Why Did Elliot Page And His Wife Divorce After His Transition? | Rumour Juice

fter years of having to bottle himself up, he reintroduced himself to the world as Elliot Page. But it seems like his transformation came at a price, and just two months after making his life-changing announcement, Elliot and his wife of 3 years called it quits. The question on everybody's minds is ... Did it maybe have something to do with his transition?

Why Did Elliot Page And His Wife Divorce After His Transition?

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Valox Sen
Valox Sen:
Because Emma is a lesbian, and if Elliot wasn't going to be identifying as a woman or have a woman's body anymore, then they were obviously no longer compatible.
Because his wife is a lesbian. I know some partners stay with their spouses after they’ve decided to transition. But it would be unfair to expect it. If she wants to spend her life with a woman, it’s her right to have that.
This whole video feels like it’s from an alternate universe
Callum Mitch
Callum Mitch:
I understand Elliots decision but i can’t imagine how devastated his ex wife would be, she probably supported his decision but it must be hard for his ex wife to live with the fact that the woman she loved is a complete different person
It must be difficult if you’re a lesbian and your spouse decides to transition to become a man. He won’t relate to being a lesbian anymore. The whole thing just seems like a lot.
bennett theissen
bennett theissen:
I suspect that Elliot will never feel comfortable in his body. He didn't before, and coming out as gay and marrying a woman didn't make a difference. I wish him well but the problem isn't in his body.
Seb' Story_당당
Seb' Story_당당:
I just hope that they are still good friends and support each other. Difference is just difference and it can't be wrong. Everyone can be whatever the heck they want. I just wish all of them would be happy in the future. I'm rooting for all.
I wish Elliot and all others in similar situations to get the mental health help they need.
Stephen Osterday
Stephen Osterday:
Simple, Elliot is a straight man, his wife is gay
El O
El O:
I’m grateful that I enjoy being a female and being a woman specifically. I went through a period of daydreaming I was a boy during puberty and don’t think I’d be upset if I *had* been born male but I’m also very comfortable as a female. I feel for those experiencing gender dysphoria, seems like a rather painful desire without the proper support and medical care, mental and physical medical care.
I'm confused, are all the statements his wife made about their relationship after he realised he was trans or did they change the quote to change the pronouns? it makes the timeline confusing
How did yall not notice the apparent rejection of femininity in his appearance ever since was really young ??? This not a shock to me as I always recognized the perpetual discomfort in feminine-associated looks or mannerisms
Suzanna x
Suzanna x:
It didn't really answer the question in the title but I'm glad they're still supporting of each other.
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya:
Probably because the lover wants to love a woman?
Cat fae
Cat fae:
To much affirmation therapy we need to stop overanalysing and labelling ourselves and just have fun. Page doesn’t need surgery page just needs a hug and a friend without an agenda.
Nobody Important
Nobody Important:
Whelp, I'll see everybody in the RIP video.
Creepyteca Face Your Fears
Creepyteca Face Your Fears:
Poor Emma, I wish her the best.
Josh Jewell
Josh Jewell:
Wow, she was beautiful. I'm glad he is happy now. I wondered how it will effect his acting career. I can't imagine Elliot in the umbrella academy or Juno. I'm sure he will find his place, but it was really brave to transition knowing it could end or change his whole career.
This video is like an alternate universe
Harry Toeface
Harry Toeface:
Imagine that, she married someone attracted to women, and Ellen took away the parts she was attracted to.
She's just so beautiful I don't understand why she wanted to do this:(. To each there own. As long as shes happy.
Tucker Toilet
Tucker Toilet:
Every time I look at him or her, they look sad.
Saved you a click. They don't know.
MC Maldek
MC Maldek:
I wish I could understand how someone who isn't something can feel like they are that thing. When a girl says she feels like a boy I just can't fathom how, because mostly what being a boy or girl is has to do with how others treat you. I was always treated like a boy and a man, which is completely different from being treated like a girl or woman, I just don't know what people mean when they say it.
Katey Little
Katey Little:
