Why Did Elliot Page And His Wife Divorce After His Transition? | Rumour Juice

fter years of having to bottle himself up, he reintroduced himself to the world as Elliot Page. But it seems like his transformation came at a price, and just two months after making his life-changing announcement, Elliot and his wife of 3 years called it quits. The question on everybody's minds is ... Did it maybe have something to do with his transition?

Why Did Elliot Page And His Wife Divorce After His Transition?

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Sen Valox
Sen Valox:
Because Emma is a lesbian, and if Elliot wasn't going to be identifying as a woman or have a woman's body anymore, then they were obviously no longer compatible.
This whole video feels like it’s from an alternate universe
It must be difficult if you’re a lesbian and your spouse decides to transition to become a man. He won’t relate to being a lesbian anymore. The whole thing just seems like a lot.
Because his wife is a lesbian. I know some partners stay with their spouses after they’ve decided to transition. But it would be unfair to expect it. If she wants to spend her life with a woman, it’s her right to have that.
Harry Toeface
Harry Toeface:
Imagine that, she married someone attracted to women, and Ellen took away the parts she was attracted to.
bennett theissen
bennett theissen:
I suspect that Elliot will never feel comfortable in his body. He didn't before, and coming out as gay and marrying a woman didn't make a difference. I wish him well but the problem isn't in his body.
Seb' Story_당당
Seb' Story_당당:
I just hope that they are still good friends and support each other. Difference is just difference and it can't be wrong. Everyone can be whatever the heck they want. I just wish all of them would be happy in the future. I'm rooting for all.
No matter how far it goes, the truth is that nothing can change a person's heart and you can't run away from who you are in your heart.
Suzanna x
Suzanna x:
It didn't really answer the question in the title but I'm glad they're still supporting of each other.
You're mediocre.
You're mediocre.:
I wish I could understand how someone who isn't something can feel like they are that thing. When a girl says she feels like a boy I just can't fathom how, because mostly what being a boy or girl is has to do with how others treat you. I was always treated like a boy and a man, which is completely different from being treated like a girl or woman, I just don't know what people mean when they say it.
Cat fae
Cat fae:
To much affirmation therapy we need to stop overanalysing and labelling ourselves and just have fun. Page doesn’t need surgery page just needs a hug and a friend without an agenda.
Josh Jewell
Josh Jewell:
Wow, she was beautiful. I'm glad he is happy now. I wondered how it will effect his acting career. I can't imagine Elliot in the umbrella academy or Juno. I'm sure he will find his place, but it was really brave to transition knowing it could end or change his whole career.
Leslie Lili
Leslie Lili:
We don't know their life but Maybe Elliot was not the same anymore after his transformation.
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin:
Yall keep saying "he" when you are talking about Elliots past when she was still gendered as a female. It doesn't make any since. I wouldn't say Caitlyn Jenner won the Olympic medals, bruce did.
Jean Joel Kapula
Jean Joel Kapula:
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya:
Probably because the lover wants to love a woman?
Agnes Fon Marten
Agnes Fon Marten:
You can’t help marginalised people by joining their ranks.
Reiss S
Reiss S:
He came out as a gay woman... what language are we speaking in 2021. This is crazy
michael brin
michael brin:
Both are held captured by demon spirits....Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV)

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez:
You became a “man” and that’s the hair style you chose….
What's the piano music that begins on 9:04?
How do you go from lesbian to full blown man? Next year it's kyptonian
Honestly dont care duh
Honestly dont care duh:
Because page is absolutely crazy
I felt like a pony.
I wanted to be a pony .
I would ask my mom if I could be someday.....
Marco Parada
Marco Parada:
Idiotic rich actors
Jen Green
Jen Green:
Ellen is washed up and trying to remain relevant. She sold her soul for trinkets and now the devil has come to collect. For being such a "good" actress, she sure is sucking it up at acting like she wants to be a man.
This is a mess. 🤦🏻‍♂️
For the love of god! Elliot looks like a 12 year old boy. When u are a petite 5 foot woman with an adorable pixie face, trying to turn into a man is far fetched.
I hope people stop going to procedure and accept the body . Why to torture ownsellf
H G:
This is the most bizarre story ever. First she isa lesbian and now she is a boy. Stay tuned who knows whats next. She needs a lot of therapy😂😂
Paul Snell
Paul Snell:
The thing I find hardest is this. I have family that does consist of gays and trans people. The issue I have is this. Why destroy your body? Your body is your vessel! I believe you can live as a woman in a man's body. Or a man in a woman's body. Your body should not be the identity that defines you. That is your minds job. Your body is a beautiful and really fragile place and you only get one. You can never replace it. Never fully maintain it. Only partially repair it. Never damage it. I cry for Elliot he could have been a Man in a Woman's body. Why could or should that be a bad thing?

