When RUSSELL CROWE met "Fat" HENRY CAVILL: The Graham Norton Show June 20 BBC AMERICA

It's a SUPER new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW - with special guests from MAN OF STEEL: Superman himself HENRY CAVILL, AMY ADAMS & RUSSELL CROWE.

Watch a hysterical SNEAK PEEK before the U.S. Premiere *** THURS JUNE 20 at 10/9c *** only on BBC AMERICA.

Before they reunited on the set of new Superman movie MAN OF STEEL, stars HENRY CAVILL & RUSSELL CROWE actually first met years ago...

But HENRY wasn't the ripped muscle stud then that he is today. In fact, he, uh, was "enormously fat" - hence his shocking nickname.

Graham Norton's back on BBC America with an all new season of the UK's biggest talk show, with his renowned comedy monologues, eccentric stories, and of course, today's hottest stars. Don't miss the all new episodes chockfull of laugh-out-loud stories, outrageous characters, and pure Graham Norton!

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100+ comentarios:

He's definitely the friend of humanity. Toss a coin to him
Aniket Maurya
Aniket Maurya:
I am straight but Henry Cavill is Henry Cavill
You’d never get this story told on an American talk show. The host is too busy blathering on about themselves. Great story!
Alan Doolan
Alan Doolan:
the fact that he also knows what happened to the other kid who joined the army says a lot
Damn, Russell knows how to keep a room quiet with powerful words. 

"I told him the truth" 
Sharath SH
Sharath SH:
That proud look on Henry's face when Russel was telling the entire story...... 
Henry looked like he was getting teary.

But I couldn't tell because I was getting a little teary myself.
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy:
Superman was fat! WE ALL HAVE HOPE!
Wow, Russell Crowe is a great storyteller.
Gamers Sanctuary
Gamers Sanctuary:
who is here after theyve tossed a coin to their witcher?
Wow, the entire audience is holding its breath during that story, really amazing!
Drake Santiago
Drake Santiago:
What an amazing coincidence. Russell Crowe gives Henry Cavill some fatherly wisdom in real life, and then over a decade later he plays Cavill's character's father, and in the form of a hologram, gives Cavill's character fatherly wisdom. Indeed, art imitates life!
Patrik Adolfsson
Patrik Adolfsson:
So he is british? Please give him the role of James Bond
Timed Revolver
Timed Revolver:
A lot of kids who start out fat end up turning out looking pretty amazing.
Su-Mari Diedericks
Su-Mari Diedericks:
This hit me right in the feels... :( Gosh. You can even see Henry getting emotional as he thinks.
Zaki Zainudin
Zaki Zainudin:
" Do you bleed fat cavil " ... You will
Russell Crowe: I'm about to make this man's whole career
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Better story than Twilight
Sabrina Faire
Sabrina Faire:
when russell crowe controls the future...
Russel has such a great story telling voice... And this was such a great story!
Stay classy
Stay classy:
wow... imagine the little fat kid in high school grow up and become superman !!! awesome
Abhay Gadhavi
Abhay Gadhavi:
What if Russell crowe plays vezemir in witcher series....his voice seems warm and that's what we need for vezemir because vezemir is a teacher and a legend
John Hill
John Hill:
As a Brit, got to love that we have Graham Norton. To many American hosts wouldn't have been able to keep their mouths shut to let Russel Crowe tell this story.
Elyssa Mann
Elyssa Mann:
Russell Crowe is such a generally nice human being. And that's awesome.
Donna Suico
Donna Suico:
what amazes me is the crowe also kept tabs on his young co-star, that he knows the kid entered the military, knows what he's doing now after he left.
OMG look at Henry's face as Russell tells the story....so precious....you can tell he's feeling all those feelings again....
Mr. G
Mr. G:
"Tell me... do you lose weight?"
(takes a dramatic bite of his hamburger)
Why do famous people all have amazing stories.
Rob Tarry
Rob Tarry:
Russel actually remebers that moment he met fat cavill
Paul Klinger
Paul Klinger:
The thing i love the most about the story in which Russell Crowe is telling us about a teenage Cavill here is the fact he didnt pull punches. He called a spade a spade. So often its soo rare to hear an adult tell you how it is as opposed to what it going to be like in the future. If more men put it as literal as Crowe, Id think we would be seeing way more mature Cavill type men today. Real men prepared for the real world ahead. Period.
guest user
guest user:
Celebrities like Russel Crowe, they probably meet dozens of fans every day. It's amazing that he took the time to write Henry a letter when he was a boy, and that he remembers the story to this day.
Luli Nasser
Luli Nasser:
"How lardy were you?" --> Oh, Graham! You make me hysterical!
Ace's Games
Ace's Games:
i died laughing!
WOW I just realized this was the kid that played Albert Mondego from The Count of Monte Cristo.
cool what russell did he took the focus off the subject of been fat kid , russell crowe legend
Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon would have interrupted Russell Crowe's story to try to be funny.
I love Graham Norton for how he lets his guests talk and we really learn more about them, without someone interrupting them.
Satya Ward
Satya Ward:
Crowe himself was sooo big at that time when he met the boy Cavill. I remember girls were hysterical around him when on Gladiator’s set screaming “Russel, let me have your baby!!!” thing. It’s Cavill’s time now
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman:
Like Russell Crowe means a lot to Henry Cavill.Gary Oldman is same to Tom Hardy.
Coronel Wilhelm Klink
Coronel Wilhelm Klink:
I love how HENRY CAVILL is slowly becmonig the new KEANU REEVES
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah:
I love the look of admiration Henry gives Russell as he reflected on the time that they met.
Question ?
Question ?:
He literally turned into that little boy listening to him all over again
Jacob Kadolph
Jacob Kadolph:
Amy looks dazed whenever she looks at Henry.
At last, i know how to pronounce Cavill.
I've tossed so many coins on my screen now it's starting to crack
Mohammed Saif Islam
Mohammed Saif Islam:
If it was Jimmy Kimmel interviewing, Russel wouldn’t have been able to finish that story
Toss a coin....
D Fermín
D Fermín:
WOW! Russell is an amazing story teller :D
Amber Howard
Amber Howard:
Henry looks like a little kid when a grown up is talking about them... ahaha!
Saw a picture of him when he was "fat" he was average maybe a tiny wee bit chubby and That's pretty normal for a kid.
Rilind Krasniqi
Rilind Krasniqi:
32 Dislikes from the people at his high-school!
All audiobooks in the world need to be recorded by Henry Cavill

