Who Was Jimmy Savile and How Did He Get Away With It For So Long? | Netflix

TW - Discussions of sexual abuse ⚠️ He was celebrated as one of the UK's most beloved national treasures. After his death, he was exposed as a sexual predator, with over 450 sickening allegations of abuse. JIMMY SAVILE: A BRITISH HORROR STORY is now streaming, a documentary examining archive footage to understand how he fooled an entire nation for decades.

00:00 - Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story
00:32 - Who Was Jimmy Savile?
01:48 - What crimes did Savile commit?
2:22 - How did Savile get away with it for so long?

3:52 - The Aftermath: Operation YewTree

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100+ comentarios:

Alex Alex alex
Alex Alex alex:
All of this coming out once he already died, is pretty unfortunate.
He completely got away with it.
mike jones
mike jones:
Can you imagine how many elites are like this guy or worse
Dr McCreadies Healthy Half Hour
Dr McCreadies Healthy Half Hour:
I remember as a kid writing to him and asking to fly a plane and they put me on the shortlist. I am now very grateful I missed out as that could of been horrendous with me sat there and him asking me to hold his joystick. Such arrogance and evil.
My Irish grandmother during the 80's used to tell my mother to switch over whenever saville would be on the TV.
I still remember her calling him a dirty article....she only watched TV when she'd stay a few weeks at ours. She was from the most rural isolated place in Co Kerry, a dirty article she called him she was spot on. She also didn't like the local priest... probably another dirty article. Maggie was a legend, for someone who was an old pagan she was well able to read people.
Trina Q
Trina Q:
It really sickens me how Savile used his position as a children's TV presenter to sexually abuse them. All the trauma that he put them through, and he'll never see any repercussions now.
Lana Aziz
Lana Aziz:
What he asked to be put on his gravestone makes me sick. My heart goes out to all of his victims. I hope they all find peace 💔
E C:
the fact that he lived his life with so much connections with the media and even royalty. he knew he could get away with it. especially internet was not really a thing yet. once internet came up. the victims found each other and decided to speak up. unfortunately Jimmy was near the end of his life. it was just so unfair to the victims. good thing the truth came out and his image is now filled with disgust instead of adoration.
James Jarrett
James Jarrett:
He was clever enough to hide in plain sight, and ruthless enough to realise that charity work, celebrity and connections could prevent him being exposed for what he was. Absolute tragedy.
Just such a repulsive thing, my mum was a huge fan of him and hearing about it just makes me feel sick.
Bitter Caramel
Bitter Caramel:
Before I found out what crime he committed I was thinking "this guy is creepy AF".
To a lot of people's surprise, Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols was right all along.
Myself and my contemporaries mostly hated JS, he was regarded as a self-serving creep. I recall dreading TOTP when he was presenting - it was all about him, never the acts. In interviews he was always evasive and disingenuous. All the signs were there.
Lolly Bott
Lolly Bott:
what makes us angry is that "he thought he was smart", and he wasn't ashamed to say it .. he said disturbing things, "laughing and joking", stuff like "the important thing is not to get caught"...
And on closer inspection he really believed it ,and what makes him angry is that he really managed to save himself, passing his old age to believe himself really smart as he said and ending his life getting away with it and without paying for anything he did ...
so yes, we can say that in the end, he won it 😠
The fact my mom was so close to being on his show Jim’ll fix it is insane to me 🥴
I remember seeing him in Sad Satan gameplays. Now I see why he was included in such a horrific game. He was a living horror
Lolly Bott
Lolly Bott:
"Thursday I'll end up in court .."and "... I'll have a great job in a women's institute"...my God.
Hearing repeats these lines over and over again in his shows, it gives chills ..
and they say a lot,if one knows "read between the lines "😵😵😵
fourstar fuel
fourstar fuel:
He was a knight of the realm, a prolific charity fundraiser, a friend to the most powerful, and a total nonce! Judge a person by the company he or she keeps and you can't go very wrong. The whole thing is very illuminating. I wish I could bring him back to life so I could...well you can guess.
Sharon Harding
Sharon Harding:
He was hiding in plain sight.The clues were there in his own words and comments.
He got away with it totally.
One big creep.
Jennifer Cameron
Jennifer Cameron:
Pedophilia is much more present than you can ever imagine. Hard is to find a home that has NOT a pedophile.
Horror. Poor children!
And the exposure of this guy made him world famous. As a non-brit I had never heard of him. Now I know just about everything and would he have enjoyed it ...
peter gough
peter gough:
People around this evil man knew what he was up too but remained silent to save there own jobs at the BBC and elsewhere. Disgracful.
I used to feel odd but unable to put into words, that I seemed to be the only person who couldn’t stand him. I never said anything to my parents but as a14 yrs old I thought he didn’t seem to like the kids on Jim will fix it. And the cigar smoking. I don’t know why I always felt repulsed by him and yet I saw everyone thinking he was a hero.
Maz Islam
Maz Islam:
A great documentary from Netflix showing the disgusting side of this old man.