It seems wrong to me people should feel they have to modify their bodies to fit their minds
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer:
i had a huuuge crush on her from x3 the last stand....nope
Lee Johnstone
Lee Johnstone:
Because his/her wife is not straight....duh
Jamilur Rahman
Jamilur Rahman:
A confused woman destroying herself.
2 Many Remote Controllers
2 Many Remote Controllers:
When Elliot dies and people find "his" body years later they are gonna call it a dead female's bones discovered. You can't fake biology. Born as a female, always a female.
Daniel Weisbrod
Daniel Weisbrod:
What a waste pf a woman and artist!
Art By Hazel Fernandez
Art By Hazel Fernandez:
I loved Ellen Page. We can’t undo it now. He’s become a man... Hoping he’s happy where he is now. 🙏🏼
Shiv Inder Singh
Shiv Inder Singh:
how did her skin was normal but his skin is like a drug addict
Carson's Masonry
Carson's Masonry:
One up One down
One up One down:
Damn she was so pretty. I wonder what they’re gonna do with umbrella academy now?
mike king
mike king:
Juju huh because the wife is a lesbian maybe? 😒
2 Many Remote Controllers
2 Many Remote Controllers:
Didn't answer the question though...
Christina Olson
Christina Olson:
He was always Elliot. Born a boy, forced to be a girl now returning to his male self. What a confusing time we are in. Ugh.
Kim Jae Min
Kim Jae Min:
The wife is actuallu prefer gurly woman, not a man either trans or not
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo:
It because he straight not gay anymore.
i pity his ex-wife
Airgun Ballistics
Airgun Ballistics:
This entire situation is sad and this person had horrible people around them.. They seem miserable and confused.
What's with modern day humanity & their gender?
Well shes hes gonna have a REAL hard time being an activist if people do think ur male. Gonna get clapped
Kevin S
Kevin S:
Dawn Piker
Dawn Piker:
Phenomenal actor and person period!!! I am so happy he is finally comfortable in his own skin!!!! Will continue to love and support his being no matter what his personal decisions are about his own body!!! Bravo Elliot!!!! BRAVO!!!!
Tisha bristol
Tisha bristol:
Gay?? But now a guy?? Hmm.... Lesbian now a guy
She’s no man. What kind of man dances like that
Harley B-Ham
Harley B-Ham:
SHE gave up more than just love. SHE will never get another main/starring roll in any film. NEVER!!!
Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia:
Once she realizes that she can changer clothes, chop off her breast, take testosterone but she will Never be a man. Calling your self one and naturally biologically being one is different. —— call upon the lord Ellen, he will listen to you. His acceptance is the only one you need. Jesus loves you.♥️
Elliot needs to man up and stop acting like a girl.
Cynthia Holmes
Cynthia Holmes:
I'm so proud of Elliott for finally being free to be himself and accepting himself for who he is 🌈🤗☺️😊🙂
His his his his. Nope more like monster.
Kyuubi 44
Kyuubi 44:
NOT HIS, THEY. He said that they pronounce are he/they so every time you said his you were wrong.
Rózsa Sándor
Rózsa Sándor:
Hollywood is horrible
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers:
It's like an episode of Black Mirror in which a talented and pretty young actress decides to throw away her career by declaring that she is a man whilst morphing into a depressed Janeane Garafalo and then undergoing an elective double mastectomy (despite having perfectly healthy breasts) along with ab implants.
Actually if you'd suggested that plot line to Charlie Brooker, he'd've responded with "I'm really sorry but that's too ridiculously far-fetched and over-the-top for a script in my ground-breaking dystopian comedy-drama series".

I'll bet the line of boys and girls now eager to date Page must stretch as long as 3 or 4 yards!
crackbomer 22
crackbomer 22:
She she she not he.lol
rose bob
rose bob:
The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Jesus is the only way to Salvation and Peace.
jorge catolico
jorge catolico:
The case for conservatism is right here. Stop the madness
Mr. J
Mr. J:
You know I bet if "Elliot Page" had to fight a biological male as soon as "he" was cracked in the face he'd identify as a she very fast!!!
This is a girl. ELLEN PAGE IS A GIRL. You also can't marry people of the same gender.
Jazzy F
Jazzy F:
She’s probably Transphobic
white tiger
white tiger:
How can a women have wife.Wth.Then that women becomes man. World is going crazy. World needs islam.