Why No One Wants to Work with Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California.

Her parents were both actors and she made them proud by following in their footsteps. Her first role was a small uncredited one in Mac and Me and then she appeared in 1993's horror comedy film Leprechaun.

But she really rose to fame after playing Rachel Green on Friends. That's where she scored her first Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild award.

After friends, she became a superstar on the big screen, starring in films like Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, and Horrible Bosses.

Despite the fact that she is virtually universally recognized and has amassed quite a respectable list of accolades, it is said that she is notoriously difficult to work with on set.

This video is going to take a look at the real Jennifer Aniston, the one that both actors, directors, and journalists alike dread having to work with.

It's almost as if she lives in a world of her own. She is wildly detached front the real world and completely oblivious to the privileged life that she lives as a Hollywood elite.
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Leslie Whiskeyjack
Leslie Whiskeyjack:
All im hearing is that she defends people and wants her personal space, she doesn't have to befriend everyone she works with. if a cshier is allowed to go to work and go home after their shifts without a big deal, so should Jennifer.
I'd Work with Jennifer Anniston Anytime
Katherine Nevarez
Katherine Nevarez:
She has her own personality and I love her. Everyone has their dark side I'm sure the guy who made this video is no saint either. Celebrities are meant to entertain us and they do just that. No one is perfect.
lmaaao what she's notoriously nice lmao everyone loves her
William Sawyer
William Sawyer:
I'd love to work with Jennifer Aniston, any time, any where!!
Eloho Egwuterai
Eloho Egwuterai:
Dont understand how someone can be so malicious and jobless. Spend so much time making this video to defame someone. It's really wicked, my goodness!!!
Sitting around whining about life with near strangers for an hour is so damned overrated. And these aren’t friends and family of hers; they’re coworkers! Who wants to engage in that at work?!? I don’t blame Jennifer one bit for grabbing her lunch and eating it in peace! Take my word for it, those “gatherings” can turn toxic real quick. She’s old enough to know better.

Plus, she has to work hard and make a lot of personal sacrifices to look the way she does at her age. I’m sure she can’t indulge in luxuries, like comfort food, for example, as we can. I wouldn’t be very nice either if I always had to deprive myself for the sake of my career.

“She’s not talented” = she wouldn’t sleep with me if I paid her 😒
Patrick Peralta
Patrick Peralta:
good or bad i don't believe everything I hear about a person no matter who it is.
micheline koby
micheline koby:
I was a low level crew member on one of Anistons movies, and she was very kind and friendly. I had friends that worked on some of her other films and they all said she was fun and great. Not snobby AT ALL. She had no problem hanging with all members of the crew above, and below the, "line."
bobbie hartley
bobbie hartley:
If I were in a movie I would do what she does...she's smart to stays away from any negativity,drama etc plus you need your quiet time...but I would hang out at lunch on a wed...
Jennifer acted in a series on Apple TV last year, I forget the name, but she gave the most riveting performance I had ever seen from an actor. It blew me away.
She is a yawn fest.
Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor:
Was in Time Square about a couple of years ago. That day I met Nick Nolte who was walking on his own and asked me for a smoke. He was a lovely gentleman.Walking along Broadway there were loads of actors meeting fans as they advertised their Broadway show. One or two had a bodyguard but most were on their own. Then I saw 4 bodyguards surrounding someone. The people there thought with the amount of bodyguards that it must be a member of the royal family or one the Presidents daughters. It turned out to be Jennifer Annistin. Once we saw who it was we all laughed not because of her comedic acting ability but because of the amount of bodyguards she had.😀😀
Caden's Kitchen
Caden's Kitchen:
This it litteraly he said she said. Enf of day it means nothing. Media twists everything for anything
Dan Campbell
Dan Campbell:
Sounds like a vulnerable person, who has difficulty dealing with the very real downsides of stardom. Just because you enjoy the benefits of being rich, doesn't mean you don't suffer from the costs.