Marianne Johannessen
Marianne Johannessen:
I CANT understand how ppl did NOT see that this man was no good,i always knew 😫🙌
t n
t n:
How can someone who clearly did a lot of good and was loved and trusted. Have a pvt life so bad. If he hadnt done the abuse. He would have had absolute saint status.
The biggest shame is people knew and yet was never stopped. His crimes are on them as well equally
Kung-Fu Trailer
Kung-Fu Trailer:
A very interesting documentary. I did not know it before. When you see him like this, you think, a pretty crazy guy, but very likeable. One is surprised with what kind of personalities he was friends. I think people in England loved him and he was very popular. Then you were all the more shocked at what all came out after his death, and you wonder why he was able to fool people for so many decades. People loved him and in the end they only hated him. There is nothing left of his fame, as if he had never existed. One just wants to forget him. (Excuse my bad English, I am from Germany myself)
Kay Smith
Kay Smith:
You know those old people in the 1950s who remembered "when Jack the Ripper was around"? We'll be the old people in the 2080s who remember "when Saville was a national treasure".
Love how this documentary turned into being about the Royal Family
Stewart Mckay
Stewart Mckay:
Brought in to your homes every week by the BBC. Not only Jim but a whole slew of characters
Joe Crandle
Joe Crandle:
How have I never heard of this guy?
Miss Moxie
Miss Moxie:
How did he get away with it?
Well let’s see, he preyed upon vulnerable populations, and the ADULTS in the situation DID NOT act like adults.
That’s how
lynn jackson
lynn jackson:
I never wanted to go on Jim'll fix it because I thought he was over familiar with the kids.
Osher Uzzi
Osher Uzzi:
David icke wrote about this over 20 years ago. This goes so much deeper into the very establishment of this country. Many have been silenced for speaking out about Saville.
Blue Shorts TV
Blue Shorts TV:
I mean nowadays this guy would be immediately sussed! He wouldn’t get anywhere near cameras. Back then it was the new ideal of TV and celebrity and that’s what he hid behind, along with the long arm of misogyny and the church (no surprise there). They all knew about him but he was a cash cow. He was the archetype of a boogy man in plain site and even arrogantly boasting about it. Truly a revolting man.
This makes me glad that Cosby was outed while still living, even if he is in his 80s
its all the people who knew what was going on he worked with and said nothing. Having the power to help others and just saying nothing out of fear of not being believed or losing your job. Last time i checked known a crime was going to happen and not saying anything is also a crime.
A lot of Saviles team and colleagues where pathetic cowards.
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer:
He was a very clever man he knew what he was doing. Gaining the trust from high class people thinking he will be untouchable like a god.
James Hurley
James Hurley:
Rose to fame in the 1980s? He presented the first Top of The Pops in 1964!
Like always. There was a rumours but even than celebrities prefer to be friends with him than think about children. Every time the same story. Celebrities are friends with pedophiles until it's to many victims and then everyone are saying that they didn't know anything. No rumours. Nothing. 🤷🤦 Some crazy fans. Celebrities 🤢
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews:
You cannot put dave lee travis in the same universe of offending, dlt was made a big scape goat, he was and still is decent bloke, caught up, in something that was caused by a lot of outrageous claims.
Rigel Moon
Rigel Moon:
"There's something I like about that little girl; but, I can't put my finger in it." Jimmy Savile
MrsInterested .
MrsInterested .:
Helen Mirren got her fame from a show called Prime Suspect it was filmed in London and one of the series was about the government MPs the rich Lords the famous picking up rent boys from the Care system there was books on this after from boys who suffered There is a book called playland the abuse of power by Anthony daly ,there was a arcade in London the boys stood near the window so the rich could drive by and pick Meat rack it was the so called name ,,,…goes back years and yet still Today 2022 still we talk in shock about it yet go back 30 years it was going on then
Shoosha Towers
Shoosha Towers:
I think we have our own Tommy Saville.
This is story we see much to often then we ask why does it take so long for people to come forward even i have. Well i think we see why they are discouraged because no one wants to handle a case against people with power and it takes more evidence then it should in these cases with spotlight. Sad and ridiculous it all came out the second he died when they had reports just didnt want to come out with it not just one mess up here but one on so many levels. :(
Ben Stevinson
Ben Stevinson:
Jimmy Savile was Untouchable he was above the Law! 👆⚖ He had Friend's in high Place's of Power and influence!!!
SP Moran
SP Moran:
We should never allow this to happen again. But , it probably will.
how did he get away with it for so long? uk laws regarding libel, slander and defamation
john lydon knew and almost spoke the truth on the bbc....but he knew the law
My class wrote to him I asked to meet bodie and Doyle from. The professionals! I’m so glad it didn’t happen now !
R B:
Prince Charles shows such consistently poor judgement in his life that I'm beginning to think skipping a generation or abolition might be the best idea for the monarchy.
Timothy Sullivan
Timothy Sullivan:
My case "comes up next thursday"