1 dislike? I WILL FIND YOU!
I love how Norton doesnt interrupt the guests when they speak like most talk show hosts do.
Ilove Onedirection
Ilove Onedirection:
“You were morbidly obese you could’ve died.”
Ali Paloba
Ali Paloba:
Why is Cavill more like Superman than him playing Superman...
I was pretty wrong about Russell Crowe. Turns out real a real class act.
What we do in life, echoes in eternity.
Anyone here after watching "The Witcher" series?
Linda Fúnez
Linda Fúnez:
Russel Crowe is an extraordinary storyteller! He made a beautiful moment be unforgettable
This is one of my favorite show-business stories ever. Russell Crowe consistently shows himself to be an honest, decent, down to earth guy. Sure, sometimes that means giving a lad a good slapping if he deserves it and other times it means answering the questions of a 16 year old aspiring actor.
Nicole S
Nicole S:
A genuinely lovely story.
Puberty did great things for Fat Cavill.
Kamran Kiarimov
Kamran Kiarimov:
I’m 99% straight
That 1% is reserved for Henry Cavill
You could tell the story was genuinely meaningful to both of them.
Kari Mohlman
Kari Mohlman:
Hahaha " You were morbidly obeses, you could have died." Favorite part
juan altredo
juan altredo:
Russell is so different than what the press paints you, hes really a great guy
there was definitely some emotion behind that one, great vid
He lost his weight after trial of grasses?
javier migoya
javier migoya:
and that goes to show you when we least expect it, we can say or do something that can alter the course of someone's life instantly, Henry Cavill's life from that moment on at 1st probably continued as normal but he (as most thoughts build up steam with time) probably referencing that chance encounter over and over until he adjusted himself on the path he wanted, and where it got him to
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas:
I had no idea that Henry Cavill is English
Thats a pretty sweet story!...hehe..Fat Cavill, well he certainly ain't fat now...but gorgeous!
Food for thought:
If there were no Maximus, there’d be no Geralt.
Awesome story.
Cavill heart touched face when Crowe reminds
kyle simmons
kyle simmons:
I loved Cavill as superman but when he smiled early in and wearing that attire he could pull off an awesome count Dracula 
patrick todd
patrick todd:
Henry has a very nice receding hairline. it looks good on him.
Venatix_ 92
Venatix_ 92:
I saw Henry Cavill for the first time in the 2002 movie, the Count of Monte Cristo. No wonder he looked so familiar. :D
“How lardy were you?”😂
claudine marcine
claudine marcine:
Russell Crow, what a man
Been watching these videos for the last 2 hours and I am pretty sure I am 1 video away from a sixpack...
James Katu
James Katu:
Then Russell plays his Father in Man of Steel that’s pretty cool.
Connor S. Coupe
Connor S. Coupe:
Merlin told me this story and said he had stayed in touch with Russell Crowe afterward and I didn't fully believe him, though he is well connected as his father is somewhat famous explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison. This video cleared things up.
The family now has a wonderful bed and breakfast on Bodwin Moor.
Sapphire Spire
Sapphire Spire:
He's not fat anymore, and I would never have guessed.
Tetsu Hoshi
Tetsu Hoshi:
Russell Crowe = God-tier bro
Bryce Forsythe
Bryce Forsythe:
That look of admiration and silent thanks is something really special.
1:35 his expression is like "haha, i love senpai"
Ramya Ranganath
Ramya Ranganath:
russel crowe is deeply alluring
Russell My Favorite Actor Crowe steps up once again. Guy's just awesome. Damn it, but he should have WON for A Beautiful Mind. Hands down.
G’s YouTube etiquette
G’s YouTube etiquette:
Russell Crows voice make me thirsty... no I mean like it literally makes me thirsty
Lindsey S.
Lindsey S.:
Such a beautiful man
Rasul Avtorhanov
Rasul Avtorhanov:
Had the pleasure to meet Russel whe I was working in Stockholm, what a charmy guy 😄🤙🏼
Wow. Russell Crowe is a good storyteller! The way he paced that story is amazing
Milly Hawnt
Milly Hawnt:
I can't look at Henry for too long otherwise I honestly just want to lick the screen.
Crystal H.S
Crystal H.S:
I really really hope when Dawn of Justice comes out next year,Graham will bring the cast back on his show..
Pat Seguin
Pat Seguin:
I had no idea Henry was British
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen:
All that was missing was a nice smoldering campfire during Crowe's part
That Maximus dude is one cool customer. Even looks good in a suit.
John chan Chan
John chan Chan:
Henry cavil is so handsome
Chassity Oubre
Chassity Oubre:
Henry Cavill😍😍
leon sean
leon sean:
Cavill should be the next James bond. Getting bored of Daniel Craig now
Alera John
Alera John:
I just love the Emotion on HENRY'S face when Russell retells their story from years ago & how Proud Henry looks. Such a DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS MAN!!!