And it's not her responsibility, to make the world a better place. Hopefully some of her roles have inspired and moved her fans, but that's largely a matter of luck and the right scripts.
Tim Graaff
Tim Graaff:
Don't fault her for wanting to be alone sometimes. My hats off to her for that!
Amethyst Major
Amethyst Major:
Generous, humble, intelligent visionary . Threw a chair to defend someone. She's the best!
I believe it. She’s friends with Chelsea Handler and Reese Witherspoon both means girls.
You should never quote Piers Morgan about anything at all!
Are we just running through the cast of friends? Yesterday was Matthew Perry today Jennifer Aniston. Can’t wait for Ross!
The lies people tell in videos is crazy. She is super sweet and kind. Did you know that in season two of friends her and the person that plays Ross where supposed to get more money because that season was revolved around them. They decided to split their money with the rest of the cast because they didn’t think it was fair. I hate videos like this
C Bluejay
C Bluejay:
Many of your Hollywood friends are not what you think they are. Clones everywhere 👹🦎
Catherine Durm
Catherine Durm:
The more sets you are on, the more you will realize how many stars and especially directors are snobs, if not- very Evil. I’ve never worked with her so who knows. Many seem to be able to be nice for short periods of time especially if cameras 🎥 are rolling.
Andria Maxwell
Andria Maxwell:
I don’t believe this she is really good friends with half of the people she has worked with. She has also been known to take her fellow cast out when the projects have rapped up.
Lana Wrede
Lana Wrede:
The only information i got from this video is, that jennifer aniston is human😳👏 omg who would have thought that, right?
Jewel Malhas
Jewel Malhas:
I’d work with her with my eyes closed and I can tell you... if you got the opportunity you’d do it too. she doesn’t have to be friends with everyone and you aren’t one to talk about that. first become as famous and rich as her, go on this many interviews, film this many movies then you can talk about how she acts. maybe she’s doing this off of experience. after all she is human and has feelings
Y’all literally just have problems with powerful men, I’m so tired of this
C Hillman
C Hillman:
Meh! You’re the one falling for all the BS.... yes I’m sure through the many many many years of her career she’s had her moments, like any other human on this planet , nobody’s perfect ugh! Also, not everyone is going to like you, that’s just life and reality. peace I’m out🙂🙂
Sewar Horani
Sewar Horani:
i dont know why but it feels like we could get on very well- also I love Jen this just appeared in my recommendations
She's Ellen's sweetheart, so
Todd Gilvear
Todd Gilvear:
Totally over rated actress.Shes also good friends with Ellen need I say more
Thomas Margolis
Thomas Margolis:
The following words seem to apply, all that glitters is not gold.
William Knight
William Knight:
She can throw the furniture around at my place any any day any time when I'm vacuuming that way I can get the crumbs that I failed to get because I'm too lazy to move the furniture or don't even think about it so sure come on over anytime Jennifer
Marilyn Mower
Marilyn Mower:
Well this is a sad thing to have said about her. Nothing really matters if you aren’t a kind person. In the end, you only take yourself with you.
John Parkin
John Parkin:
As with many Hollywood stars, she has forgotten how it was when she was an unknown and her ego has grown but she has not
Maya Cornejo
Maya Cornejo:
OK but I would actually need more proof, just like an interview of that person saying it!!
Enchanted Tim
Enchanted Tim:
I think sometimes being "difficult" can be overstated when you live your life in the spotlight. Fame is a double-edged sword, and the only thing we seem to like more than building our heroes (and heroines) up is knocking them back down. The criticism of Aniston as a one-note actress has some validity. That's why I liked her work in the Horrible Bosses movies. Who didn't ever wonder if Rachel wasn't secretly a dirty girl?
Petric McCurdy
Petric McCurdy:
Nothing to judge. We are all guilty of mood swings and attitude. After all we are human. Stay safe world.
KSeries Vlogs
KSeries Vlogs:
Been a minute since I’ve watched you guys. This was a good one. This doesn’t surprise me who she is. But I still like her roles.
Scott Pollack
Scott Pollack:
Where there is smoke there is fire! Too many people have made negative comments about her for ALL of it to be false! She’s definitely a different person “off camera”!
She's 51 now and ought to quit before it all catches up with her.
Ron G
Ron G:
Shes a regular actress b movie type,she hasn't made that moment of her talents. where wating
Claim ur here before 1m vieW
Doug Daubenmire
Doug Daubenmire:
Hey Hollywood, hey media.....Who Cares?
Les Csavosi
Les Csavosi:
If nobody wants to work with her; why is she so successful?
Brent Schmidt
Brent Schmidt:
I guess she's another that grew up "in the business", falls into a cute category...., has lot$ of million$$$
mark jaycox
mark jaycox:
Jennifer, you are still undiscovered, aren't you? Remember in the beginning? What did you say, and promise to yourself that day in the mirror when you knew "everything" was changing?
That was a long 10 minutes
Rhianna Woods
Rhianna Woods:
You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, so think before you start claiming to know people. Paparazzi and “fans” and the general media never fail to astound me when it comes to invading celebrities privacy, LEAVE THEM ALONE I don’t understand why people feel the need to know everything about everyone, they are just normal people who have a job that means people know their name, so stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself instead.
I'm not here for fact's verse video. I'm here to collect blessings
Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about.
Hollywood dreams forever…. ;-)
I've seen a lot of the movies she's in and she's not that great of an actor. I wonder why is an A lister.
tracy sanders
tracy sanders:
It is just a shame how people can be so mean no matter what you have
Joshua Wee
Joshua Wee:
She's Beautiful. She's my inspiration. No wonder, she's Greek, which is why she is so beautiful.
I know Jen should get her "Personal Space" but.... I love her. If someone threatens her, I'll protect her. I'll throw a chair to defend her. I mean, It's like a queen, meets a knight in shining armor.
I thought pairing her with Ben Stiller in "Along Came Polly", co-starring her with not the best looking guy in movies was a poor choice, maybe that's what made the film. I can't imagine she appreciated that one, but I did enjoy the movie.
Bia Meli
Bia Meli:
Because she is the best. Shining light 😂
Poor me poor me poor me another drink
Poor me poor me poor me another drink:
saying about “how her mother never taught her to solve her problems with words” all she heard from her was abusive words her mum used to bully her and verbally abuse her so ofc her mum hasn’t she’s had to teach herself, it was the directors fault why she threw a chair at him
Lana Rodahl
Lana Rodahl:
Ha! I love Joan Rivers. Candor is a trait that is sorely missed and greatly needed today. She was just fantastic at this. RIP Joan Rivers.
MYy Diary
MYy Diary:
She worked hard to be where she is even I would take a different van besides people’s personalities differ some like to be alone
robert dean
robert dean:
Jen was my heart throb for a long long time ,until just recently I had to kick her to the curb for Nora O’Donnell LOL.
Please don’t get me wrong I still would consider a threesome. Ha Ha. 🤷🏻‍♂️. I could give them both a run for their money (sorry Brad ) you got ( had) Jolie anyway !!
I love Jennifer Aniston is that I grew fond of her just as if I love her beautiful attractive legs all the time.
Ozzy 'LFO' Osborne
Ozzy 'LFO' Osborne:
The producers should of been like you want special treatment a different car to take you to set, then goodbye you ain't even all that so goodbye where's Lindsay Lohan at 👋🤣
We're not qualified to comment on working with her. Those who have are. Thank you.
maybe she just looses her temper real fast thats relatable to many people
Helen Lam
Helen Lam:
You never know the other side until you work with somebody. Disappointed to hear she’s that way.
Jose Nazario
Jose Nazario:
Not sure about those thing you said on this clip, I find her to be a supper actress, and very beautiful which those two you said the opposite.
Sonia Soto
Sonia Soto:
Maybe shes shy. I know that perfer 2 stay 2 myself. I am respectful but shy.
Joanne Moonflower
Joanne Moonflower:
Isn't it sad that celebrities think they're all that and then more look down on others I would say they are narcissists.
Reuven B. Frank
Reuven B. Frank:
That wasn't fair. When you showed the magazine with Keannu on the cover and said, "Don't believe the hype." It so happens that he really IS that nice a guy.