I noticed when they put that dress on the first episode he was on the trailer park boys he wasn’t comfortable in it! So I understand this completely
Abe Cdefg
Abe Cdefg:
Will there be a my 1st T shot video, followed by this is my voice 10 months on T ?
I feel very sorry for them.
I am hsp, and only 15-20% people on earth can undestend how hard is to live with that, as 4% people on earth infp its also hard to live + epileptic for the rest of my life . Everyone have difficulties in life!
Golden nugget of wisdom
Golden nugget of wisdom:
What I've learned....stay away from fame! It will twist you until ur barely recognizable. Stay off of social media people!!! Keep a small close circle and ignore the noise👍
Reiss S
Reiss S:
He came out as a gay woman... what language are we speaking in 2021. This is crazy
What's the piano music that begins on 9:04?
i pity his ex-wife
Lee Johnstone
Lee Johnstone:
Because his/her wife is not straight....duh
Ryan Myhre
Ryan Myhre:
So is Elliot straight?
ana Ana
ana Ana:
Omg pretty lady change to be a handsome man.....
Those abs though .... wow .. he is so so brave and I think he is ace !!!
There’s no point in arguing with transphobes they are just so single minded and won’t ever change their views it’s just funny seeing how dumb the arguments they bring up
Reminds me of a south park episode.
Kim Jae Min
Kim Jae Min:
The wife is actuallu prefer gurly woman, not a man either trans or not
H A:
Ofcourse that's going to happen she doesn't want to be with someone think she is a man go girl and find true love you deserve it.
Max Kuftinec
Max Kuftinec:
It's Ellen Page, and it's a her
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin:
Yall keep saying "he" when you are talking about Elliots past when she was still gendered as a female. It doesn't make any since. I wouldn't say Caitlyn Jenner won the Olympic medals, bruce did.
Jesus this is so weird
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez:
You became a “man” and that’s the hair style you chose….
Because at the end of the day, she's still a woman.
Mr Just Right
Mr Just Right:
Learn how to say “indefatigable” 🙄
Jean Joel Kapula
Jean Joel Kapula:
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer:
i had a huuuge crush on her from x3 the last stand....nope
Gannicus Nobody
Gannicus Nobody:
It's unfortunate no one ever explained to Elliot that having masculine traits or tendencies doesn't make you a man and that it's completely fine to be a woman with those traits. The pressure of having to subscribe to feminine roles is what threw her over the edge.
Strike first baptist
Strike first baptist:
How do you go from lesbian to full blown man? Next year it's kyptonian
One Ash Ralph
One Ash Ralph:
This is a mess.The bewilderment is real
She needs a kick from Inception and wake up
2 Many Remote Controllers
2 Many Remote Controllers:
Didn't answer the question though...
Gareale McGill
Gareale McGill:
What? I love when she played An American Crime as Sylvia Likens
Agnes Fon Marten
Agnes Fon Marten:
You can’t help marginalised people by joining their ranks.
Harry Toeface
Harry Toeface:
Let's be real, Ellen knew that this was a deal breaker for her partner so obviously her partner wasn't that important to her. Because she went through with it anyway and now he's literally just an average guy.
Lesbian history really has been overlooked in the comments huh? Judith butler really thought you nothing
Kevin Jeanmario
Kevin Jeanmario:
Hahaha lol this is all a Joke
0:40 that was waaay too much emotion
I don’t think this person is a guy at all
Louisiana Eu
Louisiana Eu:
My daughter asked me at 4 if she will be a boy when growing up 🙄she is bisexual now but I guess I see where this is going 🙄is hard for me to see her struggle which I can see is more difficult for her
Airgun Ballistics
Airgun Ballistics:
This entire situation is sad and this person had horrible people around them.. They seem miserable and confused.
Dr.Faye's Sound of English
Dr.Faye's Sound of English:
disillusioned and hurt
Honestly dont care duh
Honestly dont care duh:
Because page is absolutely crazy
Did they broke up? 🥺 Nooo
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers:
It's like an episode of Black Mirror in which a talented and pretty young actress decides to throw away her career by declaring that she is a man whilst morphing into a depressed Janeane Garafalo and then undergoing an elective double mastectomy (despite having perfectly healthy breasts) along with ab implants.
Actually if you'd suggested that plot line to Charlie Brooker, he'd've responded with "I'm really sorry but that's too ridiculously far-fetched and over-the-top for a script in my ground-breaking dystopian comedy-drama series".