"My case: C*NT"

He was playing everyone, all the time, in full view.

this is why establishments and old boys networks are so f*cked.
He would constantly "confess" to his transgressions, yet no one pushed the issue or perhaps they did, but was stalled by the powers that be. SMDH
Kelly C
Kelly C:
Did anybody else catch the phrase he repeated constantly in the last part of the documentary, "my case "Comes Up Next Thursday"..?
david w
david w:
Good mates withe the royals too.
Robert Romero
Robert Romero:
He was friends with Gary Glitter, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Rolf Harris and Margaret Thatcher. Enough said
SJ g
SJ g:
You just know there was more people involved. Back then p3dos operated in rings. That’s why he was so close to Gary glitter. They need to take a harder look at prince charles and several others
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle:
'Hes one of us' - Broadmoor inmates take on him!
ride along with Nicolle
ride along with Nicolle:
Im watching part 1 right now.
kite zzz
kite zzz:
Jimmy touched us all
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar:
Many more still alive and when they die more victims come forward.
Wendy Hannan
Wendy Hannan:
I hope those Streets named after him, have been renamed 🙏
Robbie Pethick's left ear
Robbie Pethick's left ear:
Who profits from this documentary? I hope it goes to his victims
John Barker
John Barker:
Those who knew and did nothing will pay they will burn in hells fire they will face judgement!!!
Gem Gem
Gem Gem:
A sick monster is who he is!
Diana Souligny
Diana Souligny:
Well, we still have religions. Seems loads of men get away with sexual abuse because of that?
Lucy S
Lucy S:
horror story? seems like he had a lot of people who were in on it, didn't think anything of it... more like a regular british story. It wasn't that long ago that the mighty "Great" britain had the age of consent as TEN YEARS OLD. Jimmy Savile is not an anomaly.
sol cutta
sol cutta:
Cam someone find a deaf person to lip read what was said between him and pope.
Obv nothing salatious but interesting nontheless.
Real Horror seriously the shock of British community in him is more
I’d be more supportive of the BBC if they hadn’t flushed Doctor Who and Top Gear completely down the toilet.
Major G
Major G:
3:55 for the record those conviction details are not in the doc BIG F
Angela Hogben
Angela Hogben:
He was horrible but protected by the royals and.goverment Thatcher being the main one how anyone.could feel.comfortable in his company is beyond me
Wait, wuth.. got knighthood? That's so ironic.
Morris Nelson
Morris Nelson:
The damn cops 😡

