiki taka
Fallah DeBruh
Fallah DeBruh:
Kimberly Lucero
Kimberly Lucero:
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alex leon
alex leon:
Say trash about me and everything but if united had bought bruno in summer of 2019 believe united will had finished at least second
ricardo nainggolans
ricardo nainggolans:
This not tiki taka but this must be tik tok 😅😅😅 ah come on Ole
Jonah Harman
Jonah Harman:
pj neon
pj neon:
whats the point of fancy passing but still lose games???????
Hugh Anderson
Hugh Anderson:
I could be wrong, but i think this video was made by soccer skills
Umair Mubeen
Umair Mubeen:
1st goal is a counter attack not tiki taka
Chelsea 2013
Chelsea 2013:
Next chelsea tiki taka please
Naeem Khan
Naeem Khan:
This is not Tiki Taka. This is running scared slow football against weak teams. This channel knows nothing about football 🤦
Nabil Akhtar
Nabil Akhtar:
Defence needs fixing attack is good
Ismael Faizi
Ismael Faizi:
Worst music I’ve ever ever ever heaard
yuricko sangma
yuricko sangma:
And they soljkaer had no tactics
Nada de otro mundo. Es solo que pasó tanto tanto tiempo hasta que este equipo pudo volver a hacer algo medianamente decente. Desde la epoca de Sir Alex que no se pasaba bien el balón y gracias a que cambiaron un poco la política de solo fichar estrellas.
Jude Blake
Jude Blake:
This is nothing compared to tiki taka under Jose..it was next level
Kenzo Okami
Kenzo Okami:
Ole will unleash something good. United fans jus need to be patient. We are or may i say we were so used to success that we always look for instant gratification. But thats not how modern day football works, it will take time, especially in the comin days and months and years with every epl team spending on good managers and players and so on. Its atleast gonna take another 3 years for us to win the title. So patience is key in the epl.
Theophilus Darko
Theophilus Darko:
Stupid video.
Watch Barcelona or Mancity
Lloyd George
Lloyd George:
We need a replacement for rashford. He so overrated in England