I'll bet the line of boys and girls now eager to date Page must stretch as long as 3 or 4 yards!
Marco Parada
Marco Parada:
Idiotic rich actors
Lots of judgement, I’ll just say Elliot if you’re reading this, we love you and I’m proud of you being yourself. You’re going to be ok.
Nelson Hernandez
Nelson Hernandez:
I felt like a boy. What tf does a boy feel like? Stupid.
mike king
mike king:
Juju huh because the wife is a lesbian maybe? 😒
I hope people stop going to procedure and accept the body . Why to torture ownsellf
20 Ton Chop
20 Ton Chop:
Man, if Page thought it was bad being a small, petite, attractive woman he is going to hate being a scrawny and unusually short adolescent-looking man. Good thing he is a privileged and wealthy celebrity. I save my sympathy for people that actually deserve it. Like people that can't afford surgeries or blowing up their existing life by opening up like this.
I felt like a pony.
I wanted to be a pony .
I would ask my mom if I could be someday.....
Shiv Inder Singh
Shiv Inder Singh:
how did her skin was normal but his skin is like a drug addict
Mr Good
Mr Good:
i miss ellen page !
Till death do us part ohh 1 sec
Elliot needs to man up and stop acting like a girl.
shawn Boahene
shawn Boahene:
Ellen has a God-shaped hole in her heart that she keeps trying to fill with nonsense
One up One down
One up One down:
Damn she was so pretty. I wonder what they’re gonna do with umbrella academy now?
She was a beautiful woman and now she looks like a mutant freak.
JP Michel
JP Michel:
This is what Hollywood does to people with no personality, end up not knowing WTF they even want, mentally and emotionally disturbed people who try to just fit in anything, whatever, just to feel like they belong. Total lack of self stem
Probably because Ellen page is nuts.
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo:
It because he straight not gay anymore.
Hi my pronouns are chicken/nugget bcos lately ive been feeling like one <3
20 Ton Chop
20 Ton Chop:
SO.....Do we have a funeral for Ellen now? I am confused.
Giorgio Palmas
Giorgio Palmas:
Traveling down the rainbow brick road has made this poor brainwashed woman more and more miserable the farther she moves away from reality and nature. I see a belt and a doorknob in her near future.
Deep State Swamp Creature
Deep State Swamp Creature:
I have a feeling that Elliot just isn’t good at relationships. no matter what gender “he” identifies as.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
First world problems am I right. This is one sad and lost brainwashed individual.
sturg gaming
sturg gaming:
You mean her wife
This is a mess. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tisha bristol
Tisha bristol:
Gay?? But now a guy?? Hmm.... Lesbian now a guy
"he" has the privilege of not growing up as a male with "his" looks and attitude. "He" wouldve been probably bullied or treated as a social outcast with that attitude and scrawny build by boys AND girls, especially in her generation.

"He" basically 'bypassed' a hard part of being a male: growing up looking and acting like that. Girls would make fun of "him" and boys would outcast and/or bully "him" physically and psychologically.

Wrapping a towel around your waist is like the least hardest part about being a male. What stopped her from wrapping a towel around her waist when she was a woman? I mean most people wrap themselves with a towel in a private bathroom
Well shes hes gonna have a REAL hard time being an activist if people do think ur male. Gonna get clapped
Dawn Piker
Dawn Piker:
Phenomenal actor and person period!!! I am so happy he is finally comfortable in his own skin!!!! Will continue to love and support his being no matter what his personal decisions are about his own body!!! Bravo Elliot!!!! BRAVO!!!!
His his his his. Nope more like monster.
michael brin
michael brin:
Both are held captured by demon spirits....Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV)

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
I love how you guys respect his pronouns the entire video💖💖💖
Sherif Adel
Sherif Adel:
Wait doesn't the lgbtq people say to love whatever his/her gender
Make love and don't judge that sort of thing
So why did they divorce if the gender doesn't matter like why don't you accept each others
What a extremely stupid situation from the very start
Cynthia Holmes
Cynthia Holmes:
I'm so proud of Elliott for finally being free to be himself and accepting himself for who he is 🌈🤗☺️😊🙂
What is most irksome are the people who aggressively berate you for calling this weird . In fact, that’s the only reason it’s irksome. I don’t give a shit what this person wants to do with their body

The professional virtue signallers around it is the the entire ball breaker.