Out of all the hideous crimes he committed, a half and half Celtic/Rangers shirt must rank highly
Stephen Kissane
Stephen Kissane:
That's how.. his charity work
I can't even look at him his eyes creeps me i feel uneasy
imso smart
imso smart:
He was a poor looking excuse for a man. Not masculine at all, more bird-like. Don't understand what the Brits saw in this guy. He would never have been famous in the US. He basically just recited gibberish and talked fast. If you call that Talent, which I don't. The British Monarchy support is what made him popular, unfortunately.
0.50 mins: "When he rose to fame in the 1980s"... ermm 1960s you mean
Garfield G. Litter
Garfield G. Litter:
Jimmy touched so many.
Truthseeker& Spiritualkeeper
Truthseeker& Spiritualkeeper:
The scenes with him running across the country was er eerily similar to Tom Hanks(also and accused pe/ophile) in Forrest Gump.😒 Wonder if it was a nod to the likes of Savile🤨
Aqua Juwel
Aqua Juwel:
Who he was?……..satan incarnate comes to mind….
solar flame11321
solar flame11321:
I refuse to watch this documentary. It’s too disturbing for me
Taki brytyjski Jerzy Owsiak - ten pewnie też ma trupy w szafie, dosłownie...
Thomas Morin
Thomas Morin:
Welcomed in high places.
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews:
If there is any justice, at least money was raised for poor I'll people.
Lottie Louise
Lottie Louise:
Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
izza.marian rendon uribe
izza.marian rendon uribe:
please if someone sees the documentary tell me what song is the one in the episode 1 minute 4:55
Keith Wigley
Keith Wigley:
Because he was well in with the BBC , politicians, , Royal family, NHS, etc., money and fame will always rule ..if we let it..and we still do ?
Watch him Louis Theroux.....big signs...
Often tempted ???? 🤔
Black Sabbath Matters
Black Sabbath Matters:
This doc takes FAR too long to get to the punchline, my attention was not even there after 50 minutes of not yet actually getting to what he had done.....poor structure for keeping your audience interested.....👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Doctah Love
Doctah Love:
How did he get away with it? Well because of people like you Netflix...
Dee Gibbons
Dee Gibbons:
Just watched it and Charles and co ARE involved....that Glencoe lair surroundings need digging up..it doesn't end with js...he's the start..feel so disturbed that is was there for all to see..God will bring His Judgement on these monsters ✝️
Joseph Irizarry
Joseph Irizarry:
Of course he's a Scorpio.
Renin Renior
Renin Renior:
Name of soundtrack
9 4
9 4:
Eddie bravo brought me here
ronny gibbon
ronny gibbon:
The fake shock portrayed by journalists, broadcasters, politicians and celebrities from the 70's, 80's and 90's really makes me sick. They ALL knew. The attitude to degenerate behaviour back then was to sweep it under the rug, shame anyone brave enough to complain and never speak about it. As a teenager in the 80's I knew more than a few kids who had pervy uncles and cousins that weren't to be trusted around kids, boys or girls. And older guys abusing teenage girls was extremely common. Abuse was also tolerated in the Catholic churches activities for children and most commonly at the boarding schools of the "upper class".
Just Do It
Just Do It:
Illuminati confirmed
Sachhidanand Manjhi
Sachhidanand Manjhi:
British royalty and celebrities all the same
Baphomets and sodamites in plain sight!
Noe Valdez
Noe Valdez:
Princess Andrew