As an actress JA has been typecast. Let's see what happens in the next few decades.
LadyTina G
LadyTina G:
Sounds like she's like her The Morning Show character.
Ingrid Holm
Ingrid Holm:
I would love to work next to her. Where do I sign?
Kevin Bradford
Kevin Bradford:
I love her anyway
D H:
A lot of the criticism of Aniston strikes me as jealousy and sour grapes (at least in this video).
Celebrities indulge in this, they thrive from drama
Amy Henry
Amy Henry:
She was made for the role of Rachel...but she's a one trick pony....anyone else with all her flops would be considered a has been
Sophie loves
Sophie loves:
Omg, this was nothing, seriously reaching!!
Lon Brooklyn
Lon Brooklyn:
I would work with Jennifer!
Connie McMurry
Connie McMurry:
I figure the people who have to work with her should know. Although , I've seen many films she has been on and have always enjoyed them.
Charlotte Dickson
Charlotte Dickson:
She ate her meals alone on the set of Friends as well.
john gym
john gym:
More power to her..since when do you trust what the media says😂lol
michael ougarezos
michael ougarezos:
don't mess with the Greek girls, it must be hard in this business and she probably needs a great man that will calm her down by showing true love. I am so glad i am a humble and quiet man.
Ali Elzein
Ali Elzein:
This video reminds me of high school during lunch break
I'm over Jennifer Aniston, my sister used to be obsessed with watching all her stupid romantic comedy movies. Those movies bored me to tears. Just thinking about it makes me want to yawn.
Sean Hammond
Sean Hammond:
Ted Danson is the Best Actor I have worked with, as is Mary Steenbugen
Maybe this is the reason Ellen and Her get along so well, "Birds of a feather stick together".
Nora Samawi
Nora Samawi:
Lmao "It seems like Jennifers mother never taught her how to solve problems with words not chairs". And what about her father then? 🙃
And if I ever witnessed someone being verbally abusive I would also throw a chair at them.
This can be said of many "regular" people too. 😑
Naja Celine Christiansen
Naja Celine Christiansen:
7:11 who even likes pierce Morgan I mean don’t trust his opinions
Hollywoods girl friend character, any one could play her. If you can not recognize it is the actress in a role then you know they are great at acting
I’ll work with her
Dale Hall
Dale Hall:
I’ve always washer and somebody was one of the symptoms nobody is not very beautiful not very talented but just there. I guess she’s really a horrendous person for everybody else. Probably because she’s very very insecure
Shey Love
Shey Love:
They are actors so they're good on it, no worries 😊😊
Marissa Dower-morgan
Marissa Dower-morgan:
OH shut up, and try acting fir a living for years and keeping your viability and looks ..You go Nuts
mark jaycox
mark jaycox:
The biggest Motion picture of all.... starring Jennifer Anniston.
B D:
That black shirt with that brown belt tho!!! 🤢
Emiliana Zuckerberg
Emiliana Zuckerberg:
it's funny how you tube comments can be divided about one person in two different videos
if you don't like her
just let go, why hate? when you don't even know her!! there are far more people that absolutely like Aniston
you're just sooo pathetic
I'm sure thats shes spoiled and feels like she is untouched and she probably is quite prissy!
I didn't hear anything that makes her out to be unreasonably unpleasant more often than most people. And she is, when demanding to get prior approval on articles and pics she is taking her business in hand. They can do all the articles on her they want. They just can't get her to be part of 'their' handling of her publicity when they do.
Isabella Grace
Isabella Grace:
Ok let’s think back to high school, not everyone likes her CLEARLY but if someone is going behind your back your going to confront them that’s only what Jen has done to the press. I’m an actress and everyone looses it sometimes so you could understand that. Second, in the first bit she wanted her trailer far away, well if you didn’t know she has dyslexia so it’s hard to read thing maybe she just wanted to go over a script.

If your going to give someone a hard time you need to know everything about them and prove your point remember that next time she may be horrible anyone can claim that but people can lie too. 🙌💖
Sparks Wood
Sparks Wood:
Wow, that's all you got on Jenn. No even worth makn the video. I'd work with her anytime, and do anything, and I mean anything she wants.